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20 Questions with Krys Baratto, 6/7/05



ModiFY/ex-Samantha 7 bassist KRYS BARATTO!

Looky who we have today for 20 Questions! It’s the one and only Krys Baratto, who’s greatest claim to fame is the fact that he played bass in CC DeVille’s band Samantha 7. And that’s not saying much. But you might also be surprised to learn that Krys has played or been affiliated with innumerable other musicians and projects, including Robbin Crosby, Randy Castillo, John Christ, Love/Hate, Great White, Guns N’ Roses, and a lot more we’re certainly overlooking.

We’ve known about Krys for a long time. Remember the debacle several years ago when we tried to get CC to do 20 Questions but it got all fucked up? Well, Krys was out on tour with Samantha 7 at the time, so he’s guilty by association. We still haven’t gotten CC (yet), but we got Krys instead. Naturally, he tells plenty of CC stories, and spins a lot of other yarns along the way. He’s also clearly a Sludgeaholic, has been a fan for years, and even talks a bit of smack about our own bastard boy floyd! How often does that happen? Not very, but it does occur in this week’s 20 Questions! Check it out.

1. What are you currently up to? This is your one and only chance to plug your shit.

What’s up fuckers? I’ve been with over 4,000 women and I have way too much money. Other then that, I’ve got a great band here in Minneapolis called ModiFY (www.modifymusic.com). We are currently looking for distribution for the cd. We will be doing a show here with Pearcy in June and will be doing SummerFest in Milwaukee in July. Check out all that stuff on the website bitches. Other then that enjoying life. Wine, women, and song ya know? Oh, working on Polkas too. I wanted to get a record out this summer but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I play the button box accordian you know.

2. How many people reading this actually have any idea who you are? Take your best guess.

Well since I’ve been with over 6,003 women, I would think that there are at least 6,013- that would include my family and some friends that I could pay off with some of my millions.

3. What was the deal with Samantha 7? How did you get tapped to play bass for C.C. DeVille?s little project, how long did you spend working on the album, and were you ultimately happy with the recorded results? And why did you guys give up so quick? One album, basically one club tour, and then that was that. What gives?

Well here’s how I hooked up with C.C. In my many musical endeavors and in my spare time I would do porn soundtracks. DeVille happened to be checking one out one time. Got to the end credits and it said music by Gerth. I rarely used my real name on anything I’ve done. Nonetheless he tracked me down, called me up, went up to meet with him, moved my studio into his house and started engineering/producing/playing bass/programing drums We were on our way. Spent 24/7/365 with him working on the stuff. Brought it to Kalodner. He said we needed a singer…go figure, but signed us anyway. We spent 11 days from recording to mix on the record. In the end I thought it sounded horrible. Still one of the worst "sounding" records I’ve heard. Now believe me, that’s not a knock on Mudrock or Dave Thoener-they did a great job. I’ll leave it at that. The demos I recorded sounded much better. Sonically. Energy. Everything. Ya know, C.C. was so involved with Poison and the label just wasn’t behind the record at all. It wasn’t in ANY of the stores when we came to town. C.C. went out on tour with Poison three weeks after our record was released ! Talk about brilliant timing. So, everything just kinda fizzled out. That’s too bad it was a fun band.

4. Any plans for a Samantha 8? Or maybe a remastered version of the first album called ?Samantha 7.1??

I have to tell you pricks, this is the best idea you have ever had ! I love the 7.1 . Actually, I’ve been talking to DeVille to try to get the masters back and send them here so I can remix it. If we add a song we could call it 7.1 or if we add 2 songs it could be 7.2 . What a great idea Thanks. I’d say I’ll give you royalties off of that, but if it sold like the last one you wouldn’t be able to afford bus fare to pick up your check !

5. Rank the following bass players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a broken-fingered hack, and 10 being the ultimate bass player.

Gene Simmons = Well if you haven’t figured it out by now with the previous mentioning of the woman and money, I have no love here. I’ll get to all of that later in the questions. 1

Duff MacKagan = 9. Duff is a great bass player. How about that first GNR record? That’s one of my "if you were on an island and could only have one album" records.

