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20 Questions with Todd Poole, 4/1/03



Ex-Roxy Blue Singer & Ex-Saliva Drummer Todd Poole


Recently we received an email that said the following:

Not sure how interested you would be in this, but I am currently in a band with former Roxy Blue singer, Saliva drummer Todd Poole, and former Tora Tora bassist Patrick Francis called RAIL. To be perfectly honest, these are the best musicians I have ever had the pleasure in working with. We just recently finished up a 4 song demo that is being shopped to major labels, and they are responding (no, not a joke). The songs are very up to date as far as the rock scene goes, and I am very proud of them. If you find the time, check out the site, though still in infant stages, at www.railband.com. We’re still working on getting everything up, and the flash intro and all that fun stuff.

If you get a chance to holler at Wednesday 13, tell him about us, lol, since he mentioned Roxy Blue in his Tour Diary?.

We really have worked our asses off, and have gotten a lot of support for this band after only 5 months together, and it’s starting to show.

Again, if you get some free time, check out the site, it has two of the four songs on it to listen to. If you would like a cd, email me your address, or P.O. Box, and I will get one to you asap.

Thanks for your time,

Shawn Fitzgerald

After reading that, there was no way we could pass up doing 20 Questions with the singer for Roxy Blue! Plus just think how excited Wednesday 13 will be when he sees this! Anyway, on our never ending quest to do 20 Questions with every band that had a pinup in Metal Edge, we now present you with the former singer of Roxy Blue and even a founding member of Saliva! Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your stuff.

I’ve started a band called Rail– We’ve been together for seven months now. We’ve cut a four song demo at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN. We’re starting to get a great following in the area. Our shows are starting to pack out. And we just got back from Cleveland, OH where we opened up the show for Disturbed, Taproot, and Chevelle at the Cleveland Coliseum for the "Music As A Weapon" tour. The show was sold out (13,000). I guess our main objective now is to get a record deal. Go figure– Anyway, make sure you check us out at www.railband.com.~

2. You were the drummer for Saliva when they released their first CD in 1997. Why did you end up leaving the band, and how bitter are you that you missed out on alll their success?

Saliva was a band that I co-founded along with Wayne and Josey. I loved playing drums for the band. I can’t really go into why I left the band, things were so cloudy at the time. I played in the band through the Grammy contest. It was a blast. As far as being bitter, I really enjoy being out front now. And I’m very excited about the material that I’ve created with the guys in Rail. Saliva is a great band. And I wish I could tell you more about the split, but right now, that’s about I’m at liberty to talk about. Maybe in the future—

Todd in Saliva, far right.

3. What are the other members of Roxy Blue doing now and do you still talk to them?

I’m not really sure what everyone’s doing now that was in Roxy Blue. I did talk to Sid not too long ago. He is a dentist in Atlanta, GA. Josh was playing with Dust for Life. And Scotty T., last I heard, was making a record. I wish I talked to them more; we had some great times. I wish them all good luck—

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it upand call it a day?

Great White. Enough said—-

5. Rate the following singers:

Josey Scott =
7. Josey has great pipes. I think he’s better when he raps, he’s got a cool style. He’s got a good voice, I just like the harder stuff better.

David Lee Roth =
10! Diamond Dave was the ultimate rock star!

Bret Michaels =
5. I was never really into Poison. Too soft.

Jani Lane =
8. Great song writer. I’ve known Jani for a long time; He actually showed me how to do some real drinking.

Don Dokken =
6. The ultimate 80’s voice, I think I’m gonna puke—-

Vince Neil =
8. The toughest road warrior for sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll—-

Dee Snider = 6. I never looked at Dee Snider as a singer as much as a pinacle of rebellion.

Jesse James Dupree = 7. Jesse brought that AC/DC voice with a southern slang and it worked. I know Jesse and he’s a hard worker.—And the cool thing is that if Jesse’s voice ever went out one night, he could just destroy the place with his chainsaw.

Axl Rose = 10. Untouchable in his time!! Excellent musician/songwriter.

Elvis Prestley = 10! The reason we can even discuss Rock n’ Roll!!!

6. Roxy Blue was signed to Geffen Records, you’re A&R guy was Tom Zutaut, and Mike Clink produced the record, which is basically the same team Guns N’ Roses had. Even GNR photographer Robert John did your photos. Did you ever get delusions and think that you were going to have the same success they did?

I certainly appreciate everything those guys did for us, but it’s not always who surrounds you, it’s timing and selling records. We had a great ride and sure we dreamed of being as big as GNR—-who didn’t?!?

7. When Roxy Blue’s album came out in 1992, did you realize at the time that grunge took over and that your type of music was no longer desired?

Yeah, when I was driving in the car with Todd Sullivan of Geffen and we heard Nirvana belt out "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the radio, I was a changed man!! It’s hard to compete with the sound of a generation.

