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20 Questions with Dennis Duncan, 4/29/03



Ex-Sister Whiskey Singer Dennis Duncan

Recently, Donna Anderson got an email from Dennis Duncan, who used to be the singer for Sister Whiskey and went on to a band called the Diner Junkies. Dennis said he had some shit to say, and knowing that Slaughter’s Dana Strum produced Sister Whiskey’s album, we put together these 20 Questions and sent them out. Now this is a guy who spills the beans! There’s good stuff here kids as well as the longest answer in Metal Sludge history! This is a lesson on how you can get fucked in the music business. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to promote your latest shit.
I am currently wrapping up a deal out of NYC for my band . I am co-producing it with songwriter/producer Ira Schick ( Stevie Wonder, Ace Frehley, Chaka Kahn, N’SYNC, Kylie Minogue) Wrapping up the mixes and hope to get things moving here soon. We have yet to decide on a band name. Keeping my options open as well so if any is looking for a singer/songwriter then email me. I want to get in on as much as I can. When I am not busy with my band I have been producing and writing for other bands. One is a rock band whos members are all 14-15 year olds from Tennessee. I hope to wrap their demo’s up soon and start shopping it. If their are any up and coming bands that need a producer/songwriter they can email mp3’s to duncangun@yahoo.com.

2. The Sister Whiskey debut "Liquor & Poker" was released by Warner Bros in July of 1993 and according to Soundscan sold 6,934 units. Upon further research, we found out that you sold 0 units in the state of Hawaii. Are you sure we should even be interviewing you?
That is fucking hysterical. There is a reason for that. The Hawaii shipment never made it to the islands. It was hi-jacked by a skooner full of Cambodian refugees while enroute I hear we moved a lot of units in Cambodia. Can you check on that for me?

3. Okay let’s cut to the chase, in your e-mail you wrote:
Subject: Sister Whisky/Slaughter fiasco
"Been hesitant on doing anything on this topic but would like to straighten some stuff out about the whole situation. I’ve got some good stuff you may be interested in. Let me know your thoughts……Dennis"
Well the floor is yours, please straighten out as needed.
Well, the whole thing was frustrating and, at times, a fun debacle. Dana found us in a typical Dana manner. It was in 92 and the Slaughter tour had been cancelled and Dana was looking for something to do. I found out later that the Slaughter band line was one of the ways that Strum hooked up chicks. He’d call them and meet them out somewhere but until he got a visual on them he wouldn’t go up and meet them. He’d always get a good description of them and give them specific directions on where to meet, where to stand and what to wear so he could scope them out first. If they were skanks he’d just leave them hanging. When they’d call to ask him where he was he would act as if something came up . Well, our roommate at the time was a fan of theirs. She always left messages for Mark and Mark would call her occasionally. They would go to see movies or something like that. When their tour got cancelled Dana tried to throw a cock block on Mark with the girl who was my roommate. He called her and tried to pick her up but she wasn’t interested. Uninterested in him, she told him about the band and what we were up to.

He came to see the band at the Troubadour and he wrangled us in to a production deal a few weeks later. Initially we were all just happy to be working with someone real but in retrospect, we were really blinded and that allowed him to really hustled us. He took us to all of his people from attorneys, business managers, etc., so that he could maintain the ultimate control over our every move. We were just 5 guys in Hollywood starving and looking for a break. We didn’t know any better and, if you know Strum, there are lies swirling around constantly. So you don’t know what or who to believe. There was so much fucking drama someone could have really made a fucking great soap opera out of it.

He would tell us all fucking crazy stories. He told me his whole family died in a plane crash and that he had gone to the airport to pick them up and witnessed the whole thing and that it had scarred him horribly. Well, I bought my BMW from his brother some three months after he told me this. I asked him about it and he said " He’s not my real brother." He also told me his father was the mastermind behind the Planet of the Apes movies and, in addition to that, he told me that his dad was a scientist who had developed all kinds of highly classified military applications. Just some crazy shit that wasn’t even true.

