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Rewind With Steve West, 11/15/01




Danger Danger Drummer Steve West

We last talked to Steve on January 11, 2000. Him and his bandmate Bruno Ravel are long time Sludgeaholics and even attended our first Metal Sludge Party at the Limelight in New York back in September of 2000. So we figured it was time once again to see what was up with Danger Danger. Enjoy!

1. What are you up to now?

We just released "Cockroach.” It was the album we recorded back in 1992 after "Screw It!" It’s a 2 CD set. It’s the original lineup, minus Kasey Smith.

Paul Laine is singing on one version and Ted Poley is singing on the other. The response and reviews have been overwhelming, though I’m sure you’ll have a different opinion. = ) It’s a joint venture with Sony and our label, Low Dice Records. It’s only available at our website www.dangerdanger.com

Am I plugging away too much?

2. How often do you visit our page?

I check in every other week.

3. Do you have a real job yet and how do you pay your bills?

Not yet. We’ve been fortunate. We started our own label back in ’95 and license all our records worldwide thru the company. We’ve managed to maintain a pretty decent following over in Europe and Japan, and that’s been our saving grace. Our website has also been a godsend for us here in the states. We’re very lucky to have such loyal fans. We have our own recording studio, so we’re self-contained. We do everything ourselves. We license our music for film and television, as well as do a lot of writing and producing for other artists. It’s worked out well.

Wow! After reading that back, I sound like Gene Simmons or Dana Strum. Ouch! Sorry.

4. When are you guys going to do the ?reunion? tour with Ted Poley? When can we expect that huge announcement?

Not gonna happen.

5. Yes or no, has Steve West ever:

Done blow with that Corky dude that sent us the photos of Bruno Ravel and Motley =
Yes, but nowhere near as much as Bruno.

Masturbated to a picture of Britney Spears = I’m doin’ it right now

Been to our website more than 5 times in one day = No

Masturbated while listening to Cheap Trick = Yes

Had the desire to collect antique toys = No

Wished you were the drummer for Warrant = No, but it would be pretty cool. I love those guys.

Drove drunk = I doubt it

Thought that maybe OJ was innocent = No

Had a threesome = Yes

Went to fart but shit your pants instead = Yes

6. How many copies of Cockroach have you sold so far?

Probably not enough to avoid getting trashed by you guys. = ) You don’t have the Sludgescan #’s yet?

And by the way, could you guys do us a solid and put an asterisk next to all the albums ”we’ve” released since ’95? I believe we are the only band that has our own label, and all you list are the soundscan #’s at retail. That’s pretty much the icing for us. We sell the majority of our CDs thru our website, and those aren’t scanned. The numbers may not be as pretty as they once were, but they aren’t as butt ugly as you and Soundscan make them out to be. Really, they’re not. = )

7. Name one Danger Danger song and one Danger Danger video that could go into the vault called ?Things That Fucking Suck.?

Bruno never fails to mention to me that ”Horny Son Of A Bitch” is the worst song we ever did. I don’t think so. Maybe "Hard," off the "Dawn" CD. We didn’t do enough videos to get to the sucking stage…I think?

8. For $75,000 would you: Stand in front of your parents? bed with the lights on and watch them have sex until orgasm.

Yeah, but would I get paid before or after I cum?

9. How much was your biggest music related paycheck and what did you do with it?

It was pretty sweet. I blew most of it on hookers and porn.

10. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate these new bands. 1 being a band that?ll end up like Danger Danger in 10 years and 10 being a band with a career and longevity.

Disturbed =

Drowning Pool = I don’t know them

Mudvayne = 7

Saliva = Never heard ‘em

P.O.D. = 7

Puddle Of Mudd = 7

Beautiful Creatures = 5 (I added a point for Fogboy’s ”Rewind”)

System Of A Down = 6

Staind = 4

Slipknot = 5

My personal favorite of the new shit is Linkin Park (10)

11. How did you guys end up working with Al Pitrelli and is he as boring in real life as his 20 Questions were?

I just spoke with Al last week. He’s a good friend. Bruno and I have been friends with Al for nearly 20 years. Al’s a trip. Yes, he was our original guitarist. And he didn’t let us forget it while he was playing guitar for Alice Cooper and we were the opening act. Payback’s a bitch. I think he’s only as boring as Dave Mustaine says he has to be.

12. Name a band, past or present, that got a record deal but had no business having one. Besides Danger Danger, of course.

