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20 Questions with Wednesday 13, 9/24/02





Murderdolls Singer Wednesday 13


Last Thursday we were sent the following email:

Hey guys,

This is Wednesday from The Murderdolls writing to you from Label-land. Thanks for reveiwing our album and not pounding us to bad…but really I love the site. I’d love to do 20 questions with guys ..here are my qualifications….

1. I bought the following casettes on the release day-

Hericane Alice, Sweet FA, Tuff, Pretty Boy Floyd, Roxx Gang, Banshee, Everymothers Nightmare, Heavens Edge, Lillian Axe, Shotgun Messiah(both with Zinny and Tim), Cats in Boots, Nitro, EZO, Love/Hate, and Spread Eagle to name a few…

2.I aslo ordered these demos from the unsigned bands…

Creature, Shame, Tuff, Balckboard jungle, Spider Junkies, Lord Have Mercy, and Cherry Street

3.I had t-shirts of all of these bands as well. Oh yeah i got my nose broke on my 16th birthday wearing my Every Mothers Nightmare t-shirt, believe or not, it wasn’t due to the shirt.

4. This is the big one….I was in the TUff Fan Club when i was 13. I got the satin kangaroo tour patch, the TUff dog tag, the 8x 10 photos of each member.and the monthly news letter(which i believe i only recieved 3 before the band was dropped).

Hope to hear from you guys soon….i’m outta here like Ron Taylors good looks!!!

After reading that, we were rather impressed by his 80s hairband knowledge and the balls it took to admit some of that stuff. After verifying that email with Roadrunner Records that it was indeed Wednesday 13, we fired off 20 Questions to him and he had them back within 24 hours! This is definitely one of the more entertaining 20 Questions we’ve put up in a while because he knows his Sludge. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is the only change to promote your tours, websites, CDs, murders, etc.

Well I’m currently living in label-land. Murderdolls are doing an instore performance and signing on September 29th in NJ and performing 2 shows Sept 30 in NY and October 1st in N.J, visit www.Murderdolls.com for more details. Then we begin a 5 week tour w/ Papa Roach throughout Europe starting October 6th through Nov 7th, then it’s back to states for a US tour. Our CD "Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls" is in stores now.

2. You actually admitted to us that you were in the Tuff Fan Club at one time. The Tuff Fan Club? Did you take the ?short bus? to school, were you drunk when you admitted that to us, and are you worried about Joey kicking you out of the band now?

Yes, I was a member of the Tuff Fan Club, and no I wasn’t drunk. Before I was a member I had ordered their 4 song demo and the "Good Guys Wear Black" T-shirt and Stevie autographed a Tuff flier for me that said ‘Stevie Rachelle…Thanx," I thought I was special and they became my favorite band. So I joined their fan club bought all their merch and then watched them fall apart before my very eyes when they went to label-land. I was 13 or 14 years old and had nothing better to do but spend my lunch money on Rock on the Rise bands. No, I did not ride the short bus, my Mom drove me to school, and Joey is well aware of my early Tuff obsession, so I think I’m safe.

3. In the email you sent to us, you listed a variety of cassettes you bought the day they came out. Your qualifications are good but not great – you left out Slik Toxic, Pariah, Wildside, Wild Boyz, Sister Whisky, McQueen Street, Tyketto, & King of the Hill. Do you care to explain why you left out these ground breaking CDs and who else influenced you & the Murderdolls?

Allow me to explain. Of all the albums I’ve bought over the past 13 years I have a good to bad scale that judges all of these bands, a mental totem pole of shit you might say. The above mentioned bands were definitely on the bottom for me.

Slik Toxic-there album was called "Doing the Nasty" there song was called ‘Helluva time" and the singer just annoyed me, I believe he went on Head Bangers Ball with his shirt off saying he looked like Sebastian. I though they sucked.

Pariah- to be honest I can’t remember anything about them, just there stupid album cover and I didn’t think they looked cool

Wildside-formely Young Gunns..ya see I was against them immediately when they called Tuff faggotts on the Heavy Metal Thunder and Mud pay per view. Plus their first video "Hang on Lucy" with lyrics like "25 bucks a fuck tonight"…I just said no.