One thing about Strum: he is a hell of a salesman and a really talented producer. And in retrospect, he was a really, really funny guy. I learned a lot of things from him. Good and bad. We did have some good times though. It wasn’t all bad. In a lot of ways he opened a lot of doors for us but at the same time, if you are looking out for the best interest of the project then you have to do just that. He had good intentions but fucked up a lot of stuff financially.

The only smart move we made was doing a management deal with Atlas/Third Rail Ent. Bob Cavallo was our manager and then new-comer Scott Welch who now manages Alanis Morrisette was our day to day guy. Bob’s son Rob was the A&R guy at WB who signed us. Rob told us from the get go that Dana had us by our balls and that we’d be fucked if we tried to get out of it. Rob was just getting his A&R thing happening. Rob really cared and was trying to look out for us. I think once he got a little further in to the deal with us he knew we were doomed . He signed us and shortly thereafter, he signed Green Day. Rob wanted to produce the band and he would have done a much better job than Dana but Dana had us so convinced that everyone that was right, was wrong. We should have just ditched Dana and went with Rob. But contractually, it would have been virtually impossible. To be honest though, Strum was the main reason we started to get a lot of attention. He did help write a lot of the music to the songs. Initially, we only had songs with good ideas. We just didn’t know how to put them together properly. Just like any good producer would do, he helped us find a sound and arranged them with us. And that sound was a mix of a lot of different things. Hindsight is 20/20 though and chalk it up as a good learning process.

There was one time when we were tracking in the studio and I believe someone had found a loop hole in the production agreement. Well, Dana got wind of it and had some kind of amendment prepared by his attorneys and he fucking forced us to sign it. He basically said that if we didn’t that he’d pull the plug. He was really fucking pissed and it got pretty heated in the hallway of the studio. He got in all of our faces and flipped out on us. I was the only one who really fought for anything in the band. I called our attorney and, coincidentally, he had just hired Strums attorney on to his firm. I was told it was ok and that I should sign it. I never felt like I was getting the truth and I wasn’t. Reluctantly, we signed.

Strum kept me pretty close to him cause he knew I was on to his game. He really divided our band. He and our guitar player Tyler we identical: both compulsive liers and manipulators. So he kept Tyler at a distance. Anyway, their were some funny situations. If you look on the SW CD in the credits you’ll see a mobile recording studio credit. There was no mobile studio. Dana just told his girlfriend that we were in Vegas using a mobile recorder and that we would move this thing around to different locations when we got bored. What was really going on was he had this porn chick hooked up. This went on for a couple of months. Her name was Dana too. Well, his girlfriend was always calling him on his cell phone and he’d make up stories as to why she couldn’t fly to Vegas to be with him. Hell, we were in LA on Melrose at Sonic Suites (the old Posha Studios). We weren’t even in Vegas. Dana was like that dude in Iraq "the Minister of Misinformation". (The MofMI could have been Strum in a Mask.) Well, Dana-the-porn-chick would come in and hang out and service him. At night I think they’d go somewhere other than Strums house for obvious reasons. There were times when we’d have to postpone the session so he could go in the live room and fuck this chick. We’d run a mic in there and record it. Anyway, the Porn chick would call and leave messages for him with the receptionist at the studio. She’d write them in her carbon copy message thingy. This was the fatal flaw. Strums chick finally started coming back around to the studio and the whole time he was still working the Porn chick at the same time. I knew it was a matter of time before this thing blew up. His girlfriend started going through the office when no one was around. She stumbled upon that message book and noticed there were phone calls made to the studio from Dana to Dana and noted the date on them as well. All the messages where taken when "we were in Vegas". Shit went fucking ballistic. Later that night, after we were finished recording, she must have confronted him at home because the next day I show up at the studio and he is nowhere to be found. He calls about an hour later and says that his chick is on her way to the studio and he wanted me to keep her cool until he got there. She shows up. He comes in about 10 minutes later. They go off in to one of the iso booths and start fighting. He comes out and he yells for me to come in to the studio office. He tells me that she has a gun in her purse and that her purse is in the lounge and that I need to get the gun and hide it. Sure fucking enough, I look in the purse and there is a fucking gun fully loaded. I grabbed it and hid it in a box of Johnny Rockets take-out that was in the fridge. He finally gets her out of the studio and then I get him the gun. We didn’t record for a couple days after that. I think they took a trip to somewhere and he cooled her off. I didn’t really hear much about the whole incident after that either. Apparrently he got out of it somehow. Needless to say, it was tense. Did I mention that the porn chick was hot?

