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3-Wind With Kendra Jade, 2/11/02



Part 3 with Kendra Jade


On June 1, 2000, she became the first porn star we ever did a Rewind with. June 1, 1999, Kendra became the first porn star we ever did 20 Questions with. Now on February 11, 2002, she’s the first porn star we ever did a 3-Wind with!

Not only that, but Kendra has gone beyond the call of duty for us. She was the co-host of our 2nd Metal Sludge Extravaganza (along with Rikki Rockett) in November 2000. She’s worn our Metal Slut Tank Top in public, and most recently she spoke for us on VH-1’s "Groupies" that has been airing over the last few months!

In between doing shit for us, she’s performed all across the country and been on the Howard Stern show more times than we can count.

Now she has returned to Metal Sludge, the very site that has gotten her in trouble with various rock stars because of her open and care free attitude! Who will Kendra spill the beans on this time?

1. What are you up to and get all your plugs out of the way now!

Well, I’m delving further into becoming an entrepreneur by building an online business with my friend Vicki. My website is www.kendrajadeonline.com. Eventually we hope to have a fully functioning amazing fucking website that all my fans will love. Currently if you buy a picture from my site, you are entered into a contest where the prize is a date with me. I’m also writing a lot of poems and songs, working on my music, I am working on a book and I’m still dancing all over the country, I haven’t done any movies in along time but who knows where the future lies. I’m focusing on my personal life right now.

so basically: ( lol ) NEW WEBSITE!!!! www.KendraJadeOnline.com

2. We recently received an ass-load of hits, e-mails and response from the VH1 special on groupies. You were cool enough to be our official rep. How did they treat you when you did your filming for the VH1 "Groupies" special?

They were RAD! They hung out, and taped a lot of shit. It was fun. I still have yet to see it, though. Do you have an extra copy??!!

3. When was the last time you talked to Sebitchian Bach and what did he say to you?

Well, It was A LONG time ago. I believe, if I am correct, it was right before he landed Jeckyll and Hyde. He was pretty excited about it. I wished him luck. Then I did my interview with you, and strangely enough, I never heard from him after that !!!

4. What songs or bands have made an impact on Kendra Jade within the last year?

Wow. That’s a good question. I REALLY REALLY love System Of a Down. Toxicity is my new Favorite album. It’s one of the few CD’s I can actually listen to all the way thru. And I also really enjoy Disturbed’s album as well. Besides that, I would say it’s been a kinda lame year in music!

5. Which do you prefer:

Marilyn Manson or Marilyn Chambers = Manson.I think he’s sexy.

John Holmes or Chris Holmes = neither

Ron Jeremy or Jeremy Popoff = Actually, Ronnie has been a good friend to me and every mainstream thing I’ve gotten was thanks to him…so I’ll choose him.

Randy West or Steve West = neither

Peter North or Peter Steele = neither

Traci Lords or Tracii Guns = neither

Matt Zane or Jani Lane = neither

Alex Sanders or Robin Zander = neither

Savannah or Satriani = neither

Seka or Seal = again, neither….

give me some REAL choices , would ya?! :) YUCK YUCK YUCK !!!

Kendra and her friend Leah at our 11/30/00 Metal Sludge Extravaganza #2

6. Did you ever find your luggage that you recently lost and why would you travel around with all your poetry if they’re so valuable to you? Shouldn’t you keep that shit at home?

No, i never found it !!!! I was really depressed about it. I brought it with me because i wrote in my journal almost daily, especially when i was bored on the road. what sucks more is…..That luggage had a lot of personal information in it, my journal where I expressed thoughts about every single person I’ve ever known or been with or been friends with. Along with thousands of poems and just real personal shit. It is very valuable to me, if anyone finds it please send it home to me.

Kendra & Tommy from No Authority at our 11/30/00 Metal Sludge Extravaganza #2

7. It’s clear that Howard Stern has done a lot for you with all of the exposure on his show. What can you tell us about the ‘real Howard’ that won’t jeopardize your future "Butt Billionaire’ appearances. Like the next visit when your going to wear one of our Sludge shirts!