Jerry Dixon = Um, well I guess a 3. Not a big fan of this band so I really can’t say I’ve heard too much of the bass playing.

Chuck Wright = I don’t think I’ve ever heard a note he’s played. Who has he played with? Oh, I was just told he played on the 1st QR record. I’ll give him a 4 then. Didn’t sound too difficult.

Eddie Jackson = Don’t know who this is, lemme google him…. Oh this goofball. He did that horrible 20 questions with you. Somebody needs to start drinking and mello out a bit. You know people, life is short. Don’t take things so damn seriously. You know what happens when you do? You’re blood pressure goes up and then you have a heart attack. Oh, back to this. I never cared for the band. It might have been the singer in tight leather hot pants. Can’t help me think that him and Paul Stanley would make a cute couple. Was that uncalled for ? Oh, 2 by the way.

Jack Blades =Jack is a really great guy and an extremely talented musician. I’ll give him an 8 though, because he was one of those that stopped returning calls after all was said and done. Out of sight out of mind- typical of the entertainment biz.

Geezer Butler = 10. Ok now here we’re talking old school. This is right up my alley. You can’t get any kid or whoever to come into Ozzy’s band and try to play the old Sabbath right. People don’t get it now. You have to go back to the Motown stuff like with James Jamerson ( no I didn’t say Jenna Jameson you fuckin freaks) to find out exactly how to play bass. Unless you want to be talentless and just get by like all of those bands like Limp Bizkit and that whole phase, then one string is all you need to get by. Is that trend over with yet? I think so.

Bad Ronbo Dwarf =Now we’re talkin’. I loved and still love the Killer Dwarfs. Ronbo gets a 10 in my book. A talented bass player and all around great guy. We still keep in touch. He doesn’t know this, but when I would go and see them from the side of the stage, I would spill my precious beer under him so he would get shocked and not be able to play so that I could step in for the rest of the tour. Sorry Ron, love you like a brother….

Bobby Dall =There is no number high enough for Bob. I love Bob because he reminds me of me ( and you all know how much I love me !) Bob will pick up the bass at the beginning of the tour and at the end of the tour put it down until next years tour! I love it. Funny story. When S7 was on tour and playing in FL Bob came to a few of the shows. I told him to play the Poison songs at the end of the set (Poison karoke). He said, "I gotta go home and practice them then" I thought that was so great and thought he was joking. C.C. assured me that he wasn’t and that he did have to go home and learn them. I love Bob-he’s my hero. ….and I’m not kidding.

Chip Z?Nuff = I’m not familiar with their stuff. I’ll give him a 5 though. I think when I was with GW we did some tour with them, us, Poison, QR, and some others. They were nice guys though.

6. Name the three highest points and the three lowest points of your career to date.

Fuck, if I could remember what I did last week I’d be lucky. I tell you what though, doing these 20 Questions has been the highest point in a long time. The lowest is yet to come- that’s when you guys tear me a new asshole at the end of this, but that will be yet another high point.

7. Rumor has it that you may (or may not) appear on Axl?s ?Chinese Democracy? album. What was your involvement with that, how long ago did you record anything for that, and do you think it will ever actually see the light of day?

Ya know what? No. I did play on the demos that were being recorded for what I guess may be that record. This was back in like ’96 to ’97. I would like to hear it come out, I don’t think it will. If it hasn’t by now do you think it will?

8. In your opinion, who?s the most overrated band today?

Ok here’s were I can go off a little bit. KISS. Ya know, how much more can people take. It will only be a matter of time before none of the original guys are there and that goofball Gene will come out and say "Kiss are charactors so it doesn’t matter who’s playing, OI !. And you know what the sad thing is, people will still be out(though only the same 1,000) buying Kiss Alive 12. The same 12 studio songs with live tracks pumped in. Talking about beating that poor dead horse. Let the poor thing sleep please. "I’ve been with 20,000 women and I’m rich". Give me a break from all of that please. All I have to say is "Shhhhhhhhhhhya Right" Goodnight.

9. Yes or No, has Krys Baratto ever:

Eaten boogers = Oh sure. You know sometimes when you are getting all down and dirty with some young lady and you just slip your tounge up their nose? Oh, is that just me? Sorry, umm no then I guess I never have.

