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20 Questions With Ricky Parent, 5/1/01



Enuff Z’Nuff Drummer Ricky Parent

Jim Bob Dwarf has done it again! After doing two Rewinds, one with Chip Z’Nuff and one with Donnie Vie, he has now gotten Ricky Parent to do 20 Questions. He’s almost single handily gotten all of Enuff Z’Nuff over the last few months.

Jim Bob once again ventured to Sidetracked in Lemont, IL. and did this interview on April 6th, 2001. It was also Donnie Vie’s birthday party. Here’s Jim Bob’s report:

Everything went pretty well and we got the interview. This time was a little more difficult because we did the questions right in the middle of the band room with a TON of people walking around. There are constant interruptions and someone even is brash enough to sit down and have a conversation with Ricky right in the middle of the interview, asking him for an autograph and telling him how cute he was and stuff. But to our advantage, Donnie Vie comes by and participates a bit in the interview which is pretty good.

See, you came here expecting only to read stuff from Ricky Parent, but you also get comments from Donnie as well! And you don’t even have to pay extra for it! What a bargain!

There are also a variety of photos of Jim Bob interviewing Ricky, and you can see in the background that there are balloons and shit for Donnie’s party.

So enjoy our 20 Questions with Ricky Parent.

1. What are you currently up to?

We’re working on a new record for Japan, and getting ready for this tour with Poison. And we’re doing a little side thing too. I don’t know if I should say anything about it. We’re doing this side thing too. Donnie and I are recording over at the guy who owns this club, his house. He’s got a studio; it’s all digital.

Jim-Bob: It’s like a side project?

Yeah, something for right now, you know. It’s a little different.

Jim-Bob: You got a name for it?

No, not yet.

(Turns to Donnie Vie, standing nearby.)

Should I mention the side thing or what?

Donnie Vie: Huh?

Should I mention the side thing to Metal-Sludge?

Donnie Vie: Well we’re just doin’ somethin’ else. Big deal.

2. Before we start, do you want to pop any of my zits?

(Ricky laughs) Afterwards, maybe. You got any good ones, like the last time? (Ricky laughs)

Jim-Bob: I don’t think so.

3. Isn’t it safe to say that our coverage of Enuff Z’Nuff helped get you guys on the Poison tour?

Maybe! You never know. Probably did!

Jim-Bob: Ricky Rockett’s a big fan of the site.

Is he? There you go!

Jim-Bob: He writes the Dr. Rockett column for them.

CC, he’s a big fan, he loves Enuff Z’Nuff. I know that helped a little bit. Probably everything else.

Jim-Bob: Excellent, excellent opportunity.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

That’s hard to say. I mean, there’s a lot of bands out there that I personally don’t like. I know these questions are loaded questions. (Ricky laughs)

Jim-Bob: You know the drill.

Yep! I’ve been to this rodeo before. Umm….I don’t know. Most of them have probably given it up. A lot have come out with different names and everything too. I’m not gonna sling any mud right now.

5. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being someone who can barely twirl drumsticks and 10 being a skin-banging deity:

Oh no! (Ricky laughs)

Vikki Foxx = What I’ve seen of him he’s a (pause)….I’d say a 5.

Peter Criss = Technically, he’s a 2, but I grew up on him so he’s a 5 in my mind, or a 6. Technically, he’s not a technically great drummer.

Rikki Rockett = We’re gonna on tour with him this summer, so he’s like a 5! Yeah! (Ricky laughs)

Frankie Banali = He’s a real good drummer, he’s a 5.

Mike Fasano = Who’s that? I don’t even know him.

Jim-Bob: He’s Warrants drummer now. Been in all kinds of other bands.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard him.

Bobby Blotzer = (pause and then he laughs) Personality wise? Ummm, a point 5. (Ricky laughs) No, I’ll give him a 5, ’cause we’re gonna be running into him. He’s a good drummer.

Lars Ulrich = He’s gotten better. When he first came out, he was like a 2. I think this is an un-politically correct thing to say, but I don’t think he’s a great drummer. Now, he’s gotten a lot better, but I know kids look up to him and shit, but he’s not my cup of tea.

Neil Peart = He’s a 10. On a scale of 1 to 5.

Mike Portnoy = He’s a 5 too, I guess. I’m not really into what he’s doing, but I know he’s technically great.

