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20 Questions With Jaime St. James



Black N Blue Singer Jaime St. James

This week we are talking to Jaime St. James from Black N Blue. BNB came out in the early 80s for you younger Sludgeaholics. Their guitarist Tommy Thayer ended up going on to become Kiss’ Tour Manager and all around right hand man. And Jaime, well he went on to front a band called Freight Train Jane and now St. James.

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your products!

The most important thing to me right now is my new band ST.JAMES. I am finishing up the recording of my new CD, and trying to find a label. If not, I will release it on my own. Also, I still have Krazy planet.com, (a new BNB live recording from 1984), is the next release. For any Black N blue info, or ST.JAMES go to jaimestjames.com

2. Black N’ Blue released several CDs on a major label with some heavy weight people in your corner. How come you guys never went anywhere and where the hell is everyone else?

Well, we did go somewhere. Why do you think our CD’s go for so much money on e-bay? We still have tons of fans, judging from the thousands of e-mails I recieve. No, we never went huge, but that doesn’t mean we were not a great band.I know we influenced a lot of musicians,and the music still sounds good today.As far as the band goes, We all know Tommy is working for KISS…. Patrick Young is back in Portland Ore. as well as Woop…both are doing fine. They are forming a band called BITCH WAGON. Pete Holmes is still in L.A. and playing in several bands, I dont know the names.

3. Freight Train Jane was a project after Black N Blue. Who was in the group, where are they now, and what happened with the band?

Freight Train Jane was a good band, but we formed in the 90’s and didn’t have a chance, because long hair, kick ass rock was out. The guitarist Tommy Bolin was from Warlock….on bass was Scotty Werner, and drums were Skip Tease and Davy Jones. We released one CD on a Japanese label, and then I decided to stop playing music. Now I’m back!! Tommy and skip have a band called NYC ………..Scotty must be buried in a corn field somewhere cause we cant find him.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

I dont think anyone shuold call it a day, if they still have the burn to do it. If you have one original member left and you are out there only for the money, then fuck off, because you have no integrity.

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a vocal god!

Jani Lane = 9 say what you want, the man can sing.

Paul Stanley = 9 he’s awsome

Bruce Dickinson = 6 talented, but not my cup of tea

David Lee Roth = 9 one of the all time great rock singers

Vince Neil = 7 great style..thin tone..but I like what he does

Alice Cooper = 9 check out any of his stuf from the 70’s.

Don Dokken = 8 Don has a great voice

Sebastian Bach = 9 when I first saw and heard him I was jealous.

Ron Keel = 9 Ron would push himself vocaly to the limits.. you have to admire that.

Bret Michaels = 8 one of the nicest guys in rock I’ve ever met. he does what he does very well.

note: I give a 10 to one man……….Robin Zander

6. "Hold on to 18" and "Miss Mystery" made the biggest impact for Black N Blue. But these 2 songs are completely different styles. Why did you guys go from metal, leather and chains to pink clothes, eyeliner and sappy keyboard shit?

My favorite BNB is without love. We were never realy full on leather or pink. We were simply a rock band that thought you should look good. Part of our problem could have been that we were both those styles.

7. After all that work with Gene Simmons, you had to of had some run-ins with Paul Stanley. Did Paul ever ask you to sit on his lap or do anything weird like that?

No, Paul is quite shy off stage.But One time at Gene’s birthday, out on the streets of beverly hills I was drunk and I ran up and kissed Gene on the mouth. I dont think he liked it at first but he did laugh at it. And no he didn’t slip me any tongue.

8. Black N Blue’s first tour was with Aerosmith back when Joe Perry rejoined the band. What’s your best Aerosmith story from that tour?

That was an awsome tour. You have to remember that Aerosmith was still doing drugs at that time. Steven Tyler had all his lyrics on big pages, taped down on the stage. One time he fell off the stage, also he told me that I wear too much make up.

9. On one of your Black N Blue releases your drummer was wearing a diaper. Any reason in particular as to why this was worn on an album cover?

Yea, at the time we thought it would be funny if he was in a diaper, lets face it, he was getting a little fat, so we thought ……giant baby, big cigar, beer bottle= funny

Jaime St James, an old guy, & Steven Tyler

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a sloppy mess and 10 being a hottie.

Pamela Anderson =
10 beautiful, likes sex, and smart enough to be succesful in cut throat TV land.

Carmen Elecktra = 7 nice, but how bright is her bulb?

Gwen Stefani = 9 hot, young & sexy

Gerri Miller = C’mon, we all know she’s a 3

Drew Berrymore = 6 but I bet she’s fun in bed

Chyna = 5 but I dont like it when a chicks balls bang against her thighs

Tawny Kitaen = she used to be hot…..who knows what she looks like now that whitesnake is gone….I give her a 9 for a job well done.

