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20 Questions With Paul Crook, 4/18/00



Paul Crook

Ex-Anthrax and current Sebitchian Bach guitarist Paul Crook

This week’s 20 Questions is with Sludgeaholic Paul Crook.  Paul is a fan of the site and emailed us a while back.  He was playing guitar for Anthrax and is currently the guitarist for our buddy Sebastian Bach.  This interview was done before last week’s little incident with Sebitchian, so we weren’t able to ask Paul any questions regarding that.  However, we did ask him a few Sebitchian questions, as well as a few Anthrax questions and our typical shit.  Check it out! 

Hey! I’m currently in Calgary watching the snowfall, eh? Here’s my answers, sorry for the delay. I had fun, thanks!


1.  What are you currently up to?  This is the only chance to plug your shit, CD, tours, etc.
Out on tour with Baz til ??

2. Do you feel Anthrax should of given you more credit than you received?
Yes. I’m not expecting a partnership, never did. All I ever needed was to be treated and portrayed as a member of the band. It baffled me that after being involved with 2 records and sweating on stage with my friends for 5 years,
that I wasn’t included in the latest press photos when I was on tour with them in January/ February. 

3.  Now that you are playing with Sebastian Bach, are you going to have to wear Giant Green Glitter Wings and makeup?
Actually, when Baz first called me about the gig, I asked if I had to wear wings. And if I did, could Jimmy make them for me because I didn’t know how.

Paul Actually With Anthrax!
Look, a photo of Paul WITH Anthrax!!

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
I don’t have to listen to or go see any band I don’t care for so anyone can do as they please. I’ve read a lot that people think KISS should quit. The thought of hearing and seeing Ace play "Heaven’s on Fire" in make-up is
ridiculous. But I’d rather have the chance to see Ace play ANYTHING than not be able to see him play at all.

5.  Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a total jackass and 10 being a virtuoso.
Scott Ian:  When It comes to thrash, hard pressed to find anyone better (9).
Snake Sabo:   good rock player (8)
Richie Scarlet:  metal (7), blues (8), accoustic, one of the best I’ve heard (9), for being a real hot chick (10; let’s hear it for sequins).
Mick Mars:  I love Mick Mars. He’s one of the few guitarists out of the 80’s metal bands that I could tell right away it was him as soon I heard the playing. Real nasty tone. (8)
Dave Mustaine:  great guitar player. Done a lot for metal. (9)
CC DeVille:  I can’t listen to him. I just can’t. Is he playing to a different song in a different key?
Scottie Hill:  Great natural guitar ability. Beautiful vibrato. (8)
Richie Sambora: I heard him dicking around during a soundcheck and he’s really good. When he plays with his friend, he sounds weak to me. (8)
Ted Nugent:  awesome tone and attitude. Fucking killer (9)
Tracii Guns:  He does a great Randy Rhoads imitation (6)

The Jew & Paul
Scott Ian And Paul

6.  Scott Ian is:
A. Angry and plays metal because he’s too short too ride roller coasters
B. Angry and shaved his head because he knew his hair was falling out anyway
C. Angry and plays only rhythm because he can’t play a lead to save his life
D. Angry because Metallica has sold 40 million more records than Anthrax

7.  Do you have any idea what that thing is hanging in front of Sebastian’s crotch that he wears on stage?  It looks like he’s trying to make his cock look big or something.  Is it a sock?  What’s up with that?
It’s a baby’s arm.

8.  Have you ever been an official member of any band?
No, is that an offer? Do you have a band I can join?

9.  Don’t you think Richie Scarlet is basically just a very, very, very poor man’s version of Keith Richards?
No doubt he’s influenced by him. If he’s the poor man’s version of Keith Richards, I’m the poor man’s version of Eddie Van Halen.

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a bucket of piss and 10 being a hottie.
Maria Bach = (9)
Pamela Anderson = (9)
Jennifer Lopez = (7)
Britney Spears = (6)
Christina Aguilera = (7)
Shania Twain = (9)
Florence from the Jeffersons = I don’t like Florence at all (3)
Traci Lords = (7)
Cindy Crawford = (9)
Courtney Love = (6)

11.  Other than Sebastian, what rock star deserves a kick in the nuts?
First of all, I’m not going to kick Baz in the nuts and I don’t think you would have the balls to either if you were standing in front of him. Other than that, the singer from the Crash Test Dummies?voice is too low.

