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Kendra Jade


Welcome to another Rewind, and since this is Porn Week at Metal Sludge, what better person to do a Rewind with than Kendra Jade! We first talked to Kendra exactly one year ago today.  This time around Kendra dished a lot more dirt and said some things at are bound to piss some people off.   Kendra also sent us about 1,000 photos of her with various people and doing various things.  We’ve never had somebody send us so many photos, but that’s cool.  The less work we have to do, the happier we are!  For that we give her much Sludge Luv.  This is our most lengthy interview to date, and once you read it, you’ll find out why!  Anyways, buckle your seat belt, here we go!

1.  What are you up to now?

KENDRA JADE:  I am on a cross country adventure with my girlfriend, checking out a whole bunch of concerts, stripping all the time and taking some time off from porn.  I am shooting a real movie "she came from outer space" beginning mid-June, and hangin out a whole bunch with the DINER JUNKIES (www.dinerjunkies.com).  They fuckin rock! Pretty much just enjoying life and the perks of my business. Check out my house on the Internet. I live there as well as other porn girls (WWW.RealPornWorld.com) and theres action 24/7.

2.  Rumor has it you finally fucked Sebastian Bach after his House Of Blues show in LA.  Is this true?  Did it live up to your expectations and how did he treat you afterwards?

WOW! You guys just know all-tell all, huh? This was not the first time I met Bas. Actually, I have loved him for about 10 years. Last year he had me onstage half-naked at the Whiskey a go-go, and this time he played a few LA shows, which meant that he was in town for like , a week. And during that week he went out of his way to make sure that i was hangin out and having a good time, being that he knows i WAS a huge fan. Of course that was only that week. He hasn’t really  called or written me back since.  Although i know you guys have your beef with Bas, I have to say he treated me (at that time) wonderfully. I think he is a decent guy (and i know I’m gonna get a lot of slack for this)…but seemed genuine. He just doesn’t sugar coat things the way many other people do, he tells it like it is. But also, he is just a real human with real feelings and I wish him nothing but the best.

3.  When you were with Sebastian, was there a lot of drinking and drugging going on, and if so, what type of drugs?

Well, the house of blues was sold out  so of course everyone was celebrating!!!  everyone was happy and having a good time. And at the Yucaipa show, they had to do radio and TV the next day so there was no partying. And the only drugs that i saw was  pot, which i dont do. Sebastian hates any other type of drug so there definitely was nothing else.


4.  Reports have it that Whitfield Crane was hanging out with you & Sebastian in his hotel room, but Bach kicked him out, or some shit like that.  What the hell really happened?

I’m gonna try to be really nice to whit here only cuz my best friend digs him even though he RUINED her cowboy hat. Whit is one of the craziest, insane guys i have ever met. So ..Yes, Whit was there and i dont know, it was really weird. They were talking about singing solo vs. having a band. All the sudden I just see Bas jump on Whit and  Bas pinned him on the bed then Bas said "you don’t really wanna do this ", whit apologized, bas let him up. Then they had another beer and whit said i think i should leave and bas said yeah you should. That was it. It was quite weird really, and a little longer and more complex but I’m too lazy to type it all.

5.  Isn’t it true, Ms. Jade, that within the last 2 months you had sexual  relations, such as a blow job or intercourse, with Mr. Sebastian Bach?

OK. I’m torn here because I made a promise, yet I cannot lie. My answer will be: assume whatever you want.


Kendra Jade & Bret Michaels
6.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

I don’t know, everyone I’ve met has been so cool to me. I guess if I had to say one, it would be … Tommy Lee for leaving the Crue for Tilo.


7.  How did you end up in the Everclear video for ?The Boys Are Back In Town??  Did you have to blow anybody to get that gig?

