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Idiots Of The Web, Volume 5




Going over to the Metal Edge bulletin board has been an inspiration for a few Idiots Of The Web posts, but this one takes the cake.  I pretty much think these posts speak for themselves. 

For those of you who don’t know, the Metal Edge Administrator is Gerri Miller.  Somebody posted some shit about Gerri and she fucking wigged out like River Phoenix in front of the Viper Room.

 posted 08-04-99 06:12 PM     

You will notice that the IPs are back on. This has been done because of an unfortunate situation we had today. The person who caused the WebTV ban to be implemented returned (as bangtango7) and posted a series of vile and defamatory things about me and other people here. All his posts were deleted and he has been blocked. And so was alley. Why? Well our little troublemaker apparently made good on a threat. He initiated a thread yesterday complaining about the WebTV ban, which we are still trying to resolve–we have heard they’re trying to write new software involving static IPs, i.e., so we can block specific people instead of everyone. But that isn’t good enough for alley, who, ironically, HAS been able to somehow circumvent the ban and post. He has to have the last word. So he posts that I’m selfish, that he hopes "KissHalen gets back on and takes this board with him" and that if " "somebody" posts the "backdoor" to the Metal Edge BB on the Metal S1udge board, good. you are getting what you deserve. maybe next time you won’t be so arrogant." Well, we don’t have to guess too hard who the "somebody" is, do we? I don’t know who’s worse–the evil and obviously psychotic bangtango7 or the childishly vindictive alley. It’s really sad. There’s always someone who has to ruin it for everyone else. They’d be happy if we deleted the board altogether, but I don’t want to give them the satisfaction–and lose the good people we do have here. So, we’re extending the parameters of WebTV IPs blocked and the IP numbers will be up again for now so we can track more easily. I do want to stress that all the IPs allow us to trace is the company you use. They’re not giving us your real name or address. The system logs it anyway the moment you click the link here and the same goes for other Net sites you visit. Rest assured, it really isn’t a big deal privacy-wise, but will allow us the better tracking that we need right now. Thanks for understanding.

The way Gerri talks you’d think this was a Federal case!  Who needs Johnnie Cochran when you have Gerri Miller on the case.  Look at this line she said, "I don’t know who’s worse–the evil and obviously psychotic bangtango7 or the childishly vindictive alley.Evil and psychotic?  Now I didn’t read what this BangTango7 wrote, but for fucks sake, it’s a BULLETIN BOARD!!!!!!!!!  Regardless of what he wrote, it was probably just somebody busting her balls (and we all know Gerri has a scrotum!)   Did this person kill a school bus full of children?  Did he sacrifice some animals in the name of King Diamond?  Did he buy a Backstreet Boys CD?  Fuck no, he insulted Gerri Miller and now he’s "evil and psychotic."  I don’t understand people who get all worked up over shit posted on a message board, and that goes for our site as well.  If somebody says I suck, I might throw some insults their way, but as soon as I log off, I forget about it.  Who gives a shit what people say about me, cause none of you know me and I could give a fuck either way if you love me or hate me.  But a lot of people take this shit personally.  They get all riled up and get into huge pissing contests, which nobody will ever win.  Look at all that shit with Josette on our board.  But that’s another post.  This post is about Gerri, so let’s stick with one old hag for now.

There are actually some people on the Metal Edge Bulletin Board that must be Metal Sludge fans, cause a few of them actually make sense.  Here’s some posts that speak for themselves.

Monster Magnet
posted 08-04-99 06:17 PM     

Ever dawn on you that if you and everybody wouldn’t get so bent, the problem would take care of itself.

You are just feeding the ego of these guys, in my opinion, by blocking them out and issuing threads that bring their actions to light.


 posted 08-04-99 06:26 PM    

I agree. Don’t take it so seriously! If someone posts something bad about you, post something worse!

