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20 Questions With Jenteal, 11/14/00



Porn Star Jenteal

This week’s 20 Questions are with Porn Star Jenteal! She emailed us a while ago and complimented us on our 20 Questions with Jenna Jameson, so we hit her up for 20 Questions. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your shit so get it out of the way!
For the past several years I have been touring and running web sites more than anything else. My web site, http://www.jenteal.com has taken up most of my time. I also hooked up with Dyanna Lauren, Janine, and Kobe Tai and built sites for them. I got tired of my friends getting fucked over by people claiming they could make them money, so I decided to do it for them. It ain’t brain surgery! You can see it all at http://www.adultstarnetwork.com. Also, last June I shot an Indy film called "MADE" written, directed, and starring Jon Favreau. It also stars Vince Vaughn and Famke Janssen. You can check out that site at http://www.gettingitmade.com. Jon and Vince rock! It was a cool experience and it should be out early spring.

2. Since we have no idea, tell us some of your favorite bands and shit like that.
I like everything from old 70’s rock, to swing music, to Godsmack. I dig Fleetwood Mac, Simon and Garfunkle, Creed, Zeppelin, the Zombies, Third Eye Blind, Bob Marley. I used to go to Dead shows in high school. I like plenty of 80’s rock, but I think it should stay in the 80’s for the most part. I will listen to just about anything except R & B or Rap. My taste range is wide, but was mostly influenced by my parents. They were big on late 60’s – 70’s rock and "get high" music. For dancing on the road I like the harder faster rock like Godsmack and the Zombies.

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Poison. You were never good to begin with. Are they still putting out that crap? Even though I was in one of their videos, I hate Everclear. Art is so transparent and better live up the rock and roll life while he can.

4. What do you think about porn stars that go to work at the brothels in Nevada?
They are hookers. What more needs to be said?

5. Please rate these porn stars, rock stars wives, models, actresses, etc….on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a pig and 10 being a hottie.
Kendra Jade = 6 I think she is pretty and photographs nice, but she "over does" herself.
Janine = 10 Even if she wasn’t gorgeous I would give her a 10. She is a good friend so I am partial.
Jenna Jameson = 8 only because I know her less than Janine. But Jenna is one girl I wish I could have been able to work with in a movie. Someday I will get you in bed girl! :)
Traci Lords = 2 stop dodging your past, it is the only reason you got any mainstream recognition at all! I should give her a "1" because she is a pig by principle.
Pamela Anderson = 8 beautiful, but too candy-ish. Too well known for unimportant stuff and has no talent.
Jasmine St. Claire = 1 anyone who lets hundreds of guys fuck them in one day is a pig. That is so fucking gross! Plus she has always been a bitch to me.
Houston = I have met her and liked her, so I don’t want to give her a number. But you read the above sentence about Jasmine didn’t you?
Donna D’Errico = 8 I guess. As with Pam, she is beautiful, but too candy-ish and well known for unimportant stuff and has no talent.
Zoe = I can’t even recall what she looks like and I don’t know anything about her except I talked to her in a chat once.
Chasey Lain = 8
Heather Locklear = 8
I guess my ratings seem to have to do with who they are and how they are as well as what they look like. You can be a hottie and still be a pig!

Jenteal likes to play with more then one pussy. 

6. What rock stars have you fucked or would you like to fuck?
I haven’t fucked any. I haven’t met any I would like to either, and I have met quite a few. If I could fuck a musician I had never met I would choose Madonna. Does she qualify as a rock star?

7. For $2,500 cash: Would you walk into any random public bathroom and lick a small portion of the seemingly clean toilet seat?
$2500 is chump change.

8. What’s the most amount of money you made in one week stripping?
I don’t like to talk about my income in case Uncle Sam ever comes knocking. But I will say less than Jenna said she made. God damn girl keep rockin!

9. Are you still running Janine’s fan club and what is she doing now?
Are you looking for gossip? :) I still run her fan club and her merchandise site. Right now she is being an amazing mother to her son, and trying to figure things out. She came over with Rikki last week to talk about her taking over her web site and fan club herself. She might be ready to control it on her own since she is not too busy. I think she is looking forward to that.

