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20 Questions with Danny Grady, 7/2/02



Injected Singer Danny Grady

This week we’re talking to Danny from Injected, in case you haven’t already figured it out. Injected is on Island/Def Jam and they had their CD released earlier this year, which was produced by Butch Walker. We heard that Danny was a Sludgeaholic, so we tracked him down and hit him up! We’d also like to say he sent his answers back within 24 hours, so we give him props for that. Enjoy!


1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your shit.

Our album is burn it black, our current single is called "bullet", you can buy the CD almost anywhere. The guitar solos come free with purchase.

2. How old is everybody in Injected and please don’t try to lie about it?

I’m 26, Steve and Chris are 27, and Jade is 28

3. Word has it you?re a Sludgeaholic. How did you find out about our site and how often do you visit?

Much like most wonderful things in my life (band, fiancee, etc.) the details of my discovery of your website are fuzzy. To tell you the truth, I’ve been on the internet in some incarnation or other since 1988 and I am BURNT on the internet, so I’m kind of a once a month surfer. But I don’t go on the internet without coming here, ever. The saga of Don Dokken and Co. is worth it alone. It’s like my "MTV’s Real World"

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

I don’t know, every band makes someone happy, so who am i to say? I do know that if Iron Maiden tries to tour without having Eddie come out onstage they can forget about getting my thirty-two bucks plus service charge. I’m fucking serious.

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a vocal God!

Vince Neil =
9, he invented whatever it was he did. Everyone else borrowed it.

Butch Walker = 10, screams like his jeans are on fire. we did Crue’s "live wire" at the Whiskey and he got up on stage and hit the high note for what seemed like 30 seconds.

Jani Lane = 4

Chad Kroeger = 7, has the range and pulls it off live, not my taste though.

James Hetfield = 10, he’s just plain brutal on ‘Justice’ and ‘Puppets’

Aaron Lewis = 7, If I was 16 i’d like staind. At 26 I just want to take him out to the strip club for a beer and cheer him up for just a second.

Scott Stapp = 4, when I hear him, I hear nothing but a kid from Talahassee that liked Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam ALOT. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not my taste.

Bret Michaels = 7, Amazingly nice guy. I watch his behind the music almost every time.

Kid Rock = He doesn’t sing, does he? He’s a good MC, if that’s what you’re into.

Kip Winger = I won’t bother, I get too much of a Michael Bolton vibe from him to consider him a "rock" singer.

6. Butch Walker produced your album. Do you feel bad that you guys sold more records already than the last Marvelous 3 CD did?

No, not really. I think that most metal sludge readers will admit that with any band it’s ultimatley it’s the quality of the fans versus the quantity. I went on tour with them and learned that their fans are CRAZY about them they follow them from show to show, own every record, every import, etc. 500 kids a night singing every god damn word. Who can fuck with that? They have a hard core fanbase that loves their music, that’s what i would want for my band.

7. Are you embarrassed that Jackyl comes from the same town as yourself?

Fuck no, have you ever met jesse james dupre?? They were never trying to be anything other than who they were. A band that shows up on the back of a semi at the Wal Mart parking lot, who the fuck has the cojones to do that nowadays, hombre?. There are about 3 million other bands from that era that were nowhere near as memorable a Jackyl.

8. What?s the smallest crowd you?ve played for since ?Burn It Black? has come out?

We’ve done a handful where there’s just 15-20 people. Those are fun though, we get liquored up and do Hank Williams and guitar solos. Reminds you that it’s just fun to just play for the hell of it.

9. What has been the highlight of your career so far: (Answer wisely!)

A. Getting a record deal.

B: Hearing your song on the radio for the first time.

C: Seeing your video played on MTV.

D: Doing 20 Questions with Metal Sludge

D definitley. I never woke up in time to see our video on MTV. I don’t wake up for anyone or anything.

10. The last of Danny:

Last time you got carded for buying a porn magazine =
Not recently, it only happens at the airport anyway. Habib down at the Buford Highway Kwikie Mart don’t give a shit.

