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20 Questions with Billy Sheehan, 8/10/99




Billy Sheehan

Mr. Big’s Billy Sheehan

This week’s interview is with Mr. Big’s bass player Billy Sheehan.  He emailed us a few months back saying he got a kick out of our site, so we hit his old ass up for 20 Questions.  Billy was in the band Talas about some 80 years ago and they use to entertain the Union and Confederate troops during the Civil War!  Not only that, but he also played with David Lee Roth, so it’s safe it say Billy Sheehan has seen it all.  Enjoy!!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug all your shit.  Speak now and get it over with.
BILLY:  New Mr. Big album! It’s done!!!!! New Niacin album finished! Mucho Mucho Mas!!!!

2.  What?s your favorite David Lee Roth story?
We went out one night in NYC. Me Dave and some other folks. Somebody set up a meeting w/ Dave and Brook Shields. The papparazzi found out. We walked in, Dave walked over to her–(I followed!) The flashbulbs were like a nuclear holocost!!! I got a freakin’ SUNTAN!! I never saw such pandemonium. They just said hello. I was hoping Dave would wrestle her to the ground or something! Hey! I could jump in!! (Jump!!) We left. That was it!! My brush with fame! Dave was the king!   That’s not my favorite story, but one of the few I’ll  tell for now.

Billy & David Lee Roth
Billy & David Lee Roth

3.  How old are you? You gotta be pushing 50!
I’m ancient!!! Probably older than anyone who reads this. Older but wiser! I’ve seen it all! I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences for returned years!

4.  What band or bands do you really like but feel they are about as musically inclined as a room full of paraplegic amputees?
I live in LA and know a lot of studio insiders, engineers, producers etc. It’s amazing how LAME some bands are! A lot of them didn’t even play on their own records (or sing for that matter) It’s pathetic, but I won’t name names. I just think it’s a rip off. There are fans fighting and arguing over so and so’s playing and you know what? IT WAS’NT EVEN HIM ON THE RECORD!!!!!!! I dislike all of those bands. I’d probably like them if they were just straight about it. I don’t care how good a player is, but I do care if it’s phony


Billy after reading the questions we sent him!
Billy after reading the questions we sent him.

5.  Who puts more effort into pleasing their man during sex, American broads or Japanese broads?     
Hmmmmmmm……. OK at the risk of being cut off: American GIRLS. I love Asian women, but there’s NOTHING like an American girl.  BUT!! Most Asian girls are SLIM!!!!!!! SLENDER!!!!! THIN!!!!!!!!!!! Take a hint!!!!!!!

6.  What rock star deserves the biggest smack in the mouth.
ME!! For being stupid enough to answer these questions and exposing my soft white underbelly! (only I’m not a rock star—I hate that phrase!- just a putz who got noticed, for a minute—OK a second—OK a millisecond!)

7.  You have to pick one of the following.  Which is it?
A.  Eric Martin is framed and sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit
B.  Your right hand is submerged in boiling water for five, full excruciatingly painful minutes (an experience that will undoubtedly cause irreparable nerve damage)
Sorry Eric! I’ll send you lots of Magazines so you’ll get some exercise in there!

8.  How was Mr. Big?s 15 minutes of fame?  
Awesome!! We had the GREATEST time! Number one in 14 countries! That’s a passport anywhere with first class tickets and free drinks! All the stewardesses recognized us—we had some amazing flights! We almost got crushed to death in several countries—think of it: Killed by overzealous fans! Cool!

9.  Finish this sentence, ?Anal Sex Is??
How romance usually ends up!

10.  Please rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a sloppy mess, and 10 being a hottie.

Savannah  / Ouch! You guys are merciless! I never dealt w/ "Savannah". Only Shannon Wilsey. She was an 11.
Jenna Jameson  / Don’t know her. Is she a porn star?
Kendra Jade / Did she make up that name?? I wonder??
Gerri Miller / C’mon!!! Leave Gerri alone!!
Pamela Anderson / 10!!!!!! I’d lick her anywhere. (Detroit??)
Jenny McCarthy / Another 10!! I’d crawl through broken glass. (I’d probably have to!)
Sophia Loren / Now or then? OK—a permanant 10!
Cameron Diaz / 10 again!!!
Catherine Zeta Jones / 5 OUCH! She’ll HATE me for this (If she only knew who I was!)(or CARED)
Anna Nicole Smith / TOO FUCKING FATTTTTT!!!!!!! a 0!!!

