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Rewind With Jason Hook, 4/4/02



BulletBoys/Mandy Moore guitarist Jason Hook

It’s no secret that Jason Hook is a Sludgeaholic. He’s been seen at most of our Metal Sludge Extravaganzas and has always backed our page.

We first did 20 Questions with
Jason on December 26, 2000. This time around, we came up with 26 Questions to ask Jason! For some reason we found a lot of shit to ask Jason about and it comes off pretty funny, if we do say so ourselves.


1. What are you currently up to now?

I was invited to be a part of an MTV show called "Becoming" which will be aired April 6th. After Mandy’s tour ended in Dec. I was offered a job as Musical Director for a new band on Sony called "Mackenzie BC" (I think the record comes out April – May 2002)

I’m a workaholic, so I always have several projects on the go, including my internet company "Five Finger Media". I spend a lot of time writing and producing at home on the computer. There are some one-off Mandy and Bullet Boys show coming up, but I’m not sure of the exact dates. (check pollstar.com) or http://www.jasonhook.net

2. There have been lots of reports of tension within the BulletBoys camp. What’s the current status of the BulletBoys and who’s even in the band?

Basically we do Bullet Boys for fun. I know Marq is working hard on his new project, Kush Johnson. There really is no tension anymore, now that Lonnie is out of the band. The current lineup is Marq, Pete "That 70’s show" Newman, Melvin Brannon (ex-Dan Reed Network) and myself.

3. Has Mandy been talking about us lately and what are the odds of her wearing a Metal Slut baby doll next time she hits the stage?

No and slim, although her manager seems to enjoy telling people about my review on the Metal Sludge WFP chart.

4. Pick the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your musical career to date?

Hi points signing to Elektra in ’93

Low – getting dropped from Elektra in ’94

Hi – Playing Madison Square Gardens

Hi – Playing the Poison shows. Summer rock festivals, you can’t beat ‘em.

Low – Losing a long term friendship with a certain producer, over a contract gone bad

Hi – Joining Bullet Boys

Low – Joining Bullet Boys????ha ha

5. Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a virtuoso!

Erik Turner =
I’ve never really heard the guy play alone, maybe 5

Mick Sweda = Swedlock, definitely a 10!

Bart Walsh = I saw Bart with atomic punks back in 1996, He really copped Eddie to a T – 8.5

Snake Sabo = I prefer Scottie’s playing – 5

C.C. DeVille = I developed a new respect for C.C last summer. This guy is fucking nuts on stage. I’m talkin’ rolling around on his back, thrashing himself around while spinning in circles -He’s a freak showman, and a great autograph salesman! -8

Tracii Guns = A true rock star, all style, class and mega chops – 10

Slash = Was never a big G n’ R fan. But I think his old school style is one of the best. – 8

Zakk Wylde = The King of rhythm guitar, and a big influence – 10

Mick Mars = 6

Warren DeMartini = Warren was one of my favorite players when I was younger – 8

Ace Frehley = Ok, here’s where I loose my perspective. I am, and always have been a MAJOR Kiss fan. So even though the old bastard can barely pick his nose with those fingers. He gets a 10 for accomplishment.

6. Let’s say that the Bullet Boys own 100% of their own publishing. Each member owns an equal share except Marq. Marq owns twice as much as the other guys. So how much does Marq own?

a. 13%

b. 66%

c. 40%

d. 80%

I love math questions, so let’s see. For each member to have equal shares, and for marq to have twice as much as the other guys you would have to divide 100 up as if it were a 5 piece band and give mark 2 / 5ths, so 100 ?5 = 20 then multiply by 2 and mark would own c.%40

7. Recently the Killer Dwarfs reunited. What are your thoughts on this huge reunion?

Well, when they did their first show, I wanted to fly up to Toronto to support them, but got booked on something else. Either way I think it’s great, Reunions are exciting. It’s a chance to see something that at one time made you feel good. Could a "Huge Dwarf" reunion be considered an oxy-moron? Hi Russ!

