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Rewind With Jamie Hunting, 9/27/01



Vince Neil bass player Jamie Hunting

You never know what Jamie Hunting is going to say, and we learned that when he first did 20 Questions on May 23, 2000. Since then Jamie has emailed us off and on and he’s emails are always unique. Some of his best emails can be found in our Emails Of The Week section.

This Rewind features the same interesting comments that you’ve come to expect from Jamie, but not only that, there are some real answers here! You might even learn something. Enjoy!

1. What is currently going on with your career right now?
The summer went to Vince Neil, Union has been asked to reform for some shows abroad this fall, working on a new article for bass frontiers magazine, going through a 12 string bass opus for production, colaborating on a new bass design, working on the new house, (between tour dates), I think Union will record 1 new tune but we will see. Fielding new offers involving travel to far away places….with my bass.

2. You and your brother co-wrote a song for David Lee Roth called ?Everybody?s Got The Monkey? for his Filthy Little Mouth CD. However you signed off on it and didn?t end up getting credit for writing it. Why did you do that and what did you think of that CD?
Dave was not in the picture at the time the songs were being penned and produced although he was prowling. It was written for a band called Wild Ultra Wild which Joey(my brother) Frank Simes, Jim Volpe and I had formed. Dave called after a mutual friend played him the tracks. I wrote the guitar solo and arranged and produced Vox arrangements etc.. It really was Joey and Frank who came up with the chords. I never split hairs in songwriting….whoever is within ten feet of the energy being produced by musicians in a room should be included …in my book at least. I never expected it to end up on Dave’s record. I might have done it differently. It is a touchy area. There is work out there that should have many writers names on it but does not for what ever reason. Dave and Nile Rogers replicated the tune but the players were different(NYC weekend band) so it sounds different from the original but it is ALL there down to the backing vox. The original was way heavier soundwise. Filthy was a wonderful album in my opinion. I also played bass on most of the demos for that record..Joey(guitar) and me….even wrote the bass parts. Bassists do not get the writing credit they deserve.

3. When you send us your various emails, what?s drugs are you usually on?
Humor…..straight out. I wouldn’t waste my time, dope, or whatever, typing all night. Are you high?? Laughing is the best drug man…and it is FREE!!! Check that out. I’m sure you have…reading through your site. Tis worthy of comment.

4. Did you ever finding your missing British Army jacket?
No. But I am sending a pic of it with ME (Al Franken) in it if y’all dont mind. It had just been taylored……damn. I never founding it.

5. Finish these song lyrics:
Example: She got the looks = that kill
She?s got…… the…… looks that… this chick is a dude!!!Man check out those baggy bastards hangin….awwwh grosssse.

Let the bodies hit = Ortho mattresses. It is a rough life.
Look what the cat = forgot to bury….all those stupid power aidees power ballads.
Up all night = ……"OK…who’s driving downtown this time….? Not me."
I did it all for the = US congress
Enter night, exit = to your left ladies and gentleman….don’t forget to visit your sunrise and…..watch your step.
Where the down boys = ??? Where they be… ? We’ re the down boys.. wait and see….they be down with it .Wear the down boys shoes homeboy..jump like a cricket hoopdie boy.
We are the youth gone =………………………..no shit.GONE.Time for a Snickers faggots. Grunge this.
Oops, I did it = ….You wanna watch again..? PAY ME you *&^%!
We?re not gonna take = one penny away from those dear I.R.S. fellas…they need that money and we don’t need to know what for….good God.
Girls Girls = I forgot the lyric to that one.

6. What do you think about John Corabi going from lead singer to playing rhythm guitar in Ratt?
He’s doing it. To me John is a guitarist who can sing also. I never seent him without string. Have you?

7. Have you heard Bruce Kulick?s AudioDog CD? Your thoughts on that, please.
Bruce will always produce products. He is a productive guy. I heard the record and was jealous because it is what I would like to do and I haven’t pulled anything from the sack but my own sack. So I scratch. Maybe I will release a record of my scratching with N*Suck doing backups. Bruce is a very talented guy and I liked his work. Wow. Fans like it too. Thanks again Bruce for the gift. See you in S.A.