11.  Would you ever let a girl strap on a dildo and fuck you in the ol poop shoot?
I was wondering who might have written that on your site. It’s never happened. See?!? You don’t call a girl after a romantic evening and they get SO PISSED they make up a wacky implausable story and post it on the internet! Ha! Next time, make it a little more believable, ok?  Besides that’s GOTTA HURT!!! I seek pleasure and avoid pain! I saw 2 lesbians do it w/ a strap on once (at close range) It was hilarious: The rubber balls broke off!! I peed my pants laughing! One of them picked them up and threw them at us and didn’t skip a stroke! HA HA MISSED ME!

Billy smashing his computer after reading the letter sent to Donna Anderson saying he was into anal sex.

12.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Besides Mr. Big??? All of ’em!!!!! Ha!!!!

13.  Is their any truth that one of your first gigs was playing the Last Supper?
Yeah! Good thing I’d just invented the wheel to get all our gear there in time!

Billy 1986 14.  Did you leave David Lee Roth?s band because:
A:  Dave?s voice started to go (Believe it or not I like Dave’s voice!)
B:  Dave?s hair started to go (Hey! How come all the alternative bands are bald as a queball and they don’t get shit on! Who’s that dork with the Smashing whatever’s?)
C:  Your hair started to go (It’s still here! I cover the gray though. Better gray than gone!!)
D:  Your a band wagon jumper (Hey! I jumped into NO BAND after that! "Hey Billy! We got a great idea! Jump into unemployment! It’ll be an experience!!")
E.  Other
OK I admit it—I HATED Skyscraper!!!!!!!!!! A BILLION OVERDUBS!!!!! All of it poo poo. You should hear the original demo’s with just me, Steve, Brett, and Greg. I think I’ll post them on my site someday—sounded great! What the fuck happened!!

15.  Who’s the worst bass player in rock?

16.  During a robbery of your home, you either
A.  Shoot the assailant in the stomach, disabling him until the police arrive.
B.  Shoot the assailant in the kneecaps, disabling him until the police arrive.
C.  Shoot the assailant in the head, killing him instantly.
Answer "C"—I don’t want him testifying about how his bad childhood made him do it.

17.  Why don’t you just play guitar since you spend so much time doing all that hammer on shit and useless blazing riffs? Just curious.
Why? And end up in an overcrowded field getting no attention? Besides, this way I only have to tune 4 strings!

18.  How many porno chicks have you banged?
As few as possible!! Too much previous owner mileage on those vehicles. (Oh yeah! Like I should talk!! Ha!)


Billy Sheehan with an 8 string bass.

19.  Who is the most overrated rock band today?
Any and all LA "Glam" bands! 100% talent free! Hey! I’m old remember? I was there for the first glam era! They could PLAY SING and WRITE GREAT SONGS.

Billy in Mr. Big

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We give a name, and you give us your thoughts.
David Lee Roth / In his day–The KING!!!!!
Steve Vai / I tried to warn him!!
Pat Topley / Oh Great! You spelled his name wrong! It’s T-O-R-P-E-Y!!
Howard Stern / I predict a meltdown. Somethings gotta give.
Richie Kotzen / WAAA WAA WAA!!! He Stole my girlfriend!!! WAA WAAA He’s bad boy WAAAA WAAAAAAA: GET OVER IT!!!!
Slaughter / I know NOTHING!
Korn / I know EVEN LESS!
Kid Rock / Is that a band???
Eddie Van Halen / ED!! What happened on Howard Stern!?!? C’mon man!! You rule!
Pamela Anderson / Pammy!!!!!!! I’m here for you!! Still have my number? Call me.

So there you have it!  We think that was a quality interview, cause at least he gave us detailed answers and was able to hang with all the questions.
For more information on Mr. Big, Niacin, and all the other shit Billy has going on, check out



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