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Volume 3

It’s been a while since I’ve found some Idiots to goof on, but this these people take the whole fucking cake. Now you might be asking, "Ozzy, where did you find all these idiots?" Well I’m glad you asked. I found these Rhodes Scholars over at the Metal Edge Bulletin Board.
That’s right, the Metal Edge Bulletin Board. Lately, it seems like every post is about us, and we’ve never even posted there! Not a single one of us have EVER posted at the Metal Edge board since they put up their new board. Yet we get blamed for all the shit that goes on there. People yell at us to stop posting there, yet we’ve never done shit. We can’t help it if the Sludge Army wants to mention us. We’re popular guys! The thing is, I bet half these people haven’t even read our site. They’ve probably clicked on the site once for like 5 seconds, saw that we rip on Gerri, and start to cry like little bitches.
So anyways, this is an entire thread all about us. There were like 6 other threads about us as well, but this was the best one. Now not all these people are idiots. There are a few Sludgeaholics in here defending truth, justice, and the American way. But most of these people are idiots to the 10th power. They all suffer from I.D.S, Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome.
I wasn’t going to go through each post, but you know what, I have to. It’s been too long since I’ve done this so I have a lot of shit I have to get out. Thanks for understanding. My shit will be in red, as usual.

Junior Member posted 04-02-99 12:31 PM

Actually Sphincter Sherrif, I do have a real job. Once a week I come over to your house and shave your fat mom’s back with my lawn mower. However last week her check bounced, so tell that bitch to put some more money in the bank! And we are 10 & ll years old. That’s why we say our interviews our on a 5th grade level, ya stupid shit. Our interviews are no different than what Stuttering John does.

Member posted 04-02-99 12:38 PM

The year 1970 just called, it said it wanted it’s saying back. Get with the times Pony Boy.

Member posted 04-02-99 01:05 PM

Well I’ve just come back from there, and I agree with Jorge 100%. I don’t know what these people are trying to prove.
Well Dingleberry Picker, we’re trying to prove that Professor Plum killed Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the kitchen! Had you read our page carefully, you would have seen that! Duh!

Junior Member posted 04-02-99 01:07 PM

I agree!! I think we should all join together and send them tons of hate mail and get that site off the internet. Anyonelse agree????
I agree that your an idiot, and "anyonelse" can surely see that. And send all your hate mail to Ozzy Stillbourne, ok Sugar Tits?

Junior Member posted 04-02-99 02:37 PM

AMEN!!! I wrote a negative reply in their guestbook about how they are idiots for ripping on all the old metal bands …THEY THINK THEY ARE FUNNY,BUT THEY ARE A COMPLETE JOKE!!!I told them that Lemmy from Motorhead would be over to kick all their @sses!! wouldnt that be a sight to see!!!!
First of all King Dickweed, it’s a HATEBOOK, not a GUESTBOOK. Second, I talked to Lemmy this morning and he don’t like you. Lemmy is bastard boy floyd.

Junior Member posted 04-02-99 03:16 PM

YOU GUYS ARE A LITTLE SHALLOW ON THE HUMOR SIDE…….Metal Sludge is strictly for laughs, not to be taken seriously. I have had this conversation with people on the Poison Email List, and we all agree it is funny as hell, it’s not like their out to bash everyone, they are just out to have a good laugh, lighten up!!!!!!! sheesh
Eric is obviously a Sludgeaholic and for that, I’ll buy him a beer.

Junior Member posted 04-02-99 04:45 PM

I have to agree with the rest of you guys…I checked it out and found it to be trash….it gets old after a while….I KNOW ThAT I WONT BE GOING BACK TO IT!…… However if you like reading tabloid sleeze rags than this is perfect for you to get a couple of chuckles out of it…..there was one guy called Jerrell at their bulletin board who was a riot!!!! I’ve never heard any one slam like he did….he was very degrading and profane as he gave some people a few new orafices…as in butt holes! He was a trip…..but after that EVERYONE sounded like a bunch of trailer park trash types bitching and moaning……I’m not into that….it was very low class…..personally I find the jokes and comics in Hustler to be more amusing and tasteful for those that like that kind of stuff. However I stopped reading that kind of crap after I matured out of adolescence as well! It gets very old…..but I’m not putting anyone down for enjoying it if that’s what they’re still into. But it has as much validity to it as the National Enquirer as in if you want to believe that some woman had a three headed child that was immaculately fathered by President Clinton then this is the Sludge Crap for you to read!!!! I personally would rather read Metal Edge cause it does have class and style and is enlightening as well as entertaining and tasteful!!!!
Just to iterate a point I made earlier, Gerri I think it’s terrible how they bash on you. I believe that most all of us that read the crap at this site, especially about you, were reading it and thinking hey this is kind of funny in a satirical way but after three four punches and jabs it became very evident that it was filth and I logged off from the site thinking what total vulgar low class trash and I felt sorry that you have to be the brunt of their scum humor. I just want you to know that I believe most of us got turned off by their moronic babbelings and are empathizing with you…..do I hear an Amen?………AMEN!!!
p.s. who’s fungil laden foot is that any ways??? I got the mag and saw that and am dying to know…..I’m sure the mag will get a lot of inquiries about that pic!!!
So your saying we are worse than Hustler? Thanks, that’s a compliment, I think. That was our goal in the beginning. Jani Bon Neil said, "Let’s make a website that’s worse than Hustler." I’m glad we accomplished that goal. Also, none of us have ever tried to punch or jab Gerri. That’s cause she’s 9 feet tall. You’d end up punching her knees and breaking your hand. Fuck that. We’d prefer to drop shit on her head. It’s much easier and hurts more. And had you read Metal Sludge, you would have known that the foot fungus is Tracii Guns. Stupid bitch.

