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Rewind With Fred Coury, 1/4/01




Cinderella Drummer Fred Coury

We last talked to Fred Coury way back on March 1st, 1999. Fred was our 7th 20 Questions we had done. A lot of time has passed since then so we thought we’d catch up with him.

1. What do you have going on right now? Get your plugs out of the way.

I’ve been doing dance remixes for Cleopatra records for a while now and my records are finally starting to hit stores. The new Todd Rundgren CD just came out and I have about 10 more on their way.

2. Are you guys ever going to come out with a new album or are you just going to keep touring to prolong it?

We want to get in the studio now but we’re trying to find the right producer

3. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Hmmm, good question. I’m fresh out of answers on this one-

4. Have you ever seen a city more dirty then Philadelphia? If so, where?

I really haven’t- well, maybe Newark New Jersey

5. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a hack and 10 being a god. Don’t give everybody 10s either and try to puss out of this!

Blas Elias = Show, 10

Bobby Blotzer = 10 -Solid

Rikki Rockett = Fun to watch – 9 he was great on tour

Peter Criss = I couldn’t see the cymbals move- but he’s friggin’ Peter Criss -

Mike Portnoy = 10, 10,10

Samantha Maloney = Never heard her play but I think she’s hot

Lars Ulrich = really? He is in the biggest band in the world though

Steve Riley = 9

Vinnie Paul = 10 -insane feet and owns a strip club

Steven Adler = is he still playing- coolest parts ever 10 for originality

Johnny Dee = 10 cause he’s my friend

6. Do you still talk to Stephen Pearcy and has he bitched to you at all about Ratt? If so, give us a story.

He never mentions Ratt at all. He has some new band.

7. What is your opinion on Metallica going after Napster?

I support Metallica to a certain extent. I think napster is cool but they really should pay some sort of royalty. They should try to strike some sort of deal with bands because it is pirating in it’s purest form.

8. If you had to fuck two famous chicks simultaneous, who would you choose?

I’d have to say ‘lil kim and Carmen Electra

9. Larry Morand told us that you look at shopping as a sport. What exactly do you go shopping for?

I’ll shop for anything. I love to shop.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a bucket of goat piss and 10 being a hottie. Don’t give them all 10s either.

Samantha Fox = 2

Britney Spears = 6

Lita Ford = 8

Gerri Miller = not a chick

Bobbie Brown = 4

Pamela Anderson = 10

RuPaul = More of a chick than GM

Jewel = 10

Sarah Jessica Parker = 8

Cindy Margolis = 9

11. What band is the most overrated today?

I have no Idea-too many bands out there

12. If you could commit one crime without being caught, what crime would you commit?

It would have to be a bank robbery

13. What do you remember about playing with Guns N Roses back when you filled in for Steven Adler? Were you allowed to speak to Axl?

Axl was incredibly cool to me. He treated me like I was in the band from the beginning. He was awesome

14. Why is your website filled with info on tornadoes? Are you a closet weatherman or something? Please explain.

I moved to Nashville and it seemed that every day there were tornadoes nearby. They really scared me until I saw a show on storm chasing. I then became fascinated by them and eventually met Jeff Piotrowski. One of the best storm chasers in the world (stormproductionsinc.com). He lets me chase with him and it is an incredible rush. I am very into severe weather.

15. Which do you prefer and why?

Jon Bon Jovi or Richie Sambora = Both great guys

Wizard Of Oz or Twister = Twister-more realistic. Jeff Piotrowski did all of the consulting for that movie

Korn or Limp Bizkit = Limp Bizkit-they’re the real deal

Howard Stern or Marilyn Manson = Both very cool

Implants or the real thing = I’m certainly not picky when it comes to breasts but I’d have to say real

Axl or Slash = Both because they were amazing together and really need to get that damn band back!

Lit or Marvelous 3 = Not familiar with Marvelous 3 but I love LIT

"Shout At The Devil" or "Look What The Cat Dragged In" = SHOUT- one of the coolest songs ever

Anthrax or Megadeth = Anthrax

Wearing a Metal Sludge shirt or wearing a Cinderella shirt = Me-metal Sludge- other people -Cinderella

Blow job in the back lounge or blow job in the bunk = A blow Job is A Blow Job. : )


16. Are you playing on Cinderella’s new album this time or is somebody else playing for you?

I am

17. You played with Sam Kinison on his Leader Of The Banned album. What is your wildest Sam Kinison story?

I told Sam that I would take him home after one night in the studio. A few hours later, I couldn’t find him so I left. 2am probably. At about 7am my phone rings and wakes me up. I answer it and Sam is screaming "Asshole, thanks a lot!!!" I asked what was wrong and he said "you left me at the studio all night and the morning cleaning crew found me sleeping in the vocal booth," his neck was stiff for a week!

18. How often do you visit Metal Sludge and how often do you wear your Metal Sludge shirt?

I haven’t been on the site in a while. I’m putting in about 16 hrs a day on the remixes and practicing my drums but I do wear my shirt quite a bit.

19. You guys are on Portrait and other then Iron Maiden, none of the other Portrait bands have done that well. What makes you guys think you will fair better then Ratt, Great White, Samantha 7, Neve, Mars Electric, etc?

I don’t think those bands are on portrait (some of them at least). Wait till you hear the new stuff!

20. Was the world really in need of FredCoury.com?

of course not

21. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Paul Gargano = Nice guy. Met him in Nashville and we had a great time for a couple of days.

Eric Brittingham = My Brother

Nikki Sixx = Coolest Rock Star period!

Creed = Good band.

Sebastian Bach = actor

Dana Strum = Real estate mogul-smart guy

Bret Michaels = Great front man-boned Pam

Jani Lane = One of the best voices in rock.

David Lee Roth = A Horse (inside joke-he’ll get it)

Lizzy Grey = Just missed

Gene Simmons = Rich

Dizzy Dean Davidson = Heck, who knows

John Kalodner = John Kalodner/great suits

David Lee Roth & Fred

That was sort of brief but to the point. Plus we have to give Fred major props for saying that RuPaul is more of a women than Gerri Miller! That’s a classic Metal Sludge comment.

For more info on Fred or tornadoes, you can go to www.fredcoury.com.

For more info on Cinderella, you can go to www.cinderella.net.

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