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The Delusions Of A BulletBoy, 1/26/03



This type of stuff is the foundation of what Metal Sludge was built on. It’s based on an interview BulletBoys’ singer Marq Torien gave the other day. I was originally going to call this post "Delusions Of A Has-Been" but has-been gives him too much credit.

I’m actually angry right now because there is so much material here I don’t even know where to start. I’m sweating and shaking because I just can’t handle this. I think I must be getting Punk’d here because I can’t believe anybody can be this delusional and completely insane.

I’m warning you, by reading the following comments from Marq Torien it’s possible your head will explode. Your brain will take in the information and not be able to process it or accept it and your head will explode, because the brain can’t handle information like what’s going to be presented here. I just want to say that Metal Sludge is not responsible for any mental damage that you might suffer as a result of reading the comments from Mr. Torien. I also recommend that you don’t drink anything while reading this because you will either choke or shoot it out your nose and that can get messy.

Now granted, we all know the BulletBoys are a thing of the past and have been for quite a while. They couldn’t draw any fans if you gave them some crayons and some pieces of paper, but this just goes to show you how bitter and delusional some of these former "rock stars" have become. I don’t know what some of these guys are thinking. If you want to play music and play out, that’s fine, but at least have a fucking clue. Or pretend to have a fucking clue.

Here’s the setup. Marq Torien called into the Classic Metal Radio Show this past Saturday, January 24th. The Classic Metal Radio Show is also host to our Metal Sludge Song Of The Week and host Neeley has been a Sludgeaholic since like day two. So we were hooked up with the audio of Marq’s interview and you can even listen to it for yourselves in case you actually need to hear this for yourselves.

(Click the link that says Marq Torien, duh)

Here are a few quotes from Marq that start out the interview. We’ll gradually work our way to the more delusional comments, so just settle down and relax.

"I always felt that the BulletBoys were a combination like of 3 different bands. Probably The Who, Van Halen, and the Sex Pistols. I mean, we really lived the life and didn’t get into the business to do drugs, and take women, and just be outta control. We got into it for the music."

If Marq didn’t get into the business to do drugs, I wonder what changed his mind?

"This band has been around for about 12 years so we’re plugging along."

It’s 2004 now. 12 years ago was 1992. So the band has been around since 1992? I thought the first CD came out in 1988? The BulletBoys have been around since about 1987, so it’s more like 17 years. You’ve been hanging with Sebitchian too long, Marq.

"I work out 5 days out of the week, I look great, I’m working my butt off. I don’t like to get up in front of my fans and look like a some tired, old relic of myself. I don’t think it’s respectful to the fans to look like that. So this year when we’re coming out, we’re gonna bring it, real, real heavy and really ugly."

You’re gonna bring it really ugly? So you’re going to be touring with Warrant then? As for you looking great, it’s good to see how humble you are.

He was asked about who was in the band and said the following.

"One of the reasons why we had to go through some type of lineup changes…the original guys have practically moved on with their lives. So they’re very, very busy doing different projects. And, uh, I enjoy being on the road and making records and playing in front of people. I don’t like to sit at home and waiting for something to happen. I’ve never been that type of musician. I try to use the old school ways of Motown and The Temptations. When there was always some problem with those bands, they always reinvented and moved forward and came up with brilliant music. That’s basically what I’m doing."

Did he just compare the BulletBoys to The Temptations? That makes as much sense as a parachute on a submarine.

"I’m working with some guys right now that are amazing players. Lonnie Vincent was playing bass. Hopefully he’ll be joining us on bass this next tour. (Goes on to talk about who’s in the band now which I won’t bother to transcribe.) One of the great things about when I have changed musicians is that I’ve been very blessed with great musicians. And I never bring anybody into the BulletBoys that is not a great musician. If they can’t bring it better than the original band, then they stay home. I’ve been told that I’m a pretty hard guy on musicians but, you know, I wanna make sure when we’re up there playing for the fans that it’s a great musical experience and not some guys playing some old tunes, really shitty…."

