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20 Questions with Kristy Krash Majors, 8/24/99


KRISTY “KRASH” MAJORS from Pretty Boy Floyd


1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug all your shit, whatever that is.

KRISTY “KRASH” MAJORS:  I own a Talent Agency called Artists Worldwide and i represent about 60 bands bands to name a few; Missing Persons, LA Guns, Gilby Clarke, Slash’s Sankepit, C.C. Deville and the Stepmothers, Danger Danger, Loaded ( Duff McKagans band), Warrant, Bang Tango, Phil Lewis, Dramarama, Romeo Void,etc………Also I’m still playing in PBF supporting the new record we released “Pornstars” which came out August 10 on Deadline, but the talent agency is the main focus right now.

2. You were not the original Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist, Ariel Styles was. Where did you come from before joining PBF?

I am the original guitar player of Floyd. Ariel  and Steve had written some songs together before floyd ever existed and we played a couple of them. Ariel joined the band after I left.Before Floyd I lived in NYC playing in bands around there.

3. Have you ever seen Steve ?Sex? Summers without something covering his head?

Steve just got his hair braided last year so he doesn’t wear hats anymore and FYI steve is not bald. 

4. After PBF released their 1989 MCA Debut “Leather Boys with Electric Toys” there was a lawsuit because Ariel Styles (original PBF guitarist) wrote almost every song on the CD and was not credited properly. What ever became of that?

I’m tired of answering this question it’s old and boring. Ariel and I have a good relationship now.

5. Which one of the following has the fakest wig?

A. Kevin DuBrow

B. Steve ?Sex? Summers

C. Paul Stanley

D. Tracii Guns

E. The guys from Spinal Tap

I don’t know and I don’t care.

6. Did Steve ?Sex? Summers ever try to touch you in a way that made you feel uncomfortable?

No I never felt uncomfortable.

7. For $25,000 would you: Suck on your mom?s nipple for 5 minutes, and every minute stop and for 15 seconds stare her in the eye and talk dirty to her, then continue sucking. Metal Sludge must choose what you will say, so trust us, it will be very dirty.

I haven’t talked to my real mother in over 15 years.

8. Other than Pretty Boy Floyd, what hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

I can’t answer that question.

9. You got fired or quit PBF and now your back. What was the dilly-o on that whole situation?

I wasn’t having a good time playing in Floyd anymore. We weren’t getting along that well and I had some other plans for my future. Now we get along better than ever and we have good time playing together. So I’ll do it until it becomes a drag again.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 – 10.


Gerri Miller

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Cameron Diaz

Samantha Fox

Carmen Electra


Cindy Crawford


Debbie Gibson

There all 10′s except for Angelyne. 

11. Word on the street is Steve ?Sex? Summers is bi-sexual, and the reason he dresses up in PBF (wigs, hats, makeup, etc) is because he hangs out at a lot of gay bars and doesn?t want people to recognize him. Is any of that true and is he bi-sexual?

Steve is not bi-sexual. He’s been living with his girlfriend for a long time. I don’t know where you guys get your info……  

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth?

Anyone who thinks there a rock star.

13. How bald is Steve ?Sex? Summers?

A. Kojak bald

B. Hulk Hogan bald

C. Gerri Miller bald

i answered that already. He isn’t bald.

14. Who?s the lamest band on Sunset Strip?

I don’t know. I haven’t seen that many new bands.

15. For $5,000 would you: Allow a photo of yourself to be used in a national campaign for a penis-enlargement pump?


16. There have been some rumors that you had some psychological problems in the past. You know like Axl type shit, walking off stage, flipping out and stuff. Are you on any medications and what’s your current status? Also have you ever been institutionalized?

I am out of my mind and always will be.

17. If you were guaranteed to live to a healthy 120 years of age with the body of a 30 year old, would you become a secret espionage agent, giving your country?s secrets to Saddam Hussein?


18. What?s up with the P.B.F. release porn stars? Isn?t that shit that?s like way old or something?

Pornstars has 6 old cuts re-recorded from the leather boyz record and 7 songs that were never released. That’s what the labeled wanted since leather boyz is out of print.

19. Do you think anybody who is reading this will have any fucking clue as to who the fuck you are?

Obviously people who read your site probably know who I am since you guys write alot of shit about us.

20. Metal Sludge Word Association! We give you a name, and you spit out your thoughts.

Steve Summers

Keri Kelli

Vince Neil

Vinnie Chas

Paul Gargano

Enuff Z Nuff


Phil Lewis

Dana Strum

Jani Lane

They are all very cool people.  


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