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Rewind With Jenna Jameson, 2/14/02




Being Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t think of a better Valentine to give our Sludgeaholics than a Rewind with Jenna Jameson! Jenna first did 20 Questions with us on August 28th, 2000. She is also featured in this month’s Playboy, she’s fresh off her appearance on the Howard Stern show last week and could also be seen on Howard’s E! show this week. Plus did we mention the new Jenna Jameson action figure?

We sent our questions out to Jenna and she sent back in answers within 2 hours! So not only is it a good Rewind, but she’s fast too!

So enjoy our Valentine’s Day Rewind with Porn Superstar Jenna Jameson!


1. What does Jenna Jameson have going on at this time?

I am extremely busy producing my own movies, my next movie out will be I Dream of Jenna. Running my own website, ClubJenna.com, is a full time job but I find time for interviews for my favorite people. Oh, and I just shot the cover for the annual Guitar World Buyers Guide, and I have a poster coming out in next months Revolver.

2. How often do you stop by our wonderful little page?

I visit at least once a week, I love to hear all the gossip!

3. In your opinion, what are the top 3 songs of all time to strip to?

I currently am dancing to a lot of Disturbed and Godsmack. I have to say if I hear Girls, Girls, Girls again I am going to lose my lunch.

4. Your website seems pretty in-depth, with everything from stock tips, news, to videos and advice. Who exactly runs your site on a daily basis and how much time do you put into it?

I am in the office everyday I am home, and I also update everyday from the road on my laptop. I have two webmasters that help keep the content in order and build my pages. I also have two in-house editors for my video diaries and masturbation videos. I have an office manager that keeps everyone in check and I have a really hot assistant that kicks ass. Justin is my partner and he over-sees everything that is put up on the site and is an incredible videographer and editor

5. This is the last of Jenna Jameson:

Last time you smoked pot =
6 months ago

Last movie you saw = The Others

Last city you danced in = Long Island

Last rock star you had sex with =Sully

Last time you had anal sex = 6 months ago, I have to be really ripped to go there.

Last girl you went down on =Kobe Tai

Last book you read = Memoirs of a Geisha

Last concert you saw = Disturbed

Last time you did Extasy = about a year ago. I get to crazy on it. I can’t trust myself on it!

Last time you went to church = last week. surprising enough

6. What do you think about the porn stars that go and work for the Bunny Ranch?

I think it’s ok, if that’s what they want to do with their lives. It seems a little extreme to me. Kinda grosses me out.

7. What CDs are you currently listening to?

POD, Disturbed, A Perfect Circle, Godsmack and The Deftones

8. How many tattoos are too many?

Never too many. I like my men as tattooed as possible

9. If some chick was thinking about getting into stripping, what is the one piece of advice you would give her?

Don’t get too comfortable with your body, otherwise you look like a porkchop up there on stage. Also, don’t dance to slow boring ass music that puts the crowd to sleep.

10. Rate the following pornstars and strip clubs on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the shits and 10 being the bomb.

Racquel Darrian =

Spearmint Rhinos = 8

Sylvia Saint = 10

D?j? Vu = 3

Julia Ann = 7

Dollhouses =6

Jill Kelly = 10

Scores =5

Kira Kener = 8

Diamond Girls Showclub = never been there so it must suck

11. How many members does Club Jenna have and what’s the most amount of hits you’ve gotten in one day?

I never really talk numbers, but I have a huge member base and it is growing everyday. because I give them what they want, I think it’s important to have the right mix of the real Jenna and the sexy Jenna.

12. If you were to name a place where you would like to masturbate that you never have, what would it be?

On the Oval office desk right in front of George Bush. He needs a little enlightenment.

13. Are you bummed that you didn’t make the cover of Playboy for their Porn Stars issue that’s out now?

Just leaves the opportunity open to get the cover by myself!

14. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said to a boyfriend in the middle of a fight?

I guess the worst thing is, Your dick is the size of a cocktail weinie. that gets em everytime.

15. Has Jenna Jameson ever:

Had an abortion =

Been molested by a family member = nope

Gone down on a chick during her period = as often as possible.. war paint baby.

Not remembered having sex with somebody = not that I can remember

Regretted a tattoo =never.. I love every piece of ink I have. Plan on a few more

Lied to Howard Stern = Yes, trying to cover for someone else.. then he came on and spilled the beans and made me look like an idiot. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about… Tommy

Had sex with a black guy = nope

Been stalked by a fan = it’s part of my daily life

Punched another porn star = yes hehehehehe

Sold your pubic hair shavings for money = no

Had sex on camera while you were drunk = definitely. that’s the best when you are having an all girl orgy, getting all the girls drunk and seeing what happens!

16. In your opinion, what percentage of rock stars cheat on their wives or girlfriends, and why do you think they cheat?

Ya know, I’m not really sure. But, I know if I was a rockstar it would be hard not to cheat. Simply because, so much time apart and so much temptation.

17. Who’s the most overrated porn star of all time?

There are a lot of them. I think girls that look like a wet piece of bread while they are having sex are overrated, I mean, HELL! You’re a friggen porn-star. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do well? Who cares about all the hype. And there are quite a few of those ladies in my industry.

18. When do you think you’ll stop posing nude or stripping? What’s the Jenna Jameson timeline for that?

I give myself a year. I will continue running my website and my other website.. Brianabanks.com.

19. Are your breasts still sensitive after having a boob job and having so many people fondle them over the years?

Yes, they are sensitive. But, ya know it’s funny. So many people think that we pornstars are fondled and probed 100’s of times daily. We probably have sex less than most of those chicks you see hanging out at the night clubs.

20. Kill, marry, fuck. We’re going to list three names, and you have to tell us which person you’d kill, which person you’d fuck, and which person you’d marry.

Sebastian Bach = fuck then kill

Kid Rock = marry then kill

Vince Neil = kill then fuck

21. It seems like your voice has gotten deeper over the years. What’s the story with that? Is it the result of too much plastic surgery?

Oh shut the fuck up! I started smoking! I can name lots of girls out there that have had a lot more than I have. Trust me.

22. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Godsmack =
Incredible band, great live show

Kid Rock = sold me out on the Grammy’s

Marilyn Manson = kiss and teller

Fred Durst = don’t know him, don’t wanna

Randy West = cool but old

Ron Jeremy =cool but fat

Vince Neil = nice guy. Always nice to me. Oh, I wonder why?

Dave Mustaine = stuck up. wouldn’t even say hello to me.

Alice Cooper =awesome, lives in my city!

Dennis Rodman = horndog

Justin Sterling =love of my life

Now that was the perfect Rewind for Valentine’s Day! Jenna can always hang.

Of all the adult sites we’ve seen, and rumor has it we’ve seen a few, Jenna’s site is the bomb! We’re not just blowing smoke up your ass either. Her site really has everything a porn site should have and it’s even updated more than our own site! Definitely worth checking out if you’re into hot, naked chicks, providing that’s your thing.

For more info on Jenna and to check out Club Jenna, you can go to www.clubjenna.com!

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