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20 Questions with Bill Leverty, 4/17/99



Firehouse’s Bill Leverty!
That’s right, it’s Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty! Have you ever wondered what Bill’s dreams and goals are? Did you ever wonder what Bill likes to do with his time off? Do you wonder what Bill’s most memorable moment on stage was? Well, if you did, you’ve come to the wrong fucking interview. You ain’t gonna get that shit here. But if you’ve ever wondered if Bill’s touched another man’s dick, or what he thinks of Dana Strum, you’ve come to the right place. Hats and hair extensions off to Bill Leverty for being a good sport and showing that he can hang.

1. What is Firehouse currently up to? (This is your only chance to plug your shit, such as CDs, tours, websites, etc.)
BILL SAYS: We’re on the road playing just about every night, supporting our new cd, Category 5. You can get tour dates from our websites:

2. If you could be a tampon for any celebrity, who would it be?
BILL SAYS: That’s disgusting!! Bicycle seat maybe for Betty Rubble. She’s pretty hot!

3. You guys always take the time to meet your fans after your shows for free. How do you feel about certain bands (Slaughter) who make their fans buy merchandise before they get to meet them?
BILL SAYS: I don’t care what other bands do. That’s their business.

4. How long did White Heat play together before you changed your name to a KISS song title?
BILL: We didn’t think about the KISS song when we came up with the name of the band, but we played together as White Heat for several years.

5. Do you guys bang a lot of Asian broads when you tour over in China, Japan, Singapore, etc…?
BILL: I’m married and faithful, but the girls over there are very beautiful.

6. Would you rather have millions killed in a California earthquake or have a your fingers put in a wood chipper?
BILL: I’d rather have my fingers in the wood chipper, assuming it wasn’t running, of course.

7. Who would you least like to see naked?
BILL: Janet Reno

8. What Firehouse song deserves to go into the vault called "Songs That Fucking Suck?"
BILL: We have some really bad songs that didn’t make it on the cd’s (thank God!!).

9. What rock star deserves the biggest smack in the mouth?
BILL: The spoiled brats in Oasis. Bigger than the Beatles? I think not….

10. Why isn’t Firehouse on any of the big rock tours this Summer?
BILL: We plan on going out on our own or with a package of bands that are a little different than what people would expect.

11. Have you ever touched a penis other than your own?
BILL: Definitely not!! I’ve never even touched my own. My wife owns it.

12. What is your view on bootlegging videos and audio tapes?
BILL: I don’t know. I mean, if people like us enough to bootleg our stuff, then I’m flattered, but I just hope the tapes are of good quality.

13. Who has the biggest homosexual characteristics in Firehouse?
BILL: Whomever you fantasize………… Don’t ask, don’t tell!!!

14. Of all the bands Firehouse has toured with, who was hardest to get along with, and be honest!
BILL: We’ve gotten along great with just about everybody especially Tesla.

15. What current hard rock/heavy metal band should just give it up and call it a day?
BILL: Any of them who puss out and complain about the little bit of extra work that comes with being in a rock band.

16. Who would win in a fight, Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?
BILL: Probably Chan since Lee is dead.

17. Would you kiss a girl after she gave you a blow job and sucked down a huge load of your liquid kids?
BILL: After she gargled with Listerine. (Kills sperms that cause bad breath.)

18. Is C.J. a whiny bitch like he appears to be?
BILL: Not really, maybe when his tampon needs changing.

19. If you were marooned on a desert island without food, which member of your band would you eat first?
BILL: I wouldn’t eat any of them because they’re all full of shit!!

20. Here’s some word association. We mentioned a person’s name, and you give us your thoughts, for example Mark Slaughter / Cat In A Blender.

Dana Strum – that’s one load his mother should’ve swallowed.
MTV – needs more rock vids and less game shows.
Nikki Sixx – Tommy’s bigger…..
O.J. Simpson – poster child for Ginsu
Kevin DuBrow – coolest guy on the planet
Jon Bon Jovi – stick to singing Jon
Courtney Love – that shower really helped!
Carmen Electra – Rodman?? Come on!!
Marvelous 3 – Southgang
Gary Coleman – forever young
Howard Stern – The greatest personality of all time.

Great questions. Thanks for the interview. Hope to meet your sick ass this summer. Take ’em easy……… Bill

No problem Bill! Anybody who says "Dana Strum / that’s one load his mother should’ve swallowed", is alright in our book. By doing that, Metal Sludge won’t talk any smack about Firehouse for 2 months! Congratulations! See, we are easy to deal with. And just for that, we might even buy your CD! Ok, not really, but YOU, the Sludgeaholic should. And once you buy it, send it to us. Click on the links below to find out more shit about everybody’s favorite band, Firehouse!

Firehouse’s Official Site
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