Done C.C. DeVille?s laundry = Actually YES you fuckin pricks !!!!! Funny story again. He had this horible brown cowboy shirt he wore every single fucking night. I hated it. I was doing laundry and he asked if I would wash it. This was about 3 months into the tour by the way. So I did. Wash and DRY. Well it turns out it was a ‘dry clean only’. The fucking thing came out looking like hell. He was so pissed at me. Didn’t talk to me for like a week on tour. I said "Well do the fucking thing yourself, I’m not your bitch". I ‘m a bass player damn it. What the hell do I know about that shit. He never asked me for anything after that.By the way, fans around the world thanked me for that.

The Baratto BrothersBeen to the Playboy Mansion =Absolutely, haven’t you? Oops, sorry you probably haven’t been. Sorry.

Set a Baratto custom guitar on fire = NO, my brother would shoot me…. AGAIN!! I was getting in the shower one time and he was fucking around with a gun and he pointed it at me with this grin ( I used to beat my brothers quite often) The bastard pulled the trigger. Shot me in the thigh and in below my nutsack. Dropped my like a ton of bricks. After a quick trip to the hospital it was back to buisness as usual.

Seen Francis Ruiz selling oranges on the side of the road = How the fuck do you think I found him. Randy Castillo (R.I.P. my friend) told me where to find him. It took me a while to communicate with him. I’ve talked to him recently and his English is actually quite good now.

Seen Paul Woolnough naked = Of course. He used to run up and down the hall of the bus every night naked waiving the money he made from us!!!! He would throw hundreds down in front of him calling them his "rose petals". Just a quick note though. Paul took a bad rap during that time and really did nothing to deserve it. You have to put yourself in his position at that time. In between a manager that was borderline Alzheimer’s a neurotic CC, and well….. Jack… enough said there. YOU try to sort that mess out.

Shoplifted in the Mall of America = I did steal a phone number from one of the Hooters girls. Someone told me that there were thousands of stores in that mall you can shop at. I’ll have to check it out sometime

Stuck a string winder handle up your ass = A string winder ? I’ve got 3 up there right now. I just found out what they are really used for…Silly me

Touched another man?s penis = Yup. One time I was at a party and Bastard Boy Floyd was there. There was only one beer left and that fucking prick stuck it down the front of his pants and said "If you want it come and get it" He had this amusing grin on his face. Well you know me, I kinda like my beer. So I went and got it. I have no shame. I don’t think I actually touched his schlong but you would have to ask him about that. He kept following me around the rest of the night. I worry about him. Good guy but I think he needs to deal with his issues.

Been arrested =Only my heart has been arrested by so many beautiful women around the world. Poor, poor pitiful me.

Secret Service

Krys in the band Secret Service (w/ the late Robbin Crosby on right)

10. Exactly how many bands have you been in that never got off the ground?

Oh come on now you cocksuckers, you know I’d be here all year telling you about that. In all honesty, I’m glad I made my living as a session player because if I would have had to depend on all the bands I’ve been in I’d be broke.

ModiFY11. Somewhat related to that: how many people do you think actually give a crap about your new band ModiFY?

Oh you really are pricks now aren’t you? Well I hope that some people are curious. I mean, if you are waiting for the tour in your local 30 seat club that says ‘ Warrant featuring drummer Steven Sweet’, trust me you are not going to like ModiFY.

12. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a flea-infested skank, and 10 being the ultimate hottie.

Paris Hilton = Ya know, as far as looks goes probably like a 5. As far as doability a 10.

Pamela Anderson =3 I’ve seen her up close with no makeup and no airbrushing- trust me, look at the magazines.

Christina Aguilera =5. She used to be a 10 until she turned all hoochie mama and got all squishy….yuk

Kylie Minogue = Here is a perfect 10. Face. Body. Attitude. I sure hope she beats the cancer. Prayers to Kylie.

Carmen Electra = See Pamela Anderson

Bobbie Brown = Boy, haven’t seen this name in a while. I guess a 5. Back in the day she was pretty hot but I haven’t seen her in like ten or fifteen years.

Drea De Matteo = Sorry, I don’t know who this is. Once again a google…..Ahhhh maybe a 6.

