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20 Questions With Lizzy Borden, 4/3/01



Lizzy Borden

This probably would have been a good 20 Questions to do around Halloween, but since when have we ever been that thought out? So anyway, enjoy our 20 Questions with Lizzy Borden!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is the only chance to plug your projects?We are about ready to launch our first tour back since (the vacation) in support of the new Lizzy Borden cd (Deal with the Devil)?..the first part of this world wind tour we?re in support of yngwie malmsteen, after that we will do a full tour of Europe and then back to the states for a headlining tour. These are the dates so far.

2.  Tell the Sludgeaholics about yourself and the Lizzy Borden band?


?what?s it going to be then, eh?? there is me, that is lizzy, and my three droogs, that is Alex, marten, and Joey, we sit most night?s in the Korova milkbar making up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening. Our specialty is kicking ass! 

3.  You had a whacky image with the silver face makeup and hair on the Visual Lies release. Was that some sort of artistic statement or merely an attempt to try and hide your less than good-looking face?

when your influences are kiss, Alice cooper the tubes and various other theatrical bands, there is a good chance that make-up will be involved in your over all image. For me it is an extension of the characters that I created.

4.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?


maybe this is self serving, but I saw kiss on the reunion tour and gene Simmons was about fifty pounds heavier then he was way back when, and the whole band was way older, but I had a great time and would go see them again and again. And when van halen comes back with David lee Roth I will be there too. When all the bands go away that we?re once great, what will we have left? I will take a kiss show as they are now over anyone out today.

5.  Have you ever had a real job, and how do you pay the bills?


no, I?ve never had a real job and because of that I don?t pay any bills, I just throw them away!

6.  One of your former guitarists J. (Joe) Holmes went on to play with Ozzy Osbourne in recent years. What’s your current relationship with him?


I see him about once a year and he fills me in about his life in the ozzy camp. For me hearing about his days with David lee Roth is beyond cool, he could write a book. And probably will someday.

7.  Since we’re talking guitarists, what ever happened to Gene Allen? Is he still selling gear at the Guitar Center on Sunset Strip?


I have no idea. There have been so many different musicians in and out of this band, Some are still my best friends and some I have not seen since the day they became x-bordens.

8.  Would it disturb you much, if, upon your death your body was simply thrown into the woods and left to rot?


As long as I landed on top of the bodies of all the webzine writers I left there.

9.  Do you actually pay someone to do your hair?


not with money.

10.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being awesome.

Rob Halford = 10

Phil Anselmo = 7

Bret Michaels = 6

Dave Mustaine = 7

James Hetfield = 7

David Lee Roth = 8

Lemmy = 8

Geoff Tate = 8

Sebastian Bach = 8

Bruce Dickinson = 7

John Bush = 7

Jani Lane = 5

11.  Are you bitter that Guns N Roses had more success covering "Live And Let Die" than you guys did?

when I do a cover song it?s purely for fun, I don?t expect it to further my career, we did that song a certain way other then the way Paul McCartney did it, after that you?re pretty much following our lead. I think there was a time guns n roses could have sung Mary had a little lamb and mtv would have made it a hit. But to answer the question, I?m not bitter about anything?I?m having a great time!

12.  What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

there?s not that many rock stars left on this earth so I will leave them alone, but I can think of a whole slew of pop stars! Starting with Brintney Spears! Mostly because I think she?d be into

13.  What is the sickest thing a "fan" has sent to you, or done to you?

hey used to write me letters in their own blood.

14.  How many times has some drunk tried to attack you for "abusing women" (your props)?
They were props? Never any drunks but plenty of news crews and vice squads all over the country and they still can?t stop me. They closed down one of my shows last year but they can?t shut them all down. Women line up to be abused by me nightly (on-stage) and I happily oblige.

15.  How many times have you had dermabrasion?

I only had her two or three times but I did her sister for a month straight!

16.  Who’s the most overrated band today and why?

well instead of giving that band yet one more reason to be over rated I will tell you who is the most underrated??.LIZZY BORDEN!!!!!!

17.  Rumor has it that your bass player, Marten Andersson, is a he/she. Care to comment on that?

we?ll if he is he only goes out with beautiful lesbian models!

18.  Is it true you had sex with a fire extinguisher in Chicago during the 89 tour?No, I categorically deny that rumor. (It was a fire hose). The master of disguise tour lasted from 89? until the end of summer 92? it was pure debauchery every night, every rock and roll clich? you can think of we did a thousand times over. Having sex with a fire extinguisher was the last thing on my mind.

19.  Why don’t you admit or acknowledge that Joey Scott is your brother?


I believe in individuality in every since of the word. Being joined at the hip by anyone is an appalling thought to me. I do not deny it nor do I indorse it. Whether or not Joey is my brother is irrelevant. As far as I?m concerned Joey Scott is one of the greatest drummers in metal. His drum riffs have always been the catalyst for all Lizzy Borden songs.

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Bill Gazzarri = the godfather of rock and roll

Max Norman = commandant Norman, a great producer that I learned a hell of a lot from.

Neil Zlowzower = great photographer, knows how to get what he wants without a lot of bulshit, "lizzy stop getting blood on my camera!"

Mick Mars = his sound and style has inspired every Hollywood freak I know! And I know them all

WASP = Germany (bang your head festival 99?) friends from the rainbow, can drink with the best of ?em

Alice Cooper = one hell of a nice guy, we played the reading festival in England with him in 87? in front of fifty thousand people

Marilyn Manson = ?madness in great one?s must not unwatched go?

A Clockwork Orange = true art, human nature unleashed, the first menace to society!

David Michael-Phillips = man of a thousand riff

Poison =
shot the cover of the music connection with Brett in 87? it was the first time anyone took longer putting on make-up then anyone from poison ever did?well maybe not!!

Thanks to Lizzy for not only doing 20 Questions, but sporting both our Metal Sludge Fancy Ass Shirt and our Metal Sludge No Frills Shirt!

For more information, you can go to www.lizzyborden.com 

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