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20 Questions With Zoe, 5/30/00



With Porn Star ZOE!

Welcome to Metal Sludge’s 1st Annual Porn Week!  Each day we will do something porn related, and this week’s 20 Questions are with Porn Star Zoe!  Zoe emailed us a few weeks back so we hit her up for 20 Questions.  She is also friends with Kendra Jade, who is doing her Rewind on this Thursday.  
Anyways, Zoe sent back our questions within a few hours, so we give her props for being punctual!  Enjoy!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your appearances, videos, websites, etc.
ZOE:  I feature dance alot all over the country, and I am in the midst of putting together some mainstream projects.  My latest videos are:  CAPTIVE and RAGING PINK.  My website is WWW.XXXZOE.COM  or you can write me at
PO Box 3334  
Lakewood, CA 90711. 
Everything you need to know on what I am doing and where I will be is on the website, so I won’t bore you repeating it all. LOL

Zoe At The Beach

2.  Lets get right to it.  Approximately how many guys have you fucked?
Off camera – 13
On camera – 15

3.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Rolling Stones

4.  How many chicks have you been with, and what type of girls are you attracted to?  Ever hooked up with Kendra Jade?  
Off camera – 5 
On camera – 3
Kendra and I have shared a kiss or two and some erotic fondling.

5.  Which of the follow would you prefer:
Rim Jobs or Blow Jobs = Rim jobs
Limp Bizkit or Korn = Korn
Motley Crue or Poison = tough one here, If I had to choose Motley Crue
Jenny McCarthy or Pamela Anderson = neither, or Pam if I was desperate
Jenna Jameson or Janine = Janine
Having a guy pee on you or having sex with Ron Jeremy = having a guy pee on me
Playboy or Penthouse = Penthouse since Playboy doesn’t let porn stars in their magazine
Nipple claps or anal fisting = nipple claps
Pouring hot wax on your tits or lighting your hands on fire = hot wax on my tits
Shaving or waxing = shaving
Bass players or drummers = drummers

6.  What girl in porn is the biggest bitch and needs her ego put back in place? 
Hmmmmm toss up between Jeanna Jameson and Jasmin St. Clair

7.  You’ve done some work with the WWF as one of the Godfather’s ho’s. Did you bang any of the wrestlers, and if not, which wrestlers tried to pick you up?
Nope I didn’t get to bang any, but Sexual Chocolate and the Big Show showed some interest.

8.  Have you ever banged a black guy?

Zoe With The Godfather
With the WWF’s The Godfather

9.  2 Part Question: Do you allow yourself to be photographed during your period and do you have sex when you’re on the rag?
Yes and Yes.

10.  Rate the following guys on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a scrub and 10 being somebody you’d want to fuck. Vince Neil = 2
Howard Stern = 1
Luke Ford = 3
Sebastian Bach = 9
Gene Simmons = 4 for the tongue woohoo
Fred Durst = who
Bret Michaels = 6
Tommy Lee = 5
Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray = 6
Marilyn Manson = 8

Zoe At The Computer
Zoe, probably reading Metal Sludge

11.  On your website, you are selling your pubic hair trimmings for $100!  How many perverts have you had order this and what’s the strangest request you’ve been asked for?
I have had about three guys order the hair. The strangest request (I don’t even like typing it LOL), someone wanted to buy a polaroid of me taking a shit and he also wanted to buy the shit itself.  EWWWWW  I politely declined that offer.

12.  What rock stars have you banged?  Please give us names and penis size info.
Believe or not, none.

13.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
John Sykes for playing my roomate and not returning her phone calls after they saw each other for awhile.

14.  Who would you like to bang but haven’t gotten the chance to yet?
Nikki Sixx

15.  What do you remember about the following years?
1978 = I was four living in TX
1982 = I was eight studying hard at school
1986 = Still studying.  Yes, exciting I know
1990 = I had my first experience with a girl.
1994 = By this time I had my Associates degree and became a stripper.
1998 = Moved to LA, CA

16.  How do you feel about a guy who wouldn’t kiss you right after he blew a load in your mouth?
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Zoe at a Store Opening
At a grand opening of an adult store

17.  What are your top 3 favorite CDs and what is your favorite song to strip to?
1.  Motley Crue-Dr. Feelgood – Rattle Snake Shake
2.  Lords of Acid-Our little secret – all
3.  NIN-Pretty Hate Machine – all

Zoe at the Savannah Museum
Zoe with some Savannah stuff

18.  Have you have done double penetration before?

19.  What’s the most amount of money you’ve made from either a video or from stripping?
$9,000 in 6 days stripping at a club in Atlanta, GA

20.  You have a very strong resemblance to the late Savannah.  Any chance of getting hooked on crack and killing yourself anytime soon?
Nope none at all!!!!

21.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.
Kendra Jade = friend
Howard Stern = hypocrite
Savannah = dead
Jenna Jameson = bitch
Ron Jeremy = hairy
Matt Zane = who LOL
Pamela Anderson = bad actress
Tommy Lee = wife beater
Traci Lords = she should make another CD
Houston = labia

Zoe at CES, 2000
Zoe at CES 2000, Las Vegas

There you have it!  For more info on Zoe such as her appearances, videos, or if you wanna buy her used birth control packs, you can go to www.xxxzoe.comShe also has a message board where you can ask her your own questions!  So be sure to stop by and tell her Metal Sludge sent you, and buy some of her pubic hair!

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