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20 Questions With Rick Ruhl, 10/2/01




Every Mother’s Nightmare Singer Rick Ruhl

This week’s 20 Questions are with Rick Ruhl. A month or so ago, we got an email from EMN’s guitarist Jeff Caughron saying he was down with the page and that either him or Rick would do 20 Questions. So we sent them off to Rick because he’s the only original guy left! Rick is somewhat outspoken too, so if you’re a typical Sludgeaholic you should probably dig this. Enjoy!

1. What are you guys up to? This is your only chance to plug your projects, tours, websites, etc.

We have been on tour the past month. We’ll start another tour with Tuff and Roxx Gang sometime in October or November. We have also been busy with working on our new CD, which will be out around November. CD and tour information can be found on our web page at http://www.emnonline.net. You can listen to a few of our songs at http://www.mp3.com/EMN. We are encouraging our fans to dedicate our song "Somehow," which is on the MP3 page, to the victims of the terrorist attack.

2. Who’s in the band? Are they all replacements or the original members?

The new line up is as follows: Troy Fleming, bassist; Travis Hall, guitarist; Chris "Newt" Beavers, drums; Jeff Caughron, guitarist. I’m the only original member. I’m still friends with the original members?we just all went our separate ways.

3. How did you find out about Metal Sludge and how often do you visit?

By word of mouth. I visit every once in awhile. That’s only because I don’t have frequent access to a computer?Jeff visits everyday.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up?

Hard to say…but if a band is having a good time playing that’s all that matters and they should keep going.


5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who blows chunks and 10 being a vocal god.

Jani Lane = 5

Sebastian Bach = 9

Rob Halford = 10

Vince Neil = 5

David Lee Roth = 7 (one of the best frontmen ever)

Geoff Tate = 10

Jack Russell = 8

Bret Michaels = 5

Jesse James Dupree = 5

Stephen Pearcy = 5

6. Who was responsible for picking the band name Every Mothers Nightmare, and did you ever consider using the name Skid Row Lite?

It was joke for our first show but what is funny is this band was together before Skid Row.

7. Name the 3 low points and if you can think of any, list the 3 high points as well.

Low points – The first band members leaving. Coming off the road

High points – New band, new record, and new tours

8. Who’s the most overrated band today and why?

Haven’t we all seen enough boy band-candy-ass music to last a lifetime? Its constantly crammed down our throats. But there is a lot of great new music out there by real artists.

9. Out of all of the bands EMN has toured with who treated you the best & the worst?

Cheap Trick and Circus of Power treated us the best. Jackyl, Baton Rouge and Push Monkey treated us the worst. Push Monkey’s road crew is a bunch of assholes?they tried to act like they knew more about being on the road than we did and felt like they were better than us.

10. Rate the following bimbos on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a bucket of pig slop and 10 being a hot momma.

Bobbie Brown = 7

Britney Spears = 8

Samantha Fox = 9 in her day

Jessica Hahn = 3

Lita Ford = 3

Jennifer Lopez = 5

Courtney Love = 5

Janine = 8

Gerri Miller = 10

Gwen Stefani = 9

Jamie Pressley is a fucking 15!!!

11. What rock star deserves a smack in the balls and why?

Too many to mention…but we can all probably use a smack in the balls every once in awhile

12. EMN is based in Tennessee, so…have you ever banged a blood relative?

Of course?

13. Finish these sentences:

Fred Durst is hung well from what I hear

Bret Michaels should take that goddamn hat off

Carson Daly looks like a fuck toy (according to my girlfriend)

Jani Lane can kiss my entire ass. He dissed me in Nashville after we smoked them!

Paul Gargano is really a roadie for Britney Fox (just kidding, Paul)

MTV is actually anti-video (what’s up with all the soap operas and game shows?)

Howard Stern can’t figure out why he can’t get laid.

Nikki Sixx will probably live forever.

14. On this tour, what’s the most amount people you’ve played in front of and what’s the least amount of people?

The most = 1,500 The least = 20

There’s always a good crowd when the club promotes it. How can these clubs afford to pay a band so much money and not put out a single ad?

15. Has Rich Ruhl ever:

Farted onstage into the microphone = I have at rehearsal and put a big delay effect on it.

Touched another man’s penis = no

Been envious of Tom Mathers = yes

Jacked off in traffic = yes

Spit in a girl’s face = yes

Considered suicide = yes

Quit in the middle of a tour = no

Drove drunk = yes

Laughed at a fat fan behind her back =

Sang along to a Garth Brooks song = yes

16. For $25,000 would you do the following:

At the next family wedding, approach your best-looking first cousin and tell her that you have always wanted to "make love to her" and would she like to go upstairs for a little "family values"? Whether or not they agree, you can never tell them why you asked.

Yes, I’d do it for $25.00!

17. What do you remember about the following years?

1975 =

1979 =

1983 =

1987 =

1991 =

1994 =

1999 =

1975 – 79 = great Kiss and Alice Cooper shows

1983 – 91 = partying

1994 – 99 = rehab

18. You don’t consider Perris Records a real record label, do you?

Yeah, they do all the things other labels do (like spending money) but without all the red tape bullshit.

Rick and a Sludgeaholic named Richard


19. Do you think that it’s worth touring when you have enough guitars on the road for the entire audience to get up and jam with you?

That’s a little overkill – we take six because we fuck up something every night?like break strings. You always need another in-tune guitar.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Kid Rock = one of my favorites right now

Sebastian Bach = very cool guy

Dana Strum = prick

Tom Mathers = one hell of a sexy man

Korn = rocks

Kevin DuBrow = hair club for men

Gene Simmons = someone that rich shouldn’t be in that bad of a mood

KNAC = rocks

Saliva = Hey, Wayne – give me my guitar back!

Elvis = home

Thanks for the opportunity!

Rick Ruhl

Not bad. That’s the second week in a row that Warrant got slammed. And anybody who calls Dana a prick is cool with us.

For more info on EMN, you can visit http://www.emnonline.net

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