Bobbie Brown = I know nothing about this girl, but by looks alone I have to give her a 10.

Shannon Tweed = 9 She is beautiful

Chantel The Sludgette Of The Month = Only met her for about 2 min. cant judge.

11. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Well he’s not a rock star, but I want to slap that little bitch EMINEM. IS THAT HOW YOU SPELL HIS CANDY ASS. He’s a punk. He aint no RAPPER……he’s a little punk ass YAPPER.

12. Over the years you did a lot of tours. Which band treated Black N Blue like shit and who treated you guys like kings?

KISS & AEROSMITH were great…… we got treated like shit by Alvin Lee… we told them to fuck off in ST.LOUIS..they wanted us to set up 18 marshall cabinets on the dance floor of a club. We did not play the show but we did do our set at some kids basement rehersal room for his band…….. It was one of the most rewarding shows I’ve ever played.

13. You could have moved anywhere in the country, but you picked Cleveland. What drugs were you doing when you made that decision?

I was not doing anything in L.A. I needed a drastic change to make me want to play music again……also, my girlfriend at the time was from Cleveland, so I took a chance. It turned out great because I’ve got a great band and I’m writing the best music I’ve ever written.

14. Who are some of the most overrated bands of all time?

Styx..Kansas..pearl jam..Jewel..and all no talent rap shit.

15. Tell us what you remember about the following years.

1976 =
First time I came to L.A. ..went to the Starwood, every night.Saw Quiet Riot with Randy Rhodes & London with Nikki Sixx and Nigel Benjimen.or maybe that was 77?

1981 = moved to L.A. from Portland Oregon

1983 = Got signed by Geffen, and recorded in Germany, Toured with my Idols,Aerosmith for 4 months……..not bad

1988 = I think these were the last days of BNB

1992 = I guess it was the days of Frieght Train Jane.

1996 = I did not play music ………….I was in an electrician

2000 = I will be back you bastards.

Jaime, Gene Simmons, and Tommy Thayer

16. Black N Blue CDs are selling for big money on e-bay. With that said, please give us your opinion on Ebay and Napster?

E-Bay is fine ( if you bought somthing rare, then sell it if you choose)But Napster should pay artists for selling there music.

17. Has Jaime St. James ever…

Tasted urine =
no, but, once while I was working construction, I went to one of those crap boxes (you know the kind they suck out once a week) and when I droped my first bomb…..I got a horrible back splash right smack dab in the a-hole….. I never got over that one.

Ate a girl out on the rag = I dont think so.

Thought about a nose job = why? my nose is fine.

Paddled a canoe = no, but I wll

Touched a man’s penis = Yes…once on our tour bus, Pete Holmes, my drummer, came out of the back lounge ( he was with some girl ) and was saying "I can’t cum- I can’t cum" so when he walked by me I slapped his dick and told it to get back in there and finish the job.

Considered suicide = yes

Shoplifted music equipment = no, just food

Been to Gene’s house in the last 10 years = Yes…..we wrote songs a bunch of times.

Considered a hair straightener = yes.just look at the picture on the back of Tommys live CD,,,,,,the worst photo of me ever,,I wanted to play around with my hair, and then that came up. I’ll never fuck with my hair again, I am, what I am. In that picture I looked like the elephant man with a bad rug.

Cheated on a girlfriend = yes, many times

18. Are you holding on to 18?

yes, until I die

19. Does Tommy Thayer return any of your calls anymore?

We talk all the time……he’s my friend

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Don Dokken = One of the first people in L.A. to believe in BNB along with Garo Tasjian and dee dee keel who was the first to book us .

Michael Wagener = We were lucky to have him ( great enginier)but it was all thanks to Don Dokken

Kid Rock = I love his rock attitude

Lars Ulrich = good drummer….he started out with my guitarist woop in a band called HELLCASTLE

Nikki Sixx = the greatest rock-n-roll guy to come out of the 80s.I have nothing but respect for this man. I think he has what it takes to last a long long time in this fucked up buisiness we call music.

Steven Tyler = Jesus! what can you say? He was born to play rock-n-roll ……..a musical motherfucker….the best there is.

Sammy Hagar = the words I here, every time I walk into a strip club. someday I would like to meet him.

Howard Stern = I love Howard……listen to him every morning

Tom Green = 6 but I bet he’s good in bed

Gene Simmons = very intelligent

Billy Morris = A great guitarist, he’s been playing a long time and I’m glad he is getting some recognition by joining warrent. He is my friend.

Tommy Thayer = My best friend..my best man at my wedding.and helped me through all my tough times ……..I love Tommy…and he is still my favorite guitarist.

Now that wasn’t bad. Jaime gave Gerri Miller a 3 and even admitted he touched a penis before!

For more info on Jaime and his projects, you can go to http://www.jaimestjames.com.

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