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20 Questions with Share Ross, 4/20/04



Share Ross

In Vixen she was known as Share Pedersen, the bass player, but now she’s known as Share Ross, the guitar player, since she married her husband Bam and formed the band Bubble. Of course her husband Bam was also in Dogs D’Amour and The Wildhearts at one time. Anyway, we did 20 Questions with Vixen drummer Roxy Petrucci back in February and since then, we caught wind that Share was also down for 20 Questions. Needless to say, here they are. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? Get all of your plugs out of the way now so we can get down to business.
Bubble is done recording Rock n Roll Hell and we are in the final stages of mixing this sucker. It is by far our most focused, rawkus cd and will mark the 6th year and third cd for us. You can, of course, hear older trax, watch videos and soon hear rough mixes of this record on our site – www.planetbubble.com

Incidentally, in the years post-Vixen, I learned to build websites and along with Bam we designed the Bubble site. So we hope you dig it.

2. Bubble recently won the honor of Maxell’s Song of the Year in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Did you get a lifetime supply of blank cassette tapes, or does Yoko keep all those for herself?
Yoko is very generous and gives us tons of cdr’s. Winning the contest was pretty amazing and the morning that they phoned to tell us, Bam fell out of bed from the announcement. All in all, a shock, an honor and a really fucking nice validation for the intangible art of songwriting. Not to mention, the money got us a van that has since gotten trashed from touring. Ah well. All in the name of rock n roll.

3. You played bass in Contraband, a one-time project that also featured Tracii Guns, Michael Schenker, Bobby Blotzer, and that singer guy from Shark Island. The self titled CD was recorded in just four weeks. With a cast of characters like that in the studio, you’re bound to have some great stories. Please tell us one.
It was a gas making that record. The best story was when Bobby was late getting to the studio. He and I sorta had an ongoing thing about teasing the shit out of each other. Cuz he is so macho and testosterone type dude and I would just endlessly give him grief for that part of his personality. In any event,……….I went to a newstand and purchased a BOX of gay porn mags. Me and the engineer cut out 100’s of these naked beauties and wrote messages on them, too. "Dear Bobby, thanks for last night, Love, Tommy." etc etc. We then covered his drum set in these boy-dangling love pics.

When Bobby got to the studio, he was his usual cool manly self. He walked in to the studio and went to sit down at his kit. First his mouth dropped and then he jumped back about 15 feet and screamed, "What the….?"

Followed by tons of laughter …etc. I think I was on the floor in hysterics at this point.

In any event, it was the gift that kept giving. Many months later, he was on tour with Ratt and a roadie opened a case. Lo and behold, one of these lovely pictures came floating out….Bobby was saying…….No. You don’t understand. I’m not gay. It was part of a joke. Oh shit. No really. It was a joke! Honest.

I think it took him years to forgive me for that one.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Pretty Boy Floyd.

5. Rate the following bass players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a no talent and 10 being the ruler of the bottom end.
Nikki Sixx = 6
Bobby Dall = 3
Gene Simmons = 10 with makeup, 7 without
Pat Holloway = who?
Juan Croucier = 6
Eric Brittingham = I recognize the name but don’t really know who he played for. Warrant? Or Stryper??? ick.
Paul Simonon = 10 all the way. killer player. Excellent artist, too.
Pia Koko = I think you are referring to Pia who I replaced in Vixen? I never heard her play.
Dana Strum = 5
Chip Z’Nuff = 10 (talented guy)
You forgot BRIAN WONG = 10 – best bassist Bubble’s ever had!
Furthermore…if you wanna talk bassplayers……..John Paul Jones, John Entwhistle, Tom Peterson, Tom Hamilton, Paul McCartney, Ronnie Lane (Poolhall Richard is one of my fave songs ever) and in modern day…….Danny McCormak (top bassist!) and Flea. Those cats are bassplayers!

BUT GUYS………I’ve won Best Female Guitarist in Los Angeles two times now so………..I’m gonna rate guitarists now. And since you didn’t give me a list, I can choose my own!
Luke Bossendorfer = 10 – awesome player with a killer feel and a wickedly funny guy to be in a band with.
Jo Almeida (Dog) = 10
Malcolm Young = 10
Eric Dover = 10 waaaaay too talented.
Zakk Wylde = 10 we jammed many times on the Ozzy tour.
Mick Ronson = 10. what can you say? one of the best.

