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20 Questions With Daddy Long Legs, 2/13/01



The Wolfpac’s Daddy Long Legs

Welcome to our very fitting Valentine’s Week 20 Questions. Nothing says romance like an interview with Daddy Long Legs.

Now you might be asking yourself, "Who the fuck is Daddy Long Legs and why is Metal Sludge doing 20 Questions with him." Well…

A: He’s a fan of Metal Sludge, "I visit the site all the fucking time and you can quote me on that (Not that anyone knows who I am besides my mom!)", he’s friends with Jenna Jameson, a founding member of The Bloodhound Gang (who did our first 20 Questions) and he sent us a bunch of free shit! Plus he’s in the Wolfpac and was even on Howard Stern this morning!


B: We’ll interview who we want so fuck off.

Jenna Jameson sent the Wolfpac to us, plus she’s on their album cover, so if they are good enough for her they are good enough for us!

But just to give you some background, here it is. Daddy Long Legs was a founding member of The Bloodhound Gang. After they released their first major record, Daddy bailed and formed the Wolfpac. Their music is a cross between Insane Clown Posse, The Misfits, and the WU Tang Clan. Also, these guys have been on The Howard Stern show before and the really fat guy who dances during the intro of Howard’s CBS show is the DJ for The Wolfpac. These guys have a lot of Sludge Love and they are up on their metal as well.

This is one of our favorite interviews to date because it’s truly on another level. There is something for everyone here. This interview contains grave robbing, having sex with dead bodies, having sex with dead underage girls, having sex with live underage girls, peeing in your own mouth and spitting it on strippers, fat guys going through walls, and plenty of honest shit talking. You’ll either love this or hate this, but either way you should be entertained. It’s not everyday you read shit like this! So open your mind and enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your current projects.

So many things, the most important is our new CD "EVIL IS" that came out January nationwide on Megaforce Records! We also just got a Canada release date for the CD on March 6th which kicks ass! Other that our new CD, playing shows, our web site (www.sugardaddyrecords.com), getting ready to tour (hopefully) and trying to have sex with chicks in wheelchairs! Once in my van they can’t escape!

2. OK, you have Jenna Jameson on the cover of your CD, so who got to fuck her?

No, coughs-someone, comment cough-not me, cough cough cough. I could only wish, prey and hope that would happen!

3. When you guys were on Howard Stern, you had a hot blond on with you who was only 18. She said she wanted to lose her virginity to one of you guys. So who got to fuck her and what & she doing today?

I did actually, later on that night. I banged the hell out of that girl. She was cool as hell and dam hot. Later on that month I got her in Perfect 10 Magazine and then had a lot more sex with her because being that she was in Perfect 10 Magazine now she was more appealing to me. God Bless Norm Zader and Perfect 10 Magazine. As for what she is doing now? No clue really. I don’t keep too close of ties on things, especially ladies. Last I heard she was a stripper and doing quite well for herself.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Oh man there are so many. I love all these glam fucks cashing in now on that shit. There is nothing more embarrassing that seeing a 50 year old heroin junkie trying to squeeze themselves back into a pair of spandex pants! Its like watching a retarded kid at the high school dance asking a hot chick to dance, tragic, truly tragic! Put your shirt back on and get back in your wheelchair old man!

5. Which do you prefer and why?

Britney Spears or Christina Aquilera = Oh so hard, Christina Aquilera probably, she looks like she knows how to get naughty and dirty. Britney is hot but if I had my choice of any of those bubble gum pop chicks I would have to go with Mandy Moore over all of them. Mainly because you know she has never seen a penis and secondly because she is 16 years old and I am a pedophile!

Cinderella or Britny Fox = Neither, see question #4

Kiss or Metallica = This is a trick question. Are we talking Kiss old school or new school? Because old school Kiss kicked some ass. The blood, the fire, the big ass boots! The music back then could have been a bit harder. I mean you guy a guy who is dressed like a minion of hell singing "love gun" additionally I think that was another band that should have rested and not went for the big cash in. When I saw Gean Simmions, next to the Pepsi girl I wanted to slit both their wind pipes with a potato peeler! As for Metallica, I’m a huge fan of the old school shit again, "Battery" what a great song! On top of all that, the Misfits covers, genius. Back then like 1% of the population knew of the Misfits and it was insane that they covered "Last Caress". The new shit sounds like folk guitar shit now. If I had to chooses I would say Metallica because at least they get a hard ass tune every now and again.

Getting head from a fat chick or getting head from a Playboy Playmate = All though some of my WOLFPAC band mates will yell at me I have to say "Playboy Playmate". There is nothing better than looking down and seeing a extremely hot chick cleaning the pipes!

Dead Body Man or Chicken Huntin = Chicken Huntin, still one of the best fucking songs of all time. Definitely up in my top 10!

Hulk Hogan or Dusty Rhodes = Hulk Hogan, God bless that man! I only pray to look that good when I get that old. I won’t but I can wish.