Hahaahahahaha.I didn’t blow anyone!!!Adam Rifkin, who directed both the video and the Detroit rock city movie, is a very good friend of mine. So, I went down to the set, met the guys, hung out and participated in the video shoot! But they were/are cool as hell and let me state for the record that THEY ROCK. They treat their friends and fans great and Craig is the man. we hung at skybar and flashed people down at the pool from his room. They’re releasing 2 albums this year and, they are playing in Pittsburgh, pa on the 29th and I’ll be there partying and hanging out.  It’s gonna be so much fun.

8.  Do you think you’ll ever get the chance to bang Howard?

Who says I haven’t?????

no, seriously — Howard is very much in love with his wife as far as I know.

9.  What’s up with all the piercings you have?  Did you lose a bet or something when you got your upper chest pierced?

If I weren’t in this biz, I would be pierced and tattooed from head to toe!!  Actually, the diner junkies were in town a couple weeks ago so I took them to get inked, too!!

PS. I think the neck piercing was very cool and I might even do it again. :)

10.  Please rate these porn stars, rock stars wives, models, actresses, etc….on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a pig and 10 being a hottie.


Jenna Jameson = 9, considering how far she has gotten doing what she does.  The girl has received more press then some mainstream people, and ya gotta give her credit for that

Britney Spears = 3 , looks a little too much like a man caked with make-up. No talent. But my sisters dig her.

Traci Lords = 8 in looks, but 0 for doing what she did to the business. I’ll compromise at a 4

Bobbie Brown = 8 very pretty, and banged everyone she wanted to

Jasmine St. Claire = my dogs ass looks better, imagine my dog with 40,000 dollars in surgery and airbrushing…….

Pamela Anderson = once again, imagine my dog with lots of surgery….But banged Tommy and Bret so 5

Heather Locklear = 8 very pretty

Jennifer Aniston = uggggghhhhhh.hate her hate her hate her I guess brad sees something i dont.but I’ll give her a 7 for great hair.

Donna D?Errico = 10 hot chick, hot hubby. Great additude and personality.

Robin Quivers = 10. Perhaps not "model" beautiful, but makes up for it in personality, and has a good heart.


11.  Why do you have such a hatred for Jasmine St. Clair?  What  has she done to you and why do you think she is such a bitch?

She is just CRAZY.  believe it or not, we were friends for a while.  But she is a compulsive liar. like she lies so much she believes herself.  Then when it all came down to it  and i was gonna kick her ass …she went running like the little pussy that she is.  Meanwhile, telling everyone how shes this big "wrestler now".  The most important thing she ever did was fuck 300 men in a day (more like 30) while acting like a bitch the whole time, and even that is OLD NEWS.  nobody gives a fuck about her anymore.  I dont even really feel angry with her anymore….more just symathy for her pathetic career and life.  Not only that , but she walks around like a primadonna.  GET OVER YOURSELF BITCH.  YOU SUCK DICK FOR A LIVING, YOURE NOT FUCKING MERYL STREEP!!!

also, she claims she was a teacher, and worked on wall street, and is fluent in like 10 languages, and went to all these colleges and whatnot.  the chick was a housedancer in newyork for years.  in order for her to have done all that , she’d have to be like 4o years old.  it’s just the constant shit that comes out her mouth that causes everyone in the biz to dislike her, and that she thinks shes a big "star".  she just  needs a reality check is all.  I think mental illness runs in her family…it’s not her fault shes a nut.

12.  We heard something about you and The Rock.  Care to fill us in?

Damn, I guess you all did do your homework for this rewind!!! LOL.  Let me just say that I LOVE The Rock. I just got his logo (the Brahma bull) tattooed on the small of my back. I met them all when Zoe and I did the royal rumble last year, and I go to a lot of the RAW’s when they are in town. I am truly hooked…if you smellllllllllll what the rock is cookin!!!!!

13.  Was there any rockstar or celebrity you really wanted to meet, and when you did you found out that the person was a total dick?

Yeah, most of them!!