8. Has Dana Strum tried to lecture you about the ?evils? of Metal Sludge yet?
Hya Hya. No he hasn’t. I haven’t had the pleasure of a lecture on any topic but I think his playing as well as his band is a lecture enough. Wow. Great band. Great guys. I am a fan. Turns out that we are home town Altadena (Dena) boys. Dana be bad.

9. Why is Brent Fitz such a pussy?
The longer I know Fitzie the tougher he gets. Being passive does not mean someone is a pussy. Didn’t you learn that in the 1st grade when that little pussy whipped your ass as well as your friends. We don’t need more aggression…..too full of that thank you.

10. Can you tell us what bands the following people are in:
Jerry Dixon = Warrant
Jeff Pilson = Flesh&Blood- Dokken
Eric Brittingham = Cinderella
Robbie Crane = Ratt
Jizzy Pearl = Ratt
Frankie Banali = Quiet Riot…See you soon boys
Johnny Solinger = Skid Row
Blas Elias = Slaughter
Rikki Rockett = Poison
Mike Fasano = drums?

11. When touring with Union, what did it do for band morale when you were drawing less than 50 people at numerous small bars and clubs?
We just jammed and had fun. What else? I tried to start fights but it didn’t work. Sometimes I would indulge with club owners hoping they would invite us back. They remember too!!!

12. On a typical day, at what time is Vince usually drunk
A: Noon
B: 2 PM Mon Wed Fri
C: 4 PM Tues Thur
D: 6 PM Sat Sun
E: 8 PM Leap Year
F: 10 PM 2001
G:12 PM
Aren’t there any 30’s in there?

13. Give us a touring memory about the following cities:
Los Angeles = Hassle.Death threats.LA sucks. Too much to list.
Chicago = Love it but, "Where the *#@$ is my jacket?"…I will buy it back you crack bastard if you are reading /if you can….even better.I will trade you for some crack. On your melon. Send it home dude. It smells like me. I taught it how to fetch.
Kalamazoo, MI = Drunk off my ass and playing w/Union on my B-day. I knocked over all my basses that night. I was hammered by sound check.Drinking with some old one legged war dude. After the show there were 5 cakes there for me from fans. I didn’t throw up on them…..I guess that was good. Thanks for the cakes good people. I regret my condition. Union fans are special… That one legged bastard………!
Denver = .Turn left and your almost home kid…….I know I’ve played there lots of times with many different artists(hello sweeties). Larry Morand took Brent and me to Pepsi arena when he was doing Union and we got all kinds of Ave swag. Players unis, sticks, pucks, bags, Thanks Eric!
Phoenix = Colisium with Eddie Money1986. I stayed out late that night and went shopping.They gave us a car and driver.(sorry dude). We were taping American Bandstand the next morn and it was a Visine moment as well as a long flight to Paramount. Dick Clark on a hangover….too much. Oh ya….Coopertown. Cool gig. Very hot.
Dallas = Always a blurrrr.Where the hell is Florida?
New York = I first went to NY to do a video for MTV (Flesh & Blood "Fate"),Atlantic recs.1988. Soho. Went to the Ritz for a Joey Ramone party. Real cool. I met this really cool clothing designer on my dejected way out and we went to Scrap bar and had some. She went to the video shoot with me. I felt like a bad ass……I got thrown out of the Mayflower hotel for life. I still don’t know why. Oh yeah, my hair was blond back then. Dave Roth, Union…Academy theatre….etc…..wow. NYC.
Philadelphia = Was just there. I love Phily. The people are so cool there. Why did Corabi ever leave?? Thanks Uncle Gene for the great trip!! I have never had a bad time there. Babes everywhere.
Atlanta = Masquerade…cool club. Hatlanta
Boston = I wish to stipulate… at this particular conjecture…….Kennedy? Boston. College town? Cheers. It is cool.