So basically he’s saying everybody that has been in the band since the original lineup has been better than them. I wonder what Mick Sweda and Jimmy D’Anda would say about that?

Neeley: You don’t want to become a nostalgia act.

"No, man, I’ve never been…I’m still in my 30s, and we’re still rocking."


Not since Anthony Focx has somebody been so full of shit about their age. Reports say Marq was born on September 22, 1963, which would mean he’s 40 and turning 41 this year.

The following sites report Marq’s birth date as 9/22/63.


Also, remember when Metal Edge used to publish birthdays? Well the December 1989 issue of Metal Edge lists Marq’s birthday as turning 26 on September 22, 1989. So if he was turning 26 in 1989, he would be how old today? He would be 40, and turning 41 this year. Thank you.

However, back in the day, it also wasn’t uncommon to shave a few years off your age, because we learned that Marq is actually 43!

He’s forty-fucking-three!!! He’ll be turning 44 this year! Those that know Marq, and we know about 3 people who, lets just say, might have played with Marq a time or two and might have even done 20 Questions with us but that’s purely speculation, and they all said he’s 43! Which makes sense. He was the original guitar player in Ratt back in like 1981 or 1982. If he’s supposedly in his 30s now, how old was he in 1981 or 82, fucking 12?

He’s not even sticking to how old Metal Edge says he is, which was 40. Fuck, if you lied about your age to begin with, at least stick to it! Don’t keep going backwards. But for the record, he is 43 and "still in my 30s."

Marq just gave us the rope to hang himself. I love that. It makes my work so much easier.

"I feel very humbled and very blessed by the success the BulletBoys have had. A lot of bands have had a lot more success but I’m very happy with the success. I’m really ecstatic that I’m still able to work and go out there and scream for my fans. I think that’s what it all comes down to. You gotta be happy within yourself and happy with what you’re doing in your personal life. At least have some type of….some type of foundation to be in this business because it’s tough, man. You’re only as good as your next tune and everybody is always ready to chop you down like a tree. I take it with a grain of salt and I don’t think I’ll ever be embittered because I enjoy music too much. I enjoy people, I enjoy speaking in interviews, which we’re doing right now. It’s a part of being in the business that a lot of guys don’t understand from that period of time. I get a chance to see a lot of those guys. A lot of those guys are really overweight. They can’t sing anymore. You know, they’re playing with these guys that aren’t really, really great musicians. They’re fighting amongst themselves with the original band. It’s kinda sad."

It’s funny that he mentions guys who can’t sing anymore. Well, let’s compare how Marq sounds back in the day to how he sounds today. Listen to the wave file below:

Marq Torien – Yesterday and Today.WAV

Does that sound like a guy who can still sing? Pretty much makes Lemmy sound like Geoff Tate. By the way, the original members of the BulletBoys have been fighting with each other since the early 90s, which is why Mick, Jimmy, and Lonnie are no longer in the band.

"There has been a lot of stuff that has been said about me that is really untrue."

And most of it has come from you!

"And I don’t really…I’m not the type of person to go out and let everybody know everything about me."

Like your real age.

He was then asked about the L.A. Guns/Black N Blue/BulletBoys tour from last fall where the BulletBoys were sent home after doing just a few dates.

"Well the real thing that happened was we got put on a tour with L.A. Guns that we thought was going to be a really wonderful adventure. 30 shows. It seemed like it would really benefit the band and we would have a great time out there. What happened in the 2nd show was, actually the 3rd show, I realized one of the things was that the band BulletBoys was drawing a lot more people than L.A. Guns. And that didn’t really set too well with me because I felt that maybe we should be co-headlining."

People who listen to the BulletBoys also listen to L.A. Guns, so how the fuck would you know who was drawing what? Did you take a poll every night? Did everybody leave after the BulletBoys got off stage? That’s like Slaughter taking credit for everybody showing up when they opened up for Poison. Not that L.A. Guns is that far ahead of BulletBoys in drawing power, but there is no way BulletBoys were drawing "a lot more people than L.A. Guns." Sorry, dream another dream. Marq’s phone during this conversation has processed more bullshit than all the farms in Arkansas combined.

