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Jerry Cantrell (far left) with Vinnie Chas of Pretty Boy Floyd (center) in their first band RAZE.vj2_3.jpg

Jerry & Vinnie jammin out in the basement.


More Jerry & Vinnie in RAZE.

chrisjerry michealvinnie.jpg

Jerry (2nd from left) with Chris of Sweet Savage far left and Vinnie Chas from right.

C.C. DeVille’s long lost brother?

A reject from Britny Fox?

Nope, it’s Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley!

That’s right, before they wore flannels and dressed grunge, they wore lipstick and eyeliner. The collage above is of Layne Staley in his band Sleze. It’s from a cable access show called "Father Rock." No wonder the guy turned into a herion addict.

Layne and his date looking like they are ready for the prom.

Layne looking like a Rooster

Nice hat.

Here’s an old ass article on Sleze

Notice it says "Candy" Layne.

"Liplock Rock?" Sounds like a Pretty Boy Floyd CD

A Sleze laminate! How impressive.

Layne is at the bottom looking like Anthony Focx.

Look, Alice N Chains played with a band called Ruff Toiz. That name screams 80s hairband.

Notice the flyers say Alice N Chains.

After Alice N Chains, Layne went onto….

Jerry Cantrell, Layne Staley, Sean Kinney, and Mike Starr in Diamond Lie.

Here’s a shitty scanned Diamond Lie flyer.

With the sayings "Sex," "Hold On It’s Comin.," and "Performance So Good You Can Taste It" it sounds more like an old Warrant flyer.

After Diamond Lie, then they became Alice In Chains.

Here’s an old photo of Mike Starr’s band Gypsy Rose

Jerry Cantrell

Don’t think we’re ending here. We also have Alice In Chains replacement bass player Mike Inez in his Sunset Strip band Sure Fire!

Mike is on the far right. This is from June of 1986.

Mike is the one on the bottom right with the glossy lipstick. This is from 1987.

Thanks to Christy and the Music Band for some of the photos!

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