Slave Laura =11 . I don’t know if you know this but there is actually a Slave Laura. She’s hot. believe me, and she’ll do all those things that you like-or don’t like. Bless her, bless her, bless her little tater hole. Giddy UP !!!!!!!!!!!!111

Samantha Fox =What kind of crack are you guys smoking? Back in the day she was kinda piggy like. God knows what she looks like now.

Chloe = Chloe is probably the kindest person that has ever come into my life. A great soul. Enough said.

Note: Krys didn’t get enough of the ‘rate a chick’ question, so he added a few more entries of his own!

Hey Krys, how about Tara Reid? = Hell ya. Perfect 10. It’s hard to top Tara, although I wouldn’t mind being on top !

Oh, How about Jamie Presley? = Completely off the charts. Absolute perfection in every way.

Ok, One more and I’ll stop…Courtney Hansen = From TLC’s OverHaulin’. There is no number high enough. Believe me. Check her out at www.courtneyhansen.com. Enough said.

13. Of the following, which do you prefer and why:

Arby?s or Ponderosa = Boy do I miss In & Out Burger. Why don’t you bastards out there FedEx me a double double with no onions please? That or El Polo Loco. You just can’t get that great stuff here.

Looking California or feeling Minnesota = Feeling MN baby. The girls are better looking here and they are normal for the most part. I really don’t miss it out there one little bit.

?I Wanna Be Famous? or ?Hanging Onto Jane? = From the very begining I hated "Famous", still do. "Jane" was a much better song. But there again, leave up to the powers to be along with C.C. and that was the first flop , ooopps I meant release. Oh I get a headache thinking about all of that. Lemme grab a gin and tonic………………

Eating a plastic glove or eating a rubber ass =Oh you just can’t beat a rubber ass. Wait, you can though and it won’t slap you back. I’ve gotta get another one of those. Please send me another one my dear.

Francis Ruiz or Sean Sauder = Fuck, are you kidding me? No question…neither. I’ve got two guys I’ve worked with over the years that are on time all of the time, don’t drink all of my beer, don’t bicker at me when I tell them what to play and their timing is perfect. One guy is from Japan and his name is A. Kai, and the other guy I think is from here and his name is Al E. Sis. Now we’re talking drummers.

Lake Minnetonka or White Bear Lake = Lots of hot chicks around Minnetonka, kinda snooty though. I prefer the lake where I have a place at.

Juice 13 or Secret Service = Juice 13 by far. That was a band with Randy Castillo, and John Christ in it. It was only for fun and nothing else. We had some great songs and did some great gigs. It was all about fun. When everyone was available we would do something. I miss that band and Randy as well. May he rest in peace.

American Idol or Nashville Star = I don’t know what that Nashville one is but that American Idol thing I get a kick out of. It’s so fixed I have to laugh. I don’t watch it but how can’t you keep up with it , it’s on every news channel. First the white chick wins, so you better get a black guy in, Wait! Everyone loves the gay guy….so they both win. Now you better get a black girl in there or the pressure will come down from the minority groups. Now we have this season. I don’t know when this 20 questions will be put up but I would just about bet the "rock" guy wins. I would also bet that an Asian will win next season. Oh and then you have "the phone lines were down, the votes weren’t registered". Well at $1.50 a call….you go figure it out. Mo money Mo money… Hahahahahahahahh

Onion rings or tater tots = What did you say about her tater hole ? Ooops, you said tater tots. Well I don’t like onions so I’ll have to go in her tater hole… ooops there I did it again. Tater tots please.

Maverick or Fastlane = I would like to take this time to tell you about my new band ModiFY. I ‘ve got a great singer/song writer by the name of Lance Stevens and a wonderful drummer by the name of Sean Sauder. You should really check out the stuff at

Juice 13

Krys Baratto in Juice 13 w/ Randy Castillo, some guy called "Cheeseboy," and John Christ

Fun fact: "Cheeseboy" is now the only one in this picture who’s never done 20 Questions!

14. Back when Samantha 7 was still called ?The Stepmothers,? you guys actually played at Woodstock 99! You didn?t even have a record out at the time. How in the fuck did you land that gig, and do you think the real reason the crowds rioted and set shit on fire was because people wanted to hear more of C.C.?s lovely singing voice?