14. You went to high school in Pasadena, CA in the 70s. Did you ever see Van Halen play during that time? If so, talk about it.
It was hard to avoid…Edcohol& Alcohol, the bros. I remember Van Halen playing my area in ’74-76. Even two doors down. I would be in bed and wanting to go out but I was just a yr or two young. Man was it loud.(this kinda shit doesn’t happen anymore). They played all over my neighborhood. Alex’s drums carried for miles…I’m not kidding! I saw them at the Pasadena Civic before they were ever anything. They had it man. Seems like yesterday. Edward used to stop by this old house where they used to rehearse( where we were at the time) rehearsing to see my drummer on bizzzzz .( I was in one of the last "backyard party" bands.Those WERE the days. They used to give us stuff like guitar shit, drum risers, drums, flash pods, 714’s…I just laughed when I stumbled on the Roth gig…strange. They were homeboys and then they were the biggest band in the world. I really didn’t know them well but I was present .if you will.

15. Yes or no, has Jamie Hunting ever:
Sniffed glue = not intentionally
Ate paint chips = not intentionally
Done cat tranquillers = never new they were available..odd.
Had a bad acid trip = never. I don’t mess with that stuff. Seen baaaad effects and it scared the crap out of me.Shroomz are cool.Don’t like em on salads though.
Been stranded somewhere because the tour bus drove away without you on it = I wish
Had a concussion = Yes…bike accident long time ago
Considered suicide = never considered…thought about it. Life flies by. It will be over soon enough don’t you think? Wake up.
Cleaned up Vince Neil?s vomit = Never. I threw up on him one night. He’s never mentioned it since. Probably because they all drew shit on my arms while I was out. I woke up and found all of this black script on the bed sheets and laughed my ass off because the sharpie artwork had transfered in my slumber.
Had sexual thoughts about Brent Fitz?s wife = Watch it dude. I have known her for years…..But I don’t think I have.No
Switched girls with your twin brother without letting the chicks know = I have heard of this phenomenon. Sounds cool but I wouldn’t want to be caught. Isn’t that the original tag team?

16. How would you describe Vince Neil’s body?
Like a 54 Chevy…still running.

METAL SLUDGE’S NOTE: Jamie avoided the "Which Do You Prefer" question in his 20 Questions, so we thought we’d ask him pretty much the same question to see if we could get it by him this time. I guess he was more on the ball than we thought! At least he’s consistent.

17. Which do you prefer:
P lease refer to my previous twenty questions. I love the new Ratt (bastards) though. Pearcy is cool. I haven’t seen the other Ratt with Crab and gang. I hear they are good too.
Poison or Warrant =
Guitar players named Bruce or CC =
Paul Gargano or Gerri Miller =
Playstation or Nintendo 64 =
Eric Singer or Mini Me =
Porn stars or strippers =
Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley =
Playing pool or surfing =
Stephen Pearcy’s new version of Ratt or the Ratt with Jizzy Pearl =
Ted Nugent or Rikki Rockett =

18. At one time you asked to do a column for us, but then we didn’t hear from you again. What was that all about? The fans even gave you permission to do one. How can you let the millions of Jamie Hunting fans down like that?
MS never sent me a formal for the position.It was never discussed after that… If you did I missed it.By the way, Thank You MS readers for the honor. especially Enrique. Keep it coming you dope.Keep peddeling.LOL. I love it. As for MS, It got really busy on my block(’cause I moved) so maybe we can work something out. I should have time to burn in the near future. I’m still very into it. Your faithful readers and my drugies need a leader as well as a humble narrator. The only thing I have let down is that which goes in that porcelain bowl round and round.Smiling.

19. Are the things you express connected to actual logical thought processes or do you just kinda let words flow out on their own free will?
What do you think? I play the same way.Channeling dude. Where’s the remote?