"But we ended up opening up and fans were very bummed out about L.A. Guns because Tracii isn’t in the band. I was told Tracii was going to be coming up soon but he never showed up."

Considering that it was announced ahead of time that Tracii wouldn’t be touring with L.A. Guns, I doubt that was really a factor in anything. And if Marq didn’t know Tracii was in the band, then he needs to get his head out of his ass because it hasn’t exactly been a secret that Tracii was feuding with L.A. Guns.

"Then we’re rolling up the road and we had a problem with our bus driver. Our bus driver just went nuts one day and slammed on the breaks while we were on the freeway and started screaming at our road manager because he wanted some type of money he felt he was owed that he got the night before. I think the bus driver was just…had a couple too many crosstops or something. I have no idea. Then the next night, we finished doing the show. Had a great time that night. We woke up the next morning and my road manager is banging at the back of the bus where I’m sleeping screaming he just got stabbed by the bus driver. And I’m thinking, "It’s just a joke, it’s Halloween. It’s the day of Halloween. They’re trying to play a fast one on me." So, that wasn’t the case. I’m sitting there and my road manager is covered in blood and it was a bad scene. We had to call the police. The police arrested the bus driver. Found out the bus driver has priors for aggravated assault and attempted murder. We were just like, we couldn’t believe it. So, right now, we’re not signed to any type of label. We don’t have any type of insurance in case one of my members of the band gets hurt or I get hurt. It wasn’t….it didn’t seem right to be out there on the road and trying to do this thing without any type of protection. So as soon as my road manager got stabbed, I made sure to get everybody together, get us some plane flights and get us the hell off the road."

More bullshit from Marq. Back when this went down, we got the following report from somebody in the know: After the above incident it was reported that Marq the singer from Bullet boys started calling the bus company and wigged out, threatned to sue them etc… Apparently, Steve Riley from L.A. Guns came to talk to him and Marq started calling him a bunch of names and allegedly threatened to kick his ass. It was at this time the Bullet Boys were kicked off the tour. After this it was reported that Marq was hollering and yelling at the two bands (LA Guns & Black n Blue) that they were nothing without him, the tour would go to shit, and he is suing everyone… He and the band were left in Peoria, without a ride…

Marq says, "So, right now, we’re not signed to any type of label. We don’t have any type of insurance in case one of my members of the band gets hurt or I get hurt. It wasn’t….it didn’t seem right to be out there on the road and trying to do this thing without any type of protection." But when was the last time the BulletBoys were signed? Like 1993? And how many tours have they done on their own since then? Plenty. So his excuse saying that they shouldn’t be on the road without any protection certainly didn’t stop them from touring for the last 10 fucking years. The fact is they were asked to go home.

"We had a lot of problems with Artists Worldwide, who were our booking agents and they just put us out there on a really bad tour. And it doesn’t make any sense monetarily or if something happens to you physically to keep on going on with something like that."

If he has such issues with Artists Worldwide, why does his manager keep calling them in hopes that they’ll represent them again?

Neeley then asked, "What became of Jason Hook? What is he doing?"

"You know I don’t know."

Yeah, like he doesn’t know he’s out playing with Vince Neil. He makes it sound like Jason ran off and joined Buddhist cult in the mountains of Tibet and no one has heard from him since.

"Jason, he’s…..you know, he came in the band and we had a lot of fun when he was in the band and stuff, but sometimes what happens to members and stuff or people, they become….they start reading their own press and they become very big headed. I think that’s basically what happened to Jason. He uh, you know, started believing his own press and he just kinda got outta control."

If a guy joined Metallica or Aerosmith, I can see where somebody might become big headed and go crazy from the pressure. But the fucking BulletBoys? No offense to Jason, but what press was he getting when he was in the BulletBoys? Did being in the BulletBoys get him on the cover of Guitar World or any mainstream press? Was all the "fame" he acquired from being in the BulletBoys make it impossible for him to live a normal life? Who was even talking about the BulletBoys other than us anyway?! If anything, Jason started listening to his bank account. He realized what an asshole Marq Torien was and why everybody was telling him not to work with the guy. He got a better gig playing for Vince so naturally he bailed. At least Vince pays better and has more pussy around.

