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Idiots Of The Web, Volume 2-Pretty Boy Floyd fans



Volume 2

Here is my 2nd Volume of stupid shit being said about us on the web. This is all from some Pretty Boy Floyd "egroup", what ever the fuck that is. You have to sign up to post stuff I guess. Anyways, some of this is humorous. It all starts off with Kate Winslow and this little post:

By Kyle Winslow @hotmail.com Friday October 09, 1998 03:44 PM PST Mo< I saw this wrote on another list from this idiots web site and I think we should start writing them and complaining!!!

He then posts the entire bastard boy floyd post about Steve "Sex" Summers called 48 Seconds To Rock. It is about a email we got from a girl talking about her horrible, gagging, disgusting sex romp with Steve Summers.

"THEN they havea page where they rate the size ofd the rokcers and here is what they seid about Steve!!!!

35. Steve "Sex" Summers / Pretty Boy Floyd (This guy is a mess! He’s got fake hair, his chest feels like hugging a Christmas Tree, and he has no business ever taking off his pants! He could use a rubber band and a thimble as a jockstrap!)

We HAVE to write this ASSHOLE and tell them thjis isnt true!! the email address is http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/3327/ and web site is metalsludg-@hotmail.com!!!!!!!


No, our email address is metalsludge@hotmail.com, not metalsludg-@hotmail.com. Get it right Kate, we don’t want to miss out on any hate mail!! Also, I have two words for you: Spell Check. Now here are some replies to his original post from your typical Pretty Boy Floyd Harvard Grads:

"I saw that before… they written other stuff about PBF there too. Complaining doesn’t seem to effect them cuz they do get alot of compliments… i think they like them cuz they put them on there site and make fun of it….


Jenn, we make fun of our hatemail, we don’t make fun of our compliments. And after a sentence you only need one period, not 3 or 4.

"**So EvERyonE hAs SoME BoriNG GoSsiP To spReAd(If NoT ThIS ThEre’D Be SoMEthINg ElsE!)…YAWN!! Isn’t tHAt lA FoR Ya? ~ ShiT SliNgING OnlY WoRkS if iT PiSsEs EvErY oNE OFF.. It ReAllY HaS NoThiNG TO dO WiTH ANyONE,…NoT yOu, NoT Me, NoT ANy oTheR pBF fAns, NoT anY BoDy ElsE..So ReAlLy..it’S NoT An IsSue For ThOSe WhO aCtuAllY CArE .PBF wiLl Not DeMoLiSH BecauSE They’Re RePutAtioN WilL Be RUiNEd ,iT’S noT GonNA StoP AnY oNE frOm GetTinG LaiD oR SomEtHInG.. CompLAiNINg WoulD bE IncOurAGemEnt, Don’T you tHink, dEAr? *******GliTTer DoLl*************"

I have absolutely no idea what "Glitter Doll" said. Would it be possible for you to type more annoying next time? Fuck, why don’t you just type in Hebrew! Anyways, I think she is defending us. That is how I’m going to take it anyways.

"Ya know, I have been watching the metal sluge site for awhile. They have to be the biggest glam band fans in the world. They come off as trying to hate everything about all the bands they make fun of. They know alot (maybe they twist it some), they sure did’nt learn all of that from metal edge. They get a huge kick out of people sending them hate mail, so I would advise that you don’t. If you do, you will be ridiculed to no end. If people try not to get their panties in a wad, half of the stuff they say is very funny. Sure the cracks about athena were not cool, but gimmie a break if you are actually worried about Steve Summers (whatever it is) penis and chest hair, then you are sick in the first place. If you wanna piss these guys off do not go to their site and read about rock stars dugans if you go, they will know and keep doing it. Personally I think it’s pretty funny and will keep going back. I mean look, this list has turned into a avenue for jokes the past week, so I know somebody appreciates Metal Sludges humor. Later"

This can’t be a Pretty Boy Floyd fan for several reasons. A – He used complete sentences. B – Words are spelled correctly. C – hE HAs No RaNDOMly CapITALIZed WoRDs. D – He is a sludgeaholic and "watches out page." Cool, we don’t even watch our page! Your free Metal Sludge T-Shirt will be in your mailbox by next week.

"To Kyle Winslow: UMMMMMM…… and this information (or fantasy), I needed…. why? Sad you have no life,

See Kate, Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth. Even your own Floyd fans think you have no life!

"This is a WEBSITE someon made!!! I just copied and pasted what THEY wrote about STEVE because its so bad!!! AND its PBF related so i Posted it. Even if they make fun of uys I still think we need to write and complain metalsludg-@hotmail.com


Dammit Kate Winslow, I told you to get our fucking email right. It’s MetalSludge with a E at the end, not a -!!! Shit, man, if we don’t get any hatemail thanks to you giving out our wrong address, I’m gonna track you down bitch! Plus, you really need to invest some time in some English courses. Not that we are Mark Twain or anything, but shit, Stevie Wonder can type better than this jabroni.

So there you have it. More idiots of the web. And for all you out there thinking you are save by posting stuff at message boards instead of sending us hatemail, we will still find you. We are the kings of sludge and will and humiliate your pussy posting ass. Thanks for giving me another post since I’ve been lazy this weekend.

You Have Nowhere To Hide!

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