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20 Questions with Slaughter's Inner Circle, 6/29/99




Slaughter’s Inner Circle.

Who is Slaughter’s Inner Circle?  That’s none of your fucking business!  It could be a guy, a girl, or several people, but all you need to know is that the Inner Circle knows all the inside scoops on Slaughter.  They hang out with Slaughter, they talk to Slaughter, they know Slaughter, and they are within Slaughter’s "Inner Circle".  If something is happening in the Slaughter camp, they know about it.  In fact, if Slaughter is reading this right now, the Inner Circle could be in the room with them as they read this!  But the thing is, they are disgusted by Slaughter.  They felt it was time to come forward and let people know what really goes on within the Slaughter cult.  So they emailed us a month or so ago and said they wanted to be interviewed so they could tell the world what really goes on behind the scenes.  But they can’t reveal their identity since they don’t want Dana and his stooges to know who they are.  They prefer to remain anonymous so Slaughter doesn’t try to fuck them over, which is understandable.  

So today being June 29th, which is the day Slaughter’s new album comes out, we at Metal Sludge thought we’d honor Slaughter with this very special 20 Questions!  Sit back and enjoy!  And if your a Slaughter fan, be sure to have a friend read the interview to you.

1. Do you think Slaughter exploited the death of Tim Kelly?Oh Hell Yeah !!  The fact is Mark wanted to fire Tim before he died, andmade it well known.  He felt Tim was holding them back from touring Europe.Mark is the biggest hypocrite, on the RNS tour he was acting as "oh my dearfriend Tim."  Mark can go Fuck himself !! (that’s if his bitch will let him)None of the profits from the photos or shirts made it to the Tim Kelly fundwhich was set up by Dana (go figure) And to top it off Jeff was signing TimKelly photos !!!

2. If Slaughter?s road crew quit in the middle of a tour, would Blas know how to set up his own drum kit?

Blas to this day still can’t figure out he’s getting fucked by Dana, so Idoubt he would be able to figure out his kit.

3.  What does Slaughter really think of Bryan Kelly putting together a book on Tim?Dana says he’ll sue (truth hurts) Mark is shaking, he knows the real Mark Slaughter will be revealed (gutless) Blas doesn’t think, too fucking stupid.Jeff is wondering if maybe he’ll get fucked too.

4. Is it true that Blas was offered the gig for Shaina Twain, but Dana talked him out of it?Blas had the Shania gig !! He auditioned in Nashville in January 1998 andgave Dana notice and was set to leave.   When Tim was killed Dana (once againthinking of himself) laid into Blas and gave him the biggest guilt trip, "do it for Tim", once again exploiting Tim’s deat

5. Rumor has it Slaughter once had fans pay for your tour bus rental and they would let them take turns riding city to city. Is this true?  Please explain this situation.They had two people pay for Astro Mini vans and rental cars and let themride. When these poor fucks got into town Slaughter had them do their laundrytoo !! A girl from Arizona and a guy from Chicago.  Dana also had them pay forgas and promised to pay them back at later date. ( burned fans?)

6. Tell us 10 things about Dana that most fans don?t know.

      1)     Has been married four times.

2)     Dated Vanna White

3)     Ges every girl he dates a fake diamond ring.

4)     Loves wild psycho bitches.

5)     Hates his family and treats his mother like shit.

6)     Has his girlfriends max out his credit cards, then reports it stolen or lost on the road.

7)  Loves Gerri Miller blow jobs (yuk)

8)  Hasn’t spoken to Mark in 4 years off stage.9)     Only showers once a week10) Has taken a dildo in his poop chute from his ex-wife porn star Tami Monroe.

7. What is some shit you have on Slaughter that they wouldn?t want people to know?

Their road crew hardly gets paid. On the RNS tour they played clubs for
$200 dollars.

8. What is each member of Slaughter’s role in the band.

Mark / Doesn’t care, he needs the money to support his b

Dana /

Blas /
Dana’s bitch

Blando /
Zakk Wando

9. Does Slaughter really give a shit about their fans?Are you kidding? Dana can’t wait to count the money after the meet andgreet.  Blas can’t wait to take advantage of the 350-lbs. girls willing tosuck his dick. Mark feels he’s wasting his time, and has met enough fans.Remember the Fear No Evil tour kiddies voice problems?? Blas, Dana and Tim atthe meet and greets only.  His bitch said Madonna didn’t do meet and greetsso why should he?? Tim always hated lying to the fans to cover his sorry ass.Jeff is still enjoying his 15-seconds of fame.

10. Give us a story about how Slaughter takes advantage of their fans.Pay to meet the band

11. How many chicks does Blas usually bang during a typical tour? 75-per tour. Do 12-year olds count? Can you say clinic???