8. The bass player for Rail is Patrick Francis, fomerly of Tora Tora. Do you ever rub it in his face that Roxy Blue got more pinups in Metal Edge than Tora Tora?

No. I think we were both glad to be acknowledged in the first place. Two bands from Memphis, TN in Metal Edge at the same time…That’s pretty fuckin’ cool!!

9. The single "Rob the Cradle" was advertised as the "one-take track, recorded live to tape with no edits, no dubs, no breaks, no shit." Who were you guys trying to kid?


10. The last of Todd Poole:

Last time you talked to a member of Saliva =
One night, about 11 months ago, Swinny and I hooked up and preceded to tie one on—

Last celebrity you met =
Jason Ferguson, defensive tackle for the New York Jets

Last CD you bought =
Foo FightersLast time you were in LA = 2000

Last showcase Rail did =
93XMas show December 13, 2002

Last time you talked to a member of Roxy Blue =
Last year, I talked to Sid

Last movie you saw ="The Ring"

Last strip club you were in =Platinum Plus

Last time you recorded a song in one take, live off the floor = It usually takes me one or two passes before I’m warmed up enough to sing the track

Last concert you saw = Disturbed, Taproot, and Chevelle (We opened up.)

11. On Jerry Dixon’s demo CD called "Hollywood Underground" it lists you in the credits as writing a song called "Does it Matter" with all the members of Warrant except Jani. Was this back when Jani quit the band and did you ever audition for Warrant? What’s the story?

Yes, I did jam with the guys for a while; I’m good friends with all of them….Jerry, where’s my check???

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

No one really…Because the freedom of rock n’ roll is being able to talk shit if you want to, or make an ass of yourself if you want. That’s why everyone wants to be a rock star!!

13. Do you still do the splits off the drum riser when you play with Rail?

Not unless I want my ass kicked by the band!!!!

14. You sang for Roxy Blue but you were the drummer for Saliva. Which do you prefer doing and which do you think you’re better at?

Drums are my first love. I’ve been playing since I was seven. But I’ve got tons of ideas, and a lot to say, and it’s much easier with a microphone in my hand. So I would have to say singing for Rail.

15. Yes or no, has Todd Poole ever:

Lied to somebody and said you were never in Roxy Blue =

Wanted to lie to somebody and say you were never in Roxy Blue = YES

Seen a copy of "Want Some" in a record store within the last 2 years = NO

Gotten a royalty check for the first Saliva CD you played on = NO, not yet, but hopefully soon

Wished you were the singer for Tora Tora = NO

Had sex with a minor = Maybe, I’m not sure, probably, who knows??

Met David Lee Roth = YES, one night at the Rainbow in L.A.

Seen Metal Shop at the Viper Room =NO

Filed for bankruptcy = YES

Heard "Click, Click, Boom" on the radio and wanted to kill somebody =NO, that song doesn’t make me angry.

16. Roxy Blue did a tour with Babylon A.D. and Wildside. Which of those two bands were the bigger dicks and what do you remember about that tour?

That whole tour was a blur, but everyone got along pretty much, except the last night with Babylon A.D.; the guys in Wildside and us demolished the stage with silly string and the guys in Babylon A.D. actually stopped playing and chased us out of the building. WOW!!

17. How does it feel to be acknowledged by Wednesday 13 of the Murderdolls in his Tour Diary? Is that a career highlight?

I appreciate the shout out!! I didn’t see it myself, but it don’t suck!

18. Do you secretly wish Saliva’s new CD fails miserably resulting in them getting dropped, being homeless and totally destitute?

Well, I wouldn’t want them to be homeless!!!

19. Did Van Halen ever ask for any royalties from Roxy Blue after seeing the "Rob the Cradle" video?

No, I don’t think the guys in Van Halen were very concerned about what Roxy Blue was doing. But I am flattered to be compared to possibly the greatest live band ever!!

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Jani Lane =
Jose Quervo 1800

Sid Fletcher = I think of Eddie Van Halen

Shawn Fitzgerald = Great guitarist/songwriter

Nikki Sixx =Nikki is a cool guy, a GREAT songwriter. He proves he’s still a writing force with the song "Rest in Pieces" on the new Saliva CD. —–No Rest For the Wicked—-

Chris DeBaldo = "Fire up a doobie"

Kid Rock = Beer, Beer, Beer

Tom Zutaut = Fried pickles

Josh Weil = Geezer butler of Black Sabbath

Mike Clink = Mike will always be in my thoughts. But I’ll never look at ping-pong the same.

Doug Thaler = Doug is probably the kindest, most generous person I know!!



That’s Todd’s new band, Rail, to the right, just in case you were wondering.

For more info, you can visit www.RailBand.com!

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