Junior Member posted 04-02-99 04:59 PM

Poisonfan, I do have a sense of humor,but METALSLUDGE still is a complete joke,its just plain STUPID.They were ripping on the Rock never stops tour with Quiet Riot,Slaughter,Nugent,etc..saying they were too old and should never have come back…how cool is that??? They are a bunch of simple minded @ssholes who try to make a joke out of anything.Im a true metal fan and I would never make jokes about metal acts from the 80s,its the best music there ever was!!!!and im glad they are still touring and making comebacks!!!I dont need to lighten up.. those morons need to get a life!!!and you can tell Bastard goof Floyd I said so!!
First of all Colon Cowboy, we never ONCE said that Rock Never Stops was too old and should never have come back. We just said the tour should be sponsored by Depends, that’s all. See, there is a difference. Your one of those people who can’t think for yourself. If Slaughter says something is great, than you believe it. Your a sheep. You think everything from the 80s is great and everything of today sucks. Your narrow mind makes me want to punch myself in the balls.

Junior Member posted 04-02-99 05:11 PM

you all need to lighten up.
Well put. Another beer for the chick.

Junior Member posted 04-02-99 05:36 PM

i dont know about anyone else, but i dont think we need to lighten up because these sludge guys dont know what theyre talking about. im not gonna call them fags, idont know about their uh..’preferences’, but i will call them stupid. stupid useless idiots who have nothing better to do besides type a bunch of bs in on their little website…they need to find a better way to occupy their time if you ask me
Actually Rectal Renegade, I’d be willing to bet my nuts that we get more hits a day than the Metal Edge site, so go put that in your panties. And what are you, homophobic? Using the word fag. You should be ashamed of yourself! We at Metal Sludge would never do such a thing. Fag.

Junior Member posted 04-02-99 11:31 PM

Are you people communists? Metal Sludge is no different than Howard Stern. They bag on everyone equally. They bag on Poison, but obviously Rikki Rockett didn’t have a problem with that cause he did an interview with them. They’ve insulted Union, but Crabby did an interview for them. It appears they understand what the site is about. For being metal fans, you people are very narrow minded. If you read between the lines and don’t take what they say literally, you’ll understand what Metal Sludge is all about.
Since my OPINION is different than most of yours, I’m sure I’ll be insulted and yelled at. If that makes you people feel better than go ahead. But last I checked we lived in the USA, so if you don’t like the page, don’t go there.
What the hell are you doing posting at the Metal Edge board? You actually make sense! This queen gets a whole case of beer.

Junior Member posted 04-03-99 01:55 AM

Amen, RockettQueen. Of course, I am supposedly posting under 25 different aliases on this board and on Sludge–so I guess my little opinion means nothing, either. LOL.
Of course. See, the Metal Edge Goon Squad lives in abyss of denial. They don’t want to believe that there are millions of Sludgeaholics everywhere, so they like to accuse Pro Sludge posters that they are all the same person. It’s a common practice.

Junior Member posted 04-03-99 04:15 AM

RocketQueen we’re not communists……a couple of weeks ago some people from Metal Sludge came here and started bashing on our site I think that’s what we are all opposed to.
I read the post you made on Dr. Delishis and I think this is getting out of hand I’ve never seen him post anything like what that letter implied he posted. I think you’re mistaken on that one.
Stormkitten I tend to agree with Sludge Hater cause I’ve been to the Sludge Site and there was a Pretty Pussy there that wrote posts there sending Sludger’s to post here and that day your name appeared. Just my opinion.
Well, I looked at your little Metal Edge Bulletin Board, and I didn’t see my name, or Jani Bon Neil’s name, or bastard boy floyd’s name, or Donna Anderson’s name, or Taime Slaughter’s name, or C.C. Van Dipshit’s name making any posts on the board. If we have something to say, we’ll say it! But fuck that board cause you have to register and shit. You think bastard boy floyd could figure out how to do that? It takes everything he has just to log into the Hotmail account! And Pretty Pussy is not a member of the Sludge staff. You have no idea what you are talking about Thunder Thighs, so zip your lip.

Member posted 04-03-99 01:22 PM

This is stupid already!!!! I don’t know what the problem is with these Metal Sludge people or fans or whatever, but GROW UP!!!!
Where else can you grow, down? Everybody grows up. You can’t grow any other way. Well, a lot of Slaughter fans Grow Sideways, but that’s another story.