Another time Strum was going to "treat" us and take us to Lake Havasu/Vegas for a weekend of boating and riding three wheelers to celebrate wrapping up the record. Our A&R guy Rob and label people were supposed to join. He picked us up in a Nissan Sentra (for reasons you’ll understand later) at 8 am on that Friday morning. Richie and I had been up all night drinking and had got another 12 pack before Strum got there. Richie and I rode with he and his chick. The other guys, with their chicks, went in their own cars. Strums chick smoked a lot of weed. Hell everyone did except me. That fucking Sentra was a smoke pit. It turned in to a fiasco about half way there. In some podunk town we flew past a cop doing about 100 MPH. Before they could pull us over we were throwing beer cans and weed out the windows before they could get on us. They pulled all three cars over. We got searched. A fucking lineup of about 12 people on the side of the road. Richie and I were so wasted we could hardly stand up. Strum and his chick were on Planet Pot of course. It was a fucking site. They finally let us off cause someone mentioned Slaughter and one of the cops was a fan. Imagine that? We get back in the car and we look in the ashtray, there is a fucking joint right in plain view. How they missed it is beyond me. A little further down the road we stopped to replenish our beer stash. Strum dared Richie and I to get on top of Tylers car and take a wiz. Richie didn’t. I did. Strum and his chick were laughing their asses off. Tyler wasn’t. In reality, Tyler needed his head pissed on not his car. After that stop we didn’t see them at all. I think, everyone except Jack, turned around and went home.

At Lake Havasu the pontoon boat was unavailable so he got some little boat. He probably didn’t reserve it anyway. Fucking bullshit artist. Rob never showed up. Later that night, Strum being the tight wad that he is, gave me and Richie a wopping 20 bucks to go gamble cause our deal money hadn’t come in yet. Fucking cheap bastard . Richie and I played nickel slots so we could drink free beer the all night. The rest of the night is a blur but the next thing I remember was being awakened by a security officer and I was sleeping in the bushes outside the casino.

The next day we rented 3 wheelers and did some other shit all on "STRUMS TAB". It was fun but here is the catch. Three weeks after we had returned from Vegas our manager is looking over our budget. That fucker Strum had charged the whole fucking weekend off on us. Everything. The car, the boat, the 3 wheelers, gas, beer, hotels. Did I mention he and his chick got the presidential sweet and Richie, Jack and myself got some dumpy hotel room? You fucking name it, he charged it back to us. About 4 grand worth of shit.

Here is another good one. Initially when we first started recording the record we didn’t have a manager so Strum brings in another of his cronies Scott Cad to oversee our budget while in the studio. What a fucking mistake. He was to fly in, which we paid for I am sure, and was to meet us at our apartment and then go to the studio with us. He was running late so we started out for the studio anyway. All 5 of us guys pile in Jack’s Toyota Tercel with the 2 side windows broken out, head down the street and here comes this fucking convertible Camaro with the top down. Fucking Scott Cad. I flipped out. I made them turn around and I confronted him on it. Why the fuck is he driving that and we are piling in this shitty fucking car. I made him take it back. He comes back later with a Sentra (hence the reason Strum showed up in a Sentra for Vegas). Those fuckers were milking us for everything we had. Everytime I would turn around there was stupid shit like that happening.