Jackie The Jokeman or Fred Norris = OK I am going to have to say Fred, all thought I really love Jackie, Fred scares the fuck out of me and I would not want to wake up with any horses heads in my bed alla Mr. Norris! Freddie Kruger or Michael Myers = Michael Myers, that guy scared me in the flicks. It was really creepy, cold and they never reveled too much about him at any one time. You got leaked information from movie to movie. Freddie was cool too but it was too much like a cartoon, not scary to me at all. To interject a 3rd party into this I think Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies deserves to be in these ranks and I would put him #1 over both of the before mentioned!

Young MC "Bust A Move" or Tone Loc "Funky Cold Medina" = Tone Loc, because its the same song as "Wild Thing" if you played them 2 songs next to each other, I couldn’t tell them apart.

Poison or Motley Crue = I’m digging Poison still cause of that "Talk Dirty To Me" song. CC’s guitar kicks much ass, too bad he sounds like a gay Wolfman Jack with cancer now.

6. What do you think about Metallica suing Napster?

They sound like a bunch of whinny bitches! I am all for Napster (up on my soap box) First of all if you get a chance to listen to the music in the privacy of your own house and see if you like it which is a huge plus. So you don’t get burned into buying a shitty CD based on what the radio and MTV feed you. Additionally who the fuck has a MP3 player in their car? If you down load the track and its a good track and you like it you buy the fucking CD! Sure you can burn the CD but its not the same. You don’t get the cover art, the quality is not all there and its just not the same. Back in the day Metallica got a huge buzz off of a bootleg demo tape passed around the metal scene. For a band that got their start in such a cool bootleg way it seems fucked that they are whining about bootlegging now! Besides if it was not for the fans being down with the music enough to spread it from person to person none of us, not Ozzy, Metallica, Korn or even WOLFPAC would be here! Respect the fans, don’t sue them, besides how much more fucking money do they need?

7. This might take some thinking, but what’s the most outrageous thing you guys have ever done during a concert?

So many good things. On a average WOLFPAC show there is usually fire, blood, violence, nudity. MC Entropy has peeded in his own mouth live and spit it on our stripers. I have fingered two of our stripers live on stage. I have personally jumped off a 25 ft speaker stack into the pit. We have beat up a security guard on the stage that gripped up a fan by the neck. I have been maced by cops live on stage, MC Entropy has been carried off the stage in handcuffs. There is so many different things to choose from!

8. What’s this we hear about you guys robbing graves in order to pay for Wolfpac recording costs? Isn’t that fucked up? Also, how many graves have you robbed, how do you do it, how much do you usually get, and have you guys been busted yet?

Well in the early days of WOLFPAC when we were started to record the tracks that are on "Evil is" we needed to come up with a way to pay for the recordings. I don’t know if everyone out there knows this but studio time costs a ton of cash and they really rape you in the ass. None of our salaries at our great jobs (McDonnell’s, 7-11, Adult World booth moper, ect) would come up with what we needed. Well we have always been a bunch of macob fucks and one of our friends that worked at a occult shop told us about a few persons he knew that would pay for skulls and body parts. I found this totally kick ass because not only did breaking into graves and stealing body parts not bother me at all but the fact that there were millions of graves around which equaled a lot of needed money made me happy. We have not done it in a long time but that does not mean we wouldn’t do it again! As for it being fucked up, well take a listen to any WOLFPAC song of "Evil is" and I think it just reflects on us.

WOLFPAC = fucked up.

In all honestly, I don’t find it that fucked up, I mean they are dead, they don’t need their head anymore. As for the money, it all depended on the circumstances, age, if you could get information on the way the person died and who was buying it. Any place from $50.00 to $500.00 a skull and then there was the smaller parts, like hands, fingers, pieces of spine. There are a lot of variables that change the price, think of it like the stock market. As for getting busted, well no we normally would travel to other states, sell the parts in other states and hit places that were run down or abandoned that no one cared about. We tried to keep it to places no one would ever check or didn’t even know about any more. Being that we haven’t done in a while I think its past the statute of limitations! No crime, no penalty.

9. For $1,000, would you chew on Pamela Anderson’s used tampon for 3 minutes?

Shit, I would do that for a $ .75 cents!

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.

Jenna Jameson = 10

Kendra Jade = 7

Robin Quivers = 10 (my sweet ebony princess)

Britney Spears = 8

Nikki Tyler = 7

Jasmin St. Claire = 6

Courtney Love = 3

Debbie Gibson = 4

Lil Kim = 7

Nell Carter = 2

11. If you could kill any musician or act who would it be?

I could make a list a mile long with this one. First of all I don’t know if I would want to kill anyone if I could trade the one killing for a good act of fate. I would rather pray to the lord Jesus that someplace out there someone would taint a big batch of heroin and that sweet baby heroin would kill off a bunch of people who suck in the music industry.

Michael Stipe needs to die too but I think the AIDS is taking care of that job for me.

Anyone who complains about their "rider" and why they don’t have their 400 pre washed cotton towels back stage needs to get a home made shank stuck in their faces too!