That’s funny. I heard that’s what the riot was all about. It had something to do with Peavey, I was an endorsee. I was in MN and Poison’s last show was here. I got the call about Woodstock and went down to see DeVille to see if we could do it. That was our first Stepmothers show. We both flew back to LA, called Francis, rehearsed one night and flew to the East to play. It was a great time. It was rough but how many bands can say that their first gig was attended by a quarter million people?

15. For what amount was your largest music-related paycheck, and what did you end up doing with the coin?

I’m not sure if it was the biggest but it’s the one I remember the most. It was a check for $10,319.52 . Now, I remember that because it cost me almost $11,000 to get it. Now that’s rock and roll mother fuckers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Krys Baratto16. What ?rock star? deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Do you think that would be Gene Simmons? I think I covered that up there a bit. You can smack Jim Bob Dwarf though. Actually he gave me the shirt off of his back once….it just happened to be a Sludge shirt. Still got it and still wear it. Still can’t get that smell out of it.

17. Time for a Metal Sludge walk down memory lane! Please share with us your fondest memory from the following years:

1978 = Um, I think I was still beatin’ up the neighborhood kids then

1980 =Got my first bass. I actually wanted to be a guitar player and brother Matt wanted to play bass. At Krysmas in a frenzy we opened the wrong gifts. I ended up with the bass and he with the guitar. Funny how things happen.

1983 = Well into making money playing. I think I remember parachute bands and bandanas

1987 =Moved to Hollywood right from Hibbing.

1990 = Not Available

1994 = Not Available

1997 = Not Available

1999 = Samantha 7 got a deal. I think I was with Great White at this time too, don’t really remember

2001 = Samantha 7 disbanded. World tour with Great White. Second degree burns from deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean.

2004 = Just enjoying life.

18. Any truth to the rumor that Rikki Rockett actually attempted to sabotage the Samantha 7 tour by running over Francis Ruiz with a car? His plan nearly succeeded too, as poor Francis ended up with his leg broken. Why would Rikki do something like that? Feel free to speculate and expound on this topic, and by all means, incriminate anyone else you?d like.

I think he actually did set that up. I tried calling him earlier that day and his messege said he would be out of town for ONE day. I aslo saw a picture on the internet of a fan and him at the airport in that town the SAME DAY. Seems a little fishy to me. I think he did it because he missed DeVille so much that he couldn’t stand it. He wanted to be out on tour with us to be closer to C.C. all the time. Irronically, I was shot at two days earlier and Bobby had been away from home for a couple of days as well. When I talked to him after, he asked if they ever found out who shot at me from the KFC on 18th Ave in Pittsburg. How the hell did he know those details that even the police didn’t know? A bit fishy too. I just love those guys. Hey Bob, wanna call me back ?!

19. The Last of Krys Baratto:

Last book you read = I don’t thinks theres nothin’ to that book learnin’

Last board game you played = I played the "Andy Griffith" game with my mommy. I’m a huge fan of that show.

Last place you went on vacation = I was in LA about a month ago. Wasn’t much of a vacation. I was helping my brother move his guitar shop. That would be Baratto Guitars (www.barattoguitars.com). I did go to Vegas the week after that to see Duran Duran though.

Last fast food drive-thru you hit = It was in North Hollywood some years ago. Me and my friend Dino (drummer for the Hangmen and Secret Service) were loaded and driving around trying to find this particular Mexican restaurant. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and yelled "There it is!" He cranked the wheel and over the curb we flew straight into the front of the place. Though the flowers right up to the front window. You should have seen the people in there. Eyes were as big as dinner plates. It was high-larious. I think that’s the only one I hit too.

Last new automobile you purchased = I just bought a new SUV not too long ago. I’m looking at getting a ’32 Ford Coupe though.

Last thing you stuck your finger into = …."That would be the butt Bob". Not mine though.

Last concert you watched from the audience = Let’s see here. Oh Garbage at the First Ave. That was just great. What a great band. A couple of days later I saw Weezer there but it was from the side of the stage.

