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20 Questions With Nick Catanese, 12/4/01



Black Label Society’s Nick Catanese

This week we’re talking to Nick Catanese from Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society. Nick was also in the movie "Rock Star" that was in theaters for about 5 minutes last Fall. He was also gracious enough to send us some photos to use in this interview so we didn’t have to run around and try to find photos of his ass.


1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your projects.
I am actually working on a t shirt line . Its a womens baby half shirt that has a pear guy with shades and combat boots and it says "WOW wudda pear" hehe , perfect for wet t shirt contests . so im doing that and just jamming.

Jennifer Aniston and Nick

2. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge and what are your thoughts on our humble page?
I saw it when u guys first came out and loved it. i think its awesome!! nothing beats pokin fun at funny shit. the shot of janie lane as a pizza guy fucking ruled haha.

3. Give us 5 memories from the Rock Star movie shoot?
well the best memory was getting paid to hang with some of the coolest people i have met. plus getting to record the soundtrack with Zakk and Jason Bonham and Jeff Pilson was cool. and And also gettin to see the directors ideas come to life was impressive to me. But we kinda had to rearrange the outfits at first, they had us wearing spandex and i was like " NO WAY !! im not gettin beat up when i get home " haha. so we went to 80s leather thats a lil better.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
I just saw Queensryche in a magazine. i dont know about you, but i think they should just stay away. i liked the Mindcrime cd but its a lil odd to be coming out now. an Opra voice just doesnt fit now, I dont know thats my oppinion.

5. Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a virtuoso.
Warren DeMartini = 8
C.C. DeVille = negative 4
That dude from Disturbed = 5 ( dans my bud)
Dimebag Darrell = total 10
Joe Holmes = 8
Kid Rock = huh?
Ace Frehley = get him a Mel Bay book and a tuner = 2
Ted Nugent = 9 all attitude
Mick Mars = 3
Snake Sabo = 3

Dimebag and Nick

6. What exactly went down with the events surrounding the firing of Phil Ondich?
The thing with Phil was i think a combo of booze and i think he was sick. Im not quite sure. He just looked really pale and tired alot towards the end of his run. And he was hitting alot lighter than usual. I love the guy to death we had alot of good times but things just didnt work out i guess. I wish him the best.

7. If you had to choose one person in the rock world to control the nuclear forces instead of the President, who would it be and why?
probably Ted Nugent , just because of his intimidating aura and his quick wit. he could probably confuse the shit outta any foriegn terrorist idiot out there. not to mention have the armed forces supplied with his home made beef jerky haha. and he is a threat to anyone that gets in his way. as i said before allllllll attitude.

Nick and Jenna Jameson

8. What?s the most amount of money you?ve spent on Kiss merchandise?
Good question. when i was younger i remember my mom lettin me play hooky from school just to buy Hotter than Hell . I remember riding the bus into Pittsburgh to get it, and on the way home all of the passengers on the bus lookin at me being about 8 yrs old holing this album like it was the holy grail , my mom was proud and these people on the bus were mortified hehe , i luved that moment. but i probably spent alot on those guys. with the albums , posters , dolls (which i still have) . i couldnt even think of how much i spent.

9. What’s the most destructive thing you’ve ever seen on tour?
Hmmm , id say the most destructive thing that u could see is Zakk on a few kamakazies and a bad mood hehe. He gets a look that I think a Bull would run from. Not many have confronted him while he is in that mode but when it goes down its brutal , but the cool thing is Zakk never starts anything , but like he says , he is happy to finish it.

10. Yes or no, have you ever:
Held Zakk?s hair while he?s thrown up = Nah never held his hair back, Zakk doesnt throw up all that often , he handles it pretty well .
Drove drunk = Never drove drunk , im not a big drinker dont like hangovers .

Seen Zakk?s penis erect = Yes i have , i have been playing along side Zakk since 96 so we have been in many O dressing rooms . And the libido that man has is pretty awesome, thank god he and his wife are the same that way, they have a sex life that i only dream of having if i ever get a wife, its amazing and beautiful.
Had somebody ask for your autograph in the last month = Yes someone did while i was buying a video game at a mall here. they saw my Black Label jacket and approached me. Its still awkward for me cause im still so much of a fan of music that its odd having someone ask for my autograph. But i dig doing it. In fact even at the Ozzfest i would rather go hang with the fans after the show , just to get feedback of what they though of our shows.
Listened to a Britney Spears CD = No havent listened to the whole cd but i am not a fan , but a stalker of Britney hehe. Im jokin, i think she is one fine hot mamma, and if she ever wants to find out what its like outside of the Mickey Mouse club , to come see a Black Label show and see me :)
Listened to a Pearl Jam CD = Hellllllllllllllll no, cant stand whiners

Worn makeup on stage = Yes in fact Black Label wore makeup at one show in Texas. Me and Zakk went into this porn store and we saw goth makeup , and by this time we were all delerious on the tour, so all of us even the crew wore makeup . Zakk painted his face like the Ultimate Warrior from WWF, i painted Xs on my eyes and had a white face. our soundman went out as a vampire, even the guys from Crowbar painted thier faces. it was a good night.
Seen Zakk sober?ever = Yep i have , alot actually , he doesnt drink as much as people think. i mean after the show is said and done he pounds a few, but during the day he doesnt drink alot. he has his coffee and water all day till about "beer thirty" which is right around showtime. then its on from there.

