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20 Questions with Adam Albright, 2/3/04



Bach Tight 5 Guitarist Adam Albright (the bald guy) with a fan

On January 21st, around 11:20 PM, we got this email sent to us. It’s from Sebastian Bach’s guitarist in Bach Tight 5.


An email written in all capitals with no punctuation. No wonder he’s in Sebastian’s band. Well we sent out Adam’s 20 Questions right away and he sent them back within a few hours. Now this guy sounds like he wants to be down with Metal Sludge, and that’s cool, but there are some definite bitch slaps that have to be given out during these 20 Questions. Call it tough Sludge love. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your shit!
Drinking right now but promote here goes new BACH TIGHT 5 coming out soon working on demos and trying to make the best music we can so people like you guys will quit baggin on us this band is fucking heavy and sebastian is better than any singer out there!!!!!!!!! other than that DOPESICK is my band and we are also writing for dopesick but my priority is with sebastian right now but dopesick has a live dvd coming out and our ep VENDETTA is sold out and are getting more pressed as we speak……………

BITCH SLAP #1: That’s right, Adam doesn’t really write using periods or commas. He has learned the ever popular exclamation point, but that’s about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we do know he knows where the period key is located on the keyboard since he used about 10 at the end of that run on sentence. Look, how fucking hard is it to use a period or comma? Adam, when you pick up a magazine such as Swank or read the label to a beer can, do you notice how things are written? There are periods and commas! It’s society’s way of communicating. Now we don’t expect everybody to be able to write like a school teacher, but at least put in some fucking effort. Try to use the same writing rules that the rest of the fucking world agreed upon. No matter what point you’re trying to make, if you write like a jackass people won’t listen to you or take you seriously.

2. Does Sebastian have any idea that you are even doing this?
na hes sleepin ill tell him in the morning ..

3. Can you explain why the band is called "Sebastian Bach and The Bach Tight 5" when there are only 4 of you in his band?
there are four of us but he is one of us also so its his name and us so that makes seabastian bach and the bach tight 5 that is 5 right ,him plus us 4 .. maybe he did that so when we suck he can say it was the 4 not him fuck i dont know !!!!!!!!!!!

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
anybody who fakes it stephen pearcy should stop!!!!! anyone whos not staying true to what they do or did its weird now musically everything comes back around so stay true to what you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who plays with broken fingers and 10 being a virtuoso.
Snake Sabo = 6 played good and wrote good songs
Scotti Hill = 6 same played good and wrote good songs
Paul Crook = ? always played somebody elses shit can he write , but he rips 1
Ace Frehley = 10 for just being ace you cant stop or even touch what hes done!!!!!!!
Richie Scarlet = ?? i dont know i like his style kinda drunk but gettin down !!!!!!
C.C. DeVille = 6 cool cc put it down hate him or like him he jams !!!!!
Eddie Van Halen = all time baddest motha fucker around period !!!!!!!!!
Richie Sambora = gay as fuck and you know his dick is not as big as tommy lee’s
Zakk Wylde = 10 bad ass motha trucker ill drink you under the table,,,, what up zakk!!!!!!

NOTE: Adam just said Metal Sludge’s first entry into our Hall Of Fame, Scott Ian, is the biggest dick in the world. Don’t think that’s going to sit too well with a lot of Sludgeaholics and Anthrax fans.

6. How did you guys end up getting hooked up with Sebastian in the first place?
my bass player got killed in an motorcycle accident ( JASON TAGGART) and dopesick needed a brake my buddy scott seargant was out in jersey doin stuff with MOD a nd was like dude sebastian bach needs a guitar player so half as a joke (cause im a bald sac o nuts ) sent a dopesick demo to mr bach and he called me up and said this is sebastian bach i hung up and all that if you wanna read it go to dopesick.com or sebastianbach.com its all there im tierd of telling that story !!!!!!!!!!

7. Do you think it’s cool that Sebastian yells at people for wearing a Metal Sludge shirt when he’s the guy who once wore a shirt that said, "Aids kills fags dead?"
FUCK YEA I DO IT ALL THE TIME ASK ANYBODY AT NAMM YOU HAD MEATL SLUDGE SHIRT ON I TOLD YOU YOU SUCKED YOU GUYS TALK SHIT ON ME ITS ON BUT IF YOU WANNA BE COOL ItS ALL GOOD TOO and as far as the aids kills fags dead if you ever had the chance to play a show to more than 50 people you would know sometime people hand you shit you put it on it says something and now you have to deal with that so whatever fuck that !!!!!!

