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20 Questions With Chip Z Nuff, 6/15/99




Chip Z Nuff

Enuff Z’Nuff’s Chip Z’Nuff

Welcome to this week’s interview, with our latest victim Chip Z’Nuff.  This interview was originally for Donnie Vie, but Chip stepped in an took his place cause Donnie was busy or some shit.  Donnie might also do an interview with us at a later date.  But Donnie & Chip are basically one and the same, so it really doesn’t matter.  Donnie would probably talk more shit, but Chip didn’t do too bad.  But enough bullshit, here’s the interview.

1.  What is Enuff Z’Nuff currently up to?  (This is your only chance to plug your shit and all that type of stuff.)
We have just released our ninth album, PAPAPHERNALIA, which has Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins, James "JY" Young from Styx, and Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick.  We have also finished shooting two segments for VH-1, one which will be aired on June 13th. We will also be on the road soon in our 1966 Red Oscar Meyer Weiner wagon with front and back shocks…Hopefully in your hometown soon.

2.   A lot of people like Howard Stern and David Lettermen respect Enuff Z’Nuff and say you should be much more successful than you are.  Are you getting bitter or jaded that you haven’t had more success.
Long Pause… We’re certainly disappointed in our lack of Commercial Success, but very satisfied with our musical contributions. We are very honored that we are respected by our Idols and our peers, and that we have some of the greatest fans in the world.

Chip Rocks Out

3.  You had sex with Madonna back in the early 80s and said he pee’d inside her.  Have you or any other member of Enuff Z’Nuff pee’d in any other celebrities lately?
Not that we can talk about without any ramifications….

4.   Besides Enuff Z’Nuff, what current hard rock/heavy metal band should call it day and give it up?
That question sounds like a short cut to thinking. This is our ninth album, and certainly , our work speaks for itself  As far as who should hang it up, nobody in the band is in a chair to question anyone else’s musical integrity besides our own.

Next question Jaggoff..


5.  Who’s better, Howard Stern or Mancow, and please explain why?
They have both carved out their own niche.  Stern’s been around longer, and has o lot of credibility, but Mancow is up and coming and is full of piss and vinegar. Together, they make radio a lot more enjoyable. We were just on Mancow’s show last week on Q101 Chicago, and he treated us with a lot of respect, and really endorsed Enuff Z’Nuff and Paraphernalia.

6.  What Enuff Z’Nuff song could go into a vault called "Songs That Fucking Suck?"
That’s a tough one to answer. There are quite a few songs that Donnie and I do not feel are our best. I don’t think that there are any songs that we have released on that actually SUCK.

7.  What?s the best rumor you?ve ever heard about yourself?
That I am a drug addict.

8.  Which of the following has the most ridiculous wig?    
A. Derek Frigo    
B. Steve ?Sex? Summers    
C. Mick Mars    
D. Kevin DuBrow
Do these guys have WEAVES?

9.  How did it affect you when John Lennon was shot in 1980?
Devastated. I was on my way to court for a traffic violation when I first heard it on the radio. I was sick to my stomach. Thank God he has left a legacy of great songs for us to listen to forever. As a matter of fact, we were touring in Japan and hung with Julian Lennon. Check out his new album… it’s brilliant!  We Hail him!

10.  Have you ever performed on stage when you weren?t drunk out of your mind, and when you are drunk on stage, how can you play the piano so flawlessly? (Questions originally for Donnie)
I don’t drink onstage, and I don’t play piano (live)


Donnie & Chip
Donnie & Chip

Chip & Michelle
Chip & His wife Michelle

11.  During the average Enuff Z’Nuff show, what percentage of the time is your wife getting into fights?
She doesn’t fight- She loves the music just like the average fan. If there are any altercations, you can point the finger at the band. She’s a lover, not a fighter!


12.  What lead singer sings out of key the most, and you can’t say yourself!
Courntey Love of Hole. Maybe she can’t hear herself very well live. But she does have an INCREDIBLE amount of personality.

13.  Are you guys bummed that the Thirsty Whale is now a gas station/McDonald’s?
Yes, but I understand why it’s gone. the club owner had the Whale open for 30 years, and was offered an opportunity to set up his family for life. It was a great run while it lasted. The last show at the Whale featured Enuff Z’nuff, , the late Jim Ellison of Material Issue, and Nash Cato of Urge Overkill.

14.  How come your hair hasn’t grown past your shoulders in the last decade? Donnie too?
I keep cutting it short because it is so fine and thin. But I still have it!

15.  Who is a bigger bitch:  Vikki Fox, Derek Frigo, or that Gino Martino dude?  Please explain why?
What are you talking about?? I love all three of those guys!

16.  If you HAD to have sex with any animal, what would it be?
uhh, just use your imagination

17.  What is each band members drug of choice?
I am an advocate of NORML and High Times Magazine.

Enuff Z’Nuff’s New Album

18.  On the "Hard Tour", which of the following bands were the bigger dicks and why? 
A.  Pretty Boy Floyd 
B.  Bang Tango 
C.  BulletBoys
Pretty Boy Floyd and Bang Tango. They both split from the tour early, when thaty had an opportunity to travel in our bus to finish the dates.

19.  Why do you talk like a throat cancer patient?
This is the way I have spoken since childhood. My pipes have always been raspy.

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Famous Word Association:

Vikki Foxx – Star
Howard Stern –
Herion –
Yoko Ono –
Jenny McCarthy –
Gerri Miller –
Super Fan
Madonna –
Derek Frigo –
Slaughter –
No Comment
Jerry Springer –

Thanks Chip!  You can visit Enuff Znuff at or  They plugged our interview with Chip, so we’ll throw their link down.  They have a links section that lists a bunch of other Enuff Z’Nuff sites, so you can check out other Enuff Z’Nuff sites if your really bored one day.  Donna gave the Paraphernalia’s songs 10 Peace Signs Out Of 10, so coming from one of us, that’s pretty fucking good!  Go buy it or steal it and check it out.  Also, on Tuesday, July 13th at 10pm VH-1 will premier the Where are They Now? featuring Enuff Z’Nuff.  Peace!



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