Last 80s hairband you listened to = Faster Pussycat’s first record is a brilliant mess. Four stars.

Last time rockstar you met = Jerry Cantrell, amazingly cool. no bullshit guy. was a total trip, my inner 15 year-old was flipping his shit.

Last lie you told to a fan = "Yes, I’m married"

Last movie you saw = "Shakes the Clown" Our guitar player, Jade, loves it. I was too drunk to follow the plot which made it even creepier.

Last time you felt a breast = I’m feeling my man-boobs as we speak.

Last book you read = "Ask the Dust" by John Fante. It’s about a deadbeat writer who blows his rent on liquor and falls in love with a complete psycho. I loved it.

Last time you got a sunburn = at least 5+ years ago. i don’t avoid the sun on purpose. it’s just an occupational hazard when you basically live in nightclubs.

Last time you got tested for an STD = 5 years ago

Last time you threw up = 3 months ago. 4:30 AM white castle in detroit. enough said.

11. Of the bands you?ve played with, which ones were the coolest and which ones were dicks?

No one’s really been dicks, actually. The last time I had to deal with an asshole band was when we were locals, we ran into a lot of self deluded fuckheads coming up. But thank god we haven’t had any of those types in the past 5 years. Oleander, Papa Roach, Marvelous 3, Fu-Manchu and Local-H all were good brothers to us on tour.

Injected with Duff McKagan

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

I do, because when i drink the whole bottle of makers mark i don’t ever shut the fuck up.

13. Which do you prefer:

Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth =
David Lee Roth, c’mon now….

Wrestling or Boxing = Boxing.

Sum 41 or American Hi-Fi = I don’t know Sum very well, so i’d have to say American Hi-Fi. they ain’t skeeered to throw the rock horns up.

Penthouse or Hustler = I don’t know man, both of those magazines have been printing some freaky weird shit i don’t want to see. "water sports". no thanks. i prefer late 70s Penthouse to almost anything. I’m a soft core guy.The Strokes or The Hives = The hives kick way more ass, buddy.Lit or Blink 182 = Lit. I can relate to "My own worst enemy" easy. I read an interview in Rolling Stone where one of the guys in Blink 182 said he couldn’t understand why Fugazi only charges 5 bucks for their shows. And he’s in a "punk" band. their drummer’s a monster, though.

Cheetahs or Tattletales = Cheetah, although it’s a little too rich for my blood, i prefer the Pink Pony.

Warrant or Winger = Warrant, because they had the fucking common sense to know we’d rather see 4 minutes of Bobbi Brown dancing on MTV than Kip Winger, no matter who’s music was better.

Jay & Silent Bob or Bill & Ted = Jay & Silent Bob. Actually funny, and they swear more.

Getting tender on the road
14. You guys play Motley Crue?s ?Live Wire? in concert. Have you ever had any stupid fans come up to you after the show and actually think that was your song?

Yep. We must educate them. I like to think I’ve helped at least a couple of 14 year olds buy "Too Fast For Love." Lord knows they need it.

15. Give us a touring memory about the following cities:

Chicago =
Cold as fuck. Spent thanksgiving with Evie Evil of Evil Beaver (www.ridethebeaver.com)

Milwaukee = Summerfest was one of the best shows we ever played, we opened for our friends in Oleander, and we had every kid standing on his seat.

New York = Finally got to play CBs. Hung out with a poor deluded junkie who dragged me to 37 bars in the east village until 5 AM, all i wanted was a joint……

Los Angeles = (Not to keep name checking, but you have to remember i get just as starstruck as the rest of you guys) Met Duff McKagan at the Troubador after the gig, he was so down to earth and cool, you’d never know he was in such a huge band. His band "Loaded" kicks ass. They went into "it’s so easy" (which i didn’t expect) and it was so fucking rawkin. I was droooling in my whiskey. I was subsequently thrown out of the Viper Room.