-Nikki Sixx


Fallen Angel
 posted 08-04-99 06:33 PM    

I dont understand why you treat us all like we are little 10 yr olds.why cant people just say what they want and if you dont like what they say then dont respond to it eventually they will get bored and leave.but i do think you should stop taking things so seriuosly..dont moderate so much.


posted 08-04-99 06:43 PM     

Posting something worse isn’t the answer. And if you saw these posts, you’d understand. It wasn’t a matter of disagreement or opinions. It went way beyond the the arguments here over which form of metal sucks/rules and who’s stupid for liking it. Most of it was nothing but pure vicious vitriol posted specifically to attack me, and the rest attacked another person here. I couldn’t let that stand. Just because it’s the Net doesn’t give someone the right to behave that way here, just as bartenders can refuse to serve a drunk, and Security can eject someone from a concert. Anyone who can’t live with such restrictions is welcome to go elsewhere.

So this person insulted Gerri, and what does she do?  She keeps writing about it again and again and again.  SHUT THE FUCK UP!  Are you that fucking insecure that a post on a Bulletin Board, which is only seen by a handful of stupid people, gets you that upset??  What the fuck is wrong with you?  If somebody does say something you just have to get rid of, then delete it, ban ‘em, and shut the fuck up about it.  Quit trying to get attention!  And for you Slaughter fans with us tonight, let me define one of Gerri’s big words that she used.  She said the post about her was, "pure vicious vitriol."  Vitriol is something resembling acid being caustic, corrosive, or biting (I looked it up in the dictionary)  So what she’s really saying is that the attacks were nothing but pure vicious acid.  Now can we be any more dramatic???  Does she think anyone who reads that board even knows what vitriol means?  Just because Gerri was on Jeopardy back in the golden age of television doesn’t mean she has to use fancy ass words.   FUCK.  I wish somebody would pour some "vitriol" on Metal Edge’s Bulletin Board server so it would fucking crash.

Junior Member
posted 08-04-99 06:50 PM    

Alley didn’t give kisshalen the backdoor. Is it now a "violation" of the rules to WISH something? This is sad. You should check your facts Gerri before you start making accusations. I think you may remember the last time you accused someone without checking the facts..loh yeah it was me you accused…of being kisshalen I believe..hmmm. I wish that…oh wait I had better not say what I wish…I might get banned. I think you owe alley an apology.
This is sad.

That’s just it though, Gerri doesn’t check the facts!  She doesn’t check the facts when she worked for Metal Edge, and she can’t be bothered to do that now.  She’s a lazy bitch.  She expects free CDs, VIP passes, and when she doesn’t get her way she bitches to no end.  Her reports on the Metal Edge website are generally filled with inaccuracies and spelling errors.  

Junior Member
posted 08-04-99 06:52 PM    

you are so wrong, Gerri


posted 08-04-99 07:05 PM     

This is what you’re sticking up for–
from an e-mail from Alley: >>KissHalen is back and I am glad. I hope you get what you deserve!!! and if you ban him again, I will introduce him to the "backdoor">>
Really nice, huh? It’s so swell to want discord and make threats, isn’t it? Would you be happy if the board was deleted altogether? I think that’s known as cutting one’s nose to spite your face. Alley can swear he had nothing to do with it, but why should I believe him? He somehow got back on here and I’ve let him post questionable material without taking steps, but the stuff he posted today is malicious and wrong, and I think he owes THIS BOARD an apology! But he won’t be posting it here since he’s blocked. I apologized to you, Bane, because it was warranted in that case. In this case, it’s not.

This was Gerri’s 3rd post in under an hour.  And people say we don’t have a life!  You know what’s really sad, Gerri Miller used to be the Editor of Metal Edge.  Not that that’s anything to really brag about, but at one time she actually use to have some "clout."  She was an editor of a magazine!   Now’s she’s arguing with a bunch of kids on a message board!  Who gives a fuck!!  She’s addresses people by name and saying they "owe the board an apology."  Hello, ding dong, it’s a fucking MESSAGE BOARD!!!!!!!!!  What is Gerri, a fucking school teacher?  Is she going to give everyone detention because they used naughty words and said things that weren’t politically correct??  How fucking ridiculous!  And Gerri wonders why she is the laughing stock of the industry!    Gerri is about what, 45-50 years old?  Maybe more, who knows.  The fact is, she’s an old lady who is arguing with a bunch of kids, and she’s going so far as to talk to Web TV about this situation.  Now are these the actions of somebody who has a life.?  I’m mean, seriously.  How sad is this.   People have insulted Paul Gargano and you don’t see him running around deleting posts and writing huge essays on it.  I doubt he gives a fuck what a few people say about him.   So fucking what?   But since Gerri has very little clout or power left, she has to go to the Bulletin Board to get her power and boss around a bunch of people half her age.  How pathetic.  The only power she has is banning people from a stupid ass Bulletin Board, that features some of the stupidest fucking posts ever made!  Check out some of these subject they discuss on this board: 
What band do you HAVE to listen to at least once a week"
"Is it SODA or POP??", 
"who’s better, Motley or Poison?",  
"Whats in the CD player right now?",  
"*** Driving Down the Road, Passing Everyone !!! & Listening to … !?!?!?",  "CHICAGO OR LAS VEGAS
and "OK..Whats the most you have ever paid for a cd?" 

