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20 Questions with Steve Riley, 5/25/99









Welcome to the latest in a never ending series of interviews with members of L.A. Guns. This time we cornered drummer Steve Riley! Please try to contain your composure and enjoy the interview.

1. What are you currently up to? (This is your only chance to plug your shit?

STEVE:On summer tour with Poison, Ratt and Great White. New CD ("Shrinking Violet") released this month. Have new bass player ( Chuck Garric).

2. How old are you? (anything under 40 will not be believed)


3. Of all the bands you’ve toured with, who was the most difficult to get along with?

STEVE: Billy Squire

4. Who do you think will be the singer for L.A. Guns this time next year?

STEVE: Jizzy Pearl

5. How come everybody in W.A.S.P. is always so ugly?

STEVE: It’s required if you want to be in the band.

6. Who is the most overrated rock band of the 70s, 80s and 90s?

STEVE: 70’s REO Speedwagon / 80’s Journey / 90’s Oasis

7. What does God look like?


8. Who in L.A. Guns has the most homosexual characteristics?

STEVE: No homos allowed.

9. Is there such a thing as a Steve Riley groupie?

STEVE: Yeah, my wife

10. Please rate the following chicks on a scale of 1-10. 1 being a fat Slaughter fan, and 10 being perfect.

Lita Ford 5

Joan Jett 5

Cindy Crawford 10

Pamela Anderson 9

Courtney Love 5

Jenny McCarthy 10

Elvira 5

Gerri Miller 10

Angelyne 5

11. What L.A. Guns/W.A.S.P. songs could go into a vault called "Songs That Fucking Suck?"

STEVE: WASP : Scream until you like it.

L.A. Guns : I wanna be your man

12. Complete this sentence, "Anal sex is…???"


13. Have you ever been arrested and if so, why?


14. Who gets all the fat chicks in LA Guns? Definition: Fat Chicks are chicks that are 150 pounds and over, unless they are over 5’10" then 150 is acceptable.

STEVE: The bus driver

15. How much longer do you think Chris Holmes? liver can last?

STEVE: 1 more WASP tour

16. Last time you did something really rock and roll in a hotel?

STEVE: We stay in motels

17. If you could be a tampon for any celebrity, who would it be?

STEVE: Tampon???

18. What does Blackie look like in the raw?

STEVE: I’ve blocked those memories out.

19. Does anybody ever ask you to take off the Halloween mask?

STEVE: No, but they do ask me if I’m sick.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We name a person or thing, and you give us your thoughts.

Kelly Nickles / funny motherfucker

Kelly Bundy / a friend of the Cripps

Stefan Adika / good salesman

Nikki Sixx / mainlined Jack Daniels once

Blackie Lawless / he is the hellion

Mick Cripps / a genius in his own mind

Lita Ford / Chis Holmes’ ex wife

Mike Duda / no liver problems yet

Gideon Culman / used to know him

Tracii Guns / my bro

For L.A. Guns tour dates, info, and shit like that, go to L.A. Guns’ Official Website



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