Blas Elias = (Ricky laughs) He looks real good! I don’t know if he really played on a lot of that stuff, but yeah, he’s good. For what he does. He’s got a good show.

6. What weighs more, a pound of silicone or a pound of saline?

(Ricky laughs) A pot of what? Silkworms?

Jim-Bob: A pound. A pound of saline or a pound of silicone.

Umm, they’re both the same. I thought you said "a pot of".

Jim-Bob: Yeah, it’s a trick question.

7. How do you pay your bills?

Umm, I have my accountant pay them for me.

8. In Donnie’s Rewind, he said that Sebastian Bach treated you guys with the least amount of respect. What exactly did he do?

To make a long story short, we were playing in Texas with him, and we asked the guys in the band, I asked the drummer, we asked everybody in the band, Monaco asked the guitar player, if it was cool if we used their gear, because we were opening for them. And everyone said, ‘yeah, man, no problem, it’s cool’, and we left after soundcheck, came back, and Sebastian had pulled the plug on everything. So we wound up using really bad gear. I mean, the drum kit I was used was probably in a garage for forever, all the heads were like dry-rotted, the snare drum head broke on the first tune we were playin’. And he knew he was doin’ it. He knew he was fucking us totally and didn’t give a shit. And he acted like, ‘Oh, it wasn’t me, the road manager did that.’ I’ve heard a lot of other stories about him too, but that’s what he did to us. It was like a 5000-seater at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas.

9. Who’s the most overrated band today and why?

There’s a lot of them. Most of the bands out there I don’t really dig, and I don’t understand why they’re big. Umm, you name ‘em.

(Donnie Vie comes by when he overhears this.)

Donnie Vie: Are you burnin’ everybody tonight?

No, no, I’m tryin’ to be cool.

Donnie Vie: I never seen the interview, but after they called me up yellin’ at me, sayin’ I burned everybody.

And now we’re going on tour with them all.

Donnie Vie: I’m never doin’ any more interviews. Ever.

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.

Oh no!

Britney Spears = She’s hot. She’s underage but she’s hot. Too young.

Jim-Bob: Underage? I think she’s over 18 now.

(NOTE: She’s 19 now!)


Jim-Bob: That’s legal in some states. The age of consent is 16 in Indiana!

And the borderline’s what, 20 miles away?

Jim-Bob: If that.

Jennifer Lopez = Gorgeous. Sexy. Happenin’. She’s a 10. Yeah, definitely a 10.

Jennifer Aniston = Not my cup of tea. I’d say a 7 or 8.

Bobbie Brown = I haven’t heard about her in awhile. I don’t know.

Jim-Bob: She’s doing infomercials now.

Is she?! (Both of them laugh) She’s like a 7 I guess.

Drew Barrymore = I don’t really dig her that much. She’s kind of cute. A 7 maybe. Tom Green will kill me now.

Tara Reid = Who’s that? I think she’s hot.

Jim-Bob: She’s in like a ton of movies that I just saw. I can’t think of all of them now. The Big Lebowski I think.)

Is she that blonde? That one that’s in Josie And The Pussycats?

Jim-Bob: Yeah, that’s her.

Oh yeah, she’s happenin’. She’s a 10! Yeah.

Gerri Miller = (Ricky laughs hard) Is she gonna read this?

Jim-Bob: Probably not.

Which Gerri Miller are we talkin’ about? Metal Edge?

Jim-Bob: Metal Edge.

She’s a, a 7!

Jim-Bob: Really?

Power is a very sexy thing.

Jim-Bob: Well, she had it anyway.

Oh right. She does it on the internet now though, right?

She runs Metal-Edge’s bulletin board, I think.

Josie Pearl = Jizzy Pearl?! (Ricky laughs)

Jim-Bob: Josie.

Who’s that?

Jim Bob: Jizzy wife.

I don’t know that I’ve seen her.

Jim-Bob: She has her own website and stuff.

(Someone in the crowd yells "10! She’s F.B.M.!")

Umm, well I guess she’s a 10 then. (Looks confused.)

Michelle Z’Nuff = Umm, she’s a 10. And there she is, speak of the devil!

(Michelle and Chip walk in.)

We were just talking about you. I was just spillin’ the beans on you too.

Michelle Z’Nuff: Oh great.