BITCH SLAP #2: When has Metal Sludge ever talked shit about Adam Albright? We never talked shit about Adam because we had no idea who he was. Some fans have written in and said the Bach Tight 5 sucked, but that’s about it. As for telling people who wore Metal Sludge shirts ‘they suck’ while at NAMM, we didn’t hear from any Sludgeaholics about that and we would think they’d email us about that. Regardless, giving somebody shit because they wear a shirt that you don’t like, unless it’s completely insulting like ‘Aids Kills Fag Dead,’ is lame. We might not be fans of Slaughter but we don’t give anybody shit because they have a Slaughter shirt on. How old are you? What are we in fucking high school? If you don’t like Metal Sludge, that’s fine, but if you give any of our Sludgeaholics shit about it you’ll eventually find out what ‘Sludge Karma’ is all about. And when Adam Albright sells as many Adam Albright shirts as we’ve sold Metal Sludge shirts, be sure to let us know.

8. Lets say Sebastian gets $2,000 for a gig. How much would you end up with?
if he gets that i end up with 400 or 500 that fuckers rich he dont want or need my money !!! he takes care of us and regardless i make more than you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Has it occurred to you that the reason you’re playing with Sebastian is because he can’t write his own songs and he’s just using you guys to write music for him and manipulate?
you know if you ever had the chance to work with him youd see that guy writes he doesnt play guitar hell humm me some shit or whatever but he writes and when its not played the way he wants it hell find a way to hum it scream it whatever hell get it across so you know RAND GUU KA GUG RAN GUG KA GUG RAND GUG A GUG GUGA GAN GANNA thats fuckin slave to the gring how we talk !!!!!!!!!

BITCH SLAP #3: "Slave To The Gring?" Is that the new verison of Slave To The Grind? And who knew you could be a songwriter but just humming? In that case, I think everybody reading this has a great career ahead of them as songwriters.

10. Yes or no, have you ever:
Been hit by Sebastian’s microphone on stage = fuck yea that mic is flyin im runnin i got hit in the back i forgot where but i know i misse it alot bam bam tells me dude that thing almost took yer head off
Seen Skid Row back in the day = i never did but i love the first 2 records and have always thought sebastian was the fuckin man!!!!!!!!!!! you know that also!!!!!!!!!
Gone to Graceland = im gonna be grown up now i dont dig elvis i think because of all the freaks that make it weird to like elvis but if i was not thnking i would say FUCK ELVIS ohhh my god what ever gene simmons is my elvis !!!!!!!!
Idolized Scott Ian’s goatee = fuck that guy i would kick the shit outta him hes a dick period!!!!!!!!!!!
Met Jerry Lawler = no but im down!!!!!!!
Gone to a Poison concert = fuck yea i wanted pussy too my old girlfriend liked them so i went i fuck yea i got my dick sucked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Been arrested = you dont know too much bout me huh i missed my first tour cause i was doin 30 months skinlab machinehead coal chamber napalm death man that sucked !!!!!!!!!!! want me to go on ?????????
Thrown a bottle at a fan = not a fan but check the arrest record i beat the shit out of this fucker that was older than me fuckin with the youth is not always wise i hid in the back of his truck and waited for him to come out of the bar when i heard his keys i raised up and knocked that fucker lose !!!!!!! dont do it youll go to jail!!!!!!
Been kicked out of a club = hell yea this weekend the hilton hotel anaheim namm!!!!!!!!!!
Purchased some weed for Sebastian = i am a pothead !!!! when i first flew out to see him he told me dont fly with weed ( hes smart ) so i did im from california we think different i got to memphis and was burrnin and some how it got out i flew with it and he was fuckin hot !!!!!!! i gave him half smoothed it out but learned a lesson you work with him dont fly with weed i mean somebodies got weed all you guys wanna smoke with me so DONT FLY WITH WEED !!!!

BITCH SLAP #4: Sebitchian actually telling you not to fly with weed was probably the smartest thing we’ve heard him do since we started the page. However, the fact that you did says more than any possible joke we could say.

11. Have you heard the new Skid Row CD "Thickskin" and if so, what are your thoughts on it?
man that shit is garbage i dont wanna start shit with those guys fuck im a fan but that aint fuckin music !!!!!!!!!!!!