8. Did you think about auditioning for Limp Bizkit down at Guitar Center?

No, what a joke that was. I heard spots on the radio that were like "Big sale Saturday everything 30% off, and while you’re at it, audition for Limp Bizkit"

9. What’s the most amount of time you’ve been allowed to spend with Mandy alone?

Maybe a half hour????usually before a show, we will go somewhere quiet and run through some songs and vocal exercises for her to warm up. One time at Nassau Coliseum it was so loud back stage, we went into a shower so we could hear ourselves. We both thought it was pretty funny.

10. Give us a touring memory about the following cities, either with Mandy Moore or the BulletBoys.

Boston =
I know we played there with the Bullet Boys, but quite honestly after 5 weeks on a bus, It’s amazing how it all becomes kind of a blur. It’s not a clich?. Unless something really special happens, some of the short stops are hard to remember.

Las Vegas = BB played Vegas a couple of times, I remember one time Lonnie had a friend who let us borrow this truck so we could transport our gear etc. I’m not talking a pickup truck, I’m talking a huge 5 ton truck. Anyway one of our techs parked it facing the Vegas waterway ravine and forgot to leave it in gear. The parking brake was old and shitty, so we heard this crash. Anyway the cops came, they had a helicopter light on it, the club owner was threatening to sue us for the damage to the fence. I still don’t know how the story ended, our tour manager just told me to take off.

Atlanta = *see answer for Boston

Nashville = I don’t remember much, other than we spent a day at our bus driver’s house during a tour and I was shocked to he had paid only $60,000 for a partition house on 30 acres of land. *Note- you can’t even buy a driveway in LA for $60,000

Tampa = MM played "Guavaween" which is basically Mardi Gras in Florida. So I’m playing MM’s set and I see Mike Nash (Vince Neil’s Guitar Tech) standing side stage???after I’m done playing he takes me down the street where He is working the Disturbed show and we sat and drank Jagermeister on the bus, hung out with a bunch of girls etc etc. anyway I got so fucked up I missed my lobby call the next day. Not good. Then I found out later that the early morning flight I missed was basically empty except for porn stars Jezebel Bond and Raylene who were still parting from the night before. Anyway they ended up making friends with a couple of guys from MM’s band.

Philadelphia = Sorry, I don’t have a good one for Philly.

New York = I love NYC. I have too many stories. I remember sitting with Mark Wahlberg at TRL while he treated the staff like shit.

Dallas = We played some outrageously hot outdoor show with Mandy, I remember walking out of the air conditioned dressing room and feeling my guitar covered with condensation.

Seattle = MM played some radio show at the exhibition center. We were staying in the same hotel as 3rd Eye Blind. They were having a private party in the bar. I ran into Stephen Jenkins in the elevator and he was hitting on this girl I was with and invited us to come hang. I talked to him for while at the party, but think he was really just interested in my date.

Detroit = Detroit was the very first arena I played. It was with MM at the Palace of Auburn Hills. I was terrified. Back then her show was mostly on tape. She would sing but there was no band. I would come up and play two acoustic songs sitting beside her on a stool. I’ll never forget how tripped out I was to hear my acoustic guitar at 120 decibels in this huge arena. There was absolutely no margin for error. One bark and I’m toast. I was terrified, but managed to complete the two songs without fucking up. My friend Angela (who lives in Detroit) came to show me a "HOOK" tattoo she got on her ass. The rest of MM’s crew found that amusing.

11. Last year Marq Torien was talking a lot of shit about Metal Sludge on stage. What do you think he was trying to gain by doing that shit?

I’m not sure exactly, every time he would start with that banter I would hold my breath, cause I knew if there were any sludgeaholics in the audience they would think he was speaking for both of us. I honestly don’t think he reads metal sludge. Marq’s not much of a computer person. I think the people that surround him tell him If he’s getting dogged on Sludge.

12. Which do you prefer:

Mandy as a blond or Mandy as a brunette =
Brunette all the way

Vikki Foxx or Brent Fitz = Fitzy

Crazy Girls or Body Shop = Crazy Girls

Jenna Jameson or Janine = Jenna

David Lee Roth or Ralph Saenz = Ralph (I have a great Dave story for you sometime!)