Jim Bob And Michelle Z’Nuff

11. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Umm, all the guys that complain. Not anybody in particular. All the guys that complain about success. There’s a lot of bands that would love to be in their position. Like Pearl Jam and other bands, well not Pearl Jam so much any more but you know. Move out of the way and let someone who’s hungry in. Like us.

12. How long before Warrant gets kicked off the Poison tour?

I plead the 5th. I don’t know. (Throws hands into air.) I know nothing! I think everyone will be good on this tour. I think this will be a fun tour. I don’t think they’ll get kicked off.

13. What do you remember about the following years?

1980 = Kind of a blur. Yeah, I think so. Nothin’, nothin’ spectacular in 80.

Donnie Vie: Don’t talk too about your old lady and stuff like that. They don’t like to hear that shit.

1984 = Van Halen.

1988 = Oh man. Can’t think of anything great that happened. What happened in ’88? Anything great?

Jim-Bob: Warrant.

(Ricky laughs) That’s not great. (More laughter)

1992 = That’s when I joined this band.

1996 = ’96. (long pause) Probably just playin’. I can’t think with all these people in here. I’ve got a bad memory for years.

2000 = Waitin’ for the world to end, and it never happened.

14. What are you looking forward to most about the Poison Tour?

A. Playing to large crowds

B. Great catering

C. Laughing with friends about Bret Michaels and Kevin DuBrow’s daily hair challenges. (Ricky laughs)

D. Watching Jani Lane age before your very eyes. (Ricky laughs)

E. Plenty of pussy and VD to go around

All of the above! Ya gotta have one for everyone of em. Probably A, playing in front of crowds. That’s the main thing. That should be cool.

Jim-Bob: You’re comin’ here to Chicago, to what. The World?!

Yeah, July 3rd! You’d better be comin’ out for that one for sure.

15. Yes or no, has Ricky Parent ever done the following:

Heroin with Donnie Vie = (Ricky laughs) I can’t answer that.

Donnie Vie calls over: Ricky! Ricky, I think you should have been eatin’ something else, like peaches or strawberries or something.

I haven’t really been eating that much, but today I did.

Donnie Vie: That’s a great, brilliant idea.

Hey, come over here and look at these questions they want me to answer.

Donnie Vie: What?

Jim-Bob: Has Ricky ever done Heroin with you.

Donnie Vie: What? Has he done Heroin with me?

Jim-Bob: Inquiring minds want to know.

Donnie Vie: Yes. Sure, way back when.

I don’t want to answer any of these kinds of questions! (Ricky laughs)

Donnie Vie: Just say, ‘what do you think?

Heroin? Donnie Vie? He doesn’t do that!

Shoplifted = Oh no, we’ve never shoplifted! Especially on the road. (Sarcastic mode on.)

Donnie Vie, under his breath: Quit raggin’ on Donnie Vie about the heroin shit. That thing’s been over for awhile now, you know? I don’t want those rumors resurfacing.

Donnie Vie, louder: Shopliftin’, you know, was somethin’ to do. We were bein’ like kids, you know. You get too antsy and you just wanna grab somethin.’

Jim-Bob: What’d you guys steal?

I don’t remember – I was too high on heroin! (Ricky laughs)

Donnie Vie: Some stupid little thing, I don’t know what we stole. Somethin’. We were at a record store, doing a signing. And then we stole these sunglasses or somethin’. Sunglasses! That’s what it was. And sunglasses should be free.

Cried during a movie = Oh, many movies. Recently? I’m really too sappy. I cry at commercials. I cried at Titanic, that’s one that I cried at the end of. Although I shouldn’t have.

Jim-Bob: Don’t feel bad. I think I cried at the end of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. You know, where Abe Lincoln’s giving that speech.

(Ricky laughs and pretends Jim Bob is funny)

(Here some chick comes by and sits down and goes, "you’re like my favorite out of all of Enuff Z’Nuff, blah blah blah.")

Donnie Vie, nearby: Yeah, Ricky. You’re her favorite! You go boy!

(Chick: Anyhow can I get your autograph, ’cause you’re like so awesome, my favorite, so cute, blah blah blah. What happened to that girl you were dating. Are you still with her?")


(Chick: "Well, good luck then. Blah blah blah. You’re like so cute.")

Well thank you.

