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20 Questions with Alan Vine, 3/9/04



Vince Neil’s Bass Player Alan Vine


Unlike any of Vince Neil’s drummers, we’ve always had good relationships with his bass players. We’ve done 20 Questions with Robbie Crane, Jamie Hunting, and now Alan Vine! And much like Vince’s guitar player Jason Hook, Alan is a Sludgeaholic and this is obviously a career high for him. He was also involved with some drama last Summer with Poison and he goes into full detail about that here.


1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your shit.

Greetings all…Just got back from Mexico… I was down there doing shows with Vince….Don’t have to much to plug except that I love to play the Bass and smoke pot. There is this awesome band in Chicago that is looking for a bass player that I would love to jam with…

Alan, Vince, and Jason Hook

2. Tell us about the Poison tour and getting into a fight with Rikki Rockett. What happened? Give us all the details.

Well it all started one day when I was out of pot…I think it was in Scranton, Pa. It was after the show … The fans have all left… I notice that the radio station van was still outside by the entrance… I thought they might have some weed… I walk over to them and these two hot ladies said they would get me stoned if I introduced them to Vince… I said no problem lets go… When we got to our bus Poison’s sound man is coming out of our bus and says "hey Alan those are Bobby’s Girls…" I told him that they are nobody’s girls… he then told me I was going to hear about this….. So now this sound man is going to tell on me…. how fuckin retarded is that…. The very next day we were doing a show outside some where and all of Poison’s Neon BITCHES were given me attitude…. I was walking back stage when CC was doing a guitar solo and I saw Bobby and I gave him a wave to say hello and he flips out and shoots me the bird…. I thought he was kidding at first and gave him the peace sign and then he threw a bottle of water at me… Bobby is acting like a baby… The next day I am sitting in catering and the neon bitches are talking shit and I said to them "I am going to buy a block of cheese for all you Poison pussys to go along with your wine…..Get over it…" They then tell me that were going to tell Bobby… what a bunch of pussys…….. I said "you know what I DONT GIVE A SHIT TELL HIM……" Later that day our tour manager comes to me and says "Alan you have to go and see Bobby…" I walk into his dressing room and I wanted to be the better man and say I was sorry about the cheese coment…. Then Bobby goes into this bullshit story about why he was mad…Then at the end of the meeting he had the balls to look at me and say "Alan I am not out here for the pussy.." I wanted to jump up and say THEN WHY AND THE FUCK ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS… His fruit smoothies must have rotted his brain because 10 min prior he was telling me that I was not allowed to hang out at there after show parties because they didn’t want me and some other people stealing there girls…NEWS FLASH DORK YOU DON’T OWN ANY OF THESE GIRLS… SO….I keep a low profile the next few days….Now here is where I get into it with Rocket… There is this girl who I have seen at least 20 times on the tour…I asked her if she could pick up the girl I was dating at the time at the airport so I could save the money.. She says yes…She picks up this girl and comes to the show… I put them on our guest list and they got Vince passes not Poison passes… I’m having a great time and Rocket says to me before they go on stage "YOU BETTER LOSE THAT CHICKS NUMBER AND WE WILL TALK AFTER THE SHOW"…. I am not even with the chick he is freaked out about…I am with my friend from Phoenix … I am getting pretty drunk at this point and I told Vince what happened and he told me when you talk to Rocket you tell him fuck off… So I get called to Rockets Dressing room… I felt like I walked into an ambush… all of the neon bitches and Bobby were in the room and Rocket goes on about how he didn’t want this chick around and was I fuckin her ect.. When he said he didn’t want her around it pissed me off because he took the pass I gave her and changed it to one of his personal passes (which were totally GAY)….ROCKET if you didn’t want her around then why didn’t you have her kicked out? Rocket went on and on about this and when he was done running his pussy, he looked at me and was waiting for me to say "I am sorry" …. BUT I TOLD HIM TO GO AND FUCK HIMSELF… you can’t tell me or anybody who they can and can’t be friends with you fuck head.. He then stood up and started to scream and yell come on lets fight… All of the neon bitches then took a step back as if to say "have at him Rocket"… I looked at all of them and said you guys are a bunch of 12 year old babys and walked out of the room… I was out numbered but, if I would of had back up in that room I would have punched you in the fuckin mouth…. I then told Vince and he was fed up … he went and told Bret that if this shit didn’t stop we were out of here … The next day we find out that me and Jason are not allowed in the venue after we are done with our set…. "WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO WORRIED ABOUT GETTING LAID"? There was alot of tension in the air then Rocket comes to me a couple of days later to give me this lame ass reason why he was sorry… He said he was wrong and wished he handled it differently….. ROCKET YOU WERE NOT SORRY YOU WERE TRYING TO KEEP DAMAGE CONTROL AT A MIN… YOUR GIRL FRIENDS WERE PROBALLY READING METALSLUDGE AND YOU WANTED THIS TO GO AWAY……That is the truth right Rocket?….e-mail me if I forgot anything alanvine@hotmail.com



3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Kiss they have been on a farewell tour for ten years now…

4. You’re following in the footsteps of Robbie Crane and Jamie Hunting. How intimidating is that and how do you handle the pressure?

Very intimidating the pressure is too much to take so I jerk off to gather my thoughts

5. Rate the following bass players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who totally sucks and 10 being a bass God.

Bobby Dall =

Nikki Sixx = Awesome 11 plus-MOTLEY CRUE is why I started playin bass!!!!

