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20 Questions with Ray Luzier, 4/16/02



Metal Shop and David Lee Roth Drummer Ray Luzier

Ray Luzier is one busy dude. He’s got like 400 different projects going on, not to mention being the drummer for David Lee Roth and, of course, the greatest rock band in the world, Metal Shop. Some how Ray found the time to answer our stupid questions and even sent along some photos. Enjoy!

1. What is Ray Luzier up to & please plug your shit now!

Just finished a wacky video/movie DVD with DLR, that he created called "Diamond Dave’s No Holds Bar-B-Que". Go get a copy when it comes out- worth the $! The Roth/Hagar tour’s on, it’s scheduled to start in Cleveland, OH at the end of May. Check out my site for dates.

I’m writing and tracking a heavier CD with the Nixons guitarist Scott Bush. I also play in the "ultimate comedic tribute to 80’s rock/heavy metal" band Metal Shop on the side. Check us out on Mondays @ The Viper Room in LA and on Wed. @ The Bitter End in San Diego. I’m also involved in a fusion/ rock instrumental thing called the "Hideous Sun Demons" with James Lomenzo and Toshi Hiketa. We’ll have sometin’ out later this year. Bla, bla…check out RayLuzier.com for more info.

2. Before playing drums for DL Roth and the world?s coolest cover band Metal Shop, where did you learn to whack those things first?

Just played along with a ton of records startin’ at age 8 and did the high school band fag thing- it got me out of a ton of classes!

3. Name the 3 highest points and the 3 lowest points of your musical career?

3 Highest: Working with The Dahm Triplets Playmates @ the DLR video shoot. 3 Lowest: When they would leave! (Skated out of that one!)

4. What band should call it a day and why?

None, if they love what they do. OK, maybe the ones who release really bad songs. I hope I’m still rockin’ when I’m old and bald.

5. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a drum God!

Alex Van Halen =
10 (big influence)

Rikki Rocket = 7 (fun to watch!)

Eric Singer = 10 (1st Badlands CD’s whoop-ass! C’mon, this rating thing sucks, half these guys are my friends!)

Peter Criss = 8 (one of the reasons I started playing)

Mick Brown = a "wild" 8

Tommy Lee = 10 (no one hits that cool)

Blas Elias = 8 (cool guy)

Neil Peart = 10 (huge influence)

Vinnie Paul = 9 (freagin’ power!)

Fred Coury = 8 (another cool dude)

Terry Bozzio (you forgot) = 11!

6. How many wigs do you own for Metal Shop and did you ever consider wearing one during a Dave show?

1 and no, I don’t think Dave would like my "stick twirlin’, actin’ like a freak" character "Blackhead #18!"

7. On average, how many times per week do you get asked the annoying questions, ?So what?s going on in Van Halen??

Way too many- I just tell ‘em that VH is doin’ a huge tour and that I’m drum techin’ for Alex- that shuts ‘em up.

8. What was the biggest musical related check you’ve received to date, and what did you spend it on?

Damn it! I heard that people make money doin’ this. Dave just pays me in Playmates and Jack!

9. Has Metal Shop ever ripped a "rock star" in their schtick and then realized he was standing in the audience?

All the time, it’s a huge part of the show. We don’t just get up there and play a bunch of tunes. Sometimes there’s a good 10-15 minutes of comedy between songs.

10. What do you remember about the following years:

1976 =
I was 6, got my first "Muppet" drum kit- destroyed it in 2 weeks!

1980 = I don’t know, probably doin’ farm work and buyin’ Kiss records.

1984 = Joined my first rock band. Bought "VH- 1984".

1988 = Moved from a 118 acre farm in Pennylvannia to Hollywood Blvd!

1992 = Started workin’ in the biz more- recording and playin’ out.

1994 = My first real tour with Jake E. Lee. Didn’t make squat, but didn’t care- I was touring the country with one of my favorite guitarists!

2000 = Tourin’ with the Nixons- what a blast!

11. Of all the bands you’ve toured with, who was the coolest and who treated you like a piece of garbage?

Bands that I’ve toured in? Everything’s 1st class with Diamond Dave. Bands that I toured with- Stone Temple Pilots were very cool. No one ever really treated me like garbage, but some people are freagin’ wacked out there and hard to deal with!

12. Who can put away the Jack Daniels better, DLR or Bart Walsh?

Dave, of course.

13. Speaking of Bart, we recently heard that he was replaced by Brian Young. Was his hasty departure due to his actions last fall involving some liquor, a vehicle and the Van Nuys police department?

Ouch! I don’t know.

14. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

I could name a few, but I’m not that big and livin’ in LA, you run into alot of ‘em. Ask me when the DLR security team is around!

15. The last of Ray Luzier…

Last meal you ate =
Stuffed shells @ Bucca di Beppo

Last person you kissed = Not sure, but I think her name started with an "M"

Last time you jacked off = in the process… what are you wearing?

Last wig you bought = A spiked black one for my character "Blackhead".

Last gig you played = Viper Room in Hollyweird with Metal Shop.

Last time you had the shits = when DLR toured Europe- don’t drink the water kids!

Last band you watched from the crowd = King’s X

Last time you barfed = Around last Thanksgiving- stomach flu.

Last time you talked to DLR = today

Last hairband song you learned = I think it was "Youth Gone Wild".

16. You play with David Lee Roth and you play with Ralph Saenz. Do you ever get the two of them mixed up?

Sometimes on the phone- Ralph fucks with me and says he’s Dave.

17. Metal Shop is kind of like a live concert version of Metal Sludge. How often do you guys get people coming up and asking if you’ve heard of our page and have you been accused of being Jani Bon Neil yet?

I did get a few people askin’ me about you guys and no, not that I know of.

18. Do you have Dave?s home phone number and are you allowed to call him whenever you want, or do you have to go through his management?

I let them call me when somethings’ up.

19. You toured with Stephen Pearcy?s Arcade in 1995. How depressing was that?

Not at all, some good friends of mine were in it at the time and Stephen bought me breakfast all the time.

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

David Lee Roth =
Hands down- the world’s greatest front man and a damn cool boss to have!

The Viper Room = play there most Mondays, met alot of famous people there.

Warrant = Dug a few of there tunes.

Fred Durst = Don’t really get it, but hey- go get ‘em bro! I dig a few of their tunes- great drummer he has.

Marilyn Manson = Listen to them alot. I did the DLR Band CD with John 5- hellava guy and guitarist.

Paul Gargano = Always cool to me. (On the Nixons tour, he once ran naked in an open robe through a hotel in Denver- remember the Bush show Paul?!!)

The Rainbow = Historical landmark to all rockers- great chicken soup!

Bobby Blotzer = He’s a bro, had a poster of him on my wall as a teen.

Jon Bon Jovi = Still out there doin’ it, I think it’s awesome.

Ginger Roxx = Best hair solo you’ll ever see and a hellava bro!

Ralph Saenz = Another bro of mine, whoop-ass singer. He’s the only one in Metal Shop that doesn’t wear a wig (sorry girls)!

For more info on Ray, you can go to www.rayluzier.com!

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