They even had the studio scam down as well. I was told the studio was costing us 1200 a day. One day, out of the blue, I hear the studio manager quoting prices over the phone for the big room at $600 a day and the small room at $400 or something. I confronted Strum on it. He said I must have misunderstood which studio he was talking about. He went and talked to the studio manager behind closed doors. The studio manager told me that he was quoting for another studio. Yeah, right dude. He had been billing WB at 1200 and they were paying. This shit had to have been going on for at least 3 months and they got away with a lot cause he was encouraging us not to rush in to a management deal with anyone. "Take your time. Management is like a marriage. You don’t want to make a mistake." Yeah, whatever dude. You just wanted more time to milk us. I think he would split the balance with the studio and his business manager Steve Cantrock, who ironically, was our BM too and, has been linked with the whole Snoop Dog/Dr. Dre embezzlement scandal back in 93 or 94 or somewhere around there. Cantrock, might I add, is now in the witness protection program somewhere. No one seems to know what happened to him. (Rumor has it that some dudes went up to his office & threatened his life. Supposedly, they held a gun to his head and said admit it or drink this jar full of piss. I don’t know which one he chose. But no one has seen him since.) I tried to get an attorney to take our case on but they weren’t interested in taking on a case for such a small amount of money "disappearing". I stayed on it for a while but eventually gave up. I didn’t have the money to pursue it and none of the band guys were interested in pursuing it. By this time the band had broken up. I went through all of our band records and found some serious descrepencies. Our budget was for $300,000. In the end, it was all gone. There is no way that record legitimately cost that much. Chalk it up as a lesson learned.

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Blue Oyster Cult, Jackyll

5. Rank the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a complete slouch and 10 being a badass behind the mike:
Vince Neil = 4
Ronnie Lee Keel = 2
Butch Walker = 9
Bret Michaels = 7
Jani Lane = 7
Jizzy Pearl = 8
Don Dokken = 5
A. Jay Popoff = 7
Mark Slaughter = 6
Sebastian Bach = 8.9

6. Legend has it that Dana Strum, who produced Sister Whiskey’s "Liquor & Poker" album, never told you that the record deal he set up with Warner Brothers gave him a hefty producer’s fee plus 75% of everything the album made. Is this true, and does this have anything to do with the fact that Sister Whiskey only ever released one album?
No that is not true. The WB deal was $300,000 with another $50,000 non-recoupable signing bonus on top of it. He had points on the record and I think he got $60,000 to produce it. On the publishing side of it, the deal was for $150,000 and he took half of that. Addtionally, as if he wasn’t already getting enough, he took me and Tyler out to dinner, right before we signed to Mgmt., and asked for a "management/agent fee" of %20 on both deals since he brokered them both. We settled on %10. I didn’t realize why the urgency at the time but this was when Bob Cavallo and Scott Welch were about to come on board. So Strum wanted to commision as much money as he could before any management came along to straighten everything out. Bob never saw a dime as far as I know. He just loved the band and was trying to help out. The whole "get everything you can while you can" approach taken by Strum killed us in the long run.

Another blunder by the caped crusading SW band was firing our management company. I never wanted to fire Bob and Scott. Look, if you are a baby band, you JUST DON"T FIRE guys like that. What a blunder. Tyler thought our "career" was moving too slow and that someone else could do better. Tyler was a pompus ass hole. I remember the day we fired Bob and I hated the fact that we did it. After we got rid of management and tried to get another company to take us on, no one would touch us. Everyone seemed to catch the "SW Flue". In retrospect it was because there was no money to even get them started up. We had some other heavyweight management companies come in. They’d come see the band. Then say "yeah, we’d love to do it." Then they’d got to WB and have meetings on the band and then we’d never hear from them again. Everyone at WB had the "SW Flu" too and didn’t want anything to do with us. Shit was downhill from there.