14.  What’s the most amount of money you made in one week stripping?

App. $20,000. That was in 3 days, and it was stripping for the Internet (Seth Warshavski’s www.clublove.com) those are the people who did the Pam and Tommy tape and the Bret and Pam tape.


15.  You travel the country quite a bit.  Tell us some memories you have of

the following cities.

Boston = My old stomping grounds. I was born in Massachusetts so when I’m home I see lots of friends and family.

Chicago = Jerry Springer

Reading, PA. = Great fans

Tampa = Hot guys.

Los Angeles = Lots of hot guys!! Too many memories to name. But I guess the best thing about la is that anything can happen there!

San Diego = going to the zoo

Phoenix = never been there

Dallas = club I was going to there, burned down a week before my shows


Atlanta = Everclear

New York = club Life, my 22nd birthday, drunk in a cab with a driver who wont let me out. Howard Stern, limelight, Skid Row

Nashville = guys from Cinderella, and DINER JUNKIES!!! I drove 27 hrs with my friend Leah from la to Nashville to see them last week.


16.  Your favorite band right now is the Diner Junkies.  So that means?who are you banging in that band?

LOL.you are too funny. I haven’t banged anyone (yet).  But I think their music rocks, I dance to it on the rd. my friend Leah has been working with them for like a year, so when they came out to la, I got hooked on them. Yes, I sometimes like bands for their music.  And they are all hot in different ways. And the nicest group of guys I have met in a long time.  Theres one in particular that I totally dig, but he knows who he is so the rest of the world doesn’t have to . :)

17.  A lot of porn stars seem to have a problem with Jenna Jameson. Is this due to other girls being jealous of her or is she really a bitch?  Please give examples.

Its as easy as this. Other girls are jealous bitches. they all talk shit but would kill to look like or be in the same position as jenna. I say .. if the crown fits, put the motherfucker on and wear it proudly.

18.  Honestly, when you appeared on the Stern show with that old guy over a year ago, that was fake, right?  You weren’t really going out with that guy, he was just a way for you to get on the Stern show, right?

I don’t need "a way to get on stern." I have been on his show many times with and without reason. More than any other porn star, in fact. And it was NOT fake, but it was a business arrangement …


19.  Why is it you go through so many websites?  Why can’t you find anybody to run your site properly?

Good question!

I DON’T KNOW!! Everyone screws me over when it comes to that. I don’t know how to do it myself, nor do I have the time, sooo…..I give up on websites.
 KJPORNOab8-58b9f23c3be6.jpg 20.  Which of the following guys have you banged?  Either answer yes or no,  and if you answer yes, please rate the person performance on a scale of 1 to  10.  1 being a dead fuck and 10 being the bomb.

OHMIGOD…what have I gotten myself into…..i guess I’ll just have to be technical here. You still asked the wrong questions.hehehehe does oral sex count? if I gave or recieved?  what if he was too drunk to get it up? What if you asked about the wrong member of the band?

Taime Downe = Taime is a great friend, never fucked. I told him I would have his baby. I don’t think he’s gonna take me up on it :)

Howard Stern = nope, would love to

Jani Lane = nope, would have loved to 10 years ago

Marilyn Manson = nope, but would in a second

Phil Lewis = nope. my Mom would kill me. She loves Philip. We had dinner with him one night and then I start getting all these emails from his wife and others on some gossip board.  its crazy how stuff gets twisted.

Jizzy Pearl = nope. met him backstage at the Poison/La Guns/Ratt/ great white tour. Don’t think he liked me much.

Stevie Rachelle = yep. but since he only gave me a 7 on his rewind. I’m gonna give him a 7 right back  :P

Nikki Sixx = nope, but he has a HOT woman. I’d do em both.

Pauly Shore = nope

Kid Rock = nope      *still smacking myself* ….

Scott Baio = nope, he is too full of himself

Fred Durst = yummy. I wish. But sadly, no.

Gene Simmons = NO!!

