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20 Questions With The Blue Meanie, 12/7/99



The Blue Meanie

The W.W.F’s Blue Meanie

This week’s 20 Questions is with World Wrestling Federation SuperstarThe Blue Meanie.  This is our second interview with a wrestler, or should we say Sports Entertainer?  The last one being with Chris Jericho back in August.  When we interviewed Jericho, nobody really knew who he was.  He was floundering in an abyss of obscurity with really no direction.   But we gave Jericho a break, and not only has he gone on to have great success in the WWF, but his own column in Metal Edge!!  You can’t get bigger than that!   Eventually he’ll capture WWF gold, and it will be basically all thanks to our humble little "heavy metal" page.  

Now it’sThe Blue Meanie’s turn for superstardom!  After this interview, which we’re sure is a career highlight for Meanie, he’ll probably get a huge ass push and end up in the main event at the next WrestleMania!  Hey, we do what we can!  Meanie is a huge mark for Van Halen and lots of other 80s bands, so we thought we’d see what he has to say.  He doesn’t have his own column in Metal Edge, yet, but maybe after this Paul Gargano will give him a shot! 


1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your shit, so speak now.

Blue Meanie:  Still in the WWF and thinking up some ideas for Da’ Blue Guy. *COUGH*www.thebluemeanie.com*COUGH*

2.  What the hell happened to the Blonde Bytch Project?  Why was that canned?

After we taped it and ran the intro on RAW. USA Today mentioned in a column that we did one of the MANY spoofs of Blair Witch. And some people who hadn’t seen the movie didn’t think any of the WWF audience would "Get It"

Meanie drops a leg on the Amish Roadkill

The Blue Meanie drops the big leg.

3.  2 Part Question.  What hard rock/heavy metal band and which wrestler should give it up and call it a day?

With out a doubt the Scorpions. How uncool do they look on the back of there new CD? That alone made me not want to hear it. The new Megadeth is pretty lame too. i think Dave Mustaine (sp?) takes himself waaaaaaay too serious.   Wrestlers in this order Hogan, Hogan and Hogan!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.  You have to pick one of the following, so which will it be?

A.  You must spend the next thirty days doing sit-ups all day and night with

only three hours of sleep a night;


B.  A prison riot will erupt in Nairobi, killing 30 inmates and 3 guards.

Definitly B! Because more than likely I’ll get the bootleg of it on tape!!!  YES!!!

5.  Rate the following wrestlers based on their in-ring work rate.  1 being a jabroni who has no business being in the ring, and 10 being someone who works their ass off.

Chris Jericho  = 8. Great wrestler and great ring entrance and presence.

Hardy Boys = 8. these guys are nuts. I get winded just watching them.

Al Snow = 8. Great wrestler, great friend and the person responsible for getting me into wrestling.

The Godfather = 5. Though I love the gimmick, I think it holds him back.

D-Lo Brown = 7. D Lo has come a long way in a short period of time. We go back before we both were even in wrestling.

Mark Henry = 4.

Mideon = 5.

Stone Cold = 8. If you look into his eyes while he’s coming down the ramp, you can subtley (is that a word) here the lyrics to M.O.D’s "The Hate Tank"

Road Dog = 8.

HHH = 8

Al Snow and The Blue Meanie

Al Snow and the Blue Meanie

6.  What was the best rib (practical joke) you were ever involved in?

This was just recent. I’m not a big ribber BUT this one screamed to me. I travel with Al Snow. We just got back to the hotel and I was about to unpack when Al called my room. He told me that I had left my gym clothes in the back seat. We were going home the next day and had different flights so I had to go get my stuff. As I was taking my stuff out of the back seat, I looked over to the stereo and the volume switch called to me "TURN ME TO 11!!!!" So in the words of the Rock "I turned the sum bitch" all the way up. So when Al got in the car at 5am to go to the airport he would have a special wake up call.

Needless to say he called my voice mail and vowed revenge. He He He!!!
7.  You?re a major Van Halen freak, do you think VH should go back with Dave, or stick to Gary and his fruity ways? 

I hope the new stuff does well no matter who is fronting.  The fact of the matter is, I am an Eddie Van Halen freak!! And no matter what he records I will buy (or find an MP3 of) . His playing has had a big impact on me.

Also, do you believe the rumor that Van Halen has been dropped from Warner Brothers?