From there we realized we weren’t getting any support from the label. So we asked to be released. We had 2 records firm with 5 options. So WB bought us out for an undisclosed amount of money. (Not much, believe me. They just wanted us to go away.) We started doing some showcases with new songs. The fact of the matter was Tyler couldn’t write like Strum could. So the material that we were showcasing with was subpar to the record that we had done. No one wanted to touch us. I told Tyler we were fucking up by not doing another record with WB but he had all the other guys convinced that we were doing the right thing. So I called a meeting with the other guys and said it was either Tyler or me. They chose Tyler cause Tyler told them I was "Strums boy" and that I had probably been in on the whole downfall anyway. I left about a week later. They tried to get Spike from the London Choir Boys to do it. Then a couple other guys tried. No one really worked out. By this time the other guys in the band were getting tired of Tylers shit so they quit too. By then I had already moved on to another project with a deal on BMG Australia and had left the state.

7. What’s the difference between the Diner Junkies and Stockdrive?
Well, mainly, the spelling. No, the only guy who is still with me is the drummer Chris Robinson. The other guys are all new.

8. Which do you prefer and why?
Jack Daniels or Jim Beam = Jack, goes down easier
Lynyrd Skynyrd or Molly Hatchet = LS, but i can’t stand hearing their fucking music any more.
Beautiful Creatures or Bang Tango = Neither
Detroit, Michigan or Terre Haute, Indiana = They are both dumps.
The Sopranos or Six Feet Under = Sopranos, good story lines
Copperhead or Laidlaw = neither
Subway or Quizno’s = Subway, quick and easy
Tattoo Rodeo or Rhino Bucket = Tattoo, good band that didn’t get a good break but Rhino bucket had balls.
Coconut Teaszer or FM Station = FM, dude, that was the hang man.
Ricky Nelson or Rikki Rockett = Rockett cause he is still alive and doing it.

9. When we asked Murderdolls singer Wednesday 13 about why he never bought the Sister Whiskey album, he stated, "They just didn’t appeal to me, never gave ‘em a chance." What do you think it was about your album that wouldn’t be appealing to a true connoisseur of 80’s and 90’s hard rock like Wednesday 13?
Man, I really don’t know. We were more "southern sounding" than all of the bands back then so maybe that’s it.

10. What do you remember about writing or recording the following songs?
Southern Mistreater = Sitting on the floor in my apartment in Hollywood and realizing I only had two one dollar bills in pocket. That was my attempt at telling myself that I was going to make some money and fuck a lot of chicks. I did the chicks but still waiting on the money.
Wine & Roses Ain’t The Cure = I was seeing this chick at the time. We had split up and I tried to make it all better. So I scraped up some change, got some cheap wine & and a couple of "the corner of Le Brea and Hollywood bought roses" and tried to make it better. I called her up and told her I’d like to come over and make it better. She said wine and roses wasn’t the cure and hung up on me.
Ain’t ‘Bout Love = This was a cool riff. Simple. I remember those guys coming up with the riff and remember singing the Bowie-ish rip off melody over it.
Simple Man = This was the first song I wrote when I moved to LA. It was about a year before we formed SW. It was about my dad who died right after I was born. I have this old Montgomery Ward guitar that was his. I have taken that thing everywhere with me. I was living with some friends in Culver City. There were 12 people in a two bedroom. They were all in one room doing blow and I was sitting on the floor in the corner of the living room leaning on my duffle bag playing guitar. That is where I wrote it. Then Strum got a hold of it and did his thing to it.
Moonshine = I remember writing the lyrics and taking them in to the studio and laying them down. Strum wanted me to sing "I got a slick black cadillac and I am from the Hills" as the opening line. I was like "Dude, first of all, I don’t even have a fucking car and what do you know about the hills? Were not talking about hills as in tits. We’re talking about the sticks where they will whip a mother fucker like you just for driving through their town ". We went round and round about it. Later that day, after he got me to sing "slick black cadillac" "just to see what it sounded like", I walked out, called management and Scott Welch came down there and straighten Strum out. I got my way. Fucking slick black cadillac. Isn’t that from a Quiet Riot song anyway? Fucking jackass.
Sleepin’ Your Life Away = I lived with a guy from Indiana who thought he was the shit. He played in a band in LA that I am sure most of you have heard of. But, when I was starting out in LA he used to tell me I’d never get it going. I’d be up and at it everyday and he’d sleep till fucking 5pm. I liked the guy but he could be such an ass. So once I got my deal I knew this riffing ass song was going to be my payback to him. I never told him though. Not sure he’d care anyway.
Damn = I wrote this one with my guitar player Mark Phaneuf who started Diner Junkies with me. He was going through a break up with his chick so I just helped him get it out in words.
Allison’s Apples = Strip Bars and drunken nights and lots o’fun
Put Me In Rehab = My girlfriend of 6 years was still around then. I didn’t realize it but she was about to bail out on me. Once she left I just layed my anger out in this one.
You Are The Dope = This one was about her too. It isn’t saying "you are the coolest" like what most people think. It is "man, I am fucking addicted to you". I can remember "drinking and dialing" and being so fucked up and trying to tallk her in to coming back. She was the "dope" that "Put me in Rehab". So they are kind of Part 1 & 2. She never came back.

