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20 Questions With Jamie Hunting, 5/23/00



Jamie Hunting

Union Bass Player Jamie Hunting

This week’s 20 Questions are, well, bizarre.  Very bizarre.  This is one of our more "fucked up" interviews, because at times it appears that Jamie Hunting is making absolutely no sense.  Maybe if you get really drunk or stoned, this 20 Questions might make more sense.  Anyways, proceed with caution!!!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your albums, tours, websites, or other shit like that. 

I’ve moved to West Hollywood and am desperately trying to fit in at the rainbow. Been working on the Union project..on the road now. Some folks are trying to get a web site on me together. I’ve been very busy and haven’t had the time to get all the info together but I am working on getting my discography together–  records- videos—etc.. Just been working on the new place with my girlfriend being a homebody….oh I forgot to plug my ass. 

2.  Do you think anybody who is reading this has any idea who you are?

Maybe…nobody really knows anybody that well… you know? I’ve been mobbed ’cause twenty girls thought I was Vinnie Appice….I look like the guy in Aerosmith (which one?) Rolling Stones (all rolled into one….cute) Jim Morrison (oh my God) on anon anon…it really does not matter to me. Maybe it will in the future. Right now I’m somebody else somewhere else anyway.(who is that guy and who does he think he is anyhow???!!)

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

I wouldn’t know and don’t care.

4. What do you think Union?s chances of ever going gold is?

A. 10 % or lower

B. 20% to 50%

C. 50% to 75%

D. 100%

B or we all die in a plane crash OR get some exposure as our own band

5. Rate the following bass players on a scale of 1 to 10. And be honest. Don’t be a puss. 1 is a bass player who totally sucks, and 10 being a Billy Sheehan type.

HA HA…does that mean that Billy blows????? I’ve heard stories…..naw,Billy’s all right

Nikki Sixx = A communicator — not a 4 stringer

Jason Newstead = Don’t know him

Michael Anthony = Big Dick bass playing in the early days…not many hard rockbassists are real enough and also have a wonderful voice to boot…it all counts. We’ve been acquainted for, many years.

Fieldy from Korn = I love korn…especially w/butter and some salt

Jeff Pilson = heard the name before

Jerry Dixon = heard the name

Bobby Dall = Who? The guy from Poison? Just saw a thing on VH1 I think he’s OK.
Lucky to be sober

Eric Brittingham = Who? I am not too familiar with these names…I’m sorry they areall probably cool dudes and players

Dana Strum = heard of him…don’t have a friggin’ clue other than that…whydon’t I make a list of bassists for you to check out!!!

Dave Ellefson = Out of this whole list I am familiar with two or three of theseguys… sorry never heard of Dave but I’m sure he is good…just sure of it.

6. Have you ever been on a tour bus that was actually moving and not idle?

Yeah but I wish the tours moved as good as the goddam coach.

7.  Is there any truth to the rumor that it was you and Brent who stole Bruce?s guitar because you guys wanted to pawn it so you could afford to buy a sandwich, but then you guys chickened out and returned it? Is that true??

Anyone can tell you who was in Indy that day that I didn’t wanna seeanybody especially a fuckin rip off..actually I was very ill and in bed…

8. Let’s test your Hollywood Star Status, have you ever met the following, and if yes give description.

Nikki Sixx = Years ago..1981 maybe

Pauly Shore= Breifly….a TV show in Honolulu w/ Pam Anderson

Shaq= no

Kato Kaelin =
yeah…we met at a Celine Dion recording session in Hollywood…whata scene..Phil Spector was the producer.. ..then hung out with him again atPhil’s house and watched the fights. Cool guy….bad wrap.

Gene Simmons = He came to see Union a couple of times

Hugh Hefner = no

Riki Rachtman = heard of him

Pamela Lee Anderson = did a gig with her once

Leonardo DiCaprio = no

Scott Baio = no

David Geffen = no

Dr. Dre from N.W.A = no

Carmen Electra = I wish

10. Rate the following chicks. 1 being a bucket of pig urine and 10 being a hottie.

Gerri Miller =
5 real cool

Jenna Jameson = who?

