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22 Questions with Nikki Sixx, 5/11/99





Welcome to another star studded Metal Sludge 20 Questions. This interview is even bigger than our interview with Johnny Crypt! That’s right kiddies, it’s with none other than Nikki Sixx! Yes, THE Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. Can you believe Nikki would actually take time out of his day to answer our 5th grade questions? Nikki has huge balls for answering our questions. We didn’t really get into asking him too much on Tommy leaving the band, cause we already heard what Nikki had to say about the situation on AOL and on E! If you missed any of what Nikki said about Tommy leaving Motley, then your fucked cause you ain’t gonna find out here either. We asked him important questions like if Mick wears a wig and if he could be a tampon for any celebrity, who would he choose. Enjoy!

1. What is Motley Crue currently up to? (This is your only chance to plug you shit, merchandise, websites, etc.)
NIKKI: 8 albumcoming out in 2 months((on motley records))…one unreleahed stuff…that ones called..___supersonic and demonic relics____ also have a box set an live album planned….3 bands on my indie label will be released as well…>>1958<<<>>flash bastard<<>>laidlaw<<<

2. How old are your kids now & are they into any California fads yet? (Skateboarding, gangs, baggy pants, rollerblading, fighting, drugs, car jacking, etc.)
NIKKI: gunner 8 rhyan 6 storm 5 decker kids are unique..they dont really follow

3. What rock star deserves the biggest smack in the mouth?
NIKKI: me??

4. If you had a gun to your head and HAD to take 2 out of these 3 bands out on tour, who would it be and why: Slaughter, Warrant, or Poison?.
NIKKI: i would die

5. What?s the most violent thing you ever did on tour?
NIKKI: start a riot that ended in burnt police cars an blood on the streets….

6. How many wigs have you seen Mick wear since 1990?
NIKKI: none…silly rumor

7. Two old road tales questions! Is it true you guys would make groupies get on their knees, lick cum out of your hands backstage and tell them to make a cat sound (Meow-meow) while doing it?
NIKKI: yes
And what’s the sickest thing you’ve ever done to a groupie, providing our previous question isn’t your answer?
NIKKI: refer to my book coming out in a few years

8. What are the top 3 Best & Worst memories of Motley Crue for you?
NIKKI: i cant type good enuff for this answer

9. If you could be a tampon for a celebrity, who would you choose?
NIKKI: sofia loren

10. Were you bummed out that the Motley S?crue store closed it doors after only being open for 2 months?
NIKKI: no, cause it was never gonna be open longer..its was just a quick went internet as planned..

11. Has Tommy ever smacked either you, Vince, or Mick?
NIKKI: never me or mick..but ive seen him an vinnie get into alot

12. What hard rock band should call it a day and get real jobs?
NIKKI: hmmm…not my call <<< but they can smell there own shit..i need not point it out to them

13. When was the last time you drank alcohol or smoked pot?
NIKKI: i got really fucked up in the bahamaas with my wife about 5 months ago…before that…6 years….

14. During your last tour, what percentage of the time would you say that Vince was singing in key?
NIKKI: 90%

15. Who fucked the most fat chicks in the Motley Crue? (Definition: Fat Chicks are chicks that are 150 pounds and over, unless they are over 5’10" then 150 is acceptable!)
NIKKI: the road crew

16. Who is a bigger bitch: John Corabi, Gerri Miller, or Tommy Lee?
NIKKI: Didn’t say anything cause he didn’t answer this question.

17. Is you HAD to have sex with any animal, what would it be and why?
NIKKI: chicken…it would be tight..

18. Typical Stupid Ass Metal Edge Type Question: How do you feel about Tommy leaving the band so suddenly and have you talked to him at all since he left?
NIKKI: i got no problem with it…im on my own path…rock n roll

19. The next questions are ones that many Motley fans have been wondering for years. Why does Vince sing every other word and why does he still use the same stage raps from 1985?
NIKKI: he runs alot…. thats just him…

20. Lately, we have heard that many Motley fans are upset that there hasn?t been any backstage passes for the last two tours. And when there are passes, it?s only for females or none of you show up. Some are saying your not as fan friendly as you use to be. How do you respond to this and is Motley?s motto still ?It?s all about the fans.??
NIKKI: fans backstage??? thats my home….the street is cool..but backstage is where we hang. if there are any chicks its for the singles guys….an they have there own lil room…they dont hang with us….

21. How the Fuck did you guys end up with the Scorpions? Why tour with them and not a huge arena band like Pretty Boy Floyd?
NIKKI: we like there songs…

23. Here is some word association. We mention a word, and you give us your thoughts. For example: Yoko Ono / Pamela Anderson

Gerri Miller: true fan
Britney Spears: who??
Dana Strum: im not sure who that is
Lars Ulrich: ego boy
Pamela Anderson:
Jani Lane: nice guy
Gene Simmons: rich guy
Sebastian Bach: funny guy
Aerosmith?s Nine Lives Album: get your wings
John Corabi: lost guy

So there’s our huge interview with Nikki Sixx! If you’d like to find out Motley tour dates or other info on them, and who doesn’t, then take your ass to Motley’s Official Site!
If you’d like to see Nikki’s clothing line and a bunch of hot pictures of his wife, then go to Outlaw U.S.A!
We snagged the picture on the right off Outl
aw U.S.A. It’s Nikki’s wife Donna D’Errico. After seeing that picture, Metal Sludge went out and bought 10 skateboards, and we don’t even skate. They have a bunch of photos like this over at the Outlaw site. There is one that shows most of her ass, providing your into good looking hot chicks. Of course we just enjoy the photos for their professional quality. Anyways, thanks goes out to Nikki for being able to hang!



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