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20 Questions with Tony Montana, 10/5/99





Former Great White Bassist, The Real Tony Montana!

Ok, here we go again.  This time, it’s the REAL Tony Montana.  Last month we got fooled and interviewed some stupid fuck who pretended he was Tony.  However, Joey Allen mentioned the interview to the real Tony Montana, and Tony contacted us and now we are interviewing the real deal.  We apologize to Tony for being temporarily retarded and letting that happen.  It won’t happen again.  Tony was a good sport and did even a better job than his imposter.  Check it out!

1.  What the hell are you doing now?  This is your only chance to plug whatever it is you're doing. 

TONY MONTANA:  I still play and write, I have a record basically finished that I would like to release this year.  I always have two projects ongoing, one for the heavy rock stuff, and a more mainstream thing.
2.  Are you sure you are the real Tony Montana?  Why do you think people try to impersonate you? 

Yes, I am sure.  I don’t know why anyone would choose to be me…  I would think that since I’ve have been laying very low, that it’s probably easier to get away with it.  But that’s going to change, it’s the right time for me to resurface.

3.  Why did you leave/get fired from Great White?  Are you still friends with any of them? I have not spoken with any of the band members since the day I left.  I was basically fired, which at the time was fine with me.  Actually the individual I had the biggest beef with ended up being a good friend, the x-manager for the band, we speak often.

4.  During the "Once Bitten?Twice Shy" video, how many of those models did you guys bang, and did any of you guys fuck Bobbi Brown? 

I was propositioned by one of the girls, but I wasn't into her.

5.  You have to pick one of the following.  What will it be?

A.  Using all your cash reserves, you just bought a new luxury automobile that turns out to be a total lemon and breaks down every time you drive it out of the service department;  


B.  30 illegal Mexicans crossing the U.S. border in a van are blown to smithereens by a 30-millimeter howitzer shell fired by border police. 
That’s really quite funny that you ask since I just got my car out of the shop.  I guess I took the car!


6.  Who has less hair in Great White Jack Russell or Mark Kendall?I never saw either of them without a "hat" if you get my drift.



7.  What current hard rock/heavy metal should call it a day?

8.  This is called Memory Lane. What do you remember from this year?  

1985 = Played in a support band on a show with Great White

1988 = Played IN Great White

1990 = Played in a band that "pretended" to be Great White

1994 = Wondered "what the hell happened to Great White?"

9.  Why did Great White do so many cover tunes?Some of them were alot of fun, and let’s face it, lucrative.

10.  Time for Rate-A-Chick.  Rate these broads on a scale of 1 to 10.

1 being a mess, and 10 being a hot chick.

Bobbi Brown = 7

Gerri Miller = Ain't goin' there

Jennifer Lopez = 9

Jessica Hahn = 5

Lita Ford = 4 (never got my name right?)

Oprah Winfrey = 1

Courtney Love = 2 at 10, 10 at 2

Shania Twain = 9

Jewel = 9

Carmen Electra = 8

11.  What bands did you tour with that were the biggest dicks?Everyone we worked with was pretty cool.  I have to say though that I met the guys from Living Colour once in Japan right after they beat us for the Grammy.  We were very cool and said congrats, and they acted like total assholes.  Totally aloof, concieted, I hope they like their jobs at the car wash.

12.  What's your take on all the hair band reunion tours?

I don't know?  I can't think of why anyone would be interested in going backwards?  That's my personality, I want to move forwards always, if you do reach back, put a fresh spin on it.

13.  If you could be a tampon for any celebrity, who would it be?

Katherine Zeta Jones


14.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?Chris Cornell for directly disrespecting me and Great White in a recent LA Times article.  He is so introspective and removed that he is unable to realize that he truly sucks.  Coverdale impersonator at best.

15.  What's your opinion of shark fishing and is Jack a modern day black beard type pirate or what? 

Shark is good eatin'! 

16.  Compare these old & new rock bands, and who's the champ?

Erik Turner Vs. Joey Allen = Joey has got balls to turn it down 

Limp Bizkit Vs. Metallica = Love ’em both, gotta go with Metallica 

Marvelous 3 Vs. Southgang =

Buckcherry Vs. Cinderella = Buckcherry 

Kid Rock Vs. Slaughter = Kid Rock 

Backstreet Boys Vs. New Kids on the Block = At least the BB’s can sing.

  17.  Who fucked all the fat chicks in Great White?

Never paid that much attention, we were all guilty at one time or another.  I have to say the girls were on the average very nice looking...  Oops, you're taking me to the "bad place" again, it took me awhile to get that outta my system!

18.  How come Michael Lardie looks like Jack Russell's younger brother?  What's up with that? I can’t say I understand anything about Lardie, he is unknown even to himself I think.  It’s just much easier to manufacture a persona than to actually be cool.

19.  For $100,000:  There are 10 gorgeous nude women in front of you.  One of them has AIDS, the other are disease free.  You must perform oral sex on only one of them for 5 minutes in order to get paid.  BUT.....all 10 girls are on their period, and it's a heavy flow day.  Would you do it? 

I did it all for the nookie.

20.  Time for Metal Sludge's Word Association.  We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Jack Russell / just floating along... VH1 !?  Why did you do it?

Slaughter / Keep the door closed next time VH1 comes around. They were all very nice guys, remember Willow Springs Race driving School?

Bret Michaels / Never knew him, indifferent about the band.

Vince Neil / So sorry about his child.

Sean McNabb / Who's that?

Kiss / Never owned a KISS record, never will.

Don Dokken / Owned a Dokken record, thankfully lost it. Produce, Don.

Ozzy Osbourne / Should have hired me, I was better than the Suicidal guy, and your band knew it.

Gerri Miller / Always was nice to me and my girlfriend, hope she's doing something constructive.

Jani Lane / Never knew him.

So there you have it.  That kind of felt like Deja-Vu.

Thanks to Tony for being cool about our fuck up and doing 20 Questions.  Tony doesn’t have a website to plug, but if he gets one, we’ll let you know.



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