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Union’s Brent Fitz  

We finally added Brent to the Pussy List after waiting 5 fucking months for him to send back his questions!  He told us back in March 2000 he would do it, so we sent him out the questions.  Then we never heard back from him.  We even emailed him in the middle of July telling him he was going to be added to the Pussy List and sent him some new questions.  Still no reply from the jabroni.  The bottom line is that there is no excuse from somebody in Union, especially Brent Fitz, to take almost 5 fucking months to send back 20 Questions.  Fuck dude, we know you ain’t that busy!  If Nikki Sixx can send back his questions within 24 hours, so should you scrub.  Maybe it’s for the best because Jamie Hunting’s 20 Questions were pretty fucked up, so who knows what we would have gotten back from Fitz.  Anyways, here are the questions he couldn’t handle answering.

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your websites, CDs, tours, or whatever it is you do.

2. Do you think anybody who is reading this has any idea who you are?

3. Other than Union, what hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

4. Are you bothered by the fact that in all of Union?s ads it always says, ?John Corabi formerly of Motley Crue and Bruce Kulick formerly of Kiss?, while you and Jamie get no mention and are denied like a fat chick outside of a tour bus? 

5. Rate the following drummers. 1 being somebody who couldn’t keep time with a watch and 10 being a drum god.

Peter Criss
Eric Singer
Rikki Rockett
Fred Coury
Bobby Blotzer
Lars Ulrich
Mick Brown
Steve Riley
Tommy Lee
Alex Van Halen

6. You don?t consider Canada a real country, do you?

7. Don’t you think it’s pretty sad that Crabby is playing rhythm guitar in Ratt? Isn’t he above that?

8. 2 Part Question, so pay attention: Rumor has it that you live with Eric Singer. Does Eric make you cut the grass or dust the places he can?t reach? 
Also, does Eric let you put your Metal Edge Award for Best New Band on his mantle, or can Eric even reach the mantle?

9. Do you actually have a roadie, or do you have to load all your gear yourself?

10. Which do you prefer:
Cinderella or Slaughter =
Canadian Bacon or Canadian Sausage =
Tom Green or Rush =
Hockey or Curling =
Ron Jeremy or Tommy Lee =
Chris Jericho or Sebastian Bach =
Rob Halford or Paul Stanley =
Blas Elias or a pile of Play-Doh =

11. Have you ever been standing outside during the day and then thought to yourself, ?Why is it getting dark? It must be an eclipse.? Then you noticed it wasn?t an eclipse but a Yeti, otherwise known as Gerri Miller, standing next to you. Has that ever happened?

12. Who has less say in their band:
A. Michael Anthony in Van Halen
B. Robbie Crane in Ratt.
C. Johnny Solinger in Skid Row
D. Whoever the drummer is in Warrant this week.
E. You and Jamie in Union

13. When you are talking do you say ?House? or does it come out like ?Hoose?. Also, does ?about? come out sounding like ?aboot??

14. What 80s hard rock band would have you absolutely no desire to ever play with?

15. How did you find out about Metal Sludge and what are your thoughts on it?

16. What rock star deserves a chair to the head?

17. Have you ever fallen asleep while talking to Bruce Kulick because he?s so friggin? boring?

18. Is there any truth to the rumor that it was you and Jamie who stole Bruce?s guitar because you guys wanted to pawn it so you could afford to buy a sandwich, but then you guys chickened out and returned it? Is that true??

19. What do you do for a day job to pay your bills?

20. What drugs was Jamie Hunting on when he answered our 20 Questions?

21. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. You know how this works.

Jamie Hunting
Gene Simmons
Tracii Guns
Vince Neil
Jerry Dixon
Bret Michaels
Tommy Lee
Limp Bizkit
Chris Jericho
Dana Strum
Sebastian Bach
Gerri Miller

You can email Brent at CdnBacon70@aol.com and ask him why he’s a puss.

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