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Back to School SludgeWire for 8/30/04


A Back to School SludgeWire for 8/30/04

It’s been a while since we’ve done a SludgeWire, so we gathered up some news tidbits from around the Web, rounded up a few Sludge staff writers who didn’t look like they had anything better to do, and let them have at it.

For those who don’t know any better, and we’re sure there’s a few out there who don’t, a SludgeWire is where we scour the news wires for anything even remotely Sludge-worthy, then we add our asinine comments to them. Nothing major, just our way of getting the latest hard rock & metal news out to the Sludgeaholics. We’re timely like that.

Joining us today for your reading pleasure are none other than SludgeWire veterans Donna Anderson and Dana Brittingham, plus a few new contributors! This time, we’ve included comments by the enigmatic Axl Van Stradlin, who’s done a bunch of DVD reviews and shit in the past, and brand new Sludge writer Blackie Z’Nuff. Actually, Blackie’s been around the Metal Sludge offices for years, though we have no idea what he actually does. Now Blackie and Axl are tearing their SludgeWire hymens, so fucking deal with it. I’m Jani Bon Neil, and I’m wise enough to sit this one out. Here we go.

From Blabbermouth:

According to a posting at the VELVET REVOLVER fan site Velvet-Revolver.com, VELVET REVOLVER were "treated very badly" Scott must not have gotten the right drugs by a group of audience members during the band’s appearance at the Rock Am See festival in Konstanz, Germany on Saturday (August 28). A few people in the crowd were reportedly shouting for "GUNS N’ ROSES" in a move that was "very disrespectful towards the band in general and [singer] Scott [Weiland] and [guitarist] Dave [Kushner] in particular." Scott reportedly asked the audience to "come on stage and sing yourselves if you want GN’R," and later threw his megaphone into the crowd during "Sex Type Thing".

Dude. You’re in a band that is doing well because 3 of the members used to be in Guns N Roses. DEAL WITH IT.
Sounds like Scott couldn’t actually sing the GNR songs, so he did the next best thing — impersonating Axl by throwing shit at the fans.
Too bad this wasn’t in St. Louis.

MARILYN MANSON has commented on the departure of guitarist John5 from the group’s ranks.

In a brand-new interview with MuchMusic, Manson said, "I’m sure by now everyone thinks I’m a complete and total dick that just kicks everyone out of the band.

Asked if he’s ever felt anything but alone in the band, Manson responded, "I always feel like other people are interchangeable. It’s really about where your heart is.

"Getting rid of John was very amicable," he continued. "I think he’ll be happier, ’cause I wanted to… I didn’t wanna get stuck making him into someone he wasn’t. And he’s not like me, he’s not like anyone else in the band. I don’t think he had the same emotional attachment that the rest of us did, whereas [former MANSON bassist] Twiggy just didn’t wanna be there anymore. [He wanted to] step outside and see if he can do it on his own and, you know, he’s figuring that out right now. What’s next is gonna be something completely more extreme and more interesting, and with that, some of the fat has to be cut."

Cut out the fat? I didn’t know Vince Neil was in Manson.
I’ve heard rumors that DJ Ashba was actually offered this spot. He didn’t take it, which is probably good. I don’t know if the world is ready for a raspy, more sexified version of "Beautiful People."
It winds down to John 5 (not to be confused with John 4 or 6) wanting more money, and Manson pulling a Gene move. No big deal, Manson stopped being relevant years ago.

Producers for the mob movie "10th & Wolf", starring Val Kilmer and former MOTLEY CRUE drummer Tommy Lee, This is a joke right? are seeking extras before the movie begins filming Sept. 7 in Pittsburgh, PA, according to the Pittsburgh Gazette. They still need another 200 Italians, or people who look Italian, teenage and older, producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis said.

The best way to get a role as an extra is to look the part, or film yourself having sex with a playboy model said Stephen Black, co-founder of Talent Group in the Strip District. The company casts lead and supporting roles in films. Bring diverse changes of wardrobe that might fit the scene, he said.

