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20 Questions With Steve West, 1/11/00




Danger Danger Drummer Steve West

This week’s 20 Questions is with Steve West.  A few months back we interviewed Danger Danger bass player Bruno Ravel, and before that we interviewed former singer Ted Poley.   That means we’ve interviewed 3/5ths of the original Danger Danger!  That’s probably 3 members too many, but hey, they all seem to be down with Metal Sludge!  So now it’s Steve’s turn.  We’re just like jury duty, sooner or later you’ll get notified that it’s your time to serve.  And there is no escaping it!  

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is the only chance to plug whatever it is you are doing?

STEVE:  We recently finished recording a new album. It’s called "The Return of The Great Gildersleeves" and it will be released worldwide Feb.23. We will also be releasing ”Cockroach” this summer.  Both versions.

Danger Danger back in the day.

2.  What is your best memory of D2 and the worst?

Miami Arena with Kiss. ”Bang Bang" was # 1 down there and the joint was jumpin’!

Also, Wembley Arena with Kiss. ”Monkey Business” was a hit in England and we were the talk of the town.  (At least for a few minutes anyway). 2 sold out tours of Japan didn’t suck either!

The worst: re-releasing ”Naughty Naughty” after ”Bang Bang” was a hit.  It was time to go with the ballad. We wanted to release ”Don’t Walk Away” but Sony said ”no”.  Pretty much every "Metal Sludge" band made their name when they finally released a ballad. We never got the shot. Game, set and match for D2. At least in America. 

3.  You look pretty skinny and have a similar look to someone who has had a few substance related issues. Have you ever used narcotics, types, etc…?

The only drug I’ve ever been hooked on is ”pussy.” I eat as much as I can but I still can’t manage to gain any weight. I don’t think pussy has a lot of ‘carbs.


4.  Isn’t it time for Alice Cooper to retire?

Never! Alice was one of my heroes when I first discovered ”rock and roll.” I actually had the honor of writing a song with him. It’s called ”Burning Our Bed” and it’s on the ”Hey Stoopid” album. Not only is he a legend but he’s one hell of a sweet guy!      

5.  Do you think Ted Poley might suffer from slight mental retardation since he collects antique toys?

I’m not a doctor. 

6.  Which one of the following has the fakest wig?

A. Kevin DuBrow

B. Steve "Sex" Summers

C. Paul Stanley

D. Tracii Guns

E. The guys from Spinal Tap

I’m not a barber.

7.  Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being someone who shouldn’t even pick up the sticks, and 10 being some funky cat!


Neil Peart =10

Eric Singer = 9

Rikki Rockett = 8

Vikki Foxx = He’s an idiot!

Lars Ulrich = Another idiot!

Sheila E = I give her tits a 9.

Tommy Lee = 11! Tommy’s the shit! Just listen to the Crue cd with Corabi.

Athena Lee = I give her a 10 for being Tommy’s sister.

Peter Criss = 8 – back in the day. He was a hero of mine and he played some pretty nutty shit.

Hey, I’ve got a write in: Bun E. Carlos – 10!

8.  Who bang banged the most chick chicks in Danger Danger’s hey day?

I guess it was me.

9.  What current band/bands or music trend is way over rated?


10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a disgusting slob, and 10 being hot as fuck.


Christian Applegate - 6

Debbie Gibson – 7. C’mon, don’t ya wanna do her?

Carmen Electra – 7

Ginger Spice – 5

Sophia Loren – 7 now, 10 – 30 yrs. ago

Sarah Michelle Gellar – 7

Britney Spears – 8

Donna D’Errico – 8

Shannon Tweed – 7

Jennifer Aniston -7


11.  What rock band should give it up and call it a day?

People in glass houses…

12.  Assuming you ran into a genuine genie in a bottle (and we’re aren’t talking Christina Aquilera), and she insisted on getting paid to grant the 3 wishes listed below, how much would you pay out of your own pocket right this very minute for the following to happen?


A.   For Danger Danger?s next album to go Platinum?  

$1.50 Hey, it’s worth a slice of pizza.

B.   World hunger to come to an end for a week? 


C.   For the eradication of STD from the face of the earth?  $100,000

D.   To keep a 16-year old girl from becoming pregnant? Fuck her!

13.  What bands did you tour with that were complete dicks?

Fortunately, none. Sorry.

14.  Out of the following listed below, which do you prefer?


Britny Fox or Britney Spears = Can I fuck Britney Spears while listening to Britny Fox?

Whitesnake or White Zombie = Whitesnake

Rikki Rockett or Riki Rachtman = They’re both great guys

Bobbie Brown or Bobbi Brown = whichever one is the female

Gerri Miller or Jerry Dixon = toss up

Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Sabrina The Teenage Witch = Buffy

15.  What do you remember about the following years?

1975 = Jerkin’ off.

1980 = Still jerkin’ off.

1985 = Less jerkin’ off, more sex.

1990 = No jerkin’ off. Non-stop sex.

1995 = Jerkin’ off.


16.  When did you first find out about Metal Sludge and what’s your opinion of our whole trip with 80s bands?

Bruno Ravel told me about it. I dig it! Some of the funniest shit I’ve ever read.

17.  What rock star deserves the biggest smack in the mouth and why?

Lars Ulrich.  His insecurity is pathetic.


18.  What’s up with Andy Timmons?  Why isn’t he in the band anymore?

Andy Timmons, yes very familiar. I loveded that duuude.  He was my brother. Seriously, Andy’s the best! He still plays on all our records but he’s perusing his own dream. He’s got his own solo thing happening and it’s

great. We’re still very close.

19.  Got any blow?

Ask Donnie Vie.  And I say that with nothing but love for the brother!

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.


Fred Durst - Lars Ulrich

Ted Poley – We’re cool

Jackyl – ?

Howard Stern – He’s cool

Sebastian Bach – Bad mouthed us, then kisses our ass.  C’mon dude, make up your mind!

Tommy Lee – Plays the best shit! I wish he was still with the Crue.

Rikki Rockett – He’s a really nice guy.

Ted Nugent – I saw him at the Garden with Rex Smith as the opener.

Jesse Ventura – Governor

Gene Simmons – ”Yes, very familiar.” I’m honored that he actually calls me back.

So there you go!   Steve was cool and managed to get a few digs in.  He basically said Lars sucks and is an insecure idiot, and Vikki Foxx sucks too.  We emailed Steve back and asked what was up with the Sebitchian comment in his Word Association, and here is what he said:

As for Sebastian, I knew him before the Skid Row album came out. We were friends.  Back around ’92/’93 he started slaggin’ us ‘cos we weren’t ”cool.”  This was his ”if you aren’t heavy like Pantera, then you suck” phase. We were friendly because we dug each other.  Not because we were in band or what kind of music we made. Anyway, he started bad mouthing us to chicks and friends in other bands.  I’ve got no problem with that.  I do have a problem with him still acting friendly and all nice and shit to me and Bruno whenever he sees us.  Why bother to even say hello to us if we’re not ”cool?”  He’s just a knucklehead.  Just ask his ex-band.  I don’t hate the guy.  He’s amusing.  Hell, I don’t even think he remembers he slagged us in the first place.

He probably doesn’t!  Sounds like typical Bach, cool to your face but talks shit behind your Bach.  Get it?  Behind your Bach?  We thought we’d clear that up though because people were bound to email us and ask us what’s up with Steve’s comment.  So now you know.

Anyways, if you’d like to find out more about Danger Danger, go towww.dangerdanger.com.They list all their tour dates, album releases, and shit like that.

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