Tracii Lords = seen her once at the market….11(she swallows stuff)

Debbie Gibson = 4.5

The Olsen Twins = don’t know em

Shannon Tweed = don’t know her

Donna D?Errico = don’t know her

Bobbie Brown = can’t picture her…snazzy name though….she gets a 7

Neve Campbell = 5 ’cause she’s a model

Pamela Anderson = 8 …..millimeter.

11. If you had to pick one 80s band, which one would you not want to play with and why?

you have stumped me……I’m sorry

12. When you get fired from Union, do you have anything else lined up? Like maybe a Doublemint commercial with your twin brother or something?

Beg Eric Singer to take me under his wing and get me a gig with some one like Derek Sherinian. Yeah they actuall used to bug me and my brother to do shit like that….we just kinda laughed at them…maybe we shudda takenthe offers even though we were kinda shy back then.

13. What rock star deserves a kick in the mouth and why?

Steven Tyler because your foot would probably fit!!

14. Does it bother you that Union is kind of a Supergroup but you’re not really considered part of the super?

Depending on who the idiot is that is saying, " kind of super"…itmight.. but I don’t have much to prove to people, I don’t know. I would bepleased to work with these "superpeople" and remain anonymous…it would bedream you know…think about it man.

15. Which do you prefer:

Poison or Warrant =

Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley =

Guitar players named Bruce or C.C. =

Paul Gargano or Gerri Miller =

Playstation or Nintendo 64 =

Touring with Warrant or Slaughter =

Porn stars or Strippers =

Eric Singer or Mini Me =

EA sports…..soccer



Jamie, Bruce, John & Brent – Union 1999

16. Who has less say in their band:

A. Michael Anthony in Van Halen

B. Robbie Crane in Ratt.

C. Johnny Solinger in Skid Row

D. Whoever the drummer is in Warrant this week.

E. You and Brent in Union

Don’t know about these guys. Do you? I speak when I say I say no I say  so speak

17. Star power test #2, have you ever done any of the following:

Been to the playboy mansion =no

Dated a pornstar = many….ssshhh

Deposited more than 10,000 at once into your bank account = anything more than that the bank has to report to the IRS…..I found out..

Flew first class = wouldn’t waste the $$$ Ramones rule.

Paid over $500 for dinner and drinks = stupid…..I probably have years ago in Japan….I didn’t have any idea about play money.

Been a guest on Loveline = can’t remember…maybe a long time ago in the aidees.

Had to go out with a body guard= yes, but not for me.

Gotten a tattoo on Sunset Boulevard = do you wanna see ‘em? …………….yes I have.

18. Has anybody ever asked you for an autograph?

Yeah….my checkbook

19. What do you do for a day job to pay your bills?

anything I can….work works…haven’t had a steady for verylong….save it when you earn it if you can.


20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

John Corabi = screaming girls with boyfriends

Tommy Lee = Dealer….old band

Vince Neil = Moonshadows in Malibu and Rock Candy

Lars Ulrich = cool

CC DeVille =great car man

Sebastian Bach = funny…tall

Paul Stanley = Rich

David Lee Roth = Bob Marley

Gerri Miller =who’s the leader of the pack that’s………………..    ?

Slaughter = seen ‘em in metal edge

Jani Lane = looks good in glasses

Feel confused now?

How is it that Jamie Hunting from Union has no idea who half the bass players are that we listed?  He doesn’t know who Jason Newstead is or Eric Brittingham or Jerry Dixon or Jeff Pilson or Dave Ellefson or even Dana Strum??  How is that possible?  Does this guy live in a closet?  Plus Jamie is going out with a porn star, but he doesn’t know who Jenna Jameson is?  And how is it he doesn’t remember if he was on "Love Line" or not?  We heard Jamie is kind of "different", but we didn’t think he was clueless as well.

Well, if you aren’t totally frightened by Jamie’s 20 Questions and would like more info on him or Union, you can go to the Official Union website atwww.unionasylum.com.

In a month or so, we will be doing 20 Questions with Union drummer Brent Fitz, so hopefully Brent will make a little more sense.

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