12.  Are you officially done with Anthrax? This is the music business so one never says never. What if Scott calls you up and  says you can be a member now?  Would you do it, or is it too late?
See answer to question #2.

13.  What are your favorite and least favorite Skid Row and Anthrax songs to play?
Anthrax- Favorite: Among the Living / Least favorite: Startin’ up a Posse
Skid Row- Favorite: Monkey Business / Least favorite: Frozen

Paul's Legion Of Fans!
Millions of fans try to reach out and touch Paul.

14.  Please match the proper letter with the proper name:

Lars Ulrich =                 
Kurt Loder =
Courtney Love =   
Vince Neil =      
David Lee Roth =  
Kid Rock =        
Dave Mustaine =   
Sebastian Bach =
A. Is an uptight MTV VJ & reporter
B. Has almost no real hair left on  his head
C. Is a rap rocker who sold over 5 million records in 1999
D. Is a smart ass Danish drumming prick
E. Is an angry metal head with a thin voice
F. Could’ve possibly murdered the singer from Nirvana
G. throws bottles at fans faces from the stage
H.  Is a lazy bloated singer

These are very funny. Actually all are except the Courtney/ Nirvana?that’s terrifying. You’re putting words in my mouth here.

15.  Tell us what you remember about the following years:
1979 = Hearing Van Halen’s "Eruption". Seeing my first concert (KISS) at Madison Square Garden
1983 = Playing my favorite British metal songs in my cover band Triton (the only band I was an official member of)
1987 = Great year for metal (Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax)
1991 = The year the METAL died
1995 = The year I wasn’t asked to join Anthrax
1997 = The year I still wasn’t asked to join Anthrax

16. Sebastian Bach is which of the following:
A.  He’s totally loyal to his wife and has never cheated in over 10 years of touring.
B.  Fucks everything with a mini skirt on and fake tits
C.  Only gets blow jobs when he’s all fucked up on weed and booze (every night)
D.  Occasionally whacks off to old Judas Priest videos with Phil from Pantera
E.  He’s very limber and sucks himself off in his own bunk three times a day
I’ve never seen him be anything but loyal. Who would want to cheat when you have a wife that looks like that? (A)

Bell Hop Paul
Paul, aka The Bell Hop, waiting to get the bags for Anthrax

17.  Is the reason you were in Anthrax because they could not only have you play guitar but also carry their bags and be a roadie?
Once a roadie, always a roadie.

18.  Not that it has anything to do with you, but do you think Skid Row should continue on using the name Skid Row if Sebastian isn’t in the band?
I don’t think so. It’s no mystery that all the hit songs were written by Snake and Rachel. In my opinion, the sound and look of Baz is what sold the band. Who wants to hear Carl Perkins sing Blue Suede Shoes even though he
wrote it. This doesn’t mean Snake and Rachel should quit writing songs because they are a great team. I just think a lot of Skid fans might be confused about the band right now. 

19.  Hypothetical Question:  Do you think a singer with a gut should wear a leather vest that exposes his belly?  Shouldn’t a singer with a gut try to dress more flattering?
I saw the picture you are talking about. Look, we all take bad pictures every now and then. The fact remains, Baz is the greatest looking frontman in rock, hands down.

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thought

Jon Bon Jovi:  rich and smart
Scott Ian:  an intelligent friend who I turn to for advice
Howard Stern:  a genius
Tommy Lee:  Animal from the Muppets who was lucky enough to get Miss Piggy
Gene Simmons:  a demon that’s not so evil anymore
Snake Sabo:  official member of Anthrax
Warrant: weak marinara sauce
Nikki Sixx:  Does that guy ever age? Always looks great.
Carson Daly: Him? Jennifer Love Hewitt? "So you’re saying there’s a chance?" (Jim Carrey- Dumb and Dumber)
Bret Michaels: ab-roller

If you’d like more info on Paul or if you’d like to find out if Paul’s not a member of any other bands he’s playing with, check out his website at  http://members.aol.com/itssometal/index.html

Now that Paul did 20 Questions, maybe his singer will finally give in!

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