That’s some of the most fucking mind numbing subjects I’ve ever seen!  WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT ANY OF THAT!  I have a suggestion, try leaving your house, meeting people, and discussing topics with real human beings in a social setting instead of having on line debates about "is it soda or pop?"  FUCK!  DO ANYTHING!  Take a walk in the woods, whack off in a Maple tree, drink some beer in a parking lot!  Anything would be better than talking about that shit on line.  
But you know what?  It’s sort of fitting that Gerri is stuck running the Metal Edge Bulletin Board, because I can’t really think of a fate much worse.  

Junior Member
posted 08-04-99 07:12 PM     

again, Gerri, you are wrong. I have no idea who KissHalen is, never have. believe me, if I could take credit for this, I would. but I can’t. I said what I said because I was getting tired of you letting your personal feelings interfere with this boards operations. would I have REALLY let him back? maybe…maybe not. DID I tell him how to get back on? NO.

don’t use my idle threats to prosecute me for something you cannot prove otherwise…


Junior Member
 posted 08-04-99 07:15 PM     

I KNOW he didn’t give it to kisshalen because if he DID, kisshalen would still be posting. I gave alley the backdoor and told him to give it to all the WebTV folks so they could get back on. The backdoor that I gave alley obviously allows him to get around your bans..since he is still posting…so don’t you think that if he had given THAT backdoor to kisshalen that kisshalen would still be posting?
You are wrong Gerri…and just wishing that someone would come back to the board is not enough to ban a person for in my opinion…I am still entitled to one I hope.


posted 08-04-99 10:47 PM    

Sixx cancelled his AOL account becasue AOL SUCKS!!! hahaha


I’m glad that this is happening. I’m glad to not have to worry about people following me around from post to post harassing me. Gerri, you’re doing the right thing. But if there is anyone that you owe an apology to it’s Baxter and me. Calling us the trouble makers is a touch much?

The board seemed somewhat peaceful when the trouble makers were BANNED. Why you keep letting them back on is beyone me. So I don’t think that Baxter and I are the one’s to blame here. It’s funny how everyone points their fingers at us…and yet we’re not the one that is responsible for all this. We had nothing to do with it. I don’t think that I posted on a single thread that Bangtango 7 put up. I’ve totally ignored the situation. So again…I’m glad that you’re doing this, but I think that you owe us (Baxter and I) an apology.


posted 08-04-99 11:42 PM    

Roapr, I’m glad you and Baxter stayed out of today’s melee–you get a gold star for that, but not an apology since you guys aren’t exactly halo-wearers innocent of instigating things in the past. Let it go, OK? They’re banned and you can celebrate if you wish.

HOLY FUCK, GERRI’S GIVING OUT GOLD STARS!  Can I get a gold star??  She has lost her fucking mind.  What a fucking bitch.  She won’t apologize to them because they’ve instigated things in the past.  Talk about an empty life, now she’s remembering these people from past incidents and acts like her saying, "I’m sorry" is a big deal.  This shit really hurts my head.  I can’t even finish this post.  

If there are any of you left that still wonder why we goof on Gerri, re-read this post.  If your a Slaughter fan, have somebody read it to you.  Then go read "Inside Gerri Miller’s Mind – Volume 1 & 2."  That should explain it all.  Then turn your computer off, go outside, and talk to some real people.

I need to go outside and drink a beer,


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