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Sludge Scans

Hey, I’m Lita Love, and here are some of the latest Sludge Scans, or as they say in the business, Sound Scans.  Sound Scan only started in 1991, so some of these releases are only counting sales from 1991 till today.  
The bands listed below are some of the requests we’ve gotten.  Now for once, you can see what bands are selling and which bands are bombing!
SLUDGE SCAN NOTES – Read This Stuff First!
Some of you might see some numbers and say, "But so and so went Gold and you don’t have them listed as such."  Well certifications (such as Gold and Platinum) are based on shipments to retail accounts from the label, not actual over the counter sales.  The figures I get come from Soundscan, which is the recognized source for ACTUAL sales to consumers. 
Many of the stores that report to Soundscan are weighted in order to make up for those that don’t have Soundscan.  For example, let’s assume Tower Records Las Vegas is weighted 9 times.  That means that if some knucklehead walks in and buys 1 copy of Slaughter’s "Back To Reality", it counts for 9 albums sold in Soundscan.  I believe this more than makes up for the mom and pop stores that don’t report.  The system is not perfect, but it’s the recognized industry source for actual sales.  After all, this is what the Billboard charts are based on.
There is no website or magazine I’m getting this info from.  You can only get it if you have access to the Sludge Scan computer.  Basically, you have to be in the business.  And as far as I know, Metal Sludge is the only website spitting out Sound Scan numbers.  Worship us!
These figures are for the U.S. only.  
Send all requests or questions to SludgeScan@metal-sludge.com
Please be reasonable when asking for a request.  If you want a band’s album looked up, give me the title.  Don’t just say, "Hey, I want you to do some Metallica."  If you are too lazy to give me the title, I’m too lazy to look if up for you.  So give me the titles.  
* Means total is only counting since Soundscan went into affect in the middle / late part of 1991.  


Sludge Scans for February 2005

  As of February 2, 2005 Bowling For Soup “A Hangover You Don’t Deserve” 273,667 Chemical Brothers “Push the Button” 15,548 Chevelle “This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)” 440,716 Creed “Greatest Hits” 639,105 Crossfade “Crossfade” 393,901 Evanescence “Anywhere ...

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Sludge Scans for December 2004

  As of December 1, 2004 AC/DC “Back in Black” (Remastered) 649,658 Bon Jovi “100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong” 28,133 Bon Jovi “Cross Road” 3,501,443 Bon Jovi “Slippery When Wet” (Remastered) 2,422,417 Bowling For Soup “A Hangover You ...

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Sludge Scans for November 2004

  As of November 3, 2004 AC/DC “High Voltage” (Remastered) 185,897 AC/DC “Highway to Hell” (Remastered) 224,282 Alter Bridge “One Day Remains” 291,490 Bowling For Soup “A Hangover You Don’t Deserve” 99,135 Cake “Pressure Chief” 91,478 Chevelle “This Type Of ...

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Sludge Scans for October 2004

  As of October 20, 2004 12 Stones “Potter’s Field” 67,040 AC/DC “Back In Black” (Remastered) 615,028 AC/DC “High Voltage” (Remastered) 181,854 AC/DC “Highway To Hell” (Remastered) 220,322 AC/DC “Live at Donington” (DVD) 262,198 Alter Bridge “One Day Remains” 276,758 ...

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Sludge Scans for September 2004

  As of September 1, 2004 3 Doors Down "Away From the Sun" 3,184,346 12 Stones "Potter’s Field" 26,286 Alter Bridge "One Day Remains" 167,965 Blink 182 "Blink 182" 1,893,096 Dokken "Hell To Pay" 9,684 Drive By Truckers "Dirty South" ...

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Sludge Scans for August 2004

  As of August 4, 2004 Beastie Boys "To The 5 Boroughs" 791,857 Alice Cooper "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" 27,514 The Darkness "Permission to Land" 621,097 Dope "Group Therapy" 37,749 Evanescence "Fallen" 5,613,621 Finger Eleven "Finger Eleven" 302,789 Guns ...

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