David Lee Roth = HELL NO

Jon Bon Jovi = no, would have 5 years ago

Tommy Lee = no, but now that him and Pam are split again….who knows

Luke Ford = no

Art Alexakis = nope

Dennis Duncan = Dennis is a hottie, But we are just friends. NO. Did I mention www.dinerjunkies.com yet?

The Rock = hopefully soon…..

Bill Maher = EWWWW. no

21.  How many nose jobs, boobs jobs, or other types of plastic surgery have you had?

Too many. Last time was in December and I almost died. No more surgeries for me.

22.  As of this very minute, when was the last time you had anal sex and with who?

The last time I did that was with some chick with a strap on for the stern show, playing "who wants to be a butt billionaire." She won. 


23.  Tell us what you remember about the following years:

1985 = I was 8.

1988 = Smoked my first cigarette at the bus stop so I could be "cool"

1991 = lost my virginity the week before my birthday to my favorite (at the time) rock star. I lied about my age., (not that i think,, knowing what i know now, that it would’ve made a difference)

1994 = living a normal life, working 2 jobs,  taking care of 2 kids, living in a house with the love of my life. and being a good girl

1997 = good girl goes bad….Jerry Springer …partying in hollywood..stripping….and doing porn!

1999 = bad girl gets worse..But having the time of my life !!!! All the wrong guys for all the right reasons…

2000 = making the decision to straighten up. just found a good guy, taking a break from porn and no more partying

24.  You said you lost your virginity to your favorite rock star at that  time.  Who were you talking about?  Was it Bret?

It was absolutely NOT Bret!!! But I’m not gonna say whom because I was 13 and I said I was 16 so its not his fault  plus I still don’t think he knows or remembers me

25.  Which do you prefer:

Eating pussy or sucking cock = I am a strictly dick-ly kinda gal so I’ll go with the cocksucking.

Stripping or doing porno’s = stripping.

Shaved pussy or Hairy beavers = I prefer neatly trimmed, I think hairy is gross and bald is too adolescent.

Titty fucking or hand jobs = I get satisfaction by neither

Limp Bizkit or Kid Rock = I dig em both. Fred Durst, and Bob =yummy. 

Vibrators or butt plugs = Vibrators any day!

Luke Ford or Howard Stern = Howard is the man, there is no equal

Jenna Jameson or Jasmine St. Claire = Jenna is the Queen of porn, the other one is not even worth mentioning. (yesterdays news)

Vivid or Wicked Pictures = Both great companies with beautiful girls and "beautiful" sex

Tampons or Maxi pads = LOL. tampons. what the fuck kind of question is that??!!

26.  Ever had sex with a black guy?


27.  Of all the rock stars you’ve been with, give us the names of top 3 guys who have the biggest cocks.

Stevie Rachelle

Sebastian Bach

Taime Downe

28. What exactly happened last December when you had your plastic surgery?

i had my boobs , nose and lips and liposuction done (here comes another thrashing on your gossip page!) LOL.. i developed 2 blood clots and had emergency surgery the next day.my doctor says i cant have anymore surgery


Kendra Jade & Stevie Rachelle

29.  Approximately how many different cocks have you sucked?

 A.  Between 61 – 70

 B.  Between 71 – 80

 C.  Between 81 – 90

 D.  Between 91 – 100

 E.  Between 101 – 125

 F.  Between 126 – 150

 G.  Over 151 cocks!

my answer would have to be probably around 30.i consider it far more intimate than fucking and really only do it on special occasions or for films…..

30.  Have you ever given any of the following guys blow jobs or hand jobs?  If so, tell us how big their dick is, or give us a story about them.

Eminem = Em and Dre were at universal amphitheater, and my friend Leah and I decided to go check em out. We ended up onstage and backstage…and I’m sure you can figure out the rest!!! Em is definitely packing,

Keri Kelli = Nope. Never did nothing with him, but I hang with someone who did.and my sources say he is pretty good.