Wildboyz- I did buy the album, but I remember listening to it and saying … man this suckz!!!

Sister Whisky/ McQueen St.- they just didn’t appeal to me, never gave em a chance.

Tyketto- to be honest the singers teeth scared me, he seemed to have an over bite like Freddie Mercury. So I just said fuck that band, although his teeth we’re not as scary as Jason the guitarist/vocalist from Saigon Kick

King Of The Hill- I believe this guy rapped at the end of "Ruck A Pit Bridge" on Tuffs album, I still thought he sucked. The guy had a little pencil thin mustache and just looked stupid to me, someone told me that he was Kid Rock, who knows, who cares.

all in all .. I guess a lot of those bands from that era influenced me in some ways..good and bad.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

Don’t get me wrong I loved Kiss…but give me a break, it’s just getting ridiculous. Pretty soon Paul and Gene will be gone and they will have replacements. I’ve spent enough money on all their merch over the years to put their childrens, childrens, children through college.

5. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a vocal God.

Bret Michaels =

Rick Ruhl = 4 because he taught me that love could make me blind

Jani Lane = 3

David Lee Roth = 4 for vocals and 10 for attitude.

Phil Anselmo = 5

Axl Rose = 1

Corey from Slipknot = 5

Vince Neil = 1

Jizzy Pearl = 10 Jizzy is the man, amazing voice

Don Dokken = 0

Glenn Danzig = 5

Taime Downe = 6 for the voice 10 for just being cool

6. Any other fan clubs you want to admit to being a part of? The Trixter fan club perhaps?

I was never a member of any other fan club. However I did meet PJ from Trixter once on the Kiss/Faster Pussycat/ Trixter tour and saw him behind a barricade near the stage and asked him to come over…he hesitated but then walked over with his sharpie in hand and said "hey what’s up"? I said "hey where’s Faster Pussycat"? He said "who cares" threw his hands up and walked off. I guess I pissed him off.

7. You also admitted to us that you ordered a Cherry St. demo. Do you ever sit back and wish you were signed to Perris Records instead of Roadrunner?

I ordered two Cherry St demos….and yes a dream of mine is to one day be on Perris Records. I can see the advertisement now…Marilyn Manson meets Bang Tango, Babylon AD style… something retarted like that.

8. Which do you prefer and why:

Lillian Axe or Love/Hate =
I liked both and still do, but Love/Hate was my favorite. They were the first club concert I saw and they we’re great. Jizzy and Skid we’re the John and Paul of their time…but nobody noticed I guess…"put the Spit On." Lillian Axe were cool, I had all of their albums, saw them twice and they we’re really good.

Lipstick & big hair or corpse paint & dreadlocks = I’d say lipstick, corpse paint and dreadlocks.

Banshee or Cats In Boots = Banshee could shoot down the night but Cats and Boots album was way better …"Shotgun Sally"

Friday The 13th or Halloween = Michael Myers over Jason any day

Riki Rachtman or Iann Robinson = Iann Robinson

Vincent Price or Bela Lugosi = Thats a tough one….but I have to say Bela since I have him tattooed on me.

Blackie Lawless or Alice Cooper = Alice Cooper of course

The Munsters or The Addams Family = another hard choice…but I have to say the Munsters because I had them tattoed on me before the Addams Family, even though my name comes from Wednesday in the Addams Family.

Insane Clown Posse or Gwar = Gwar

Dee Snider or Nikki Sixx = Geez these questions are like "what hand do you want chopped off, your left or right? They are both equal I can’t split them, sorry.

9. What’s Edsel Dope?s problem with you and the Murderdolls? He posted that you guys stole his players, his look, his nuts and all kinds of shit.

His guitarist Acey quit Dope to join Murderdolls. He now claims to have copyrights on Dreadlocks, the color black, people holding microphones, walking upright, and middle fingers…because "he did it first."

10. Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a mess and 10 being a hottie.

