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20 Questions with Jackie Ramos, 4/30/02



Ex-Bangalore Choir/Hericane Alice drummer Jackie Ramos

Just when you thought that we couldn’t find a band less known than the Wild Boyz, we pull it off again! We’re doing 20 Questions with the drummer for Bangalore Choir! Not only that, but Jackie was in Hericane Alice and Bad Moon Rising. That’s 3 played out bands in one interview!

FACT: According to SoundScan, the Wild Boyz actually sold more units then Bangalore Choir!

Jackie Ramos emailed Jani Bon Neil a few months back and wrote,
"Hey Sludges,
Jackie Ramos here. You may remember me from my bands Hericane Alice and/or Bangalore Choir. We were big back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Okay, not that big. Currently, I’m playing drums in a new band called ARTIFICIAL THUNDER. We are in the process of recording right now.
Anyway, I love the site. Keep on busting the balls. You guys are right on the money. I would love to do 20 questions some time. Send your worst–I
can hang :)"
And now you have 20 Questions with Jackie Ramos. Enjoy!

1. Who are you, what are you up to, and plug all your shit now.
I’m best known here in the states as the former drummer for Hericane Alice and Bangalore Choir. I’ve also played in Bad Moon Rising, S.P.F. 1000, and done a few session things here and there. More recently, I’ve been trying to get my new band, Artificial Thunder, off the ground. We are working on our 1st CD right now. Okay, enough shameless plugging. On with the mud slinging!

2. You’ve played the cans for a plethora of hair bands. Tell us about the bands, who you played with and who you might have audition for that we don’t know about?
I’ve auditioned for a lot of things that I didn’t get. Wrong place, wrong time I guess.

Bangalore Choir

3. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
I think any band that enjoys what they’re doing and can make a living at it should carry on. Although when you’ve made millions of dollars, it might not be a bad thing to bail while you have some integrity left.

4. What the fuck is S.P.F.1000 all about? How did you go from Glam to Goth so easily? Was is it the make-up connection?
Partly. I’ve always thought rock n’ roll should be dangerous, dark, and scary. What’s scarier than a man in his mid-30’s wearing makeup?

5. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a hack and 10 being a drum god.
Rikki Rockett = Nice guy. I’ll give him an 8.
Vikki Foxx = Flashy player, good showmanship. I’ll say 7.
Blas Elias = 7…I added a point since he’s a fellow Texan.
Tommy Lee = A legend on stage and off. 10
Rick Allen = I’m amazed he plays as well as he does. 9
Ricky Parent = Good at what he does. Another 7.
Randy Castillo = Low profile, very under-rated. 9
Steve West = Good drummer & songwriter. 7
Vinnie Paul = The fastest feet in Metal. 9
Bobby Blotzer = Should stick to what he does best. 9

6. Below is the track listing for the Hericane Alice debut. Who the fuck came up with these brilliant and oh so original song titles & album name?
Tear The House Down (1990)
1. Wild Young And Crazy
2. Bad To Love
3. Dream Girl
4. Tear The House Down
5. Badboy Breakout
6. Need A Lover
7. Too Late
8. Shake, Shake, Shout
9. Crank The Heat Up
10. I Walk Alone
Alright, so we weren’t the most original band of the era. All I can tell you is this…Toward the end of the hair band days, things were very manufactured and our record company (Atlantic) wanted something very formula and paint-by-numbers. So, we compromised. Does this mean I think we put out a bad record? No. I just wish we had stood our ground a little more. Hindsight is 20/20.

7. Keeping with a theme here, below is the track listing for the Bangalore Choir debut. Once again, who the fuck came up with these in depth &
articulate titles?
On Target (1992)
1. Angel In Black
2. Loaded Gun
3. The Good Die Young
4. We’ll Live Forever
5. Doin’ The Dance
6. Hold On To You
7. All Or Nothin’
8. Slippin’ Away
9. She Can’t Stop
10 .Freight Train Rollin’
11. Just One Night
Ian (Mayo) and I joined BC basically as hired guns. By the time we came aboard, most of the stuff had already been written and worked up by David and an ultra-noir producer. The CD does have it’s moments though. Listen to "The Good Die Young" and "Doin’ The Dance".