11. Name 3 bands who got signed off the Sunset Strip but had no business getting a record deal. Please feel free to elaborate as much as you’d like.
Oh, shit, I can really remember any. Let me think…………………….

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?
Axl. Dude, get a fucking grip on it man. He was in the biggest band of the 80’s/90’s. He has no reason to be so fucking arrogant. Or maybe he has every reason to. Either way, I am sure, like everyone else, I’ll still buy the CD when it comes out.

13. Before we move along, there has got to be some outrageous Dana stories from your end after he produced your CD. Tell the Sludgeaholics a few things about our favorite member of Slaughter?
I’ve covered some but there are a couple that I forgot about. His chick was a real freak. I hear they were in to swapping all the time. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Well, one of our guitar techs got in on that. He was doing some work on Strums house and apparently on his chick too. Strum took him to his house one time and took him up stairs to his bedroom where his chick was blindfolded and tied up. Word has it that Strum proceeded to tell his chick that my friend was a biker friend of his from Northern California and that Strum wanted to watch him tag her. He did and she apparently loved it. My friend told me that Strum was dressed in a policemans uniform or something like that. Some role playing bull shit or something. He was told not to tell anyone but I found out the next day.

Some chick told me one time that he has a crooked penis. Apparently, some chick was on top of him and messed his wacker up. Fucked up some stuff down there.

All the stories you hear about Marks’ sons being Dana’s are false. That just isn’t true. I know Mark and he is a good guy. He and Tim were good dudes. So is Blas as long as you’re a chick.

I embarrassed the shit out of Strum in Ohio or Indiana somewhere. They had an after show dinner with some label field reps. Strum dared me to get on top of the tables and and jump from table to table. So I did and he freaked out on me later that night.

Strum doesn’t pay his bus drivers. He still owes a friend of mine who is a driver a lot of money.

When we were in the studio recording I think someone pee’d in his coffee. And, unknowingly, he drank it. I don’t remember who did it though.

Word has it that Strum is now peddling porn and programming disco shit for the European market.

14. The last of Dennis Duncan:
Last movie you saw = Malibu’s Most Wanted
Last song you wrote = "Save Me"
Last concert you watched from the audience = Aerosmith in Ohio somewhere. Steven Tyler is my hero.
Last celebrity you shook hands with = Lee Roy Parnell
Last CD you listened to from an 80’s band = GNR
Last drug you took = Cocaine in 1991
Last song on the radio you sang along with = A Snoop Dogg song. I can’t remember the name.
Last time you played an all-night poker game = Never
Last time you shot a firearm = In Feb. My guitar player Christian is a gun fanatic. He’s got all these sawed off shot guns and some sem-automatic guns. We blow some shit up with those.
Last time you got a Sister Whiskey royalty check = I got one last year for $26.39. I never cash them though. I just hang on to them. I’m going to put them in a frame some day.