"It may not sound fair, but sometimes they may take somebody over someone else because they have a good suit," Black said.

"10th & Wolf" is about events that led to a mob war in South Philadelphia.

The war was between young mobsters who expected to assume control of a crime family. Filming in Pittsburgh ends Nov. 1. The star-heavy cast also includes Brian Dennehy, Lesley Ann Warren, Dennis Hopper, Giovanni Ribisi, Piper Perabo and John Leguizamo.

They’re still looking for 200 people who "look like Italians" in Pittsburgh for extras? Here’s a tip: pick up the phone book and look under "PIZZA."
Who the fuck looked at Tommy and said "Oh yeah, he’d be perfect for this role. We’ll make millions!"
Now Tommy’s gonna be slicking his hair back, sporting gold chains, and talking like Big Pussy for 6 months after filming this opus.
FUN FACT: A good chunk of Kevin Smith’s "Dogma" was also filmed in Pittsburgh! Now you know.

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has posted the following message on his web site:

"A few days ago, Barry Levine and World Wrestling Federation’s Stone Cold Steve Austin came over to pitch me a new reality television show…that would feature Stone Cold and his roommate Diamond Dallas Page…. More news to follow."

Just what this world needs, another fucking reality show.
Unless this involves hot naked broads having lesbian sex, I’m not interested.
Living with Stone Cold? They could call the show "Who Wants To Get Abused By A Millionare."
Don’t give Gene any more ideas.

"Levine, it should be noted, is the famed KISS fotog, who first started with the band in the Seventies, went on to do the ’96 Reunion fotos…co-produced ‘Detroit Rock City’ at New Line Cinema…works at Dark Horse on their comics and movie properties…and is developing a few television and movie projects with me.

"Adam Rifkin (dir/ ‘Detroit Rock City’) and Chris Kobin came by to talk to me about a television project. More news to follow.

"Yesterday, spent the day meeting with our NG-TV (No Good Television) investors…doing British television and radio interviews and saying hello to Tommy Thayer, who dropped by with a friend to pick up his copy of ‘Speaking In Tongues’ DVD. Not to mention dropping off Gene’s lunch, which he was told to pick up on the way.

"And then, went to see ‘Hero’ (with Jet Lee)…filmed in China with English sub-titles. If you’re tired of American styled movie making, check this masterpiece out. The script has a different pace than we’re used to, but the art direction, cinematography, special effects and direction has to be seen to be believed."

From HardRadio.com:

Former IRON MAIDEN vocalist PAUL DI’ANNO is "looking for a new band for live work throughout Europe. The band must be a twin guitar line-up and must live in Europe and be able to play both old and new style metal and rock and must be great musicians. Looks like CC Deville won’t be auditioning. They must have a good back-line, along with their own back-line transportation, and they must also have much experience of live work together along with proof of their previous live shows. No individual musicians need apply as this is strictly a full band line-up that is required. Contact: Leajameshart@aol.com."

Somebody tell Paul that Maiden got Bruce back, so they’re probably not going to be contacting him.
Maybe he could hook up with Dead Tight Five and call it ‘Di’Anno Type Five?’
Rumor has it that Paul Di’Anno might be down for 20 Questions with Metal Sludge! Stay tuned…

From Bravewords.com:

According to the official BON JOVI website, during a recent interview with long time friend and supporter Pierre Robert of WMMR radio in Philadelphia, frontman Jon Bon Jovi revealed that there is a new Bon Jovi album in the works. It is expected to be released “in the first half of 2005′. No details have been released other than the band is owrking with producer John Shanks. The title of this one should be ‘This One Won’t Suck, We Swear.’

As previously reported, a five disc box set entitled 100 Million Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong will be released worldwide on November 15th, 2004. According to a press release, Bon Jovi (the band) supervised the project at every stage. It will be comprised of three CDs of songs previously unreleased by the band, a fourth CD with many of Bon Jovi’s favorite previously released rarities (from movie soundtracks and a variety of sources here and abroad), and a DVD of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes film and video footage.