12. Of all the bands you guys played with, who gave Wolfpac, the least amount of respect?

I don’t think anyone. I think respect is something you earn or take and we tend to command respect. We aren’t ass holes or rock stars, just regular people so we don’t impose or ask for much. Nothing outlandish that would make people not like us or anything. Additionally we tend to be a bit overbearing in what we do, we have very strong convictions so people tend to either respect us or fear us which in my book is equal. So far all the bands we have played with have kicked ass and been mad cool. Even the bigger boys, from Kottonmouth Kings to Slipknot to GWAR. All very different bands with different people and all very different attitudes but they all seem to be down with WOLFPAC. We don’t walk back stage with chips on our shoulders or try to diss anyone so people tend to like us.

13. Would you let Jenna shit on your chest if she asked you to?

Have I or would I??? he he he, that chick could shit in my mouth!

14. Who’s the most overrated band today and why?

Again, there are so many! Just to kick off the ball all those boy bands of course! I mean come on. I could run with this for days and days.

15. How many porn chicks have you fucked, and if you could, please list them and give them a rating on a scale of 1 to 10.

Only a few low end girlys, nothing and no one anyone would really know. I hope to change this shortly (this is a open plea to any porn chicks that like ugly 6’4" tall musicians)

16. What’s the most destruction, in dollars, that you guy have ever caused or done?

Well it depends, are we talking to a person or to a venue or to a hotel? Here is the breakdown of all the top picks. We have been billed at a hotel for a $2500.00 due to a drunken wrestling match in our room where our DJ PGDGM who is 500 pounds went threw the wall of the joining room.

We have been sued by a person who stepped up to one of us outside a venue who got really beat the fuck up and then after the ass beating, instead of taking the beating like a man he called a lawyer and filed a law suite against us for the area of $10 K.

As for other stuff we played a venue in the south when the sound guy swore that the sound system would handle us and the low end bass our music brings than with in first song the PA basically blew up costing the venue in the area of $ 5,000.00. We warned them!

17. If you could fuck any dead body who would it be?

Could I kill someone and fuck her? If so it would be Alyssa Milano (I would do her in a second living or dead) and if it had to be someone already dead it would be JonBenet Ramsey. I don’t think I would be considered a pedophile if she is dead already, I mean after they are dead does age matter?

18. How many times have you been arrested and what were some of the charges?

I think everyone in WOLFPAC has been arrested and incarcerated at one time or another. Additionally two of us have served real jail time. Here is the breakdown of what I am aware of, I am sure there is more.

Aggravated assault

Verbal assault

Public nudity

Public defecation

Simple assault


Weapons violations



Home Invasion



19. Are you bitter that after you left the BloodHound Gang, they blew up?

Hell no, I am proud of them guys for being able to pull threw all the bullshit! You don’t know how many people told them and us in the early days that it was not music, it was not quality and no one would ever buy in to it. To quote a few high ended record executives (who now work at the Dunking Donuts) "Don’t quit your day job." So I am damn proud of what they have done and the shit we used to do together. I mean 2 CD that I did with BloodHound Gang was a huge thing for me so I am proud of it over all and happy for them.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Lupus = Great guy, good heart, too nice sometimes.

Jimmy Pop = Good friend, life long, funnier than anyone I know and a dam good guy.

ICP = Big ass balls and integrity. They burned every bridge they ever had and to quote the late great Frank Sinatra "They did it their way." Great fucking guys, awesome music and one of the best live shows out there. I’m down with the Clown till I’m dead in the ground!

Kid Rock = Anyone who has a midget (RIP) on stage is cool with me

Fred Durst = Like the old stuff, I think the new stuff is a bit week in the lyrics.

Lars Ulrich = Whiner, someone needs to change his dipper.

Warrant = OK….not effected

Creed = Shave that chest home boy you look like a fucking grizzly bear!

Axl Rose = Slim fast baby!

Angry Black = ha ha ha sad, very very sad.

Nikki Sixx = Nothing really to say

Anthrax = Awesome music still to this day! The Public Enemy "bring the noise", fucking awesome!

Korn = Still dig them. Love the first CD, they had alot of integrity and I hope they take a lot of time on the next CD. I think they pumped to many songs out too fast and the content suffered. The first CD kicks ass!

Jagermeister = The best thing to ever be bottled! Fun in a jug and it usually means I’m going to get laid. Sometimes by a fat chick but with Jagermeister on my side she looks like a Super model!

Eminem = Good rhymes, funny stuff, not really my cup of tea. Dre is a genius though cause he probably made 95% of the money off of Eminem.

Sebastian Bach = Cool, good to see he is working.

Howard Stern = YAHWEH! The man who went against all odds, over came everything and did things his own way! 100% the most honest stick to your guns tell it like it is man out there! The world owes this man a lot!

Now that was entertainment! Not only was a varity of topics covered, but he said CC DeVille sounds like a gay Wolfman Jack with cancer. How can you not enjoy that?

Thanks to Daddy Long Legs for putting some effort into his answers and thanks to Jenna for the hookup.

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