Truthfully, Howard is the man….He has extended me great courtesy by sharinghis fanbase with me time and again, and letting me do crazy things on his show, and always promoting my shit. I LOVE him for that. I don’t know a lot about his personal life, or anything, but even if I did, I wouldn’t share it with you. as much as I love you guys, I gotta respect the man!! and yes, ill wear the shirt..


8. If you could have sex one more time with someone from your past, who would you choose?

No one, if they were THAT good, I’d still be fucking them.

9. What was your biggest porn related check for (not cash but a check) & what did you buy with it?

Well, back in the day of Jerry Springer chaos, I was getting a few checks a day for 25k and up for doing interviews with hard copy, extra and those tabloid people. Does that count? I would say that’s porn related…and with it, I bought a BMW and a house. I don’t have either of them anymore …LOL

10. Has Kendra Jade ever…

Masturbated in a public restroom = yes

Tasted a man?s or women?s urine = no

Regretted a tattoo = yes, all of them

Had some ?potpourri? pop out during anal sex = eeew.gross.shame on you for even asking!

Considered suicide = yes

Asked a guy to fuck you within an hour of meeting him = yes

Choked on a guy?s sperm = yes

Had somebody pay you more than $5,000 to fuck you = yes

Offered sexual favors to a cop to get out of a speeding ticket = no

Shit talked a fan after they posed for a picture with you = ummm.i plead the 5th.

11. Please tell our Donna?s Ho-Bag faithfuls about some recent big dick encounters you’ve had?

Well, I know how boring this is gonna sound to y’all, but I had a boyfriend for the better part of the year so HIS is the only Big Dick that I have had lately !!!

12. After several years in the porn biz you’ve obviously met a lot of other celebrity friends. Who has been the biggest surprise to you as a super nice "Star" and who was the biggest let down?

See the thing is ….Everyone is basically just people, like you and me. We all have our good points and bad points. .. to say someone is a disappointment would be unfair when I may have just caught them at a bad time. I know you really want the dirt here, I only wish I had some to give you. But basically everyone’s been really cool to me…believe me, there’s nothing I’d like better than to call someone out on their attitude.



13. It’s well known that most girls with implants have to have them repaired, replaced or re-customized after a certain amount of "wear & tear." In your biz there must be some serious "wear & tear." Any more plastic surgery on the horizon and how are your tits holding up?

My tits are great, thanks! No more surgery for me anytime in the near future.

14. How did your auditions for Tough Enough go and why weren’t you Tough Enough?

Tuff Enuff was really disappointing, I think they lured me there for the scandal it could cause to improve their ratings. I trained and practiced my ass off for that show and all they could do is ask me stupid disrespectful questions in the middle of the ring in Ceasars Palace in front of a large audience.

Seriously, in my heart, I believe they never really had any intention of hiring me..It’s really a shame that they didn’t take me more seriously, cuz I think I am perfect for the job. But it’s to be expected, rarely do people believe we have more talent than doing porn or being naked.

15. When was the last time you did the following:

Last time somebody paid you for sex = the last movie I did over a year ago

Last City you danced in = Richmond, Virginia where I am now

Last book you read = Anne sexton’s complete collection of poems

Last porno you made = a movie titled "ass clowns" for extreme associates

Last time you wrote a poem = this morning

Last time you had anal sex = last weekend

Last time you threw up = cant remember

Last sexual position you were in = doggystyle I think

Last celebrity you had sex with = ummm, someone who just went to rehab. The choices I make, huh?

Last CD you bought = Britney’s new album.

Last movie you saw = moulin rouge

Kendra on stage with The Stone Movement
16. For the last year or so you’ve been running around talking about the band The Stone Movement. But now you?re no longer involved with them. What’s that story all about?

I met Stu Stone after hearing a song he recorded that had my namein it. He sings a line in a song that says" I want a girl that looks like Kendra Jade" We became good friends, eventually fell madly in love and just recently broke up. We recorded some stuff together, and he just recorded a bunch of new stuff that’s really good.his album should be out in march. .. I’m not in the band anymore because I was unable to commit to it with all of my other outside projects. But those are still my peeps.and I wish them all the success in the world !! They deserve it !!