"And I don’t like to play with people who are egotistical and have other problems that are going on. I like things to run smoothly and have fun."

Anybody who has ever dealt with Marq Torien knows how ridiculous that quote is. I’m sure at this very moment, numerous musicians had their heads just explode. The last time I saw somebody this mentally unstable they were wearing drool bibs and strapped to chairs.

"Basically, me and him, it wasn’t working out. I mean, he did a couple of things to me that were really below the belt and tried to do things behind my back and it wasn’t in the band’s best interest to have him keep on playing."

Neeley: What a shame.

"It really is because I think he’s a really good hearted person, but I really think he got caught up in the whole hoopla of the music business. ‘I’m Jason Hook now and I’ve done this.’ Before he was doing anything his name was Jason Grinstead and he’s from Canada, doesn’t have citizenship in the United States, and we took him on because we thought he was a really good guy and fun to be around and thought he was a great guitar player."

What does being from Canada have to do with anything? He says that like it’s a bad thing, like it’s some 3rd world country. As if they saved Jason from living in Canada, put some clothes on him, and gave him a life in the United States. Wow, what a humanitarian Marq is! He’s saving Canadians!

Poor Marq, a guy who’s genes have dictated he’ll always be a loser. (Or perhaps it is the flawed family birthing process of the father sucking the infant spawn from it’s mother’s rectum and spitting it headfirst into a bathtub. Who’s to say?)

"After you start to see people’s true colors and seeing how greedy they are and what they want, it was almost kinda like a slap in the face."

Which is what Jason found out about you and why he left the band.

"So it was time for him to go and it was time for me to find other musicians who wanted to enjoy and play great music."

You might have found the musicians but it’s obvious you’re still searching for the great music.

"What happened was basically this, the record didn’t sound like we wanted it to sound, basically. And we had some problems with our producer and our engineer, the guy who was doing it. And it just didn’t come out like we thought it was gonna come out. It was kinda strange. We weren’t happy with it and we had to put it out the way it was because we didn’t have time to finish it. It came out the way it was and I knew at some point we’d be able to do another record where people would understand. I’m not very happy with that record. I kinda feel bad we had to deliver that record but we had no other choice, it was something that we had been contracted to do and the producer that we worked with just wasn’t very good."

So it was the producer’s fault that Marq was singing out of key? Unless the producer had magical powers, there was no way of making that thing sound good. Bob Rock, Johnny K, Andy Wallace, Don Gilmore, Michael Wagenar, and all of Britney Spears’ producers together couldn’t have saved that CD.

"Acid Monkey I’m very happy with. I think it was a departure from the band."

It was a departure from success.

"Jimmy and Mick left the band and me and Lonnie carried on. Did almost a year worth of touring on that record playing in front of packed houses and people really loved that record."

The only way the BulletBoys are playing to packed houses are if they are actually playing houses. As in, somebody’s fucking bedroom. Then it might be packed since only 5 people could fit in there once the gear is all loaded in, so that I might believe. That’s the only way they’re playing to packed houses and any research as to their attendance records will show otherwise. Oh, you think I should put up some stats from over the years? Ok, how’s this:

BulletBoys in Spokane, WA, on 5/6/00
225 people out 400 capacity
BulletBoys in Cincinnati, OH, on 2/25/98
337 out of 1600
BulletBoys in El Paso, TX, on 12/27/94
141 out 250
BulletBoys in Lubbock, TX, on 12/14/94
132 out of 1000
BulletBoys in Boston, MA, on 12/1/93
246 out of 800
BulletBoys in Santa Clara, CA, on 10/18/92
265 out of 1000
BulletBoys in Cleveland, OH, on 8/29/91
242 out of 750
BulletBoys in New Haven, CT, on 9/15/91
316 out of 700

Even back in the day the BulletBoys weren’t "packing houses." Sometimes they might have had some really good shows, and back when the first album came out they did really good, but that’s another lifetime ago.