Backstreet Boys or N’Sync = Backstreet Boys (they have great melodies)

Sunset Strip or Santa Monica Boulevard = Shut up.

Mick Sweda or Jimmy D’Anda = I’ve known Swedlock for many years, so Sweda.

Carson Daly or Riki Rachtman = Well, Ricky fucks Janine so Ricky

Teen People or Metal Edge = Metal Sludge

13. Of the various celebrities and rock star you’ve met over the last few years, who treated you the best and who was the biggest dick?

You know, I think Metal Sludge has every rock star on their toes. All inappropriate behavior gets reported here. So I think people are being a little more careful.

Sorry I take that back, towards the end, Lonnie Vencent was a dick.

Bret , C.C and Rocket were really nice

14. If Gerri Miller is taller than Paul Gargano, and Paul Gargano is shorter than Shaquille O’Neil, is C.C. DeVille taller or shorter than Gerri Miller?

A. C.C. is taller than Gerri

B. Gerri is taller then C.C.

C. Paul is Gerri

d. Shaquille is afraid of Gerri

This is classic ???.answer e. Paul is Nigel Tufnel

15. When was the last time you did the following:

Last porn star you fucked =
Lene Hefner

Last time you signed an autograph = Um, I don’t sign that many really. Usually it’s the younger kids at a MM show. They don’t understand that I’m really nobody.

Last time you felt ripped off = I bought Lonnie a bass guitar for the Texas shows and he never paid me back.

Last city you played in = L.A Key Club.

Last time you got in a fight = High School. I’m not built to fight. If I were bigger I’d probably enjoy it. I try to outsmart my opponents.

Last sexual position you were in = Whaaaa??

Last time you smashed your guitar = I love the idea of smashing guitars, however I’m not crazy about having to replace them.

Last rock star you hungout with = Gene Simmons (we didn’t really hang out, we chatted for about an hour at a house party)

Last cereal you bought = Why?

Last time you snorted blow = Christ, I’m licking the inside of last night’s baggie just trying to get high enough to answer these questions.

BulletBoys in the studio with Andy Johns
16. In your 20 Questions with us, you said that Marq is focused, sober and almost gentle. Now that you’ve been in the band awhile, are you still willing to stick with that or have you since realized that he’s a total ass?

Ha??that is some funny shit???.you know, marq and I never fight, that’s the truth. His personality is a unique one, I spent a lot of time studying his behavior, I know where all his buttons are, they’re not where most people’s buttons are, so I never push ‘em. I don’t even look at ‘em. Every once in a while some unsuspecting stranger will wander into one of the buttons by accident and BOOM! I have seen him come completely un-glued on people and they really never saw it coming. Marq knows I play in the Band because I choose to. The shows are a lot of fun. If it ever got too uncomfortable or weird towards me, I’d just evaporate.

17. What percent of the time was Andy Johns sober when he produced the new Bullet Boys album?

A: 5%

B: 10%

C: 25%

D: Who are you kidding, he was drunk the entire time.

Andy was pretty good from about 10:30am to 2pm. A really sweet man. And funny as shit!

18. Has Jason Hook ever:

Walked in on Mandy naked = No, but there was a time when MM was hosting the miss teen USA pageant in South Padre TX. We were doing a dress rehearsal and it was the bikini segment of the show and there was some delay with equipment, so there I am standing, waiting next to 50 some odd half naked girls. Someone whispered "hey Jay, you should go get your camera, and get a shot of this, hurry" so I run down the hall and burst into our dressing room (like an asshole) and startled Mandy, who was in the middle of changing outfits with the help of her wardrobe person, It was an innocent mistake, but boy did I feel like a fuckin’ moron. ??I never got the picture with the contestants.

Jason at Miss Teen USA Pageant with Mandy

Touched a penis other than your own = Well there was one time when I had to help grandpa Hook go the bathroom.

