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Rewind With Zakk Wylde, 3/21/02



Black Label Society Proprietor Zakk Wylde

We’ve been trying to do a Rewind with Zakk for a while, but for one reason or another it didn’t happen. Finally, Zakk’s webmaster Chet pulled it off for us. Originally we wanted these to be answered in person, but Zakk ended up writing out his answers and faxing them over! So since Zakk wrote out his answers, a few questions got skipped because he didn’t have room to answer them. Oh well. Who are we to complain?

We last talked to Zakk on July 25, 2000. Now it’s March 21, 2002, and Zakk’s new Black Label Society CD just came out.

So enjoy our Rewind with Zakk Wylde and the answers only Zakk could provide!

1. What are you up to now? This is your chance to plug whatever it is you are up to.
About 206 lbs & pissed off like a motherfucker!!!

2. Before we go any further, do you have any idea what’s living in your beard?
Dried up pussy juice from eatin my wife out

3. Speaking of your beard, has your sex life suffered at all because of it?
I still fuck my wife & get killer blow jobs from her daily

4. What are you so angry about?
Go fuck yourself asshole

5. Rate the following OzzFest bands on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a band that sucks cock and 10 being a great band, such as yourself.
All of the bands here are cool-we just have to get the guys in Crazy Town to start listening to Black Sabbath
Papa Roach =
Crazy Town =
Linkin Park =
Disturbed =
Slipknot =
Marilyn Manson =
Beautiful Creatures =
Union Underground =
Drowning Pool =
Mudvayne =

6. What would you do if you came home and your kids were listening to Limp Bizkit and Pearl Jam?
I’d have my Rottweiler shit on the cd’s & then I’d hand my kids Black Sabbath cd’s

7. There is a mention in your live CD about a past bus driver saying he could kill your whole family or some shit. What the fuck was that about and what ended up happening?
Fuck that guy. He’s lucky he’s not in the bottom of a river in a sleeping bag with chains & cinderblocks

8. What do you think about all these hair bands getting back together and touring? What’s your take on all that?
Who the fuck cares. Good for them-

9. Are there any new bands today that you remotely like or dig?
The new Down album kicks ass!

10. Give us a story about writing or recording the following songs:
Devil’s Daughter = beer
I Don’t Want To Change The World = more beer
No More Tears = lots & lots of beer
Hate Your Guts = really drunk
Losin’ Your Mind = banjos & beer
Way Beyond Empty = Heineken
Throwin It All Away = more Heineken
The Beginning.At Last = Alcohol Fueled
Phoney Smiles, Fake Hellos = pissed off beer
13 Years Of Grief = more pissed off beer
Bleed For Me = violence
Demise Of Sanity = more violence

11. Has the WWF approached you at all about doing the entrance music for any wrestlers?
I’m doin some stuff for Stone Cold cus he kicks major ass

12. How much beer have you drank today?

13. If you can remember, give us a brief touring memory about the following cities:
All of these cities kick fuckin ass. I’ve got berserker friends & Black Label chapters in each one of these cities
Chicago =
Indianapolis =
Atlanta =
Dallas =
Las Vegas =
Denver =
St. Louis =
Philadelphia =
Cleveland =
Los Angeles =

14. When was the last time you took a shower and what’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without taking one?
The longest I’ve gone is about 23 days & that’s while tourin. My wife won’t put up with that shit at the house

15. Finish this sentence:
Fred Durst is = the antithisist of everything Black Label represents!
Bret Michaels should =
release that video of hin and Pamela!!!
Carson Daly looks like = never met the motherfucker
Jani Lane can = don’t know him
Paul Gargano is really = drunk
Lars Ulrich can’t = drink me under the table
Nikki Sixx will = kick some more ass with Motley
Ozzy is actually = the coolest funniest motherfucker ever! Say anything bad about him and I will kill you!
Sebastian Bach is a = friend and kick ass singer & out of his fuckin mind!
Spitfire Records better = order more fuckin beer!

16. Did you ever think that one day you’d be working with Marky Mark?
Mark’s good people. I turned him on to Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Pantera, & Black Label

17. What goes through your mind when you look back at pictures of yourself back in 88 when you had big hair just like Poison and Warrant?
It’s funny as fuck. I’ve got even gayer photos of the big hair at my house before Ozzy

18. This is the last of Zakk Wylde:
Last time you talked to Ozzy = on stage last night in Winnepeg Canada 3.8.02
Last time you understood what Ozzy said =
Last time you shaved = over a year-my ass hair is longer than the beard
Last 80s hairband CD you listened to = we listened to the Scorpions the other night but I don’t consider them a hair band. The musicianship is good. They were just huge in the 80’s. They kick ass!
(NOTE: the next few questions got skipped cause Zakk didn’t have room to write his answers.)
Last concert you saw =
Last book you read =
Last case of beer you purchased =
Last time you broke a string in concert =
Last time you punched somebody =
Last time you cried = last night. Because I miss licking my wife’s pussy

19. Last year Phil Ondich basically got his ass kicked and sent home, and this year SOB got sent home. Can’t you find guys that are able to hang, or are you just hard to deal with?
Philth & SOB are brothers. We’re just not jammin together right now

20. In the November 2001 issue of Guitar World, you were saying shit about Dave Grohl and how there are some songs on "Back To Earth" that you are not fond of. Did you get any shit from Sharon Osbourne for saying any of that, and why the anger towards Dave Grohl?
Fuck Dave Grohl. He wouldn’t know a Sabbath riff if it landed on him.

21. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
SOB = a Society brother
Fred Durst = fuck him
Grizzly Adams = kick ass beard
Rikki Rockett = don’t know the fucker
Lemmy = Pure Black fuckin Label
Dave Grohl = cunt
The Undertaker = pure destruction & a friend
Tim Palmer = producer of the last Ozzy album
Rob Zombie = kick ass creative motherfucker
Jennifer Aniston = gorgeous & super cool-hell, she drinks beer!
Dave Mustaine = the leader of Megadeth
Nick Catanese = my brother & kick ass guitar player

Not enough of our interviews use the word cunt, so it’s good to see that pop up from time to time.

Here’s page 3 of the Rewind that Zakk filled out!

Zakk’s 20 Questions written out by Zakk

Thanks to Chet for helping us out and transcribing Zakk scribbling.

Black Label Society will be on the main stage this year at OzzFest opening up the show.
For more info on Black Label Society and Zakk Wylde, you can go to www.zakkwylde.com.

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