Ryan Roxie = yes…and he is big

B-real = 7, has a huge dick, smokes alot of weed , AND overall a fun time  i was very young

Vince Neil = vince recently  was banging my friend, (not janine either) and flew her and her sister out to a bunch of shows and stuff, then when he got back to la…he ditched her.Vince is a badboy.  but as y’all probably saw in the video nowhere near Tommy’s size.  also , while drunk one night at the rainbow, he had me come to his table and asked me to go home with him. That was when he walked out without even paying for his drinks.  Umm..needless to

say, I passed.

Robbie Crane = a true sweetheart.  Perfect gentleman. I dig him and his chick.

Marq Torien = a brief "thing" when I first moved to Hollywood, I think he preferred men more than chicks. Not too big.

Corey Feldman = yes,but it turned into a great friendship. Well hung.

Mark Henry = No sexual contact from Sexual Chocolate, but he has a BIG thing for ZOE

Leonardo DiCaprio = average size but a true party guy. Don’t know about you but a little birdie told me stories of  blow job Polaroid’s (stacks of em ), having to show your breasts before getting an autograph and other interesting


Ripper Owens = ripper was cool, but very hairy and not overly big.  but personality is good.  he gets an 8.

31.  How much money did you make in a week while you were working at the Mustang Ranch?  And doesn’t it kind of freak you out that a 70 year old guy could come in and want to eat your pussy?  Isn’t that kind of gross?

It was the BUNNY ranch, I made more cash than some people do all year and i CHOSE who I spent time with so no 70 year old ate me.:)


32.  In your opinion, what percentage of rock stars cheat on their wives or girlfriends, and why do you think they cheat?

99% cheat. Why? Because they can.  There are always girls/groupies in endless supply. I, for one, (and I know how much hate mail I’m gonna get for this but I don’t give a fuck) will fuck whoever I want whenever I want. Not because I am a "groupie".  I have fucked plenty of normal guys. Having celebrity stature does not ensure that I will fuck you, but if I want to and I think you’re hot, then I will. Famous or not. and there are plenty of other girls who feel the same.  But, I have to tell you, I feel sorry for the chicks who think these guys really love them and are faithful when there’s 100 girls waiting in the next town. To me, if you marry a rock star or are dating one, you have to expect that he will not be faithful. Word of advice, use protection and don’t fall in love. And if you date someone who has a lot of fans, be prepared to share/join in.

33.  Of all the rock stars you know, are there any you can say that don’t cheat?  If so, let us know what rock stars are good boys, and don’t lie to protect anybody!

Hmmm….i would have to say that as far as i know (thru discussions with other girlfriends/wives/groupies, Etc.) , Mark Slaughter is a good boy.   And Tom Kiefer, too.  I’m pretty sure that Robbie Crane and Kerri Kelly are too. Now i’m not saying they have always been that way , but from what i know/see at this point it is.  Jizzy pearl from what i heard is very faithful, too.

34.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you  give us your thoughts.

Zoe = smart, very beautiful, good friend.

Sebastian Bach = looks great, sings great but he is not what he seems…complex…beautiful…in a league of his own

Matt Zane = makes good gen-x porn, my best friend wants to bang him

Limp Bizkit = did I mention Fred durst is hot?!

Warrant = down boys?!

K. C. from the Stern show = i’d like to make him straight. Real cutie.

Corey Feldman = good friend. Nice guy.

Leonardo DiCaprio = ummm…not what people perceive AT ALL,

Paul Stanley = Please let kiss die with some dignity


So there you have it!  34 Questions with Kendra Jade, and now you know who has a big cock, who’s cheating, and who’s an asshole!!  What more could you ask for? 

For more info on Kendra, you can go to www.kendrajadeonline.com, or you can keep coming back to Metal Sludge, because Kendra usually fills us in as to what she’s doing.  She’ll also be modeling our shirts, so be on the lookout for that! 

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