Asked to see Marq Torien’s greencard = Well he did marry an American

Been nice to somebody’s face and then shit talked them when you walked away = It’s not good practice, but show me someone who hasn’t. Especially in Hollywood

Seen Marq & Lonnie beat the shit out of each other = No, It came close one time in a 7-11 while driving to Santa Fe NM. There was one time (when I wasn’t in the band) that I heard about. Since then, Marq would travel with two massive body guards, Tiny and Elmo

Kissed another man = I’m not gay, if that is where this is headed

Had anal sex with a porn star = Jesus, you guys????..

Seen Mandy Moore reading Donna’s Penis Chart = No, but I did see my name front and center on VH1’s groupie special, when they were talking about the world famous Penis Chart. I laughed out loud. I know she watches VH1

Lied about your age = No, but sometimes I tell people I’m Anthony FoGcx ??. J

Had another man grab your ass = of course, all the time?????????????please!

19. Are you embarrassed to tell people that you actually play in the BulletBoys?

No??? I’m too old to hide from my decisions. Sometimes I won’t mention it, not because of the band, but because I don’t want people to think I’m limited to that kind of guitar playing.

20. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. Rich and famous

B. Poor and unknown

C. Being "the old guy" in Mandy Moore’s band

D. Being the "the old guy" at the Rainbow

E. Still playing to half-empty bars with those other old guys in BulletBoys

You know I can’t even imagine. Most of my focus is on building my bank account. Being poor doesn’t appeal to me at all.

21. For $150,000: You have to eat a piece of raw squirrel which has been clinically inspected and is guaranteed to give you a tapeworm. You must let this tapeworm grown inside your intestines for 8 months, nurturing it with just the right amount of protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. After 8 months, the well-fed tapeworm will become too large to continue living inside your digestive tract, at which point it will exit your body via your colon. You must then capture this tapeworm, dice it into tiny pieces, fry it in butter and garlic, and bake the fried tapeworm pieces into a quiche. After cooling, you must cut the quiche into 6 pieces. You then must serve a piece to each of your five closest friends, whom you’ve invited for dinner, without ever revealing that they’re eating a tapeworm that just came out of your ass. You also have to eat the last piece yourself so your guests don’t suspect anything. Would you do it?

well I do love butter and garlic? J

23. Were you at all invited to the premiere of "A Walk to Remember"?

No, I remember them setting up for it at Manns Chinese theatre and feeling a little left out. (I live right across the street) I still haven’t seen it. I like war movies.

24. Don’t you agree, Jason, that if Marq Torien were to wear a California Highway Patrolman’s helmet and uniform, he’d look a lot like Ponch from "CHiPs"?

That’s brilliant,???yes.

25. How collectively pissed were the BulletBoys last summer when you guys didn’t get on the Poison tour?

Very pissed, and to be honest to you, I had major anxiety because I had Mandy’s tour coming up and there was no way to do both.

26. What do we have to do to get you to wear a Metal-Sludge shirt the next time you’re on TRL?

I know you sent me one a few years ago, but I never got it???..please send me another, and I’ll give it a shot.

26. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts!

Vince Neil =

Dana Strum = I don’t really know Dana. I have heard some un favorable stories though.

Sebastian Bach = Lucky Canadian, determined to go to jail.

Rikki Rockett = Friendly

O-Town = Formula

Beau Hill = Stock Market

Shake Me Awake = Probably the only decent tune we wrote together

Russ Dwarf = Rizzle

Lene Hefner = Sorry I haven’t called.

Mike Tramp = Lindsey Little

Gene Simmons = Genius

Anthony Focx = Not born yet! ???.ha ha

Metal Sludge-

It is a rare and great event when you can conceive something from only a thought, and turn it into a mountain. With only a few simple web pages, you have managed to capture a colossal, dedicated viewing audience.

Well Done.

Onward and Sludgeward


Thanks to Jason for the Sludge Love and support! Tell Mandy we said hi and if she plays her cards right, we might let her be a Sludgette Of The Month!

For more info on Jason’s projects, you can go to www.jasonhook.net

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