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Page Sludge for 11/15/04


Jani Bon Neil

November 15, 2004

First off, allow me to take this opportunity to welcome all the new visitors to Metal Sludge’s home on the Web. If you’re here for the first time, thank you for checking us out and we hope you’ll stick around to explore all that Metal Sludge has to offer.

For the rest of you, if you weren’t already aware, VH1 has re-aired their "100 Most Metal Moments" special again this weekend, as well as an all-new countdown called "40 Least Metal Moments." A certain Web site that we know of actually ranked #8 out of those 100 Most Metal Moments! So all of a sudden, there’s a surge of increased traffic to our site, and we’re psyched that so many people are coming here that haven’t been to Metal Sludge before. That’s how new Sludgeaholics are made! Once they get a taste of Sludge, they get hooked, and keep coming back for more. Probably a good portion of you who are reading this now know exactly what that’s like. Face it… love us or hate us, you’re addicts, so you keep coming back to get your fix.

Back when "100 Most Metal Moments" first aired, we posted a Random Thoughts on the entire 5-part series. If you’ve never seen it before, you can check it out right here. We’re also working on a recap of the all-new "40 Least Metal Moments" special, so look for that to get posted sooner or later.

Speaking of recaps, last Tuesday, our own bastard boy floyd took it upon himself to write up a Random Thoughts on VH1’s "Bands Reunited" Vixen episode, but he saved it to a floppy diskette and brought it in to us by hand. Of course, we’re so high-tech at the Metal Sludge offices that we don’t even have a computer that will read one of those things. Seriously! Who uses floppy disks anymore? Besides floyd, that is. But we were finally able get floyd’s file off the disk, so now it’s on the site and linked to the main page.

Say, are you excited about all the Mötley Crüe reunion rumors floating around? So are we! Yeah, everyone thought we were full of shit, but now there’s banners floating around the Web that link to a little video clip getting everyone pumped up for some kind of announcement. We’re not the only ones running that banner ad, either! It’s all over the Web. So it looks like we really are on to something. And if you’re a Crüe fan, don’t forget about our little ‘reminder‘ we gave you a few weeks ago, saying that if you’re in the Los Angeles area, then you just might want to plan to stick around town on Monday, December 6th. That’s still all we can say about it at this time, but we’ll let you know further details if and when they become available.

Oh yes, did you happen to notice that we have some new items of Sludgendise for sale? Check out our all-new Metal Sludge Sludgendise Store and see all that we have to offer, including baseball caps, beanie hats, some new CDs for sale and our brand new MiniSludge line for infants! Might as well raise your offspring the right way and deck them out in Sludgendise while they’re infants. Check out the store at www.metalsludge.tv/store to browse all the new shit for sale. You’ll be glad you did!

That’s all for now.

Your Paragon of Sludge,

Jani Bon Neil

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