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  • Steelheart_eBay_Aug_26_2015_S2

    ARE YOU CEREAL? Steelheart leather jacket and gold record on eBay priced at $89,999.00

    ARE YOU CEREAL? Steelheart leather jacket and gold record on eBay priced at $89,999.00   eBay — Clearly someone wants to buy a house, a car and pay off some credit card debt. Or, maybe just clean out the garage of some collectibles. According to a posting on eBay, it looks as if though a seller with the ID mikematijevic is selling the mother-load of all things Steelheart. How much? $ 89,999.00 We have reached out to[…]

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  • SRNR_TC_BM_Aug_25_2015_S1

    MEAT N’ GREET Tuff bassist Chase & Ex-Warrant guitarist Morris launch BBQ on wheels

    MEAT N’ GREET Tuff founding bassist Chaisson & Ex-Warrant guitarist Morris have a successful BBQ business on wheels   LOS ANGELES — Once among the most popular glam-rock acts on MTV with the hit “I Hate Kissing You Goodbye,” Tuff still plays a few select dates at rock festivals every year. In the meantime, founding bassist Todd Chaisson and noted guitar player Billy Morris have forged a successful business in Cleveland with their mobile Smokin’ Rock N’[…]

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  • BB_Mouth_Pics_2015_S1

    FLY CATCHER? Bobby Blotzer’s mouth ‘why is it always open’ one fan wants to know

    FLY CATCHER? Bobby Blotzer’s mouth ‘why is it always open’ one fan wants to know Gossip Board — Anyone who reads Metal Sludge must know who Ratt is. A once amazing band that has a deep catalog of great songs and a history of all things rock-n-roll. The band has endured the highs, the lows and even a members’ death, RIP – Robin “King” Crosby. Even though not really a cohesive unit as of late, Ratt somehow continue to make[…]

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  • Axl Rose and Slash of Guns N Roses perform live at Rock In Rio II on January 15, 1991 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Ke.Mazur/WireImage)

    JUST A LITTLE PATIENCE Slash has confirmed rekindled friendship with Axl Rose >Video<

    JUST A LITTLE PATIENCE Slash confirms new rekindled friendship with Axl Rose   Blabbermouth —  Former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Slash has confirmed that he has rekindled his friendship with the band’s lead singer Axl Rose — six years after the frontman called him “a cancer.” Speaking to Aftonbladet TV in Sweden, where Slash was making a special appearance on Friday (August 21) for a launch event for the Marshall London phone, the guitarist said of[…]

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SEBASTIAN BOTCHED! A ‘Glorious mess’ ‘Beautiful shitshow-aganza’ and ‘Corey Feldman’s birthday party’ reviewer describes BACH wedding bash

VICE — When news broke last month that ex-Skid Row howler Sebastian Bach would be offering fans an opportunity to attend his San Jose wedding to model Suzanne Le for the shocking price of $300 a head, the press had a field day. How could they not? Aside from the fact that it’s generally fun to kick an aging hair metal guy around, the event danced on the knife’s edge between kinda sad (fluffing the[…]

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SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN Bret Michaels has the sex and Dennis DeYoung has the strut in California concert pairing

SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN Bret Michaels has the sex and Dennis DeYoung has the strut in California concert pairing   LANCASTER, Calif., USA — On a warm summer night in California, Poison’s Bret Michaels and ex-Styx band leader Dennis DeYoung teamed Saturday for a rock concert at the Antelope Valley fairgrounds, and a crowd of about 10,000 loved ’em both. DeYoung got things rolling just as the sun was getting ready to set, starting with a torrid[…]

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CATHOUSE LIVE invades Southern California with 24 bands in 100 degree heat & 10,000 fans

CATHOUSE LIVE FEST A ROUSING SUCCESS Crowd of more than 10,000 braves near 100-degree temperatures as glam/sleaze shakes Irvine Meadows   IRVINE, Calif., USA — For once an all-star jam actually lived up to its name, as KISS guitarist Ace Frehley made a special appearance Saturday, Aug. 15 to put a big exclamation mark on a monumental day of rock before a crowd of about 10,000 at Riki Rachtman’s Cathouse Live festival at Irvine Meadows.[…]

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