Junior Member posted 04-03-99 01:35 PM

Well this place must be pretty good or they wouldnt keep coming back here,this is where most of the intelligent people are.Dont they have a message board on the Metal Bullsh*t site? you guys can talk shit and put down all the metal acts you like without anyone having to listen to your whining.I bet that site was started by some loser musician who couldnt make it in the metal scene himself and has a grudge against anyone who did.They call themselves the Howard Stern of Metal?? what a joke.
An obvious Slaughter fan. I LOVE how people like to claim they’re intelligent, yet they write like the fucking blind. Metal Sludge English 101 Lesson: After a period or a comma, take a FUCKING SPACE! Also, words at the beginning of a sentence should be CAPITALIZED! And your somewhat correct, our site was started by a loser, but not a musician. It was started by none other than Gerri Miller herself. SUCKERS!

Member posted 04-03-99 04:51 PM

I think the Metal Sludge people have a right to their opinion, but I also have a right to mine.
I’ve been to their site to see what it was about and I went to the "Who’s the biggest asshole" thread. Basically it’s a bunch of pissed off people who got their feelings hurt because some rock star was an asshole to them. What they need to realize is yeah some rock stars do totally have an attitude. So ****** what?
I just dig the music they make. If they happen to be offended when I meet them which hasn’t happened, I’m not going to throw away their CD’s.
These people behind Metal Sludge just seem to be a bunch of pussies! Let ‘em keep whining and bitching if they want. They just want to get publicity which is obviously what they got.
I know you are but what am I? Well Crotch Goblin, you obviously take things way to seriously. The "Who’s The Biggest Asshole" is one of our Rotten Roundup Questions. Metal Edge can have their "What Did You Have To Eat Today" questions, and we’ll have our "Who’s The Biggest Asshole" question. Besides, it’s an outlet for people to bitch about things. Where else are people going to go to tell their stories? Metal Edge sure as hell ain’t going to print it. If Vince Neil spits in your face and tries to grab your nuts, Metal Edge won’t print your letter talking about it. But we will!!

Junior Member posted 04-03-99 10:56 PM

People- get a sense of humor!!! I agree, what they say about Gerri is uncalled for and mean. But come on! The site is not intended to be a site for news. In fact, in their "news section" they say that some of their stories come from Metal Edge. I happen to like the site. Sure they make fun of Metal Edge, So what? That didn’t stop me from subscribing! I’m a big fan of most of the bands they cut on. That doesn’t upset me because I know that it’s meant for humor. Evidently, a lot of the bands aren’t all that bothered by them because they sign the guestbook and do the 20 questions for them. Rikki Rockett and John Corabi were really funny, just playing along with them.
I think alot of people here need to lighten up! And no, I don’t have anything to do with them, other than visiting their site from time to time and having a few laughs.
An educated response. Since he did say Gerri bashing is uncalled for, I’ll only buy him a Diet Coke. No beer for you buddy!

Junior Member posted 04-05-99 05:17 PM

This dude is such an idiot it’s sick. He just says that opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. That would imply that everybody is allowed an opinion. But then he goes and say we should lay off Gerri. What the fuck? You just said everybody has an opinion, so why is your opinion right and our wrong? Stupid fuck. Just goes to show you that these people have no idea what they are saying.

Junior Member posted 04-05-99 08:18 PM
i just wanted to say that in my other post in this i sounded really dumb and i want that post to be stricken from the record.
You didn’t sound dumb Sunshine, you sounded really fucking dumb.

Junior Member posted 04-05-99 08:30 PM

Well JORGE, we may not agree about Metallica but damn you hit the nail on the head about M.S. I just checked that site out and I feel lucky to have escaped with my mind in tact. That is the most ignorant web site I have ever been to.
Compared to what, the Metal Edge Bulletin Board? You obviously haven’t read some of the posts there dicksmacker.

Junior Member posted 04-06-99 12:30 AM

You people should go back and re-read your statement. You all sounds nuts. Metal Sludge admits their 20 Questions are goofy, that’s the point. They are just like Stuttering John. Don’t take everything so literally. Relax. It’s ok. Speaking of 20 Questions, they just talked to Taime Downe.
Cool, thanks for the plug! A case of beer and an order of chicken wings for you.

Junior Member posted 04-04-99 05:09 PM

I must be way out of touch or something. Can someone tell me what the hell metal sludge is?
What is Metal Sludge? Metal Sludge is an attitude. Metal Sludge is a way of life. Metal Sludge is…woops, sorry, I got carried away.

Junior Member posted 04-04-99 05:29 PM

Metal Sludge is a website that is a cross between Howard Stern, Talk Soup, The Daily Show, and Weekend Update on SNL. But they deal in metal. It’s politically incorrect and if your easily offended, you should not go there. They are a parody of Metal Edge.

Fuck, bastard boy floyd should use that when he signs all those guestbooks. Well done, your now hired as our official PR person.

Well that was fun. If anybody over at the Metal Edge Bulletin Board keeps talking stupid shit, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Later Kiddies,


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