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20 Questions With John Bush, 4/9/02



Anthrax Singer John Bush

Anthrax have been down with Metal Sludge for quite some while. They have us linked all over their website and of course Scott Ian does a Tour Diary for us and frequently drops a line. We’ve also interviewed Charlie and now finally we have John Bush! The only two missing are Frank Bello and that new guy, then we’ll almost have done 20 Questions with everybody who was ever in the band! We’d still need Joey Belladonna, but who really cares about that guy? I guess we could be like VH-1 and forget Danny Lilker, but if we could get him to that would be cool.

Anyway, enough bullshit.

As you should know, John Bush was in Armored Saint before Anthrax, blah blah blah, so on and so on. He’s now here at Metal Sludge doing 20 Questions with us, so enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your shit.
Promote my shit? My favorite topic. I ate tuna tonight so its probably going to be a bit fishy smelling tomorrow. Oh seriously? Tracking vocals for the upcoming Anthrax record in Suffern New York.

2. Several other bands have tried careers with new frontmen with a limited positive reception (ie: Van Halen, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Ratt). How come Anthrax fans have accepted you more so than these other bands?
Cause I kick fucking ass!!! Actually Van Halen sold a shitload of records with Sammy. Thats a question more suited for the fans.

3. Dave Pritchard was one of the original Guitarists in Armored Saint and died of leukemia. How has that tragedy affected you and others from the group over the years?
A very sad time in my life. It makes me appreciate life a hell of a lot more now. No time for complaining. Dave lived it up til the end. He was the man. I miss him a lot.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

5. Rate a singer 1-10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a Metal God.
First let me say I hate these kind of questions.
Neil Turbin = 6
James Hetfield = 9 and growing
Blackie Lawless = 5
Jani Lane = 5
Dave Mustaine = 7 because he?s so unique.
Phil Anselmo = 8
Vince Neil = 5
Billy Milano = 6
Joey Belladonna = 7
Nick Bowcot = Nick? When did he start singing? OK 10.

6. What?s your opinion on the whole Scott & Charlie/Billy Milano feud? Did you read his 20 Questions with us and where do you stand?
I always liked Billy, but I didn’t dig his bigoted comment. That ain’t cool. Plus he only gave me a 4. Thats all Billy? I think he’s just trying to start some controversy for another SOD record.

7. Reading through some (Anthrax) album credits it seems that everybody has their hands in the vocal department when it comes to the song writing. This must be frustrating. How much lyrical/ melody freedom do you really have?
I don’t really mind. At the end of the day I want everyone in the band to love the vocals, so if their involved they will. Sometimes its an ego challenge, so its important to maintain a sense of humor. I wouldn’t do anything I didn’t like.

8. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of both the Armored Saint & Anthrax careers for John Bush?
Anthrax highs: 1) Joining the band. 2) First gold record ever (White noise). 3)Monsters of rock show in Santiago, Chile.
Lows: 1) Record company troubles. 2) Management troubles. 3) Public awareness of Stomp 442 and Vol. 8.

Saint highs: 1) The friendship of Joey and Gonzo. 2) First record release ever (EP). 3) Making a pretty cool record 9 years after the band broke up (Revelation).
Lows: 1) Dave’s death. 2) All the van tours. 3) Certain choices of wardrobe.

9. Would you let Dan Spitz fix your watch?
Hell yeah. I have a new pocket watch that won’t work. I bet he could get it going.

10. The last of John Bush….
Last person you talked to on the phone = My future wife Tori.
Last Anthrax song you sang live = Only.
Last time a Armored Saint royalty check came in = Last month.
Last car crash you had = Driving on the freeway a couple of years ago, I hit an ambulance.
Last TV show you watched = Dark Angel. Wasn’t very good.
Last bar fight you saw = I really can’t remember, I was probably to drunk.
Last time a fan talked about Metal Sludge with you = Daily.
Last hairband CD you listened to = Does Sweet’s desolation boulevard count?
Last rock star you shook hands with = K.K. downing, saying goodbye after the tour.
Last fan you punched because he flipped you off = Come on.

11. Speaking of punching fans, do you regret trying to hit that kid in Philadelphia or do you think he had it coming and would totally do it again?
It wasn’t Phile it was Washington. He wasn’t a kid and yes I lost my cool. I have some regrets.

12. Of all the bands you’ve toured with over the years, who was the coolest and who were the biggest dicks to deal with?
I don’t have any bad memories of touring with any dicks. Most bands were super cool. Highlights : Pantera and the recent Priest tour. Sometimes crew members can be the biggest dicks.

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
The last couple of questions have this provoking tone. Do you think I like to fight? OK how about Shirley Manson. We are talking about a kiss right?

14. Why the armor?
We wanted to beat Hammerfall to the punch. Plus armor was very in fashion in the eighties.

15. If Scott Ian has less hair than Telly Savalas but more hair than a 2 month old baby boy, how hung is Scott Ian?
A. Scott is not hung he has a vagina
B. The baby boy has more girth than Scott does length
C. Scott is John Holmes Jr.
D. Sorry, I don’t calculate cock sizes

D. But the word is Scott is very well endowed.

16. Is Gonzo?s sister really a porn star?
She may have graced her face on film.

17. There?s been a lot rumors flying around about Joey Vera joining Metallica. You were asked to sing for them back in the early 80?s. Why didn?t you take the job?!?!
Are there rumors? I hope they’re not. He would give them a surge of energy. As for me back then it was only fast food jobs. But seriously could anyone but James sing for Metallica? It was not my fate.

18. Who?s stupid idea was it to have you and Joey Belladonna singing on the same stage? Honestly, did you feel comfortable with this?
It might have been Charlie. At the time I thought it was an original idea. Was not meant to be.

19. Joey Vera put out a solo CD in 1994 that you contribute some vocals on. Is it safe to say that Joey?s solo effort hit the dirt faster than a man with no arms in a bull riding competition? 
Awww thats mean. If people don’t know about a record they’re not gonna buy it. Joey’s probably one of the most talented and passionate people in metal.

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Scott Ian = Modern day Telly Savales.
Nikki Sixx = Original bassist of London.
Lemmy = I would love to hear a Motorhead unplugged record.
Lars Ulrich = Why don’t you call me sometimes?
Dan Spitz = I’m sending you my pocket watch.
Sebastian Bach = Ruled in Rocky Horror.
Joey Belladonna = Important in Anthrax’s history.
Danny Lilker = King of knowledge of underground metal.
Britney Spears = Stop saying your a virgin already.
Howard Stern = Mid life crisis?
Billy Milano = Lighten up Billy.

Hope you like. JB

Yes we do like, John.

For more info on John, you can go to www.anthraxtheband.com or www.armoredsaint.com

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