Last time you boiled a set of bass strings = I think it was about 20 years ago. It’s a hell of a lot easier to just put new ones on

Last time you talked to C.C. DeVille = It was like a month ago. We usually talk once or twice a month. I hear he has a girlfriend now so I won’t hear from him until they break up. That’s not very nice. That’s ok, I still love that little shit.

Last time you shit yourself = That I can’t actually remember. I know I came pretty damn close a couple of times recently. Me and my drummer Sean always go to this hot wings place for Summit Beer and wings. The next day it always seems to hit me when I’m driving somewhere. Then I start driving like I’m in the Indy 500 or something. Couple of really close calls


Krys in the old Strip band Badmouth / Sam Mann & The Apes

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association! We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Jani Lane = You know, I really don’t know him. I only know what I read on here. So, in that case, he’s a bit over weight and drinks a whole lot. How’s that?

Butch Walker = Never met him. I hear he’s supposed to be a great songwriter though.

Jizzy Pearl = FISH LIPS !!!!! Ya know, I met Jizzy like 15 years ago when they were playing the Whisky. I was in a house band that played there every Monday night at the No Bozo Jam (I was with Sam Mann & The Apes/Badmouth) I thought Jiz was the biggest prick in the whole world. Acually they all kind of were. Jon E. is still. Jon was one of them that slept on my couch for a while. Jizzy is a good friend of mine, one of the few that stayed in contact after I left. Did you know I played in Love/Hate too? What a great band.

Robbin Crosby = The Gentle Giant. He really had a good heart. He lived with me for quite a while. Great songwriter and great guitar player. May he rest in peace.

Axl Rose = I don’t know. I’ve only talked to him once and he was quite nice to me.

Lance Stevens = Lance is an asshole. Nah. This guy is one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. You really have to listen to the songs to know what I’m talking about. It’s really been fun with him because he is open to all of suggestions I make. Some work and some don’t but he will try. An amazing singer and songwriter. Always late though. There is regular time and then there’s Lance time. That could vary from at least a half an hour to not showing up at all.!!!!!!!

Ty Longley = Ty was my bestest friend. I really miss him. I keep pictures of us up around my house. He pops in every once in a while-and I’m serious-it’s very strange. He was the first and only person to call when I left LA to see if I made it back ok and how everything was. We talked every week after that. Rest in peace my friend…..

Sebastian Bach = Only met him once or twice. Seems to be a good person. A bit rowdy, but hey there’s nothing wrong with that. It would be cool to see those guys get back together.

Matty Baratto =My best friend. Until I moved back here, we have only been apart six months our whole life ! He’s the ying to my yang if you will. Makes the best guitars in the world. You can see them at www.barattoguitars.com. My little brother Joey lives here. He is one of the highest paid chefs in MN. That little fucker can cook man. He’s my baby brother. When I go home I pick him up a rock a bye him to sleep and then for old times sake I punch him and then drop him on the floor. Note: if any of you knew how big he is, you’d get a kick out of that. I did used to beat him up though… used to.

C.C. DeVille =He’s a unique charactor. One of my closest friends. I love when people say "Oh, I know CC" or I hate this one "Oh, I know Bruce" I’ll tell you what, none of you do. There’s a side to him that is just great. Oh don’t get me wrong. He can be an asshole. Oh he can be prick. In all, a great guy and a great friend. A great talent as well. The little bastard can write songs. Just don’t let him in the room when you are trying to mix a record. Luv ya Buddy.

Hey, thank you guys for letting me redeem myself for the Samantha 7 20 Questions fuck up. Tanks ta Sean Sauder fur editing dese as to safe me from da ridicule in spellin and grammar. To all of you reading this, especially the ones I kinda ripped on….. Relax. Enjoy life a bit. Don’t take things too seriously. That’s one of the great things about this site, it kind of shows that you have to be able to laugh at yourself and others around you in this wacky buisness. You guys are the best, take care and thanks again………………….

Now that was a fantastic 20 Questions! Some smack talking, some great stories, and it’s clear that Krys "gets it" and is able to hang. Krys’ 20 Questions interview is a model for other victims to follow! Too bad no one still has any idea who he is.

For more info on Krys’ new band ModiFY, check out their Web site at www.modifymusic.com.

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