Marq is then asked what the plan is for the BulletBoys this year.

"The plan for the BulletBoys is that Sophie will tour, which hopefully will start by summertime. We’re going to be doing a couple of regional dates, Florida, the South, some of the midwest, and maybe a Texas run. But nothing that’s going to be a full fledged type tour, like being out their for months on a bus. I just don’t feel like that’s really necessary these days unless your out and your signed and working a big tour, a big shed tour or 3 or 4 months on a package."

The only way the BulletBoys are going to get into sheds again are is if they are working the concession stands or taking tickets.

"But we got out and headline shows and the places are packed. One of the bands I’d really like to play with is Tesla. I really felt that would be a really great package, Tesla and the BulletBoys. I think we’d have a really great time."

That’s like Pretty Boy Floyd saying, "we’d really like to tour with Motley Crue." Good luck with that.

"So we’re all trying to get in contact with each other to try and figure some stuff out."

Nobody is trying to contact you. I think you’re trying to contact everybody and they’re trying to avoid your calls.

"I was really lucky to have Sebastian Bach come in and sing on the Sophie record also. He sang on the 2nd track, ‘Neighborhood.’ The duet came out really great. So he lent us his great pipes and yeah man, it’s just been great."

Sebastian and Marq together. What a perfect match. There’s a lot I could say about them, such as they’re both modest, kind, intelligent, and polite. They’d all be lies, but I could say it. It’s actually fitting that they hung out with each other since one guy thinks he sold 22 million CDs and another guy still thinks he’s in his 30s. I’d pay a lot of money to listen to those to bullshit each other.

He’s then asked what his favorite tracks are off their new CD.

"Well, you know, it’s really hard to pick a certain one but one of my favorites is the 10th song on the record, called "Stone Staley." I wrote that song for Layne Staley from Alice In Chains. He was a very good friend of mine. We took those guys out when they weren’t even signed. The BulletBoys was basically the first national act they ever opened up for. So I’ve known Layne for quite a long time and I just felt there had to be a song written for him or about him that no one has written at all. And I just love his voice, and I love what he did for rock ‘n’ roll and it’s really a shame he had to go so quickly. So that’s kinda a little tribute to my homeboy on the record."

Homeboy? This is another cute tactic by played out posers. When somebody famous dies, suddenly appear like you were much closer to them then you actually were. When did anybody ever hear about Marq Torien and Layne Staley being friends? Even when Alice In Chains was on top, did anybody ever read an interview with Marq talking about his good friend Layne? You’d think that would be the time to mention that, when Alice In Chains was on top of the world. But now it’s easy to classify friendships when the other person is dead. You only get one side of the story.

"We did a Kinks tune, the Kinks have always been fighters, and here recently, Ray Davies just got shot. That shows you how much of a rocker that guy is. After getting shot he went and accosted the guy and held him for the cops. So Ray Davies is a tough guy so we’ve always been, never acted like we’re tough but we’re some tough individuals man. So we wanted to lay that song down there. We thought it would be a really good idea to do that."

NOTE: If you have to tell people you’re tough, then you’re not tough!!! Anybody who attacks somebody with a plastic knife isn’t exactly tough. Go take a long walk through Compton or the Bronx and let me know how tough you are.

Notice anything about all these comments from Marq? It’s always, "Let me blame everybody else for my problems. It’s never my fault." Fuck, think somebody is in denial much? Marq Torien is a 43 year old man who is old enough to make his own decisions. He’s been doing this for a long time so if he can’t figure out what is a bad tour or who is a bad producer or who is a bad band member, then maybe he should get out of the fucking business. The reality is the guy has nobody to blame for his troubles but himself. He’s 100% to blame and he’s too much of a pussy to take any responsibility for it.

I’m out like 3/4th of the original BulletBoys,


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