I have no idea

13. Give us a touring memory about the following cities:

Boston =
John Fannon from the band "New England" was at our show, and he sang "Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya" with us for an encore. Who? What song? Exactly! That’s what everyone in the club was saying, but it was a big fuckin’ deal to us.

Tokyo = On our second trip I had found out where all the American models stayed. Sssswwweeeet!

Las Vegas = Played blackjack all night at Caesars. Banged the croupier.

Tampa = Played the Sundome with Kiss. One of our worst gigs ever. We went on at 7:30 and the sun was still shining thru the dome. I still remember being able to watch as people were making there way to their seats or getting hot dogs and shit. Not a good atmosphere for a concert. Bruno and I were pissed and finished a bottle of Cuervo by the third song. It was all downhill from there. Oh yeah, I vaguely remember something about me, Bruno, a blonde in a fur coat and drumsticks.

St. Louis = Bruno gettin’ blown for an hour on the bus in front of the whole band and crew. He couldn’t cum, so the chick finally jerked him off with some conditioner.

Chicago = Me and Scott Brown (our bass player on the "Dawn” tour) were fuckin’ around with these two girls on the bed in his hotel room. The chick I was with was beggin’ me to hit her while we were doin’ it. She kept yellin’ harder, harder, but I didn’t have the heart. Scott’s chick did, though. She clocked her right in the jaw.

Cleveland = Strippers and submarine sandwiches (and not necessarily in that order).

Minneapolis = "Dawn" tour. Had our guitars and equipment stolen the night before. Bought some cheap ass Mexican guitars that went out of tune every other minute. We were really pissed off. Once again, when all else fails…Tequila! Unfortunately for us, the gig happened to be captured forever on video. It’s for sale everywhere. Boy did we suck. But our comic banter was pretty solid.

Los Angeles = Pantages Theater with Alice Cooper. They cut our set short in the middle of the show. A total groove killer. The show sucked!

14. If you could give anybody an FU Award, who would it be?

Is Lars Ulrich still eligible? The guy’s gotta have a wall of these.

15. Which do you prefer:

Britny Fox or Kix =
Britny Fox

Osama Bin Laden or Sadam Hussien = Neither

Porn stars or strippers = Strippers

Megadeth Tour Diary or Poison Tour Diary = Poison Tour Diary

Christina Aquilera or Jessica Simpson = Jessica Simpson

Shitting your pants or pissing your pants = Pissing. Especially if I’m wearing Courderoy pants.

Trixter or Steelheart = Trixter

The Tour Bus or KNAC = I dig both of ‘em.

?Let The Bodies Hit The Floor? or ?Stupify? = "Let the bodies…

Ratt with Pearcy or Ratt with Jizzy = Pearcy

16. When you hear about all the other 80s bands getting back together, do you ever want to jump on the bandwagon?

I’m too old to jump.

17. Finish these sentences:

Jani Lane should - not go ”anywhere" near a kitchen. You guys are brutal.

MTV is actually – not a music channel anymore.

Sebastian Bach can?t - Who cares??

Vince Neil will - hopefully do the right thing, kiss Tommy Lee’s ass and beg him to rejoin the Crue.

Metallica looks like - a band I could really dig if their drummer wasn’t such a dick!

Ted Poley might-

Alice Cooper ”shouldn?t take things off the shelf.”

Paul Gargano is a great guy, and a very fair and honest journalist.

Bret Michaels is - a totally cool dude.

Jon Bon Jovi will - outlast us all.

18. How sad are Ted Poley?s attempts at getting press by auctioning himself off on Ebay and begging fans to help him open up for Def Leppard?

Whatever floats your boat.

19. Make up your own question and answer it here:

Do you think you have a shot at winning your fantasy football league?

Yes, if Faulk stays healthy and Rich Gannon throws for at least 3 TD’s a game.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name, you give us your thoughts.

Vikki Foxx =
He just keeps gettin’ prettier.

Axl Rose = We were fast friends for a while. He’s actually a great guy.

Lars Ulrich = Enough already!!

Bret Michaels = Great guy. See above.

Jani Lane = Another good guy. I like Jani.

Dana Strum = See Lars Ulrich

Kid Rock = I spent one Thanksgiving with his girlfriend.

Carson Daly = He seems like a decent guy.

Donnie Vie = I love the dude! He’s the real deal.

Nikki Sixx = Still the coolest! Call TOMMY!!!!!

That was cool. Anybody who disses Dana Strum is friends with us! Even if they did have a video with a guy running around in a monkey suit.

For more info on Danger Danger or to buy their latest line of fine, quality, CDs, you can go to www.dangerdanger.com

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