8. Kill, marry, fuck. We’re going to list three names, and you have to tell us which person you’d kill, which person you’d fuck, and which person you’d
Bobbie Brown = Marry…She seems to like drummers.
Gerri Miller = Fuck…Can I put a bag over her head?
Rob Jones = Kill…KNAC now hiring.

9. Metal Sludge has also noticed that bassist Ian Mayo has played in Hericane Alice, Bangalore Choir & Bad Moon Rising with you. Is this guy
attached to your nuts, you to his or what’s the deal with you and Mayo?
We would sell ourselves as a package deal. Buy one, get one free.

10. The Last of Jackie Ramos….
Last time you pissed your pants = When I read these questions.
Last time you ate sushi = Probably on tour in Japan.
Last time you licked a stamp = I have people who do that for me:)
Last time you wore women’s clothes = I’m wearing some right now.
Last time you barfed = Usually after too much to drink.
Last drug you did = Pot.
Last country you toured = Japan.
Last time you jacked off = No time like the present.
Last person you punched = A former bandmate. And it wasn’t pretty.
Last band you saw live = Dokken.

11. On the Bad Moon Rising website it lists everyone’s birthdays including their years. But yours says November 8, 19??. Do you care to reveal this
information to the fans? Please be advised that it’s in your best interest not to fabricate this information with us.
1966, unless my new band gets a record deal. Then it’s 1976.

12. Who’s the most famous rock star’s phone number that you have?
Robin Zander, any time I call he says "Jackie WHO?"

13. Name the 3 high points (providing you have any) and the 3 low points of your musical career to date?
High points…getting signed, buying a house, starting my own band.
Low points…getting dropped, getting sued, and being forced to change our name.

14. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
Fred Durst for talking shit.

15. Which do you prefer and why?
Poison or Warrant = Poison. They were always cool to us.
Shakira or J-Lo = Shakira. Blondes are more fun.
Faster Pussycat or The Newlydeads = In goes a butterfly, out comes a moth. I like them both.
Transvestites or Hermaphrodites = Tomato, tomotto.
Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper = The teacher and the student. I’ll go with…Alice.
Pearl Drums or Ludwig Drums = Lately, I would say Ludwig.
Wild Boyz or Wildside = Wild Boyz. Wildside always reminded me of Ratt.
Zildjian or Sabian = Sabian.
Pamela Anderson with Tommy Lee or Pamela Anderson with Kid Rock = Well, Tommy definitely helped her movie career.
Bang Tango or Beautiful Creatures = Both are cool. Glad to see Joe has done so well for himself.

16. What band(s) treated you the coolest while touring and what band(s) were total dicks to deal with?
Dangerous Toys were cool. Circus of Power and Pretty Boy Floyd were dicks, but it was more their managers than them personally.

17. If you have 1 drumstick in your right hand, 1 drumsticks in the left, 1 in your mouth and 1 directly in your ass hole, what does that make you?
A. A talented drummer who drums while standing up
B. A dream date for Rob Halford
C. A fucking weirdo
D. All of the above

18. Your bio states you were born in EaglePath, Texas. Do to the name of this city (reservation) and your appearance, would we be off base to say that you’ve probably slept in a Tee-pee, fished with a stick or can ride a horse without a saddle?
Not only can I do all of that, but I can also make fire by rubbing sticks together.

19. You’re somewhat small. Do you need to sit on phone books to reach your drum kit?
Actually, I stand on my drum stool.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.
Bruce Naumann = Shirt and tie business man.
Doug Aldrich = Talented.
Chainsaw Kane = LOL
Prince = Eccentric and creative.
Danny Gill = Old friend.
Nikki Sixx = True rock star.
Bret Michaels = Bandana.
Brooke St. James = Seems cool from what I know of him.
Sebastian Bach = Ego maniac.
David Reese = Knows what he wants and goes after it.

Thanks Sludge! I had a ball.

All the best,

Another Metal Sludge goal has been accomplished. We’ve done 20 Questions with a member of Bangalore Choir! Next on the list…..XYZ!!!

For more info on Jackie, you can visit his website at http://jackieramos.cool-rock.com

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