6. VH1 is currently conducting a poll on their Web site to see which bands viewers wanted to see on their "Bands Reunited" program, with Vixen ahead of other nominees like Nu Shooz, Expos?, Soul II Soul and Naked Eyes. So if you get ambushed by a film crew one day while buying groceries or taking out the trash, are you going to be cool and agree to it, or will you pull a Nuno and spoil everybody’s fun?
You’ll have to watch the show to find out like everyone else. Looking at the list of folks we’re ahead of…..is this really a compliment? I mean……..c’mon.

7. If Bubble could go out on tour with any 3 bands, what 3 bands would they be?
The Rolling Stones. Since we write all of our songs in open G-5 string tuning, it’s only fair we should get a shot to be on the same stage as Keith.

(painting I did of Keith in 2000)

The Foo Fighters – just love these guys.

ONLY 3???? No…….there are so many great bands……..
The White Stripes. ya can’t get much more real than this. plus, when Bubble first started we were a two piece for a long time….just me on guitar/vocals and Bam on drums. So there.

But wait……..I can’t stop………
the Hives

really…..Bubble would tour with anyone that would have us. We’re not fussy. Just hungry to play.

8. For $5,000: Would you appear in feminine hygiene talking about your ?not so fresh feeling??
Make it $6000 and we’ll talk.

9. Out of all the bands Vixen or Bubble have toured with, who were the coolest to work with and who were the biggest bunch of jackasses you’ve ever met?
Well, I learned a ton from the Scorpions about being professional and how to treat other bands. They were very nice to us and on the opening night of the tour we were each given a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of flowers. We tried to do something similar for other bands when we were headlining.

The worst experience was in Bubble when we opened for Nash Kato, ex-lead singer for Urge Overkill. He wasn’t particularly horrid to us but he was an asshole to everyone in general. Just made the night very long and sort of miserable. With an attitude like that, I’m glad he didn’t do well. Fuckin’ prick.

10. Rank the following guys on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a scrub and 10 being a bonafide hottie:
Bret Michaels = 1
Jon Bon Jovi = 7
Paul Stanley = 4
Eric Stacey = HEY, c’mon. we were in a band together…he’s like my brother!
Zakk Wylde = 1
Vince Neil = 1
Joe Elliot = 1
Jani Lane = 1
Lemmy = 2 just for attitude
Bam Ross = 10 – very shaggable.

11. Back in the early 80s before you joined the band, Vixen appeared in the film ‘Hardbodies’ and recorded several songs for the soundtrack. Yet some of Bubble’s songs have appeared in major motion pictures starring people like Daryl Hannah, Elijah Wood, and Mandy Moore. Do you feel like you missed out on Vixen’s big screen debut, and do you think you’ll ever get the opportunity to appear in a film or are you content to write songs and stay behind the scenes?
We were very fortunate to have our songs placed in those films. Especially the one with Daryl Hannah, "Dancing at the Blue Iguana"….that one is cool cuz they played almost our whole song!

But Bubble is not content with anything small. We are in a film. A porn flick. We were hired as the band at a porn shoot party with all of the VIVID stars. I don’t know what the film is called but apparently not only is our music in it, but we’re there at the poolside stage, rockin out. (this is early early Bubble when Alex Kane was on guitar and Brian Perry was on bass.)

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth & why?
The obvious one…..Axl Rose.
1. Stop using the name Guns n Roses. You’re just the singer, Axl. You ain’t the band.
2. Try making music. NOT HEADLINES.
3. Get over yourself.

13. Yes or No, has Share Ross ever:
Changed a tire = yes and fixed a carburetor.
Blown a Roadie = fuck off!
Shared a cheesecake with Bobby Blotzer = nope.
Been stalked by a fan = yes.
Had Anal Sex = again, fuck off. have you?
Killed a spider all by yourself = where do you get this shit? yes. My nickname is bug woman. I kill bugs with ferocity.
Been fingerprinted = no
Particpated in any watersports = no
Been photographed nude = not that I know of.
Considered shaving your head = no fucking way.

