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20 Questions With Sarah Reitkopp, 2/12/02



Halfcocked’s Singer Sarah Reitkopp

As you should know by now, Halfocked is playing our Metal Sludge Extravaganza #4 on March 2nd at Paladino’s. So to continue with our theme of interviewing hotties all this week in honor of Valentine’s Day, doing 20 Questions with Sarah was a no-brainer, just like our questions and Sarah’s answers!


1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug your shit?

eating chocolate chip cookies… oh, and writing a shitload of new songs.

2. Do you have a real job and what do you do?

no. nothing.

3. Is it safe to say that our Metal Sludge Extravaganza is the biggest thing that has ever happened to Halfcocked?

we’re doing THE metal sludge party?!?!? i have to go call my mom!

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

i can’t answer that. i live in la now. they’ll probably start sening me dead rats in the mail or something.

5. Rate the following chick singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who blows goats and 10 being awesome.

Gwen Stefani = 1

Pink = 1

Lita Ford = 1

Courtney Love = 1

Joan Jett = 1

Pat Benatar = 1

Britney Spears = 1

Fiona Apple = 1

Madonna = 1

Nancy Wilson = 1

hello!! there are no other female singers! besides that question takes too much time and too much thought!

6. Is Dreamworks even aware that Halfcocked in on their label?


7. For $500,000: There is a red button in front of you. If you push the red button, every man in the world who has ever cheated on his wife or girlfriend will die of a heart attack. Would you do it?

uhhhh. hell yes! $500,000!!

8. How long do you make a guy wait before you let him in your pants?

are we talking minutes or hours??with alcohol/drugs or without??

9. Have you guys gotten any radio play anywhere since the album came out?

yeh, i think one time on some radio station in the middle of omaha!

10. Rate the following dudes on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a scrub and 10 being a hottie.

Steven Tyler = 10 (he was my first crush. i fell in love when i saw him in the wonderful re-make of sgt. peppers)

David Lee Roth = hmmmmm, 8 back in the day, now he kind of freaks me out.

Gene Simmons = 4

Vince Neil = 9 skinny, 3 bloated

Bret Michaels = 9 (i kissed him once when i was 14 and fell in love. so did the 20 other girls in the room that he kissed.)

Sully Erna = 6 cute, but too little

Lemmy = i’m scared

Don Dokken = who?

Jani Lane = no comment

Marilyn Manson = 10 as a woman, 6 as a man

Paul Gargano = 9 (if he puts us on the cover of his mag. then 10)

Johnny Heatley = 15

Charlee Johnnson = 15 (i’m not stupid, i see these guys every day!)

11. Have you ever been naked in the same room with Charlee, and if so, how did that feel?

i just got a REALLY creepy feeling up the back of my spine.

12. Which do you prefer:

Godsmack or Extreme = thats funny

A guy with a 3 inch cock who can always get hard or a guy with a 10 inch cock who’s always drunk = how ’bout the 10 inches and I’m always drunk!

High heels or thigh high boots = rubber

The Donnas or The Go-Go’s = can’t decide

Victoria’s Secret or Fredrick’s Of Hollywood = i don’t wear underwear

Fred Durst or Lars Ulrich = eeeeiiiiiwwww!!

Mac makeup or Revlon = MAC (depends how much $$ i have)

Debbie Gibson or Christina Aquilera = no comment

Urban Decay or Rock Candy = isn’t that the same thing?

Cosmo or Glamour = isn’t that the same thing?

13. Which rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

anybody that doesn’t like my band b/c they don’t like my band.

14. Did moving the band from Boston to LA really make a difference?

yes. now we’re all broke.

15. Last of Sarah Reitkopp:

Last time you had a yeast infection = 2 months ago when i was on cipro to fight off my anthrax.

Last time somebody asked for your autograph = today, when i got the mail

Last 80s hairband CD you listened to = motley crue

Last magazine you bought = hit parader (my band was in it. i’m such a loser.)

Last time you had sex = 20 minutes ago.

Last autograph you asked for = reggie lewis (for my dad)

Last time you got a speeding ticket = 1991

Last illegal substance you did = are you gonna tell on me?!

Last time your period was late = never, i’ve been on the pill my whole life.

Last sex toy you purchased = anal beads

16. What’s the shittiest thing a boyfriend ever did to you? Please share your drama with all of us.

oh lord. who cares? i guess the time an old boyfriend dumped me for my best friend. good times, good times…

17. Other than us, and maybe Charlee, have you had to deal with any weird, stalker type fans or anything? If so, explain.

yes, this one guy, who just happened to look like a child molester, would come to all my shows and ask me if i would hang out with him and recite poetry.

18. We heard that Dreamworks wants you guys to start working on new songs and a new CD. Considering your CD came out in September, what’s the reason for them not pushing this one and wanting you to work on another one already?

because they suck. no really, because we suck. no really…

19. What is disappearing quicker, the ozone or Halfcocked’s CD sales?

ha! that ozone’s in pretty bad shape, but it sure as hell will out last our CD sales.

20. Time for Metal Sludge Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Spider One = yellow

Poison = death

Sebastian Bach = cut your hair

Buckcherry = eat some food

Howard Stern = he’s still on?

"I Lied" = so did i

Paul Stanley = men

Fred Durst = bald

Creed = satan

Nikki Sixx = bad ass

Jaime Richter = hot

Regina Zernay = scorchin’!!!

Now don’t forget, if you’re anywhere within 1,500 miles of LA on March 2nd, then you need to stop by our 4th Metal Sludge Extravaganza! You’ll be able to see Sarah and the rest of Halfcocked as they hit the stage somewhere around 10 PM!

For more info on Halfcocked, you can go to their website atwww.halfcocked.com

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