Jerry Dixon = Who?

Robbie Crane = 9 – Talked to him once at the rainbow. NICE GUY…

Gene Simmons = 2 -TOLD ME ONCE THAT ROCK IS DEAD!!!! Come on GENE rock will never die!!

Rachel Bolan = 11plus- awesome great guy

Billy Sheehan = 10 show me how you do that…

Jeff Pilson = 10 – STEEL DRAGON RULE!!!!!!

Dana Strum = 8 for playin bass 10 plus for wardrobe..

6. Tell us about your time in the Impotent Sea Snakes. We couldn’t find a lot of info on you’re time with them so fill us in. What whacky shit when on with all that?

My time with iss was crazy…they don’t do the show they used to do, except in europe… It’s a live sex show with five guys playin music and 20 fetish performers do everything and any thing you can think of… My time with them was a blur I was drunk half of the time.. I played bass completely nude in the band … I had to quit to remain sane

7. Give us 5 really cool things Vince Neil has done for you:

1. Took me to the Bunny Ranch!!!

2. Got to tour all summer playin Motley songs!!!

3. Stayed at his house in Vegas… what a spread!!!!!!!!

4. Got to stay at the Hard Rock in Vegas on his dime for a week!!!!

5. The chance to do 20 questions

8. Has Jason Hook ever told you any good stories about Mandy Moore, and if so, what were they?


9. When Vince plays with other bands, does he ever put restrictions on them or limit the amount of pussy they’re allowed to get?

I don’t think Vince gives a shit!!! But Poison does.. they do it to everybody…Once Rocket told me they wanted The Donnas to open for them so no one would in the opening band could cock block them….

10. Yes or no, has Alan Vine ever:

Seen Vince Neil turned down a drink =
refer to second half of question 14

Talked to Nikki Sixx = yes 3 different times.

Wanted to play in the BulletBoys instead = no

Beat up a hooker = yes- with my COCK!!!!!!

Drove drunk = yes but never again!!!

Paid for sex = Yes- you pay for sex any way you slice it….

Given a girl a fake engagement ring = no not yet…

Thrown up at The Rainbow = Yes… Back when I was with ISS I got really drunk on red wine.. walked out the front door a barfed all over the valet guy…

Seen Vince walk out on a tab = No

Touched another penis other than your own = No.. that would make me a pickle sniffin spine climbing pillow bitting bone smugglin homo…I AM A LESBIAN 100%

11. Don’t you get embarrassed when Vince introduces a song during the set that you’ve already played that night, or when he slurs his words on stage?

Please refer to second half of question 14

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Any rock star who puts pussy before music… all of poison except for CC

13. When Vince does the Motley reunion and you’re unemployed again, what 80s hairband would you like to go play with? Pretend you have a choice of any of them right now.

They are not a hair band but I would say Pantera ….Or I will sit home and record some music I wrote at DD Music Complex in North Hollywood….

14. Have you ever gotten into an arguement with Vince or do you just keep your mouth shut and collect your paycheck?

Can’t talk right now I am on the way to the bank….

15. The last of Alan Vine:

Last time you were cockblocked =
Nightly on the Poison tour by Bobby Douche and Ricky Cockett….Last time you got into a fight with a glam drummer = Never with a glam drummer.. just another glam poser

Last CD you purchased = Music as a Weapon Disturbed, The new dope record is killer too…

Last porn you saw = Snopp Doggs Doggy Style

Last movie you saw = The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.. My bud Andrew is leather face in the movie…

Last strip club you visited = Mons Venus in Tampa Fla…

Last Motley song you learned = Know them all

Last city you played in = Mexico City Mexico

Last concert you saw from the crowd = Pearl jam Boring boring boring

Last time you saw Phil Varone’s cock = When we were on tour together he would do naked jumping jacks behind the stage before they went on…It looks like an angry stack of tuna cans….

16. When you watch old Motley shows from the 80s and then watch Vince today, do you notice a difference at all?

Yes I notice that Nikki,Tommy and Mick are not there….

17. Why is Brent Fitz afraid of Metal Sludge?

Jimmy Crack Corn …you know the rest!!!!!!

18. What’s up with Vince cutting shows short and bitching at fans from the stage? Do you think that type of behavior is cool?

Once again refer to second half of question 14

Jason Hook and Alan

19. Have you ever asked Vince any dating advice, like how long should you date a chick before it’s ok to bitch slap them or throw them up against a wall?

Once again refer to second half of question 14

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Phil Varone =
Funny mother fucker.. he is the reason I got the gig playin for Vince… I got his back for life!!!

Tommy Lee = AWESOME DRUMMER…. I want to jam with him someday!!!


Jenna Jameson = Me and my Slave want to show her whats up!!!!

Bret Michaels = owes me a joint I got him stoned a couple of times and he never returned the favor…


Marq Torien = Who?

C.C. DeVille = GREAT GUY… QUIT THAT BAND THEY DON’T TREAT YOU RIGHT….he is way to talented for them..

Marilyn Manson = Mr. Manson got his start in Florida…My home town.. total props… love his work…


Poison has just been getting tons of love over the last few weeks. They must be stoked. Props to Alan for going into so much detail and for a few nice insults!

Alan doesn’t have a website to plug and neither does Vince, really. But if you liked Alan’s 20 Questions, drop him a line, or better yet, buy a Metal Sludge shirt from our Sludgendise Store!

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