Dallas = Is your name Tony Montana?

Memphis = God damn Elvis record cost me 20 bucks there. You’d think of all places where Elvis records would be plenty and cheap…

Boston = Saw a local band called "cracktorch" soundcheck before us. they were so sick i didn’t want to play after that.

Denver = There’s a 100 decibel limit at the club we play at each time. Can’t ever turn your amp up loud enough. I hate that, it ruins the gig.

Las Vegas = Never played there, but hopefully we’ll be at the Wayne Newton Theatre real soon.

Orlando = I always want to cancel the gig, take some LSD and ride "Pirates of the Caribbean" over and over again until Disneyworld closes. Every time we’re in town. They never let me.

16. What?s the biggest music related paycheck you?ve gotten so far?

I don’t ever discuss money.

17. Yes or no, has Danny ever:

Encouraged a teenager to smoke =

Been arrested while on tour = No

Gone to sushi with a rock star in LA = No

Been to one of Atlanta?s massage parlors = No

Visited a Civil War battlefield = Yes

Drove the tour bus = No

Pissed on a cop car = No

Kissed a girl after she gave you a blow job and sucked down your liquid kids = Yes

Missed bus call = Yes

Downloaded a CD off the internet = Never a whole CD….

18. Other than Injected, what other band needs an image overhaul?

Image means dick to me, and it always has. I gets in the way of what’s really important. Are you really thinking about what Brian Johnson is wearing when you listen to "Back In Black"?? If you are you’re a fucking idiot.

19. Have you filled out a McDonald?s application yet in case this whole band thing doesn?t work out?

No, i don’t want to be broke AND fat. Actually, this band thing HAS worked out. Ultimatley I wake up every day and play guitar and that’s it. Life has been nothing but that for me for the past 10 years (I used to teach guitar). I have a nice home and a beautiful girlfriend and I have as many Les Pauls and Bogner Amps as I can handle. I’ll always have that. What the fuck else do you want?

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Metallica =
Metallica was my fave for so long. I think that "Garage Days Revisited", where it’s mostly the sound of them playing together live, is one of the best metal records ever made.

Fred Durst = Good businessman.

Saliva = Good southern boys. I got high with Josie outside of B-bar in Manhattan and he did an Elvis impersantaion that had me and jade on the floor, i almost choked from laughing. That happened almost 8 months ago, and we still talk about it to this day on the bus.

Sevendust = Atlanta boys, me and chris (our drummer) used to open up for Lajon’s band back in the early 90s. They made their fanbase fucking hard way, they toured their asses off. Their drummer is amazing, and they’re locked in live.

Scott Stapp = It’s no big mystery why they’re popular. I don’t hate on Scott Stapp. He makes somebody happy. I would never buy one of their records.

Britney Spears = parents pay 120 bucks so their kids can see a fifteen year old with a boob job strip tease and lip sync. what kind of fucked up times are we living in? they didn’t have that shit when i was eight years old, and i’m pissed. :)Poison =I can STILL play the guitar solo from "talk dirty to me." Note for note, motherfucker.

Vince Neil = Vince and David Lee Roth were the prototype Sunset strip frontmen. All others who followed prayed at their temple and paled in comparison.

Gene Simmons = My record collection at age 4 was Kiss, Alive II, Love Gun, Gene’s solo album, and Disney’s Fantasia (thanks John). The image of Gene Simmons is superglued to my consciousness. I wish he made more metal dirges like "God of Thunder", he’s best when he’s heavy, hell, even "domino" off of Revenge wasnt’ that bad.

Butch Walker = Drinking buddy, amazing producer and performer, and one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Drives a bitchin 70s Buick convertable. We get juiced and are the only brothas in ATL blasting "Women and Children First" in his car at 2 AM. What more could you want from a friendship?

Now that was a good effort put forth by Danny! That’s all we ever ask.

For more info on Injected and to see their latest tour dates, you can go to their website at www.injected.net

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