Jacked off in traffic = Umm, no I don’t think I have. That’s one I gotta try.

Gone to the Playboy Mansion = No I haven’t. But I wanna go.

Touched another man’s penis = (Ricky laughs) I’d rather not talk about that! No I haven’t. Not that I can remember.

Had sexual thoughts about Michelle Z’Nuff = (Ricky laughs) No.

Had sexual thoughts about Vikki Foxx = (Laughing hysterically) NO!!!

Conspired to kill Monaco = No, but I’ve heard stories about it. I heard that YOU were the guy trying to kill him!

Jim-Bob: It wasn’t me!

That’s what’s out there right now! That’s what Monaco’s been goin’ around sayin’.

Had somebody ask for your autograph this week = Yeah, like, 2 seconds ago! (Ricky laughs)

(Donnie Vie, in background, goes around getting people to inhale helium and talk.)

Donnie Vie: Hey! You wanna hear some jive on Helium?

Jim-Bob: This is like a side-show.

(Everybody laughs) It is!

(Various voices in the background talk really high due to the Helium)

Jim Bob and Ricky share a hug!

16. Can I please have a hug?

Ricky, to onlookers: Oh, you gotta get a picture of me hugging him!

(Ricky and Jim-Bob share a big manly hug!)

Donnie Vie: Yeah, you can put it on the cover of your solo record.

17. Do you consider Spitfire Records a real record label?

Donnie Vie: Hey, don’t write about the cover song on there.

Uh, yeah, they’re getting a lot better too. Wait, now we gotta go back to that question, what was it? Number 15, "have you ever touched another man’s penis", yeah, now you have to change my answer to ‘yes’ have I have, ’cause I just touched yours when we hugged!

Jim-Bob, clearly disturbed: Oh my god!

18. Do you have any say in Enuff Z’Nuff whatsoever?

Oh yeah!

Jim-Bob: Really?


19. You played with Jeff Pilson in War & Peace. Did you also nail Jeff’s wife like Mick Brown did?

Nooooo!! (Ricky laughs) That’s BAAAADD, man! No. He wasn’t married to her at the time. He was only going out with her. They were kind of just messing around, then eventually they started going out.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Ratt = Ummmm…I’m not a big fan of their stuff, but they’re a good bad.

Sebastian Bach = Nice hair! (Ricky laughs)

Derke Frigo = Great guitar player.

Jani Lane = Gets good looking chicks.

Jim-Bob: Really? Still?!

Yeah. Rowanne’s a good-lookin’ chick. I don’t know if he’s still with her.

Jim-Bob: I heard they broke up.

Oh did they?

Jim-Bob: But I’m not sure if for good.

Dana Strum = Businessman.

Jeff Pilson = Great guy.

Marq Torien = I don’t know. I’ve heard some bad things recently, like he was mad at us for getting this tour.

Jim-Bob: Really?


Jim Bob: They’re doing some opening dates in Texas.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard he was really mad at us for getting this tour, like thinkin’ we shouldn’t have it and maybe they should, so my opinion’s maybe changed on him a little bit. He’s a good guy though.

The Thirsty Whale = Great club. Sad to see it go. We need another one in Chicago.

Creed = Not a big fan. One of those bands that I’m amazed that they’re that big. I just don’t get it.

Tommy Lee = Great drummer. Good guy. Sold him a drumkit recently, at OzzFest.

Chip Z’Nuff = One of my best friends. Good businessman. Good bass player. All-around good guy. You’re not gettin’ any dirt out of me!!

Donnie Vie = Also one of my best friends. Great songwriter. And umm, sometimes he says things he doesn’t mean in Metal Sludge interviews.

I’ve been Sludged!

Another quality interview by Jim Bob Dwarf!

We’re not sure if Ricky thought our "Rate A Drummer" scale was from 1 to 5 or what. He gave most everybody a 5, so we think he might have been confused. But the Sebitchian story was cool and he even hugged Jim Bob Dwarf, so you know that takes balls. Thanks to Jim Bob and Ricky for being good sports.

Jeff Overstreet from Sidetracked was the man who hooked everything up again and also sent in some of the photos for this. And Jim Bob finally got his picture with Monaco as well!

Jim Bob, Monaco, and Jeff Overstreet

For more info on Enuff Z’Nuff, you can go to www.enuffznuff.com!

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