17. We?ve heard that you?ve been hanging out with a lot of boy bands lately. What boy bands have you serviced and are they as innocent as they seem?

Hmm, well I refuse to comment on this because my sex life would dry up real quick !!! I’ll just say boybands are worse than rock bands in every good way imaginable and rock bands WISH they had it like that.

18. You had a little small claims court case that hit the news wire and on Judge Joe Brown. Give our Sludgeaholics the details on being sued for $4,000.00 plus dollars by that stalker fan?

In this business, that’s the way it goes. Guys give you money. some times they expect things in return. When they don’t get those things, they want their money back.its all good though , what’s 4k? :)

19. How long can you stay in the adult entertainment business and where do you see yourself at 35?

At 35, I hope to be living in a nice house with a large white picket fence, 3 kids, a dog, a cat, and a husband with a decent job to support us all.

So far, I’ve got the dog..

Kendra and The Wolfpac

20. We did this last time. We?re going to list some rock stars, actors, and bands, and please tell us if you?ve screwed any of these people, and then give them a brief review. In other words, tell us what you know!

Anybody in No Authority = yep,

Insane Clown Posse = nope

Fred Durst = nope

Kid Rock = hell no, he’s all used up now that Pam has had him

Justin Timberlake = hottie but no

Brad Pitt = NO!! he’s married!

Anybody in Disturbed = my friend would kill me…no

Mark McGrath = nope

Lemmy = nope

Poison?s Security Guard Big John = nope

Nick Lachey = nope

Puff Daddy = nope

Aaron Lewis = nope

Jerry Dixon = nope

Triple H = no

KC from the Stern show = lol, isn’t he gay?

Slash = no

Jason Hook = no

Carrot Top = no

Rikki Rockett = no

so close , yet so far ….

Kendra & Rikki Rockett

21. Are you and Jasmine St. Claire still feuding or can this hatchet be buried?

We kissed and made up. Well, we didn’t kiss but the rest is true.We have had dinner, drinks, I introduced her to some of my "friends," and she has in turn introduced me to some of hers. I have taught her about some "unchartered territory," And I think she’s enjoying her newfound lands!!


22. Why have you had so many different website addresses and what seems to be the problem?

Well because I’m such a pushover and have a trusting heart, every scum bag in the adult webmaster world has used and abused me. they put up these sites and then never pay me a dime!. I can’t find anyone trustworthy. SOOOO…Now I just have my girl Vicki doing it, even though she’s not a professional, but since Vicki knows me very well, it’s the first site that really captures who I am overall and not just one aspect of my life.

23. You have a tattoo of The Rock?s symbol just above your ass. Isn?t that a tad obsessive and have you gotten your chance to fuck The Rock yet?

I’m not obsessed, believe me.

I met him at the nickelodeon Kid’s choice awards and also on the Howard Stern show. He was very cool to me! HOWEVER..the rock is married and therefore there is nothing left to be said.


24. In your Rewind with us, you said the last time you had anal sex was with the chick that won the Butt Billionaire contest. But we heard that you actually didn?t have anal sex with her and that you and that chick made up the story for Howard. What?s the deal with that?

Where the hell did you hear that shit.

25. Word Association:

Britney Spears = I am jealous of her ABS

Dave ?The Snake? Sabo = cool

Willa Ford = wanna be bad with her.

Creed = makes me cry

Blue Meanie = jas’ man

Jewel = hot

Scott Ian = did he dis me on his interview?

Josie Pearl = sweetie

98 Degrees = yuck

Snake River Conspiracy = Vulcan.great song to fuck to.

Vince McMahon = owns EVERYTHING

O-Town = sweet boys

Bobbie Brown = good make-up collection

Christina Aquilera = lollipop head syndrome

Marilyn Manson = sexy

Thanks once again to Kendra for all the support over the years!

For more info on Kendra, you can go to the ONLY OFFICIAL Kendra Jade site at www.kendrajadeonline.com

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