There have also been rumors of me taking Tae – Bo classes. So unless it happens, I’ll just wait and see.

The Blue Meanie with Van Halen

8.  How much of an impact has Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara had on leaving the WWF? 

I think there will be a little impact because they had some great ideas. But Vince made the WWF a household name before. He knows this business well and I don’t see any skip in pace.

What is the difference backstage?


Sir Meanie

9.  2 Part Question, so please try to pay attention.  What rock star and what wrestler deserve the biggest smack in the mouth?

Rock star would have to be Billy Sheehan,  for being such a dick when I met him. It was at a radio appearance in Atlantic City and Mr. Big’s song "To Be With You" was being played at a nauseous rate. I guess it was too much for him, that I wanted his signature. What a dousche! As fr a wrestler. There are a definite few but no one anyones heard of. And I’m not about to give them any light of day on any site.

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a mess, and 10 being a hottie.

Terri Runnels = 8

Pamela Anderson = 10 before Tommy Lee -20 with Tommy Lee.

Donna D?Errico = 5 doesn’t do it for me

Sable = -10 GRIND THIS!!!!

Ivory = 8 incredible body and very attractive……..till she opens her mouth.

Fabulous Moolah = 8 age is nothin but a number BABY!!

Jenna Jameson = 9 owwwweeeeee

Lita Ford = 5 ugh!! doesn’t do it either.

Debra = 8 she a sweetie and very cool

Britney Spears =9 for the "Baby one more time video" It has nothing to do with the music I SWEAR!!!!!!!!! The whole thing with her being 17 is a gimmick anyway. Yeah Brittany….you DIDN’T have a boob job (add sarcasm here)

With Jenna Jameson

11.  Do you get any Blue Meanie groupies, and on average, how much do they weigh? There are none. Sad BUT true.

12.  What band and wrestler deserves way more success than they are currently having? Band – The Black Crowes / Wrestler – Chris Benoit

13.  What are your top 3 all time rock albums? 

Van Halen – Fair Warning, Smashing Pumpkins -Siamese Dream and GnR – Appitite For Destruction

14.  You’ve probably seen a lot of wrestlers dicks in the shower, so who has the biggest dick, and who is kind of on the small side?

Biggest without a doubt would be New Jack (ECW) and smallest would be me. Yes indeed, I WAS circumsized by Dr. Mengela (sp?)

15.  Do you deserve so much money for such simple work?

If you consider what we put our bodies through simple then, I’d have to say hell yeah!

16.  What?s the lamest thing you?ve ever been asked to do by a promoter?

To wrestle The "Dirt Bike Kid"

17.  What wrestler is the biggest pain in the ass to work with and why?

I haven’t had a problem yet with anyone I’ve worked (luckily)

Da Blue Guy raises the roof.

18.  What hard rock/heavy metal album did you buy that you were most disappointed in? Marilyn Manson – Mechanical Animals


19.  You have been offered a monster push that will put you in the main even of the next Wrestlemania fighting both The Rock and Stone Cold.  You?ll have a variety of different T-Shirts and home videos released, a whole album dedicated to you, and be on a variety of talk shows.  However, for this to happen, you have to become Pat Patterson?s new boy toy (and Pat loves blue hair!).  Would you do it?

Nah……I’ll stay at entry level (no pun intended) of employment thank you very much.

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We give you a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Vince Russo = innovative

Vince Neil = eeeeeek!

Vince McMahon = genuis

David Lee Roth = gimmick

Chris Jericho = well rounded

Dokken = still rockin

Stevie Richards = Good chemistry

Limp Bizkit = Warrant

Dustin Runnels = Tourettes

Tommy Lee = RAP???? OH COME ON?!?!?!!?!?!?

The Rock = charasmatic

Eddie Van Halen = God

Taz = Tank

Slaughter = lame as Billy Sheehan

Hulk Hogan = zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Howard Stern = witty

Hanging out with Rob Zombie

Hanging out with Rob Zombie

So there you have it!  The next World Wrestling Federation Champion!!!!

Ok, maybe not.  

Anyways, for all yourBlue Meanieneeds, go to his site at www.thebluemeanie.com.  He updates his site frequently and gives his comments on a variety of things, and even has a page dedicated to Van Halen with a bunch of photos and shit!  He’s got a bunch of stuff on his site, so go check it out!

Thanks to Da Blue Guy for being down with Metal Sludge!

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