Zakk & Nick

Had cyber sex in a chat room = Ive dabbled with it , but i dont know , ever since i saw a special on how guys pretend they are girls, its kinda freaky . And that thought has been in my head almost everytime someone sends me an instant message. thats why on AOL i am blocked hehe.
Spent the night in jail = I have never been to jail , i was saying to a friend of mine one day. I was watching a VH1 behind the music, and its always like " band struggles for fame, band gets fame, band does a ton of drugs and gets caught with hookers and band guy dies, band goes to rehab , someone kills someone" and all that horseshit. I have never been in jail, overdosed on drugs, dont like drinkin and havent benn busted with hookers or killed someone. If they ever did a special on me its gonna be as entertaining as the Weird Al Yankovich special hehe. Im boring i like video games and movies.

11. How much does Zakk generally pay you per gig?
Well Zakk is generous he pays me in skin magazines. i get a magazine a week. by the end of the tour i need a UPS box for just my skin mags.

12. What is Zakk so angry about?
Nothing really , its just a high testosterone level i think . He is a very motavated person and dont like anything standing in his way or bullshit around him. if anything is a burdon it is solved or delt with . I have been with him the longest out of anybody and he has never been angry with me. I just do my job , never complain and throw down every night. thats all you have to do to stay in the camp.

Phil Anselmo and Nick
13. Who’s the most overrated band today and why?
Most overated bands today ? id say all of the cheesy boy bands. I dont get how people are so dumb to think that when they go see a boy band show they are hearing them actually sing or perform. all they are doing is dancing to the cd or dubbed vocals. its pretty ridiculous to me and offending actually. cause like me and most of the musicians out there, i busted my ass to play guitar well enough to stand next to Zakk Wylde onstage and double solos with him , and there are guys on stage lip synching . that pisses me off alot. and they get more recognition than any musician who has took the time to learn there instrument. kinda like a swift kick to the nuts. but yea id say the boy bands are over rated.

14. Do you have any idea what?s in Zakk?s beard?
Haha last i know was a big dinner from Joes Crab shack . I saw some lobster chuncks stashed away for later in that sucker.

15. We know that Zakk has beat up roadies, and Phil…has he ever thrown a punch at you?
Never in the the time since 96 has Zakk ever raised his fist to me. We have a super tight respect for each other. He knows im with him till the end, Zakk went from being my idol to my best friend. And I thank god everyday that i wrote that email to him back in 96 askin to play guitar for him, he gave me a shot that i never thought id get.

16. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
Well im sure like everyone thinks, probably Fred Durst , i never met him or anything but from what other bands have said he seems pretty cocky and idiotic . I mean i dont know what happened between him and Wes Borlan but he fired the most original thing in that band. Wes was the only reason i even watched a Limp Biskit video to see what he dressed up as this time. But now since he is in the new WWF game for PS2 i can put him trough a table anytime i want hehe.

17. Are you playing on the new BLS CD at all?
No not on the new cd . Zakk does everything on the cds other than drums, which i can totally understand. I play guitar so why spend the dough on flying me out , puttin me up at a room and teaching me all the parts that he already knows , just record the damn thing so we can get on the road and have fun. That all i am about , im not into music for the politics or anything. i just love to get onstage and throw down. thats fun for me.

18. Don?t you think it?s lame that Zakk tries to come off so heavy and bags on pretty rock bands when at one time he wore makeup and had his hair all big?
No i dont think its lame , i think that everyone has there own oppinion on things and some or more vocal about it. I mean sure we all wore big hair and shit but we all grew up and got out of it, and like Zakk i agree with his theory of playing an instument to learn the art of playing it.Not picking a guitar up to look good and get pussy, to me that is totally lame. When i was 18 sure it was cool having the chicks dig you cause you were onstage , but now that im older you really find it kinda lame. Im not some bitches trophy , that she can go tell her friends that she slept with. And unfortunatley alot of those bands are that way, and i dont have respect for that either. Play your instument because you love playing. Not for any other reason.

19. Did SOB get fired from BLS for being a speed freak and hooking up with Zakk?s underage niece?
I sound like im probably under a rock or something, but i honestly dont know what Steve was on. I try to keep some things on a need to know basis on the road, and for me i didnt wanna know what was going on with him. All i know is Steve just wasnt all there at the start of the Ozzfest and of all tours you needed to be 110 percent he wasnt. So for his and our good he was released . We are still on good terms i talked to him a couple days ago, he is doing well and doing his own project. So all is cool there.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Dave Grohl = Dale Earnhardt jr guitar
Creed = Pearl Jam
Ozzy = The Allmighty
Blas Elias = Rock Star movie
Mark Wahlberg = Dirk Diggler
Jennifer Aniston = tight jeans :)
Scott Ian = Riff master
Warrant = Mother of god make it stop !!
Gene Simmons = how does he roll his tounge like that ??
Lars Ulrich = mullet
Zakk Wylde = best friend

Not bad! For more info on Black Label Society, you can go to www.blacklabelsociety.net

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