15. Kendra Jade was plugging the Diner Junkies in her rewind back in June of 2000. What is your relationship to Kendra and how was she in the sack if you got that lucky?
Well, one of my bandmates was tagging that. I never did. She is a cool girl. I got to know here a little while they were hanging out. She, as do all porn stars, seems to have a lot of issues that trouble her. I still hear from her occasionally and do care about her as a friend.

16. Yes or no, has Dennis Duncan ever done the following:
Wrestled an alligator = nope
Cleaned a fish = Yea, my uncle owned a catfish farm in KY. I would work there when I was growing up. I’d hit them in the head with a hammer and commence to cutting.
Worn a pirate hat = Yes, at Long John Silvers in the 70’s after I bought the Kiss Alive Album. I’ll send the picture.
Gotten chased by a rabid dog = Yes. While out on the road our Tour Manager Moondog was checking us in to a seedy motel in Superior, WI. I walked in the office and there were two English Bulldogs. They started growling at me so I fucking hit that fucking door and they took off after me. I jumped on top of a car but they were too fat to get up there. Close call.
Felt like punching Dana Strum in the face = Everyday. Once when they played in Nashville I went to the show. My guitar player back then went with me. After the show we went on the bus. Strum didn’t come on so I waited for him outside at the door of the bus. When he showed up I asked him to come back behind the bus because I needed to talk to him. I told him what he did was fucked up and I was on to him. He denied everything. I got in his face, pushed him and then Scott Cad and my guitar player pulled me off of him. I wanted to hit him but I didn’t. I can still smell the stinch from the exhaust of that bus. Or was it him?
Bought drinks for an underage girl = yes, last night
Shit your pants on stage = nope
Let a chick piss on you = Nope
Jacked off in an outhouse = That is fucking hilarious. Can’t say I have though.
Phoned in a vote for "American Idol" = Nope

17. Of all the bands Sister Whiskey ever played with, who treated you guys the best and who treated you like complete shit?
SW never got on the road. We were on the road to nowhere. As far as other bands I’ve been in though, Fuel & tantric where the coolest and Jackyll where the most arrogant fuckers I have ever seen.

18. Enough beating around the bush. Everyone is doing some kind of comeback of sorts. Just how long do we have to wait for a Sister Whiskey reunion album & tour?
It will never happen. All the guys have moved on to other things. I don’t think any of them even play music seriously any longer. I don’t think anyone would really care about us anyway. We probably couldn’t sell enough tickets to fill a bingo hall.

19. We don’t remember you guys doing a tour for "Liquor & Poker." How do you expect to sell records when you don’t tour?
Your memory serves you correctly. We never did tour. The band imploded.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.
Ted Nugent = I met him in Indiana while Slaughter was out opening for Damn Yankees. He is a really cool dude and very tall.
Gerri Miller = Nice girl. She supported SW back in the day. Haven’t seen or heard much about her since.
Chris Robinson = My drummer or the guy in the Black Crowes?
Nikki Sixx = Nice guy. Wish he would have helped out my band more.
Christian Wojcik = Great guitar player and a tone freak.
Bill Gazzari = the godfather
Jim Stone = Program Director in Illinois somewhere. A fucking great guy. He really supported Diner Junkies when we toured. He is a great friend of mine.
Kendra Jade = Nice girl who, I hear just about killed one of my bandmates with her sexual escapades.
Kid Rock = I have mixed feelings about this guy. I love him and I hate him. But, as far as capitalizing on what he is thing, he knows what the fuck he is doing.
Dana Strum = I think I have said enough

Now that was how it’s done! Props to Dennis for not sugar coating anything about Strum and putting it all out on the table!

For more info on Dennis’ band Stockdrive and to listen to MP3’s, you can go to www.stockdrive.com!

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