Elvira =

Britney Spears = 1

Pamela Anderson = 1

Neve Campbell = 1

Sarah Michelle Gellar = 1

Jamie Lee Curtis = 5 because she was in Halloween

Lita Ford = 5 because she married the guy in Nitro.

Courtney Love = 8 when she was fucked up on drugs…2 now.

Traci Lords = 5 because she was in Shock em Dead that had a cameo from Michael Angelo from Nitro.

Jennifer Lopez = 1

All of these people are too tan and plastic for my taste

11. Do you ever wonder what Paul Gargano is on when he writes something like, "You’ll stop and stare when they walk by, and you’ll feel a surge of adrenaline when they unleash their musical battle cry." Is he tripping on acid or something?

Paul has a way with words. He loved the band and that is what came to his mind. It definitely boosted my self esteem. It made us sound powerful like Manowar.

12. Yes or no, has Wednesday ever:

Had sex with a Playboy Playmate =

Received a blow job from a underage girl = no

Had sex with a dead body = not yet

Wanted to have sex with a dead body = only in our songs

Met Britney Spears = no

Used a realistic vagaina = no

Shit on the tour bus = not yet

Met Gerri Miller = no

Been in jail = no

Put on Joey?s Slipknot mask = no, never even seen it in person

Been to Iowa = yes

13. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

3 people come to mind. Stephen Pearcy, Don Dokken, and Fred Durst. Everytime I read something on these guys or see them talking it just pisses me off. So to smack any one of them would be okay.

14. The last of Wednesday:

Last CD you purchased =
Butch Walker-left of self centered

Last 80s hairband you listened to = Kik Tracee or Star Star

Last time you were tested for an STD = you have to get tested for those?

Last sex toy you used = Mr. Knuckle head, thats where I draw a face on my hand and well………

Last rock star you shook hands with = Ginger from The Wildhearts

Last 80s band you saw live = Hanoi Rocks

Last time you lit a fart with a match = never..fire scares me.

Last time you watched Faces Of Death = it’s been at least 30 days

Last horror movie you watched = The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Last bootleg you purchased = a video of the Backyard Babies


15. Not long ago, a band once sang a song called ?People = Shit.? In your opinion, do people equal shit?

A lot of people are about as important as shit to me … sometimes less.

16. Pick one of the following. During a robbery of your home, you either:

A. Shoot the assailant in the stomach, disabling him until police arrive.

B. Shoot the assailant in the kneecaps, disabling him until police arrive.

C. Shoot the assailant in the head, killing him instantly.

C…then cut him open and stuff a friend inside like Han Solo did to Luke Skywalker in Empire Strikes Back.

17. If you could go back in time and see any band live in their prime & open for them who would it be and why?

70’s act-The Original Alice Cooper Band…. because i wasn’t even alive before they split up.

80’s- Motley Crue, because….they were Motley Crue.

90’s- Tuff , so i could wear my Tuff dog tag on stage and I’d already have the all access backstage satin lamenet that came with fan club package.

18. Why Wednesday 13? Why not Tuesday 69 or perhaps Saturday 182?

It just fit, sounded good to me…no big deep dark meaning, no Ouija boards or bullshit.

19. How long is Marilyn Manson letting you borrow his image?

Well, we got it on a 90 day trail period…if we like it after 90 days we could keep it and pay 6 monthly payments of $666.

20. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Edsel Dope =

Warrant = Uncle Toms Cabin

Creed = Jesus and wind blowing hair

Fred Durst = baggy pants

Kid Rock = shiny baggy pants

Alice Cooper = genius

Gene Simmons = money

Rob Zombie = talented, looks like a wizard

Mudvayne = angry, face paint

Paul Gargano = friend

Now that was a great 20 Questions! A little bit of shit talking, some humor, and he knows his 80s rock! He even says he purchased the Wild Bozy on cassette! After admitting that, if The Murderdolls get dropped next week we’ll probably know why.

Thanks to Wednesday 13 for being down with Sludge and knowing the difference between Banshee and Cats In Boots!

For more info on the Murderdolls, you can visit their spooky website at www.Murderdolls.com

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