The entire contents of the box set are in the final phase of production, but the band now confirms that among the previously unreleased materials (many of which are completed tracks that never made it onto albums) will be songs even the most hard-core fans have never heard, including ‘Why Aren’t You Dead?’, ‘One To Say Goodbye’, and ‘Gotta Have A Reason’. Similarly, the fourth disc, containing songs which have been released in limited formats previously, is slated to include the movie tracks ‘Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White’ (from The Cowboy Way), ‘Real Life’ (from EDTV), an original demo of the hit single ‘Always’, and international B-sides such as ‘Temptation’.

Some bands know how to put together a good box set. Hey GENE, take note.

The new STEPHEN PEARCY DVD – Live in Buffalo, NY is now available. This show was shot using a professional grade camera so the quality is great! Go to the Video Page at www.stephen-pearcy.com to order your copy.

Filmed in June 2004, it contains the following 16 songs:

‘Overdrive’, ‘Wanted Man’, ‘I’m Insane’, ‘You Think You’re Tough’, ‘Back For More’, Lack Of Communication’, ‘Lay It Down’, ‘You’re In Love’, ‘Slip Of The Lip’, ‘Ya Talkin’ To Me’, ‘U Got It’, ‘Walkin’ The Dog’, ‘Body Talk’, ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’, ‘Round And Round’ and ‘Way Cool Jr.’

I like how they made sure to point out they were using a "professional grade camera." As opposed to what, a 65mm Photoscope from 1897?
Yes, I’m sure the video quality is great… it’s the sound quality I’m worried about.
Just in case you haven’t seen Stephen butcher these songs live in person, now you can buy a fucking DVD and torture yourself in the comfort of your own home!

FLOGGING MOLLY (Sounds like Kendra Jade’s next film!), featuring former FASTWAY/KATAMANDU vocalist Dave King, is releasing their forthcoming album, Within’ A Mile Of Home, on September 14th.

The band emailed BW&BK wiith the following description of their latest material: "Hard to define….. Irish, folk, punk or thrash, there is something for everyone on this disc. With thrashers like ‘Screaming At The Wailing Wall’, to a ballad or two, and a duet with a suprise musical guest. The new disc was produced by original FM guitarist Ted Hutt."

Have you ever noticed that "something for everyone" usually means that nobody will really like it?
We heard a rumor that Dave King pretty much does everything he can to avoid owning up to his Fastway past. Say, that gives us a great idea for an upcoming edition of Metal Sludge Exposed!

POISON drummer Rikki Rockett sent BW&BK the following email:

"A few short years ago Helen Garber had a mission to paint portaits of rock fans and groupies and raise them to high art. She accomplished that in a succesful show entitled, "American Groupie" that showed in a posh N.Y. gallery.

Smash cut to 2004 where disgruntled ex husband David Yellen has taken the reference photos from behind Helen’s back and is now publishing a book with only the photos called "Too Fast For Love". This book and its accompanying text bashes Poison, hard rock, the fans and groupies into the dirt! It is an exploitive, uncreative rip at hard rock from the ’80s. No Comment.

After these subjects were good enough to allow themselves to be photographed with the idea that they would be used in paintings and then going and using the pictures to profit by demeaning them is out and out blasphemy! Helen is horrified that her concept has been twisted into an exploitive farse and wishes anyone who was photographed for this to contact her.

This forthcoming book is an "Unlawful Derivative Work" based on Helen’s concept. Legal actions have begun but the press is unfettered by the launch of this piece of crap.

The latest Poison/’80s bashing can be found at the "Paper Mag" website

Read the article and if you feel as scorned as I do, write the person and the editor and load their mailbox with what you think!

This means war!

Rikki Rockett"

"This means war," coming from Rikki Rockett, is about as scary as a declaration of war from France.
He’s stocking up on tofu bullets as we speak.

Axl, Blackie, Dana and Donna

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