12. What bands has Slaughter or Dana Strum fucked over?

Kik Tracee: Those poor bastards really got fucked!!  Their first CD should have been a Slaughter CD. All Slaughter members "played" on that CD, the singer (he’s a tool guy by the way) was the only guy who did any recording. Dana had to be paid in advance before he did anything, and he also demanded to get a certain amount of points from the record.  Any one who knows about points knows points can mean big bucks if a record does well.

Sister Whiskey:
Dana got them their deal with Warner Bros., but didn’t tell them until later he would receive 75% of any monies the record did, plus his producer fee. The guys just wanted to play rock n roll.   They got fucked twice buy the Slaughter camp, once by Dickhead Strum and the second by the greedy fan club president, who sold merchandise and never gave them shit !!White Heat "aka" Firehouse: Trusted the two pricks, guess who? It was all a scam to get the pricks (Slaughter) over with Chrysalis Records to prove they could handle the production of their own record.  Dickhead Strum didn’t want to pay a "real" producer. Dickhead Strum used White Heat as guinea pigs.

Dragonfly "aka" Mind Pie:
Was a band from Philly that Tim discovered, this band kicked major ass!  They had it all and would have gone a long way, but once again Dickhead Strum got involved and fucked it up, they did a record for Chrysalis, but it got shelved.  When Candyass Mark Slaughter lost his voice, Tim recommended they forget Candyass Slaughter and hire the singer from Mind Pie, who in Tim’s words was a real singer !!  I second that.  Mark never let Tim live that down and tried to get Dickhead Strum to fire Tim during his trial, but of course Tim told him to go fuck himself.

13. Why does Slaughter make fans buy their merchandise in order to meet them?When your fans don’t buy your records, you have to fuck them somehow.

14. Is Dana involved in porn at all?Yes, he is. He does most of his scouting on the road at meet and greetstrying to talk these young girls into the business. He produces the videos,like his records, they go nowhere.


15. What?s the story with Slaughter?s Tour Manager Jeff Colen? Is he cool, is he a tool, is he Dana?s yes man, is he a dick? Please explain?Tour Manager? I think not. This prick could never touch Scott Cadwallader(he was Slaughter’s first tour manager) Jeff only does Slaughter toursand that’s it.  He does it just to pick up the skanks he fucked the tour before, and isa major prick to the fans (who are left)  Mommy and Daddy are very wealthyand pay him when he’s not on the road, this fuckhead needs to get a life.

16. Is any part of Slaughter’s "Eternal Live" album actually live?The only thing "live" on that CD is the dust it collects. All the songsare demos.  "Rock the World" was a song off of Fear No Evil.  That song was to be used for the movie "Airheads" but dickhead Dana wanted to much money from the studio.

17. Is Mark really adopted? 

He was adopted as a child, and found out in high school.

18. Did Mark get married?

No but he thinks he is. He fathered two children from his girlfriend.  (by the way only one kid resembles him) He can never marry his girlfriend, she’s still married to the guitar player in Madonna’s band.

19. Is this Slaughter’s last CD? 

Mark is praying it isn’t, he’s only doing the gig to feed his money hungry bitch.  He has tried doing voice overs for cartoons, but like his singing voice you can only take so much.

20. What does Blas look for in a girl?If you beat his ass, steal money from him, don’t mind him fucking everything in sight, then he’s your guy. He has had a couple of beauties do this to him. He had a fianc? (star fucker) who stole $75,000 from him, and the dumb fuck let her get away with it !!!Remember when Blas had knee surgery? (good one) His love at the time broke his nose, with a bottle.

21. Why doesn’t Dana attend NAMM?

Back in 1985 when King Kobra was recording at Pasha, Dana was doing gopher work for Spencer Proffer and hit on the wrong girl, he made a pass at Carmine Appice’s wife! Carmine has vowed if he ever saw Dana in public he would kill him, so being the ball less fuck Dana is he stays away from everything. (ever see him in public?)

22.  Word Association:

Dana Strum = World’s biggest Mother Fucker.

Mark Slaughter = Lost with no balls.

Blas Elias = Dumb as a fucking rock.

Jeff Blando =

Jeff Colen =
Should look up KARMA.

Gerri Miller =
80’s cocksucker

Tim Kelly = 
Greatest guy I ever knew !!  The Inner Circle will miss him.

Bryan Kelly =
Dana should watch his back.

Dave Marshall =

Michelle Siddiqi =
Fat greedy bitch.


Of course the Inner Circle doesn’t have a website to plug, but you can go to for all your Slaughter needs.  And if your a Slaughter fan and you had your friend read this interview and you’d like to send us hatemail, then we’ve set up a special email account just for you!  Send your shit to  Please put as the subject, "Im a stooopid Slaugher fan."  All emails will be laughed at and posted.



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