10. Rate the following guys on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a scrub and 10 being a hottie.
Tommy Lee = 7
The Rock = 2 – I had to go to WWF.com to see what he looks like! He looks mean and I hate wrestling!
Fred Durst = 7
Kid Rock = 1
Eminem = 1 – didn’t know who that was either.
Carson Daly = 7 – to pretty for me
Nikki Sixx = 2 – is he in a compitition with Tammy Faye?
Marilyn Manson = 4 – he looks better without the getup
Sebastian Bach = Who?
Howard Stern = 7
Paul Stanley = 3

11. Have you ever had any lesbian sex with any Playboy Playmates? If so, name names.
I have had sex with Summer Altice. We were in a long lasting sexual relationship and had incredible sex several times a day. Then I woke up. To be honest I am not really attracted to that type of woman. Summer is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen photos of. But for the most part, the image that Playboy gives it’s Playmates makes them look too done up and foo foo. I like athletic women who snowboard, surf, and who aren’t afraid of bugs when they go camping. I doubt I would ever have sex with a Playmate if the opportunity arose. It takes more than a dolled up woman to turn me on.

NOTE: Jenteal DID NOT have sex with Summer Altice. She was only kidding and said it was a dream. Please try to pay attention.

12. 2 Part Question: Which rock star and which porn star deserve a smack in the mouth and why?
N Sync and the Backstreet Boys all deserve a smack in the mouth to SHUT THEM THE FUCK UP!!!!
I don’t really have any reason to smack any porn stars. Unless I was gonna smack them on the ass. :)

13. Ever bang a black guy?
Nope. Had sex with a few black girls though. Heather Hunter eats the best pussy of any girl I have ever slept with. Better than any guys as well, other than my husband.

14. Would you allow your vagina to be closed up forever in order to keep the looks of a 25 year old for the next 500 years?
Hell no! I am not going to give up one of the best pleasures in life for vanity. I don’t like foo foo women, remember? I will embrace wrinkles!

15. Which do you prefer:
Luke Ford or Gene Ross = Gene based on his ethics, but Luke is a cool guy outside of his work.
Playboy or Penthouse = Playboy. If they have to be dolled up, I would like to leave something to the imagination.
Jasmin St. Claire or Kendra Jade = Kendra even if I don’t like her principles. The one time I met her she was very sweet. Jasmine was a total bitch.
Metallica or Aerosmith = Metallica
Eating pussy or sucking cock = Can you devise a way for me to do both at once?
Dildos or vegetables = Dildos
Hockey players or wrestlers = Hockey? go Redwings!
Stripping or doing pornos = I love dancing. I am over Porn.
Scuba diving or sky diving = Scuba – because it means I am probably at my house in Kauai. But I have done both and would skydive again in a heartbeat.
Quiet Riot or Twisted Sister = Neither
Shaving or waxing = Shaving
Implants or the real thing = It is the breasts themselves that need to be nice. It doesn’t matter what they are made of if they look and feel good.
Having sex with Ron Jeremy or getting your head shaved = I think I would look good bald. Plus they make great wigs these days.

16. Which porn star do you think is most overrated?
I think Jenna is overrated. But that isn’t a knock against her. I dig her and think she is hot. She has worked hard to get where she is. I just think there is so much out there about her and so much controversy. I am over it.

17. What was the worst CD you ever bought and the worst concert you ever attended?
The worst CD I ever bought was Madonna’s remake of Don McClean’s song American Pie. His version is better and she tore the song apart. All the concerts I have been to were great. Although when I went to the Horde Festival a few years back to visit the Bare Naked Ladies, I saw the Blues Travelers play. I love their music, but they were totally uninteresting on stage. The only fun part was watching Bruce Willis stare at my tits while I was backstage.

18. Have you had to deal with any stalker type fans and what was the most fucked up thing a fan did to you?
I have never had a stalker. The most fucked up thing a fan did was bite my crotch while I was onstage. I punched him in the face and gave him a black eye. When he got up off the floor he looked at me like, "gee, what did I do?" It amazes me what jerks guys can be when they see something they can’t have. And then when they do something jerk-ish they play dumb.

19. When you are tonguing a guy’s (or chick’s) asshole, what exactly are you thinking about at that time?
Before I get to it I hope that it isn’t hairy and they are clean. After that I am wondering if they like it.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Kendra Jade = Jerry Springer, Bunny Ranch?. seemingly nice person Jenna Jameson = Haven’t had her yet?
Cocaine = all-nighter
Jasmin St. Claire = Gangbangs.
Wrestling = I don’t like any of it.
Howard Stern = cracks me up!
Kid Rock = White trash with no talent.
Poison = They need to take some of their own medicine. How about arsenic?
Vince Neil = Small dick.
Warrant = I Saw Red.
Janine = When are we going to sushi again? You owe me one. :)

Jenteal isn’t going to be winning over any Poison fans with her 20 Questions, but she doesn’t seem to care. That’s the cool thing about interviewing porn stars because they are all basically honest and don’t really give a fuck if they piss anyone off. We can respect that.

Jenteal also took some pics wearing our Sludgendise so look for those pictures up on the site soon!

For more info on Jenteal, here are her links:




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