BITCH SLAP #5: A VCR isn’t music. A garden hose isn’t music. But the new Skid Row CD does have music on it, and while it might not be good music, it is still technically music. Just wanted to clear that up.

12. Approximately how many times have you heard Sebastian goof on Skid Row?
alot but not real bad !!but when you are the one that made the band you know its hard to keep quiet those guys have called his new band names and shit i dont know those guys but have respect for them but if you keep talkin shit you guys arent but like 2 foot tall id kill ya !!!!!!!! and im bald !!!!!

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
the guy from tuff na im playin isnt that you though ? sebastian bach cause he told me i could play the kiss pin ball machine but the whole time i was there it was covered in laundry !!!!!!!!!!

14. On Sebastian’s website, he mentions the various endorsements that you and bass player Cheeze have. However, Randall is not mentioned at all. Is that because he can’t get any endorsements?
if you saw any shows you know randall is the lead man and randall is a bad as little fucker who dosent want shit dosent need shit and if you asked him that he d tell you i play gibson untill they give me something i dont want shit !!!!! respect that fucker !!!!! randall is the man i like free shit you got something ?? plus the companies i work with are friends and i would never use anything different than what i use i thank my companies and love them fucks !!!!!!!!!!!

15. The last of Adam:
Last CD you purchased = new sevendust fuckin rules !!!!!
Last movie you saw = jasonvs freddy
Last Skid Row song you learned = i never did >>>> na midnight tornado
Last book you read = the dirt motley crue
Last city you played in = pittsburg
Last drug you did = fuck good one or does weed count ??????
Last fight you saw = me in the street with this asshole that wouldnt slow down i have dogs and cats and some asshole hit one of my cats so now i have a 3 leeged cat so i fight out in the street alot fuckers slow down!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last lie you told = at the start of this interview ok that i couldnt get weed untill tomarrow !!!!!
Last original song you wrote with Bach = im not sure i can tell you that but its new we dont have titles yet but the one i think he is working on is called murder one thats my working title so he might change it he might not !
Last day job you had = making custom cabinets for rich peoples houses !!

16. Sebastian has said on his site that you guys have been writing a lot of new material. How has the songwriting sessions gone so far and has anybody had the balls to disagree with Sebastian yet or do you guys just keep your mouth shut and let him always be right?
fuck that i argue with him the most im a dip shit but i know what im doing so its cool but you cant make something great without anybody fighing we wrestled once but not to long hes a big dude but next tour its on and i never keep my mouth shut !!! but you gotta know seabastian wants the best heavy music for you guys so he not gonna let shit slide either !!!!!!

17. Originally, the Dead Tight 5’s drummer Mike Dover was playing with Sebastian but then Bam Bam McConnell came back and did the tour. Did Mike already get the boot or what?
i love bam bam did i say that out loud i love bam bam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. All the live reviews you guys have gotten so far have been pretty bad, with people saying you guys aren’t even playing the solos of the Skid Row songs. What’s up with that?
shit thats not all they said i think randall does a very good job of hitting solos i think he does a good job of making it sound like S/R i dont play many solos and i get ripped up and down i fuck up way more than randy randy does a good job hes not scotti hill nor am i we wanna make new music and move forward i hope you guys are down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. How long before you’re fired?
1 year and i wont get fired we will do a huge record and tour then sebastian will head into the sebastianess and do his thing!!!!!!!

Sebitchian, Dee, and Adam

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Rob Affuso = cool mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gene Simmons = GENE SIMMONS what else fuckin kiss
Dee Snider = my friend and very smart man !!!!!!!!!
Jon Bon Jovi = who
Ozzy Osbourne = diary of a madman
Spitfire Records = jim quinn is a cool fucker
Todd Poole = is this a trick i dont know that name
Rachel Bolan = fuck dosent he have a nose ring
Johnny Solinger = bro get a job!!!!!!!!


Well we have to give Adam props for stepping up to the plate and doing this while still in Sebitchian’s band. That takes some balls, or stupidity. Either way, our advice to Adam is to never do an interview while you’re drunk. Use proper punctuation and proof read what you write. It’s ok to talk shit and we can hang, but realize when people who can’t even read or write English can get their points across better and sound more intelligent, then you might need to rethink a few things.

Anyway, Adam does have a website and for the most part he does use periods and write sentences that you can understand. You can visit it at www.DopeSick.com and of course, his boss’ website is the ever popular www.SebastianBach.com.

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