20. What went down between you and Vince last month?
It was a number of things. One thing was that we were sharing techs(Brent Vince, and me) and I was telling Vinces management that there will be a train wreck on any given night due to tech availability. I was really on my own. They were jiving me on things and I just am not the dude to pull that shit with. It really wasn’t Vince although he had to deal with me one night. Not many people can even hold a 12 string bass let alone tune it. The tech in ? was Neil Logdahl. Very cool guy. It wasn’t fair to him and I’m sure he wasn’t getting paid to babysit three of us. He also quit that night. A few shows earlier I told the new tour manager about the situation and he said that he would try and fix it. I had been saying this for months to all who would listen. He received a flat out no(from management) to an extra tech so I said just watch and see. That night my bass rig went down and I broke the biggest string on the 12 which throws it all out of tune and the whole time I was just looking back at the tour manager on the side of the stage snickering ( ijust gave up)and he was too ’cause he knew better also. I just started dancing like Mick Jagger and fuckin off . I then walked off stage out the doors onto the beach to get some air, while the band played on, so someone could help me. Neil, anyone. I didn’t care who. I just handed the 12 over to someone. This was to illustrate a point with an exclaimation point. Vince and Brent Woods had looks on their faces I cant describe. So Vince was finally told of the situation and wanted to fix it immmediately. His management came back with a " can you share a roadie with the Ratt guy?" I said I would try it. It didn’t work out and then Pearcy fell and Ratt had to cancel so I was stuck again. What happend at the Silo that night was sheer frustration. It was never between me and Vince. I’ve seen him fire and hire the same dude three times in the same day. At the end of the show before encore Vince and me go back to share the same spot and I was jabbermouthing about fuck this and that and he stuck in and we had words. Finished the set and went to the bus. He was already there. I usually follow. When I got on I threw a pack of smokes at the wall and it bounced off a couple of walls and hit him in the head. He thought I did it on purpose I guess. Believe or not I was sober. I wasn’t going to hit him . It grew from there to very loud yelling and people holding us away from each other. He then told me I was fired and had the police called to throw me off the bus. I said fine ) and packed my shit up while the cops watched and split. This kind of shit happens sometimes. It was a dump of a gig and things weren’t ideal like the places we had been playing. The thing of it was that I was happy to be going home. I really didn’t care. Later at the hotel the Ratt bastards came over and were trying to talk me into staying. Vince fired me I was telling them. (I would never bail on a tour and leave people hangin) The bus driver, tour manager, and all were trying to work it out.We aggree that I would play the next night and see..(if Vince would let me) Ratt invited me to stay and ride on their rig. I said cool. Maybe things would cool down. It was after midnight anyway. All bets should have been off and chocked up to football talk. So I hang with the bastards and played poker all night and had a blast then jumped into a bunk. The next morn when the bus was supposed to pull out Ratt’s tour manager(cool dude) told me Pearcy was pulling out due to injuries sustained in a fall and that Vixen would be happy to transport my ass to the next gig. I said OK. "Bass player on way to gig." I could lie my ass off here but I wont. They were on VH1 last night and I was pointing at the tele going " Hey baby, that one sat on my lap….ooooppps" They are very cool. After the next gig I was told I would be going home again. We settled up $$ and rode the bus back to the hotel with me in the front and Vince in the back. I guess he was still upset. That was it. Just a few days ago I get this call from the two Brents saying they can’t go on and would I agree to come back if they smooth things out. I said ok. I didn’t quit but I actually consider it an honor to be fired by Vince Neil. I really do. Fuck it!! I’m already home.

21. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a word and you give us your thoughts.
Kid Rock = Ten foot
Paul Gargano = Edge
Pamela Anderson = Ten foot recepticle
Brent Fitz = Knows all the tricks for hotel and air credit. Youtoo Strum.
Bret Michaels = Kickin hard
Quiet Riot = Jamming with them this fall and looking forward to it
Vixen = Cool girls. Good band. Great to watch.
Stephen Pearcy = …great jamming dude!! See you in the next.
Gene Simmons = Very cool, great bassist but he will never admit it.

See, Jamie can make sense when he wants to.

We don’t have anything to plug down here since he doesn’t have a website. But maybe we can get him to do a Tour Diary sometime. Now that would be interesting!

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