14. Being a chick in a male dominated industry, how much shit have you had to put up with? Give us a few quick examples.
Ya know what? I’ve always considered myself a musician who happens to be a chick. In my mind, either you can play or you can’t. I’ve always viewed music as genderless. I like the bands I like and that’s that. So when somebody picks that part out of the picture and comments in a weird way, I just laugh. As far as putting up with ignorance? That’s always around no matter who you are or what you’re doing. I decided a long time ago not to let the boneheads get me down!

15. Which do you prefer & why:
Puppies or Kittens = Puppies. totally not into kittens or cats.
Corn Dogs or Popsicles = …..try tofutti cuties instead.
Dogs D’Amour or London Quireboys = Well, I’ve got the best of both bands in Bubble…Bam and Luke. But if I had to pick, it would be the Dogs any day of the week. Dynamite Jet Saloon – CLASSIC.
Pelvic Exams or Pap Smears = nice choices….neither?
Good Times or What’s Happenin’ = I’m not a TV person so ….how about a film instead?
Bubble Boy starring Jake Gyllenhaal or Boy in the Plastic Bubble starring John Travolta = Any ABFAB episode with Bubble (played by Jane Horrocks) in it!
Dildos or Vibrators = Bam instead, please. I like the real thing, baby.
Richard Marx or Fee Waybill = Fee all the way.
The Missionary Position or Doggie Style = Every which way so long as it’s with Bam.
The Wildhearts or The Darkness = The Wildhearts.

16. Who?s the most famous rock star/celebrity that you have in your cell phone?
Taime Down. Oh. I’m sorry. I thought you said infamous.

17. Last of Share Ross:
Last movie you saw = The Triplets of Belleville
Last concert you watched from the audience = The Morgansterns at Zen Sushi. cool band. Kinda mellow but very good.
Last time somebody burst your bubble = what? me? have my bubble burst? never.
Last cover song you played live = Can’t Explain by the WHO.
Last time someone called you "Bunni" = Wow, that’s some serious research…that was my joke dj name…damn…4 or 5 years ago. It was Bunni Vicious and I used to razz fans and tell ‘em I was Sid’s long lost cousin.
Last time you appeared on television = I have no idea. My tv is hooked up to a dvd player only.
Last time you talked to Roxy Petrucci = waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long ago. Probably over 2 years.
Last time you smoked a joint = 3 or 4 years ago.
Last time you listened to "Rev It Up" = at least 7 years ago.
Last time you kicked someone in the nads = 4 years ago. Bam and I got in to a fight with some bouncers here in LA. I managed to give one a fat lip with my right hook and as they pounced on me, I got another one in the balls with my platform boots. But the next day, I had a serious concussion from having my head slammed into the ground. One of the reasons I don’t drink anymore.

18. Is it true that you and Bam wrote a bunch of songs for Jesse Camp’s CD? Let us know so we can have whoever’s responsible for that debacle beat down in the street.
You can have MTV beat up for that one. Without MTV, he wouldn’t’ve gotten signed. Nice kid but he couldn’t sing very well.

19. We’ve heard you’ve recently gotten into knitting. Have you ever knitted a penis warmer for Bam or anything funky like that?
Not enough yarn for that.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Tracii Guns = Tracii can tell you all about himself much better than I can.
Jan Kuehnemund = One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. The girl with the most hair. (yes, it’s all hers.)
Tommy Lee = good stick twirler
Gina Stile = never met her sooo no comment?
Bobby Blotzer = funny guy. what’s up dude?
Richard Black = very dramatic
CC DeVille = schizo
Alex Kane = ridiculously talented, very insane. A truly frightening combination
Gary Myrick = Brilliant musician. Gary persuaded me to sing my first lead vocal!
Janet Gardner = best singer in rock. and helluva fun chick.

Cool, we like chicks who can hang and tell us to fuck off. Works for us!

For more info on Bubble, you can visit www.PlanetBubble.com!

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